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Fun fact, here's a table with the last 90 days worth of SBD distributed via author rewards. This sort of information is also available on the SteemDB Labs section. It groups by day by default, but you can change which day you're viewing as well as group by month. | Account | SBD | |------------------|--------------------| | adsactly | 20234.169 | | haejin | 19569.177 | | transisto | 17708.408 | | velimir | 14818.971 | | traf | 14043.745 | | steemcleaners | 13976.166 | | acidyo | 13562.392 | | kingscrown | 13139.533 | | me-tarzan | 12197.119 | | krexchange | 11483.977 | | cryptopassion | 11413.413 | | slowwalker | 10366.574 | | aggroed | 10355.254 | | papa-pepper | 9925.493 | | exyle | 9607.368 | | joseph | 9232.881 | | ghasemkiani | 9138.791 | | jrcornel | 9041.748 | | virus707 | 8874.267 | | czechglobalhosts | 8576.695 | | cuttie1979 | 8546.352 | | barrydutton | 8356.541 | | chinadaily | 8335.38 | | try-market | 8325.196 | | davidpakman | 8307.878 | | checkthisout | 7990.288 | | sndbox | 7680.437 | | scottdphoto | 7461.247 | | oflyhigh | 7392.687 | | gringalicious | 6993.04 | | cervantes | 6908.828 | | | 6774.768 | | allasyummyfood | 6420.962 | | dollarvigilante | 6387.889 | | good-karma | 6168.025 | | kusadasi | 6103.411 | | boxmining | 6101.511 | | b0y2k | 6022.806 | | cheetah | 5896.17 | | platinum-blue | 5842.9619999999995 | | steemsports | 5628.783 | | lexiconical | 5613.798 | | cryptogee | 5562.454 | | stephenkendal | 5450.335 | | firepower | 5432.781 | | ramengirl | 5388.5650000000005 | | brittuf | 5231.469 | | joshsigurdson | 5228.68 | | deanliu | 5129.705 | | ocd | 5107.628 | | lndesta120282 | 5066.82 | | oldstone | 5037.237 | | loteem | 5018.358 | | suesa | 4940.952 | | hansikhouse | 4863.129 | | tuck-fheman | 4817.875 | | crypt0 | 4741.616 | | sweetsssj | 4727.167 | | gardenofeden | 4719.699 | | kafkanarchy84 | 4717.331 | | contentjunkie | 4577.4710000000005 | | koreaculture | 4502.079 | | jerrybanfield | 4411.824 | | ioc | 4404.415 | | sportsncoffee | 4402.15 | | lordoftruth | 4396.244 | | cryptopie | 4308.256 | | singhrajat | 4291.556 | | bigpanda | 4163.368 | | cryptoctopus | 4132.295 | | pressfortruth | 4111.349 | | flamingirl | 4088.925 | | gavvet | 4070.741 | | knozaki2015 | 4060.062 | | twinkledrop | 4027.817 | | rivalhw | 4026.263 | | hiroyamagishi | 4018.166 | | johnjgeddes | 3977.432 | | luzcypher | 3908.64 | | bambam808 | 3900.348 | | corn113 | 3883.647 | | robin-ho | 3850.754 | | elizahfhaye | 3845.165 | | vcelier | 3795.988 | | stackin | 3789.476 | | juliank | 3736.982 | | ew-and-patterns | 3713.368 | | icedrum | 3687.116 | | writemore | 3667.806 | | danizaharie | 3643.978 | | mrviquez | 3620.42 | | doitvoluntarily | 3615.058 | | zer0hedge | 3612.754 | | eveuncovered | 3595.979 | | nanzo-scoop | 3590.189 | | meherin | 3576.65 | | allmonitors | 3514.827 | | dana-edwards | 3465.395 | | marketreport | 3465.187 | | jout | 3457.108 |Originally posted in the /f/undefined forum on (learn more).
... what if you did not have any sp to bid with until 5-6 days because you were waiting on a payout. Consideration taken. You can debate adnauseam whether an account with stake should be able to completely disrupt your business model or not, in the meanwhile @sneaky-ninja has 48h to change max age to LESS THAN 3.5 days or it might have to consider moving it's business under a name that's not found to be associated with you. Don't risk the well being of your family by turning a reasonable attempt at responsibilizing the bidbot businesses into a full blown attack on the public vote selling business model or yours specifically, especially if you're not such an organized cartel. If you think conditions have changed or that you have implemented something better to limit abuse then feel free to risk reducing our flagging window then.
