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Comment 2018-07-22 08:04:39 @wittyjov24   She is a cute Sister, help her study (I know you will) and she will be just fine! Her talents will develop as she begins to grow up. :D
Comment 2018-07-22 07:58:39 @papa-pepper   Ouch, I hope the garden recovers! Very glad you guys weren't hurt! And I am also glad that Monster Truck was at your elbow, that is the perfect place for every Boy to be! Helping and learning from Dad, so He can teach a new Grandson later! Be Blessed my friend! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 07:51:15 @daddykirbs   Volume is something I would not have considered for storage. It could have been a problem.
Comment 2018-07-22 07:46:39 @canadianrenegade   Thanks, I do the laundry, because she is in a wheelchair and can't; but I have NO training, so your advice helps! I will remember this trick and use it on the next stain I have to fight. :D
Comment 2018-07-22 07:39:09 @mytechtrail   That, or he is playing Hide and go seek. Not quite done with the count yet. :)
Comment 2018-07-22 06:40:24 @janton   Not when we share the same year, and don't want to admit it. Wondering who was senior, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 06:02:00 @janton   My Birth month...Et Tu Brute?
Comment 2018-07-22 04:53:18 @haikubot   You got haikued, LOL! 😵😵😵
Comment 2018-07-22 04:50:39 @janton   July here, you? 😣
Comment 2018-07-22 04:48:36 @senorcoconut   Excellent! I would like to go there myself. 😊
Comment 2018-07-22 04:44:48 @janton   No in the 1970s is when I ran into them. It could have been common 30 Years before in the 1940s. 😄😅😆😃
Comment 2018-07-22 04:39:45 @janton   One never knows I guess...whew, I'm okay, thank goodness! :) 😈😀
Comment 2018-07-22 04:35:33 @senorcoconut   They draw a little more on heat (4.2 vs 3.9) but they will heat down to a temperature of -22 degrees F.
Comment 2018-07-22 04:32:18 @senorcoconut   Any time I can help! 😁😁😁
Comment 2018-07-22 04:28:30 @senorcoconut   Yes, they are very efficient as heaters and air conditioners. I am working on installing one (12,000 BTU) that will heat and cool 700 sq ft; using 900 Watts total. LiIon batteries can be deep cycled 15,000 times with no reduction in capacity. They will work long past that, at a slightly reduced capacity. Figure 10 watts, at 4 volts per cell. From that you can combine anything you need! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 04:13:06 @janton   Could have been 1940s, that was just when I ran across it. :)
Comment 2018-07-22 04:05:03 @janton   Maybe I should check my neck.... :)
Comment 2018-07-22 04:01:03 @janton   I had a friend casting Model Rail Road stuff in the 1970s. :)
Comment 2018-07-22 03:56:36 @mepatriot   Every time I think they have reached bottom, the fight for a new low, and disgust me further! These people are beyond EVIL, they are demonic to their core! >:(
Comment 2018-07-22 03:32:48 @mepatriot   There was a Massive prayer chain in Kenya for Trump. They did a 24 hour prayer vigil at election time. Kenya is not all bad for sure, a lot of very fine people there! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 03:30:33 @janton   That must be why I stay up so late, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 03:28:24 @janton   Rubber molds can be used. A lot of model Rail Road accessories are cast from Bismuth.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:22:24 @janton   Well, she would have to be unusual; to put up with you! We are both blessed with exceptional Women! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 03:11:57 @janton   With a beard, I am clear of the morning shaving, so I actually can get going; without even opening my eyes, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 03:07:39 @janton   Metal that will melt in hot water. For amusement purposes of course.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:02:27 @mepatriot   Yes, that was the one! We only stayed because we had season tickets, and my Wife loves football! A LOT of people left at the half. They came out after the half, and could do NO wrong, and A&M; turned into DOGS in the same time frame! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 02:56:09 @janton   Better keep her, she is the ONLY ONE, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-22 02:53:45 @janton   Been known to happen, ROFLOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-22 02:51:57 @mepatriot   Yes, Stevia is a good sweetener, especially if you add Xyletol. That combination is sold a truvia. It is safe, and a good sweetener. Artificial sweeteners are pure poison! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 02:42:12 @janton   I will, using fully legal methods, make them Bleed. Until I feel that they have fulfilled their legal obligation to me, that they deliberately ignored! Life can be interesting, and ironic in it's scope. I actually do not hate them, they have to look in the mirror every morning. Besides, I will be paid, what they owe me, just later than it should have been. :)
Comment 2018-07-22 02:28:36 @janton   I have accumulated Bismuth too, but it is for amusement , not barter. :) But I will continue to stack the others, for Barter later. Besides, it is FUN, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 01:13:00 @janton   BUT, They have zero sales resistance, ROFLOL! So you may be broke....
