Spammers by Pending Payouts

This report shows the accounts that have commented and posted with spam or low value content in the recent period and have significant pending payouts.

The incoming votes diversity shows the Gini-Simpson index. 0% means there is only 1 voter, and as the score approaches 100%, it mean the account has very broad support.

The payout indicator does not represent a currency unit, but just shows the expected payout relative to the other payouts.

You can click on an account name to show the pending payout (for posts only), or you can click on the post or comment count to review the last 7 days worth. The data is from the public Sincerity API.

  Account     Post Count     Comment Count     Incoming Votes Diversity     Pending Payout Indicator     Comment Sample  
@michaeldio 31 0 76% 660   
@ninjas-hyper 40 2 80% 202   Wieso denn spam?
@stemians 29 4 95% 9   Done thanks :)
@husnian55 44 1 83% 3   Wow!great work@napa
@ey26121981 56 0 52% 1