I completely agree, but maybe "Burn reward" should just be an option next to Decline Reward, It's already like that on The reason Smooth is currently not using @null as beneficiary is that SBD are much higher so the actual amount of reward burned is much less as beneficiaries only receive SP, no SBD. This could be changed in a future hardfork and was apparently just designed that way for coding convenience. I would see the burn tab as the best way to discuss serious Steem issues and Important information. Much less greed and corruption and more content that matters.
... to give more curration rewards to their voters. Consideration taken. Much more likely they want to attract rewards by showing lower earnings and bumping it once it's forgotten. Demand below 3.5 day soon? Most of the legit demand is already in the first few hours. You were commenting to me and I responded you. I flagged your comment to $0.22, you kept saying to zero. That is mild censorship compared to what @blocktrades is doing. You're wasting my time, beating around the bush.
+1 Please Craig. You're followers wonder what is happening? Was Bitconnect a scam even though you assured them it's not? Why trust anything you say after this if your words only purpose is to only benefit yourself and make others pay for it? For those who don't know the history. Craig has been the guy shilling Bitconnect here with posts like "$14,000 Bitcoin earned today" "444K in BitConnect loans" $100,000 USD from Bitcoin with Jazz How is Bitconnect Sustainable? How is Bitconnect Not a Ponzi? Lucky for him, 2 months ago his 70 bitcoins from Bitconnect got "hacked". How convenient? So he cashed out while everyone who followed his advice, trusting this scam artist, has now lost almost every penny. If you still are defending him, I truly wonder why. Hell, some are saying he was the main chief behind the whole scheme. Do we want this guy gaining more stake here in Steem? What will be the next scam he will be pushing hard to our new users that are new to cryptocurrency and don't know the dangers of the ecosystem (scammers). I'd go ahead and expect a big fat NO.
I wish I didn't support this, however in our modern age it decreases the stupidity gene so much faster!
hahaah this is very true in japan.
HAHAA she will not lay with him for sure.
how to become the you know who and you know when.
GOT IT TO WORK! I had to put all the video info before it finished uploading. Thanks for the help! Steem is the greatest community!
Soaring a 8 km coastal hang in Norway. Taken while flying with my cell phone.
CLOCK CLOCK BABY I will show you the way, he said silenty. with a smile.
income shy nowadays and this is it!
posting to the blockchain is so hard if.. you don't use fucking graphene.
I do not believe bots are eating the reward pool whatsoever. This is because if it is trash content, it will get little to no reward. This is how steemit was designed.
Hello Binir, how did you hear about Dtube and steemit? You are very smart to directly understand the potential of steemit platform. Do you think more and more streamers will rapidly switch to Dtube? Welcome! Upvoted.
At this time, given popularity and the trending algorithm behind it, what benefit does someone has to promote his post at the 4-6th day over doing it in the first 1-2 days other than sneaking some profit from the reward? What else can I do? I'm fighting an organized cartel with 20 times more SP than me that's optimizing their profiteering of the reward pool with advanced software and hiding though proxy accounts. @Blocktrades has also started to censor me. So far, almost none of the people running bots have had the decency to protect their very few legit customers or took the time to argument for or against my suggested policy. @themarkymark came the closest to saying something but he was actually just ranting about my self-up-votes. They're too dumb to see that buying votes on yourself for pure profit is worst than self voting. They're basically just acting as proxy for early ninja-miners that should be the least deserving of passive incomes from Steem. Actually nobody should deserve passive incomes in a system that aims to be "proof-of-brain". Most vote selling bot owners have almost no skin in the game and are too greedy to see through the humor of GrupyCompliance, step over their ego and come up with something - anything. This is far from over, 3.5 days might not cut it anymore in a few days.
No these are the bots that enables them.
That's a most useful post. I laughed at first because I thought you were complaining your post didn't get read when I read the title. I'm working on bringing a whole lot of homeopaths to steemit via a homeopathic practice building group I co-admin. We've maybe got some 20 to come across already. So I've posted them this post so they don't get disheartened and know how to get on. Thanks for saving me writing it for them! You did a great job! haha.