Comment 2018-07-22 01:06:48 @janton   Well, they did tell me that a suit would get me the money; but the said that they would make sure it cost twice as much in legal fees. So I need at least twice as much, as the legal fees would have been! >:(
Comment 2018-07-22 01:01:06 @janton   Well I am trying to know less, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-22 00:59:00 @funbobby51   Yes, I find that usually, the higher up the food chain at college, the less functional the student usually is. The scholastic "best" rated, are tapped for upcoming Professorship spots; so their life is set (AKA Ruined), SMH! >:(
Comment 2018-07-22 00:50:54 @janton   Deliberately rough around the edges, thank you very much! :) There can be accumulation of metal, for the use I intend, but no collecting!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:04:57 @sunsetsky   Absolutely! I think they did that, just to prove they could! >:(
Comment 2018-07-22 00:00:18 @mepatriot   This stuff is worse than sugar by Far! Sugar will only cause cancer; this crap will kill you! Use Stevia, or limited sugar. Recently, to make Kombucha tea, I had to go buy sugar for the fermentation, I didn't have any in my house! :D
Comment 2018-07-21 23:52:30 @mepatriot   I watched a half time comeback with Texas A&M; fron 31 to 3; end up 31 to 33! Now THAT was Party Time! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 23:46:48 @janton   Yup, she has all those steem dollars you won in all the contests, all you have to do is remember how to sweet talk her.... :O
Comment 2018-07-21 23:41:06 @janton   When a person does a patent while working for a company, they own it. I had a contract with time left when they closed my group down due to Obamacare. I decided that if the honored my contract, I would give them the results of my post employment research. If they did NOT, I would keep my results. There is a goal I had tried to hit for a decade, of a monitor that would electronically adjust sensor sensitivity; and also a monitor that could recognize foreign mats, and reject them as unfit. After I was gone, and my mind was off this problem, The solution became obvious! They stiffed me for over $70k, by not honoring their contract, so I kept the golden Egg! I will take it out of their hide!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:27:45 @janton   DNA...Don't No Anything? :)
Comment 2018-07-21 22:38:06 @janton   But, I am doing a diligent search, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 22:23:51 @janton   Expensive play. It is on my LONG list; but I am only active on my short list. :(
Comment 2018-07-21 22:16:33 @janton   You know your wife, she has all your money.... :)
Comment 2018-07-21 21:56:21 @janton   He collects coins, and keeps them In individual packages or coin books. He has them listed by grade and mint mark. I am a heretic.... :D
Comment 2018-07-21 21:50:39 @janton   Love to. but I can't afford the shipping, Sorry! :D But I will send whatever I can trace back to the Longbranch saloon! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 21:12:27 @janton   I have a few dollars worth of silver coins that I found in pocket change in that box too. Free money for sure!
Comment 2018-07-21 20:35:54 @janton   I have a bag of mercury dimes, my Brother is still griping about that, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 20:30:21 @funbobby51   I like that! Maybe they would be a little more careful.... :)
Comment 2018-07-21 20:27:00 @mepatriot   TU has always had an unreasonably good team for such a small school. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 19:49:24 @mepatriot   I like a little variety, in smaller denominations as they are easier to trade off.
Comment 2018-07-21 19:44:54 @janton   Sadly, not enough hours to make me rich; but enough to pay the bills! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 19:39:30 @janton   I have been playing with a 10 watt laser for years. Just not very portable. The problem with Lasers is Collimation, essentially focusing the beam to keep it together. The trade mags say they are working with AI to maintain distant focus..
Comment 2018-07-21 19:30:18 @mepatriot   I have a Sister that went to North Eastern! There is a campus in Broken Arrow (burb to Tulsa). OU, OSU, TU, NEO, ORU, and Langston Univ; all have campuses in Tulsa. Tulsa Community College is a feeder school that has six campuses here.
Comment 2018-07-21 19:21:21 @janton   That is how I have been making my living for a decade. When their in house engineering gives up, they call me to fix it. It is never boring, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 19:16:54 @janton   He better be, he is stuck with it, LOL! I don't believe there is a Tattoo artist big enough to give me a tattoo. I HATE needles, so I won't go quietly! :(
Comment 2018-07-21 19:12:24 @mepatriot   Sorry, yes TU is Tulsa University. After he works there a year, tuition is free. He wants to take his BS to a Doctorate, there. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 19:07:21 @mepatriot   Money these days is so fluid, it is scary. Metals may fluctuate, but they will always remain solid (pun intended) cash. When problems do occur, as I think they must, this kind of money will become very important! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 17:44:54 @borrowedearth   I will, be sure to pet yours too! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 17:43:45 @janton   Maybe I just found the wrong group. :( Rolling coins is how you store for metals, but a coin collector puts each coin in a separate package to protect the coin....
Comment 2018-07-21 17:34:15 @buckaroo   Sounds dangerous, I hope they allow it! Praying for no violence. May GOD protect you all!
