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Comment 2018-07-13 12:17:54 @aman98115   Superb dream..... shopping mall bhi tha tumhare dream me?
Comment 2018-07-13 11:08:54 @cryptoturdz   Nice explaination about these two type of people
Comment 2018-07-13 11:05:54 @milanm   Good information with graph details
Comment 2018-07-13 10:47:00 @vsrsatish   Thanks for airdrop information.
Comment 2018-07-13 08:03:39 @dglob   Wow...nice bike
Comment 2018-07-13 08:02:15 @amanpreet24   Interesting journey
Comment 2018-07-13 06:01:15 @rossey   I also love dtube
Comment 2018-07-13 04:40:36 @akbarshakeel   Good information
Comment 2018-07-13 04:36:51 @truefact   Nice post but lengthy
Comment 2018-07-13 04:31:51 @amanpreet24   U r right but i think dtube and YouTube are different platform.steemians know about dtube but normal viewers don't know about dtube.
Comment 2018-07-13 04:26:39 @krsnalove   Nice post
Comment 2018-07-12 10:07:45 @milanm   Informative article about ellon musk
Comment 2018-07-12 06:46:54 @nmahatele   Indian rocks everywhere.......
Comment 2018-07-12 04:14:06 @itsluv   I subscribed it.....
Comment 2018-07-12 04:12:15 @cryptomantra   I love ditcoin....
Comment 2018-07-12 04:10:09 @cryptomantra   Keep spending knowledge
Comment 2018-07-12 04:07:45 @majestyman   Great ....your article help to gather more info about neo
Comment 2018-07-12 04:06:15 @crypto.update   Wow great news
Comment 2018-07-12 04:00:18 @cryptoturdz   Helpful article.....keep writing
Comment 2018-07-12 03:33:15 @sirpee1   Nice post
Comment 2018-07-12 03:28:39 @amanpreet24   I think also same..... Bitcoin future are very bright in future.....
Comment 2018-07-12 03:25:36 @adarsh0709   Informative article about our indian history......keep sharing your knowledge.
Comment 2018-07-11 09:43:42 @aayush1234   Most important information about our heart.
Comment 2018-07-11 08:40:51 @adarsh0709   Thanks a lot
Comment 2018-07-11 08:37:36 @srnetworker   Very informative article.....keep writing
Comment 2018-07-11 08:34:27 @adarsh0709   History of india is very interesting to read......i like history subject when i am in school days.
Comment 2018-07-11 08:31:30 @only4you   Nice article.....sharing is caring
Comment 2018-07-11 08:29:48 @rana861   Yes right
Comment 2018-07-11 07:58:48 @akbarshakeel   There is huge knowledge in ur article......good......
Comment 2018-07-11 04:29:33 @bandopanth   We all love MOM
Comment 2018-07-11 04:26:24 @cryptomantra   Thanks for sharing this informative news.
Comment 2018-07-11 04:24:36 @crypto.update   Keep spreading this news.....good work
Comment 2018-07-11 04:22:54 @ganeaysh   First time i saw this flower......its really beautiful and amazing......keep sharing
Comment 2018-07-11 04:16:00 @aman98115   Thanks aman jee.....its my duty to spread awareness about current affairs
Comment 2018-07-11 04:12:39 @rana861   I also follow the path of bill gates
Comment 2018-07-11 04:06:54 @krsnalove   Beautiful bird