11,000+ New BTS holders this week and 23,000+ since 2018 - These are account that hold BTS on the network (not on an exchange)
My contribution to the contest
Hello ABUBAKR ABDYULFATAI A , you already introduce yourself with the steemians mindset, wish you the best on steemit! Upvoted
You need nobody to be happy, your hapiness is inside you, the rest is a bonus. Killing youself would be a total waste because even if you feel your life has no sense you can still dedicate your life for great purposes as helping people around you, poor people... You can turn around your life and act differently. Wish you the best, it all depend of your philosophy of life, how you think and act. Share, learn, help :)
Hello Adejoke Adegoke, your introduction is a pleasure to read and nice to meet you, we all learn from each other persons experiences and sharing it make us all wiser, welcome on steemit! Upvoted.
FunFair will stay in a trading range between the December 26, 2017 low and the January 8 peak until February 18 (31 voters as of 3 PM EST January 19: helikopterben, bleujay, me-tarzan, dlina-v-metrah, glennolua, dirty.hera, twinner, lucasgabd, mgood, toofasteddie, catena, miniature-tiger, cryptotem, ahinga, coolthings, skririm, me-do, starline, koskl, photo-moment, freskil, libert, tzap90, yefet, what-is-life, portillo, spyfromthecold, heidelbaer, arpepa, videoaddiction, liberton).
Hi @k3nb0b That's spot on! Building, programming, maintenance, operating. That is most likely 4 different jobs right there for the exchange of one job. And then we have all the business opportunities that comes with new tech. ;) Best regards, @erlendgroseth For @Onebitnews
I expect 76$ Brent Oil, before there could be a significant correction. Actually on the weekly chart it looks like 90$ could be possible too, but I don't really expect it as of yet. I only trade Brent. It is already quite overbought for no reason really. All the related news is BS. This is a short sqeeze based on elliot wave patterns.
good! Because this means other people will be scared, too. Bearish sentiment is always good for an unexpected rise in value. I checked it. If it is an abcde, then it will rise soon. If it is a zigzag (5-3-5), I expect 520 satoshi (7-5 cents). Anyways I hodl lots of XVG too, and I am not scared. Willing to buy more if it drops.
Hey, @ytcracker . Would it be possible for you to provide some proof of who you are? Maybe on your YouTube page or some shit I have been listening to you (ytcracker) since the days of #antisec #lulzsec. I have a decent following on Steem and would love to help get your name out to the whales around here but I first want to make sure someone hasn't just squatted on your username. If you sitting below deck in the lulzboat salute bitch and show some respect. Also, how did you hear about Steem and DTube?
Thanks for the update . Try option is Thanks @trevonjb Have a great day
I found this answer below for you my friend... pardon his English... first: if you already submit your video and you try to make more editing in Title or Desc. the block-chain may already saved your editing but not respond to saving order. and if you click twice or more you will see these message. so try to open another tab and see if your editing saved or not. second: if you see these message in upload page. Just wait 15 minute and try to submit it again. I save info about a video I already uploaded in Template file in case of my browser crash (If the video is too big and cant submit it in block-chain) and with little trick by uploading tiny video file and replacing its info with my original big video file info i can submit my original big video file in other time when block chain work.
Hello Ranty , welcome on steemit, beautiful video, i am sure you will have fun! Upvoted
Schade dass Du nicht auf die anderen Argumente von meinen Kommentar eingegangen bist. Du argumentierst mir zu pauschal. Die Politik hat Einluss auf die Medien, aber genau hier ist eben auch der Bürger gefragt, um diesen einzudämmen und auf der ursprünglichen Funktion der Medien als vierte, unabhängige Instanz zu beharren. Ich habe darüber hinaus zwar selbst oft Kritik an der Politik geübt, aber dass es keine ehrlichen Politiker gäbe, ist mir wiederum zu pauschal geurteilt und stimmt schlicht nicht. Und was 'wir' mit dem aufgeklärten Bürger wollen? Hatte ich den überhaupt erwähnt? Aber ok, da du ihn erwähnst: Natürlich sollte 'der Bürger' so gut informiert sein wie möglich (und niemand hat behauptet, dass das nur über die Printmedien und ihre Online-Ableger möglich sei). Ich habe das Gefühl, wir verlieren uns hier im 'Irgendwo'. Mein Thema war und ist hier an dieser Stelle schlicht und einfach, dass die Medien bezüglich Bitcoin und Co. einseitig, voreingenommen (und oft auch kenntnislos) berichten, und ich das aufzeigen wollte (und aufgezeigt habe). Und das hat neben reinem Lesespaß auch durchaus eine Funktion: Wenn es auch die Autoren dieser Artikel nicht tangiert, so handelt es sich doch um eine Gegendarstellung, die ich möglichst vielen Lesern zugänglich mache, die ansonsten vielleicht nur die Meinung des Spiegel oder Handelsblatts kennen würden.