Comment 2018-07-21 16:59:36 @borrowedearth   This is my other rotten boy that makes me laugh! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 16:02:00 @eggmeister   The girls would love your accent too. Come on, we can fix you right up. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 15:55:30 @borrowedearth   These guys are pretty spoiled! Just the way I like them, LOL! But they always make me laugh, so very rotten.... :)
Comment 2018-07-21 15:35:03 @eggmeister   Come on over here, we like guns and fast cars, you'd fit right in! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 15:32:48 @janton   Buf I promised their Momma's I'd take good care if them, ROFLOL. Those stackers are pretty intense. I just have the metal for SHTF money, they go in to the History if single bullion pieces. But I do read their posts some. They may not like my relaxed stacking commitment much. My Brother is an avid coin collector, and doesn't like me rolling silver coins much. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 15:22:27 @funbobby51   Yes, a lot if useless degrees out there. The point is the universities Know the programs they offer are worthless, yet continue to offer them. The students should be treated better, and at least should be warned. >:(
Comment 2018-07-21 15:14:54 @wittyjov24   You too girl! Stay cool. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 15:13:18 @mepatriot   Not sure, but it is BIG, but Mike is a tough customer. He is a great choice.... :)
Comment 2018-07-21 15:10:18 @mepatriot   That's why I stack them! More likely direct barter though. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 15:08:03 @mepatriot   So WHAT are you waiting for? LOL! My Son is Security for the TU games. He works there as a Campus Cop. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 10:21:06 @steemitboard   Nice to know, thanks. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 09:33:54 @wittyjov24   The electricity IS expensive, but when we get moved, I will make what we need from solar and wind. For NOW, I will keep hiding from the heat! :D
Comment 2018-07-21 09:31:18 @lucylin   There is certainly no value in DC! They are strictly parasites. Never intended to insult anyone that WORKS for a living! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 07:41:57 @janton   Jack is a good looking dog, glad he is doing better! @janton Come on, we know that tat, is a selfie! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 07:26:06 @janton   I look at their attempt to fix it. Analyze what happened, Decide why what they tried did Not work; and design a way around the problem. All I need to do is out think a few car design pukes, been doing it all my life! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 07:19:24 @janton   Mine entirely, Should reduce the weight load on an Infantry soldier on ammo by about half. Twice the rounds are always a good thing! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 06:39:36 @janton   Too many Ions have the same problem, and they tried a post design fix by adding a breathing tube. It didn't correct the problem, but I will! >:(
Comment 2018-07-21 06:33:45 @janton   Trying to make it that way, LOL! I have a design drawn up for a case-less bolt action rifle, and this trigger circuit will be part of that rifle too. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 06:29:09 @janton   Intermittent AC unit. Design mistake, I am cutting it over to an entirely different sensor location. 2007 Saturn Ion, many have this problem, I will fix it! >:(
Comment 2018-07-21 06:23:21 @janton   First of a breed, I will ignite the black powder with an electronic pulse. Barrel and initiator are finished. It is a 30 calibre. The trigger will be an optical sensor with a shutter connected to the trigger. I will add a squeeze safety switch in the handle like a 45 ACP has; to activate the trigger circuit. Life should Never be boring!
Comment 2018-07-21 06:14:00 @janton   Yes, Texans are safe here, just practicing up for those blue helmets; that say UN on them, LOL! Scott Pruitt was disgustingly honest here, and I don't see a MAN changing that much. It was a political hack job, just like they have done with everyone else!Evil men claiming evil for innocent MEN will only fly so far! I could tell you things...but face to face, not something that can even go here, or on Email!
Comment 2018-07-21 06:04:24 @janton   Sulpher and saltpeter! Modern black powder is a lot better, but will destroy a barrel too. The best clean is still boiling water down the barrel, until it flows clear. I am scratch building two black powder firearms right now; a flintlock rifle, and an electrically fired pistol. A fellas got to have fun!
Comment 2018-07-21 05:57:21 @wittyjov24   Truly, it is important to drink enough! We are using mostly air conditioning right now, kind of hiding from the heat! :D
Comment 2018-07-21 05:50:06 @janton   Working on a car. :( I don't hide from Texans, unless you count the ghillie suit, I use to let them relax as long as is possible...LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 05:34:36 @janton   One more fact, the gunslingers were the ones that were smart enough to CLEAN their weapons; so the barrels didn't rust internally from the black powder. This means, simply; that they retained the original designed accuracy, by this simple maintenance. With black powder, If you do NOT clean it promptly you destroy the firearm with corrosion; and THEIR powder was significantly more corrosive then. They faced people that had lost half the safe distance to engage, as their accuracy suffered. It wasn't that the gunslingers were such good shots, but rather that the farm boys and cowboys they faced had less accurate firearms.
Comment 2018-07-21 05:01:24 @janton   @janton Just hiding out from Texans, ROFLOL!
Comment 2018-07-21 05:00:03 @mother2chicks   He is fond of that couch! He is a rescue, and this is the first thing he has claimed as his own in a Year and a Half. He is beginning to be a dog again, it has been a long wait! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 04:52:48 @funbobby51   Dept of Forestry will only hire Doctorate level graduates to do a foresters work. The rest end up as lumberjacks or out of the industry entirely! I worked with a very smart Man, with a Forestry degree (BS) who was doing documentation at a manufacturing plant. He told me, you gotta eat.... :(
Comment 2018-07-21 04:42:39 @wittyjov24   Drinking water, and keeping inside in the cool! We are being careful...Thanks. :D
Comment 2018-07-21 04:37:48 @corrielaine   I will, we had fried Zucchini tonight from the cafe. I will get some fresh, and fry it up. Sun is down now, and it is Sabbath, so it will have to wait. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 04:31:21 @lucylin   Yes, and their Master is the Father Of Lies! They are truly Political Prostitutes! >:)
Comment 2018-07-21 04:20:03 @berniesanders   Oww, oww, oww, I'm feeling Tudy tonight; My favorite E! I had company, so you only got my fill in typing, LOL! :) But it was worthwhile, My Sister thinks she needs to be on Steemit now! Another innocent mind tainted; Bu...Ha...Ha!:)
Comment 2018-07-21 03:39:30 @papa-pepper   Sure am glad you got Monster Truck backing you up! I enjoy your videos, and your garden. Keep on posting! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 02:52:15 @berniesanders   Last time I checked I was reading your post on steemit! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 02:51:09 @lucylin   No surprise here at all! Money in it, the clinton syndicate is in!
Comment 2018-07-21 02:47:00 @buckaroo   I pray they allow a peaceful separation! You are bringing light to their Evil deeds. May you have a successful, peaceful transition to your new country! Be Blessed :D
Comment 2018-07-21 00:30:06 @mepatriot   Yup, this was the only state that had Zero counties blue the last time around! So you'd like it here! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 00:27:54 @mepatriot   I never go to a coin shop myself, LOL! I just keep stacking them. :)
Comment 2018-07-21 00:25:57 @mepatriot   Perfect liberals, SMH! :(
Comment 2018-07-21 00:24:54 @mepatriot   He has been there before , and is in charge of security at the Embassy...NOT a soft target! :)
Comment 2018-07-21 00:19:03 @mepatriot   Lots more good old boys! I just wanted to trade temps.... :D
Comment 2018-07-21 00:16:57 @mepatriot   Sad, but true.... :(
Comment 2018-07-21 00:15:42 @mepatriot   Specific gravity match would be Hard! Shine would not match either. metal contrast is different too.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:54:33 @mepatriot   They are pretty bad...even for abominations; SMH! >:(
Comment 2018-07-20 23:52:30 @mepatriot   No doubt, he goes back to Iraq next Thursday! :(
Comment 2018-07-20 23:50:36 @mepatriot   Trade you, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 23:49:18 @mepatriot   Maybe even a little more willing to kill.... >:(
Comment 2018-07-20 23:47:48 @funbobby51   They pour them out, every year, knowing that there is one job for every hundred graduates! They should be ashamed! >:(
Comment 2018-07-20 23:44:12 @mepatriot   One of the reasons silver is safer, it is Not worth the trouble in 1 oz. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 23:33:42 @mepatriot   WRONG! They would never abandon the Gays! That is their core voting block, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 23:31:33 @mepatriot   They had purchased tickets through the Hotel, but got a refund, and came home! :O
Comment 2018-07-20 23:29:09 @mepatriot   East India goods! LOL :)
Comment 2018-07-20 23:26:09 @mepatriot   I just use math so you know I am not a liberal, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 23:24:21 @mepatriot   They are both marked .999 pure silver.... :)
Comment 2018-07-20 23:22:12 @mepatriot   Today at 102; I bet you are right! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 23:20:00 @mepatriot   Might be fun, but I suspect they are not as lawless as they post, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 22:48:09 @wittyjov24   104 degrees F or 40 degrees C
Comment 2018-07-20 22:23:39 @cecicastor   Yes, if it is all work, that is a poor way to travel through life! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 22:22:09 @wittyjov24   It is 104 here today! :(
Comment 2018-07-20 22:18:06 @mepatriot   He called, they were planning to go on that ride, but she felt bad, so they didn't go! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 21:53:48 @haikubot   Cute. You must have the entire dictionary listed by syllables. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 21:46:12 @haikubot   Haven't got an answer yet, little worried.
Comment 2018-07-20 21:13:21 @mepatriot   That is bad! I have a good friend up there right now. Better check on him!