Som jeg sagt forrige uke teknologien har god side og dårlig side, og desverre mange vil miste jobben sin bga denne automatiseringsbølgen. for eksempel: Her i Norge det har vært manuell bomstasjoner og det var mennesker som sitter der og tar imot betalingen, de har mistet jobben nå, fordi de bli erstattet av automatisert tjenest “AutoPass” Og vi kan ikke ignorere den gode siden av teknologi, det har skapt flere jobber i flere områder, det gjorde det lett i livet, og jeg tror at folk vil akseptere de to sidene av teknologi
@Kpine has been one of the nicest person here on steemit. When I was new and have no one upvote my content, he is the one who kindly upvote me and sometimes I do not know he is a person or a bot. But I really want to say sincere thanks to him as well. Although he no longer upvote me anymore, but I am forever thankful to him as he has given me great motivation to keep me forward here on this platform. It's incredible hard to get reconginised when u started here on steemit, but people like him who are generous and kind enough to give minnows make this platform such a great place . Good luck and wish you the best!And such a cool song you got.
Så godt å høre at dere er tilbake for fullt! Jepp, dette er en vanvittig god sjanse til å kjøpe litt Steem, og perfekt for de som trodde at de var kommet for sent med for å nyte festen (selv om jeg prøver å fortelle hver og en av disse at de fortsatt kan forvente seg en høy økning).
Well I don't think anyone could have known this was going to happen for sure. However, I did hear multiple people say that January was traditionally a bad time to be a crypto owner in the past, and I did hear that on multiple occasions. Even then, I don't think those people were thinking we were about to see a 60% drop...
Automatisering frigir mennesker til å kunne bruke tiden vår på det vi mest ønsker; det som gir oss positivitet i livet. Glade mennesker har mer fysisk og mental energi til å følge drømmene sine og skape arbeidsplasser/generere content for andre mennesker, og over tid vil dette føre til flere arbeidsplasser. Dette forutsetter selvfølgelig universal basic income, og tiden frem til det blir en menneskerett tror jeg vil bli turbulent. Mange vil bli arbeidsløse i løpet av veldig kort tid, og det kan tenkes at flere vil ha problemer med å fylle hverdagen med meningsfulle aktiviteter. Men når vi først har kommet over kneika så tror jeg verden kommer til å bli et mye bedre sted fylt med fornøyde mennesker som er glade fordi de endelig er fri til å fylle dagene sine med lidenskap. Automation frees people to spend their time doing what they most want to do; whatever brings positivity to ours lives. Joyful people got the physical and mental energy required to follow their dreams and create job opportunities/generate content for other people, and with time this will lead to more jobs. The presupposition for this is universal basic income, and until this is implemented I believe we will have to endure a turbulent flight. Lots of people will lose their jobs during a short time frame, and I can imagine many will have a hard time filling their newly acquired spare time with meaningful activities. If we endure the flight, utopia might very well be at the end of the journey. The world will be filled with joyful people which experience joy because they're finally free to fill their days with activities they are passionate about.
Fint tema. Ser frem til litt mer info om Curation. Folk kan/må være litt flinkere til å stemme. Mange gode poster blir oversett. Det kan bli for mye taktiske stemmer og for lite stemmer på innhold. På taggene @norge og @norway ,burde vi være flinkere til å stemme opp hverandre slik at vi sammen stiger. Forsøker selv å være flink å stemme opp folk. Men kunne godt tenke meg å lage en ring med "venner" som aktivt forøsker bygge hverandre opp. EDIT: Ikke det at jeg ikke ser på @onebitnews som en ring av venner. Men en til ring...