Comment 2018-07-20 21:11:09 @hippie-witha-gun   That's dingy, LOL. I was headed for an empty island, avoiding others I guess. ☆☆☆
Comment 2018-07-20 20:58:30 @hippie-witha-gun   Agreed, time to buy! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 20:55:51 @hippie-witha-gun   Nothing is perfect for sure! I was thinking a larger island, dock the boat, move ashore as building construction completion permits. :D
Comment 2018-07-20 20:52:15 @mepatriot   Found it! I sure hate to loose Marines! :'(
Comment 2018-07-20 20:45:57 @everittdmickey   That would sure wipe out the Forestry degree Programs Where they KNOW there is no possible jobs! They should only be paid if the student is able to work in his trained profession! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 20:40:42 @mepatriot   The cost is crippling, and these people have no intention of ever becoming US Citizens, unless we just give it to them (along with everything else) for free! BUILD THE DAMN WALL ALREADY! >:(
Comment 2018-07-20 20:38:39 @cheetah   HE TOLD IT WAS A REPRINT, you stupid Bot! >:(
Comment 2018-07-20 20:34:03 @hippie-witha-gun   Long read, but the boat idea was a good one. Rely only on yourself, and you will be free, as long as they can not locate you! I intend to make my mailing address a box at a store 20 miles from my house, just to mess with them, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 20:18:42 @mgibson   They can be a pain for sure, LOL! Sounds like a muscle relaxant or antispasmodic would help. :D
Comment 2018-07-20 20:13:00 @mepatriot   What did the liberals do this time? I have been working on my car.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:43:48 @cecicastor   Been praying and he is there, with a lot of help! I also pray that if anyone want to cause you harm; that GOD confuses them so they are unable to locate you! You have strong external help! We will continue to pray for you and yours! Be Blessed my Sister! AMEN and Amen!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:35:30 @cecicastor   Where two or more agree...AMEN! You are welcome My Sister! Be safe! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 18:49:57 @karenb54   Thanks, that helps. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 18:48:33 @cecicastor   It is a pain, and I hate to make it, but it works better than anything else. So I keep making it.... :(
Comment 2018-07-20 18:43:51 @mepatriot   Very unfortunate, hope they all improve! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 18:38:09 @smithlabs   ROFLOL; Use your friends wisely.... :D
Comment 2018-07-20 18:36:27 @janton   ROFLOL
Comment 2018-07-20 18:35:36 @janton   Ahhhh, a spa treatment! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 18:28:27 @hippie-witha-gun   Not a new idea, but a good one. I take some herbals (Boswellia comes to mind) that can not be eaten, and must be in a capsule. The biggest advantage of consuming them directly is you get 100% of the herb. Dried is the next best for most herbs, and capsules allow for easy metering. As long as you know what it does, and get it in your system at the right time, and in the correct amount, delivery is a personal choice. ALL options are Good! Stay healthy! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 18:17:45 @hebrewhousewife   Yes, that is the best way to get all he potency from the root. The first batch I made I cooked overnight, and it was amazing; but I noticed that a lot of the active (brown) compound remained in the root disposables. I decided to get the full value of the Comfrey, cooking long term appears to be the best way to get it. If off grid, I would use a hay box. Heat it to boiling twice a day, and return it to the box to slow cook; until it thickens. Be Blessed! O:-)
Comment 2018-07-20 17:59:51 @squirrelbait   I laugh every morning when I look in the mirror.... :)
Comment 2018-07-20 17:56:24 @cecicastor   Truly a bad place, my Sister; may GOD bring you safely back to the light, and grant you and yours, Peace! :O
Comment 2018-07-20 17:51:27 @cecicastor   So very true, I am praying for Angels with flaming swords around your compound; and confusion to those who wish you ill! Too bad he didn't want pictures of his arm. I would want to remember myself, that GOD loves me...I am SO happy he is better! Stay safe and well fed My Sister; and may GOD bring a swift end to this conflict, Amen!
Comment 2018-07-20 17:45:00 @wittyjov24   Well I am glad you were watching out for your hair, LOL! Wet hair can cool you off when it is hot out, Enjoy! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 17:41:27 @corrielaine   I hadn't thought about using the cornbread mix; I will have to try that soon! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 11:44:33 @starzy   :D They will remember these days forever! You are making memories. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 11:39:27 @shanibeer   LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 11:36:42 @cn-r   Are these fields dry to harvest the rice? The heads are so heavy they are laying over. How is this cut for harvest? Surprising color range in your picture! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 11:31:30 @dreamfactory   Now that is a strange creature! Is this a harpie? Beautiful stonework and a clear photograph; thanks, I enjoyed your post. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 11:27:36 @starzy   Grandkids are a real treasure! It is a rare treat for them to spend time with their great grandmother! Times to cherish for sure, be blessed. ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-20 08:13:06 @shanibeer   Baked is smart, may try that too. :) Triangular, because that was how Momma did it!
Comment 2018-07-20 08:10:24 @hebrewhousewife   Steam (not steem, LOL) spaghetti squash, butter it, and use it for Pasta. You will like it! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 08:07:33 @corrielaine   My favorite is sliced, breaded, and fried! But This looks good, I will try it! I have shredded potatoes, grated in some onions, added eggs, flour, and baking powder, and made potato pancakes similar to these, and I know they are GOOD! Keep on posting Girl! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 07:20:06 @janton   CHRISTMAS? Here is a better list.... :)
Comment 2018-07-20 07:08:30 @janton   I'll never tell.... Actually I read, a lot. Ever see the movie "The Three Days of the Condor"? ☆☆☆
Comment 2018-07-20 07:03:45 @janton   As was old Man you! What month? Wait we aren't old, we are vintage, like a fine wine (not a wino, LOL)!
Comment 2018-07-20 06:41:36 @janton   True, but they send in the girls, when the bets exceed a certain level; to try to get them to bet bigger, and more often. Basically, they are still separating the cowboys from their cash.... :D
Comment 2018-07-20 06:33:24 @janton   I got this stamp, because it was the first object I saw in Orbit! It was bright, and Big, and The USA had put it up there! I remember sitting in My Dad's lap, while he pointed it out to me! That was a great time, and very exciting! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 06:26:51 @haikubot   @janton, you got Haikued! This is one bot that is kind of cute. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 06:24:48 @janton   Especially since in Vegas, the drinks are free by the time they send in these Girls. :D
Comment 2018-07-20 06:18:30 @janton   I did not know that there was a division of labor like this. I thought the singers were hands off, but the rest were fair game. That was a surprise. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 06:10:03 @janton   Wooo Mud Flaps, LOL! As you say the reasons are similar today, with AIDs replacing Syphilis as the untreatable problem. Some stuff remains the same, and a lot of the ladies are just as trapped, again for the same reasons. Good post Man, I enjoyed! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 05:58:00 @janton   Girls in the casinos in Vegas today still do that exact same job, focussed on getting him to BET heavily. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 05:49:00 @killuminatic   I am definitely the second! ☆☆☆
Comment 2018-07-20 05:37:36 @janton   Big enough to see by eyesight only when it went over! I remember watching it from my front yard as it orbited. We could make it any size, and inflate it like a kids toy bounce house. It could just unfold as it inflated.
Comment 2018-07-20 05:23:54 @janton   They call it Winders down in Texas. :)
Comment 2018-07-20 04:58:42 @janton   Any time I can be of help! :) Stay safe!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:30:36 @janton   Yes, I brought in groceries and set the watermelon down so I could put the other stuff away. When I came back, it had been put to another use.... :)
Comment 2018-07-20 04:26:30 @papa-pepper   I believe you...and such good help too! ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-20 04:24:06 @janton   As soon as I am overloaded, I will call you! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 04:10:51 @karenb54   What is the concentration in PPM (Parts Per Million) this machine makes?
Comment 2018-07-20 03:50:51 @cecicastor   You are now, officially "Sister". I will pray for you and yours! Keep looking for a way out, and GOD will provide what you need. If you stay, I pray for safety and food for all in your compound! Be blessed MY Sister, and may peace, safety, and supplies, fill your compound!
Comment 2018-07-20 03:40:12 @hebrewhousewife   He is 230 Lbs, NOT so slight on the hands, LOL! :D But he can be sneaky.... :)
Comment 2018-07-20 03:37:54 @janton   I am always a sucker for a homeless silver coin! :) Have to step in an help, LOL!
Comment 2018-07-20 03:29:12 @janton   I forgot you ignore my posts, LOL! Here is a copy of the watermelon pillow....
Comment 2018-07-20 03:28:33 @killuminatic   At least until you find another account to deposit into.... :)
Comment 2018-07-20 02:38:00 @cecicastor   Yes, and more is better for sure! Hope I never need it! :(
Comment 2018-07-20 02:34:30 @cecicastor   He is trying to shake hands right now. Never had a Dachshund that wanted to shake hands before, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 02:29:27 @cecicastor   Dogs are supposed to be color blind; so I tried to switch this out for one that was the same design (while it was washing), just a different color. He would NOT even get close to the couch! I took it off, and he got up to check and see if I 'hurt' his couch with that bad Binkie! He is beginning to be fun, finally! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 02:24:00 @cecicastor   Been rat holing metals for years; you know why even more than I do! But a little more never hurts! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 02:15:30 @cecicastor   He is beginning to be a dog, after a year and a half! This afghan was the BOMB according to Von. I put that on the couch, and he moved in! He gets worried when I wash it, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 02:08:30 @cecicastor   A good friend needed a little cash. I planned on just giving it to him; but when he left, he slipped these in my pocket. I guess no good deed goes unpunished, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-20 02:00:57 @killuminatic   Sorry, I lost your interest, Missed that up vote, LOL!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:26:51 @coinsandchains   And he comments; a LOT, LOL! Good people, BUT don't tell him I said so.... :D
Comment 2018-07-20 01:01:36 @hebrewhousewife   That is true, a soaker hose delivers it slow enough it mostly stays. Any run off is wasted, but filling the cracks will all soak in, and help jump start the recovery! :D
Comment 2018-07-20 00:57:24 @thoughts-in-time   Woops, Too many to count right? LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 23:46:30 @thoughts-in-time   Now the $40 question; how many of the CPS workers, actually ARE Vampires too? :D
Comment 2018-07-19 23:38:51 @janton   Not unless he uses Acme traps, ROFLOL! Yes run a soaker hose around your house, and run it at night so it soaks in. You can even use wheat straw mulch around your house to hold the water, and to compose later. If the clay does not dry out, no cracks; in the clay or the building.... :)