As a quick addendum, without a startup funding focused post for now: I’m mostly active in the angel funding scene. That means pre-money valuation, often we even operate in the form of a “pre-seed” by offering funding on the principle of a capped convertible note, with interesting terms to the founders. Currently many crypto funds are also operational in that early stage funding right now because crypto currency for entrepreneurs isn’t too different from “traditional internet startups”. By which I mean: you can’t ICO for free. It takes a while before any ICO is “ICO ready” (by lack of better term). We, angels, we invest mostly in people, teams rather than in concepts because most often no product market fit has been found yet. Sometimes even no validation yet. As such the risk of investing before the usual several millions of dollars big A-round is huge. Since legally allowed in 2013, even we angel backers aggregate, hopefully to fund the startup with a bigger amount because what we truly fund is not the product but initial runway. Mostly sufficient runway to get a basic product out and gain some traction, preferably also some paying users already. Validation and initial traction. Because raising another round usually takes 6 months. At the very least. There’s a saying that the day you get funded the work to start raising the next round begins. This also applies for A-round funded and already earning startups. Obviously, also to dilute the risks we take. Only one return out of 15-16 angel Investments doth not necessarily mean bad investor. The risks are just that ridiculously high. Being able to raise an A- and even subsequent B-round doesn’t mean that there’s a profitable startup yet either. That’s important to understand. Uber, valued north of $50bn, is bleeding money every month. Tesla is bleeding money. Both can run out of money and may need to raise funds again soon. Ambitious crypto teams also need money, runway up to their ICO. Everybody needs to pay bills, preferably have insurance and also be able to fund a hobby in order not to burn out. Then there’s legal costs like incorporating (investors want incorporation otherwise they have no vehicle to claim their stake), legal costs and since recently also all costs that an ICO brings with it. Plus development and marketing obviously. Steem Inc. for example isn’t Ned (and previously Dan). They are 38 people Why invest in STEEM? ( by extension, not Steemit as I often read. Steemit is a privately owned website operated by Steem Inc. and a gateway, an interface to the Steem blockchain) Because every day only 64k STEEM is printed. If SMTs become popular, STEEM will become a “limited” token and become always more valuable. Additionally, unless cryptoes are banned UNEXPECTEDLY over night, even if the markets collapse people will always have something tangible when investing in STEEM: STEEM. This can be sold. Many smaller investors in traditional ventures never get to be the one who can send the bailiffs when a startup shutters. With cryptoes, and STEEM, one can always recover a part of their investment at the very least. And the future still looks bright for alternative economies. These are still very early days. Pre-dotcom crash days. Nobody would have dared to even utter that some day companies like Google and Facebook, and also LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tencent, AliBaba, and Amazon, would ever be worth what they are now. That’s the degree of early days we are at in crypto. Investment ALWAYS comes at a risk and also requires patience. Lots of it. But we are creating whole new worlds. Platforms such as the STEEM blockchain are even creating whole new Internet [infrastructures] and economies. The future looks bright and the times to enter are good. The Steem blockchain has one of the most intelligent designs out there. By which I do not mean the technical capabilities of the blockchain, its speed, but the economy design with two currencies and the upcoming SMT network. This is a short comment addendum/reply.
Steemit is a social experiment where everyone can choose to do whatever they wish with their stake. So it's an arena where, proportionate to the amount of SP one holds, one can manifest their concept of what Steemit is. So obviously the most influential will be the mega-whales, and to that extent you are correct because some of them do as you stated. However, many of them also give away huge amounts of STEEM through their upvote to those holding small amounts of stake. Whatever Steemit, Inc. chooses to do with their massive holdings is quite impactful as well. Same with @dan and @ned, etc. Overall, I have seen many with a pessimistic view of Steemit continually power down and cash out, and that is very good for the economy. We will see what happens, but I expect STEEM will be worth anywhere from $15 to $100 by the end of 2018. This, however, will not come to pass if people use Steemit in the method you are advocating. Since most people have a profit-minded approach and cannot grasp why anyone would possibly want to manifest a gift economy, you may be correct. But again, it depends on what people who have an active stake in the platform do, so anyone who powers down and cashes out will have a very limited influence on its continuing evolution. The only exception I can think of is someone who has widespread influence and support of whales, such as @papa-pepper, @sweetssj, etc. They have organic influence which will likely persist even if they power down.
Good post. A few corrections/clarifications though: You will be asked for your active key - not your posting key - to confirm your votes. If you can't find it, go to your wallet, click on 'permissions' and see your active key. If you're using it, your account password (the one that begins with P5) should be sufficient. No need to look up your active key. By the way, if you're using your account password to log in, however, and your account is valuable to you, consider backing up the original P5 password very well and only logging in with your posting key. The 21st goes to a back up witness outside the top 20, based on their rank. Their rank depends on how many mVests they have voted to them. Rank does not factor below the top 20 witnesses. For all witnesses below the top 20, the accounts are scheduled to produce a block based on the ratio of their delegation votes versus the rest of the backup witnesses' delegation votes. For every block they witness, they receive 1 Steem Power. ... The top 20 get about 0.1 SP a block. 1 SP per block was the case until the December 6th 2016 hard fork. After that, it got a bit more complicated. Witness block rewards are now a fraction of the inflation of STEEM, which is variable. Currently, top 20 witnesses are rewarded with about 0.19 SP per block generated and backup witnesses are rewarded with 5X that, about 0.95 SP per block generated.