Comment 2018-07-19 23:15:12 @coinsandchains   I have fun taking to him, he is a Mess! We end up in some weird places sometimes, but it is a good time! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 23:12:39 @thoughts-in-time   So we need to check them at the door with a mirror, LOL? The CPS lost 1500 kids recently, so they need to pay attention to their Own house! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 23:08:33 @everittdmickey   The MSM truly sucks! They have not reported news in decades! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 23:04:45 @papa-pepper   Good thing you had help; he would have escaped from you, LOL! Nice video, and a good add to your garden! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 22:55:00 @janton   Here is an unenlightened question: If foundation repair costs $10,000, and watering you house perimeter costs an extra $30 in water; WHY not spend the $30? Roadrunner pictures are hard, because they are very mobile! I like these; good photos. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 22:45:36 @wittyjov24   I am Glad there was a lifeguard for your hair, LOL! Keep cool, and keep posting. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 22:35:06 @everittdmickey   So very simple to find an Insane liberal! :(
Comment 2018-07-19 22:24:54 @everittdmickey   Sadly, they no longer are even able to understand; how stupid they look! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 22:20:06 @everittdmickey   I watched a Lady (I worked for) risk everything personally, to grow a business that provided Jobs for 50 + People! She did get a lot of Money, but she risked a Lot of money, and her very future! I was Very Proud of her! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 22:10:21 @everittdmickey   The MSM needs to be sued into bankruptcy. The first Amendment only protects the media, when they report the truth! Lies were never protected. >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 22:05:15 @coinsandchains   I will look at this SBI, thanks! Influence, good or bad, LOL; would have to be @janton, because we talk a lot. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 21:56:21 @goldenoakfarm   You are so lucky, those flowers smell great! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 21:54:18 @borrowedearth   A good snuggle from my dachshunds! LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-19 21:50:36 @thoughts-in-time   You are mistaken, a Vampire would be a much better house guest than a CPS worker! At least The Vampire is honest about the Evil it intends! SMH, how long before these people get stepped on, and fired? >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 21:44:51 @whatsup   Not sure about your labels (look fine to me) BUT, there is a guy who is working on Lonely...IF HE LIVES, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 21:37:36 @everittdmickey   She is, in fact, a stand up comic; that couldn't find work, so she went into politics.... DC where ignorance is an asset! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 20:28:18 @eggmeister    Not hunting or self-defence. Seriously? When the criminals are armed (they ignore the law) you are not allowed to defend yourselves? You really need to fire these politicians, or come over here! I use a 150 pound crossbow, to hunt during bow season; with a 4 power scope, set at 100 yards.
Comment 2018-07-19 20:20:15 @eggmeister   So, you planning to come over here to put you hands and foot prints in a star; for Potato King yet? :)
Comment 2018-07-19 20:15:45 @eggmeister   The Gamo has taken Rabbits at 60 yards with a head shot. The 300 Win Mag is set to zero at 250 yards. It is good further than I am willing to shoot! I have taken deer at a quarter of a mile.... :D
Comment 2018-07-19 20:11:30 @janton   Anything running the micro (tiny) soft (rotten) logo, ROFLOL!
Comment 2018-07-19 20:06:18 @janton   No, it is a MS problem, triggered by the stress from the infection. I will need to make some special herbals today to nip this in the bud. :(
Comment 2018-07-19 19:58:39 @janton   No problem, it was just a big mylar balloon in a small package; that is inflated in orbit. Cheap shade.
Comment 2018-07-19 19:49:00 @janton   Yeah, as smart as the real people that did the 'wiki' work, LOL! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 11:25:27 @funditian   I have convinced the Man in Kenya, who runs this school; to join me on steemit. So now we are back in direct contact. I have ordered in a new tablet, so I can access discord. When I get it in, I will try this.
Comment 2018-07-19 10:37:48 @hippie-witha-gun   I agree, ecery time I add what I have earned, it seems to be worth a little less. But, compared to ten years on FB for nothing, six months on steemit is a pure gold mine, ROFLOL! ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-19 08:54:03 @photosdaily   I always like pictures of useful plants! :D
Comment 2018-07-19 08:52:18 @runa   Enjoy this time, you will blink; and you will giving her away to some fine young man! They are a real treasure! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 08:49:51 @killuminatic   It is punny though. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 08:47:12 @ninegagbot   So, do you carry safety salt? :D
Comment 2018-07-19 08:45:48 @sarvona   I love this! My Baby Girl is 35, But she will always be my little Baby girl! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 08:31:27 @shanishah   I would like to climb over that! Beautiful, thanks for the picture. :D
Comment 2018-07-19 08:22:48 @beachpersona   Looks comfortable, but you should be fishing. LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 08:19:15 @brixcarb   I am ready to eat, These look tasty! :0
Comment 2018-07-19 08:14:45 @killuminatic   You need a good sense of humor when have a girl like this, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 08:06:48 @runa   She is beautiful! Spoil he very well Dad! :D Thanks for the post, and the picture!