@aquia10...IOTA is the same type like Ethereum or EOS. I studied IOTA very intense. First I thought this is absolutely great because the transactions are very fast. Much faster then EOS who is already much faster then Ethereum. When it's fast it's also very cheap. 3 month ago there was an announcement that Microsoft would test it or even more. 3 weeks later it turned out it's not true. There was something but no collaboration. The founder of IOTA is Dominik Schiener (he grew up just 1 car hour where I live) and he is 22 like the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin. What Schiener did before IOTA so far didn't work really. Everything Buterin did before Ethereum worked. IOTA is not proofed and it's too easy to be true. Technicaly I absolutely don't beleave in IOTA. Ethereum is the one. It's located in Switzerland just 1 car hour where I live. Also much better then EOS and very serious.
Mmmm.... Not sure if this makes sense to most people who are following you @spiritualmax, but this post is **way** more important than the prior two. I've upvote 100%. The analysis and reflection of how to move forward is what our growing community needs. It is the community that is building the Steem blockchain, that is the value that we all share in common. Change needs to happen on many layers: A. Greater Flag Education and A New Culture- either flag or support good flaggers, there is no real neutral, to do nothing is to support reward pool thief by syndicate of characters who are gaming an open system for only short term benefit and who do not contribute to a greater community that builds it. - Perhaps a tag or a mechanism to support wrongly flagged postings, whatever it takes we need to get active and content creating minnows on-boarded, the dolphins, orcas, and whales mostly already knows this and many have circle of power they can rely on, but the new minnows, they need this support. B. Hard Technical Limits - Limit a single post payout of any 1 account to 0.001% of the reward pool and let that limit drop by over time (eg. 10% every year) - In the same way limit a weekly pool payout of any account to 0.01% of the reward pool and let the limit drop by 10% every 50% userbase increase or every 12 months. C. Make Profit Manipulation Less Profitable - Consider change the payout so it's reverse geometrical so after say $10/$50/$100 worth of upvotes milking with big accounts gives less return, make Steem delegation and Steem rental harder to profit for pure reward pool profiteering with minimal content contribution. My observation is the 99.9% of reward pool thief is currently done >$10. if you're a Steem hodler, Doing Nothing, and Saying Nothing, and Upvoting Only Yourself or Only Your Circle is no longer an option Hey @Ned , @Sneak Are You Listening?
Dtube is a great idea, and has been making great strides, but they won't break through, unless some major performance issues take place, and some basic features (which youtube has) come to fruition. Dtube runs terrible on any OS running Safari. Fails constantly, so unless you specifically open another browser to upload content, it's a pain. Also the performance is very lackluster; videos take forever to load, or don't load at all. Another main feature holding Dtube back; lack of proper imbedding. You end up with a minnature thumbnail that people don't even know to click, and then it RE-DIRECTS. Most people don't want to leave the site in which they are browsing. A lack of functioning embedded player, I think, would be the first thing they come out with in the next update. Maybe they are doing this to cut down bandwidth cost. I fully support Dtube, but it has a long way to go, and hopefully it gets there.
I've always had a fondness for place holders, they set the rules of a thread/post before anything else begins.
Copying is the greatest form of flattery....
Very well. I shall join you on this journey :)
I think this amount of sidewards trading; was at least expected, with 200b off the market.
Appreciate your insight into these things! @mewn
I found something similar in the past on MySpace.
Thanks for sending me a notification for my Introduce Yourself post! I have upvoted the notification and voted steemitboard as witness! Please upvote my intro post with the title "Hola from Grace, the New Steemian! :)" too! Thanks for the support and lets help the Steemit community together!
@dan, Holy sh*t! Enjoyed your post immensely. Salutations. I am JaiChai. Delighted to make your acquaintance. RE: Your Post Never even thought of "subliminal", camouflaged pareto principle-induced outcomes. Wish I didn't miss the 18 Jan 2018 ICO deadline for EOS. Anyway, may you and yours be well and loving life today. Namaste (I recognize the divine in you), JaiChai A belated follow. My bad.
You could always incorporate in Seychelles.