Comment 2018-07-19 07:12:54 @wikitextbot   Amazing, I don't even need to click the link! >:( I may have to stop using Wiki, just to avoid this bot! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 07:08:06 @janton   Linex (Ubuntu). No viruses.... :)
Comment 2018-07-19 07:01:36 @janton   At least while you still can, ROFLOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-19 06:58:48 @janton   Couple of more hours. Debbie is improving, but is NOT back yet on appetite. :D
Comment 2018-07-19 06:50:12 @janton   I do resemble that remark! LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 06:49:06 @wikitextbot   Text for those not smart enough to click the link! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 06:45:09 @janton   A stone is worth what you can get for it. I tried to buy Bixbite for two years, placing a $35 bid on every piece (some smaller than 1mm dia) I saw, got nothing. Then I placed a $35 bid on a set of 12 stones, with 2 of them over 2mm (huge for Bixbite); and the East coast had a storm that crashed the power grid, and I won them! It is so rare, that there is no listing for them for wholesale prices, but between $1000 and $2000 is not unreasonable. I want to make a set of ear rings with the two big ones, because it would likely be the only set in the World. :) :D
Comment 2018-07-19 06:37:39 @janton   The project Echo satellite was first launched in 1960.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:29:39 @janton   I have a copy here, but it only loads on a wimp machine, and I don't run windows much.... :O
Comment 2018-07-19 06:25:39 @janton   Sorry, had to be said! ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 06:20:57 @janton   Remember (this may be important to you too) They have to catch you first! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 06:14:45 @janton   Believe me, with what is on Roku right now, it is doing nothing, LOL! But I guess I am petting two spoiled Dachshunds on my lap. :D
Comment 2018-07-19 06:11:00 @janton   It takes a good eve to see it, ROFLOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-19 06:09:45 @janton   I have an RF Logitec keyboard, and one of the keycaps fell off.... :D
Comment 2018-07-19 06:06:42 @janton   My favorite microscope, is the one I use for Gemstone work. The dark field attachment does not light from underneath; but from every side with diffused light, to reflect off the sample, so you can see the stone better inside. I found some pollen in a piece of Amber with it. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:57:12 @little-peppers   Well, I like @grandpa-pepper already, and I never met him! :) Keep on posting! (and FB stinks, LOL) :D
Comment 2018-07-19 05:52:09 @janton   I was always a rock hound! No, not an exaggeration, probably 5K stones. Bixbite is VERY expensive (way more than diamond), because it is so rare. It is usually is small too, because the only mine is in Lava, and they chip them out. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:36:54 @janton   It was a good time for sure! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:32:48 @janton   Dragon is less than $50 now. It would Save you a lot of hand cramps.... :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:28:30 @janton   You've been spying on me again! LOL! :D I do like my microscope though, it has a dark field attachment on it! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:26:42 @janton   Cool, I've been knighted, Sir types a lot!* :)**
Comment 2018-07-19 05:24:30 @janton   Low Earth Orbit (LEO) A ten mile square mylar shade, would move past at a difference of about8000 MPH, so it would occlude the sun for 0.07 seconds at any given location. Look up the Echo satellite, we built what we needed in the 1950s.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:17:09 @janton   Your tongue is too small.... :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:15:42 @janton   I am usually nice to me, I don't want people to see me fight with myself. They give you white coats for that! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:13:12 @canadianrenegade   Already bought the land, but I am converting the house to be wheel chair compatible, and upgrading it to solar power insulation levels. Most of the demo is done, and I have started The rebuild, but she has been down a lot. I just got her home from the Hospital Monday. But I am making some blazing speed, for a snail, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 05:03:57 @canadianrenegade   So very sorry, I have a great hate for these bugs! I may need to spend a little thinking time on how to destroy their population! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 04:44:24 @janton   Oh I don't know I'm setting in front of a screen doing nothing, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 04:42:00 @canadianrenegade   Even if it is just enough to slow us down on the slippery slope, until the producers can manage a full stop! >:(
Comment 2018-07-19 04:37:54 @janton   No need, as fancy as it looks, I am sure it runs well, ROFLOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-19 04:34:36 @agaupt   It is a calming agent with some anti inflammatory effects. I use it as a part of a sleeping formula I give my Wife. I Mix equal parts, by volume, of these powdered herbs: 1)Chamomile 2)Passion Fruit 3)Valerian 4)Catnip I give her three (00) capsules a night to help her sleep, and it has been gently effective. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 04:18:30 @steemitboard   Thanks, I am having fun.:)
Comment 2018-07-19 01:54:48 @photosdaily   Thistle be a real pretty picture! Love the colors. These are editable too. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 01:33:33 @janton   Owhhhh, That's a pretty fancy mobile home; Bet it runs like a wet bag of cement! :)
Comment 2018-07-19 00:35:42 @as-i-see-it   He is interesting. I will watch it again. This Passion Fruit will be well used for sure. :)
Comment 2018-07-19 00:25:51 @wittyjov24   I never force her, I taught her how to shoot.... :)
Comment 2018-07-19 00:23:00 @wittyjov24   She is pretty sweet, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-18 23:59:39 @ironshield   One more liberal POTUS and we are there....
Comment 2018-07-18 23:56:15 @janton   No, magistrate. Good money and xero work. ☆☆☆
Comment 2018-07-18 21:39:57 @squirrelbait   I Would like to see this one myself! Interesting place for sure. ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-18 21:22:12 @hebrewhousewife   Glad you are improving! If you have live comfrey mash a fresh leaf, and poltice your ankle. Praying for your healing! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 21:18:12 @hebrewhousewife   They are that! He has guinea hens, and they come running too, it is quite the flock, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-18 21:12:36 @as-i-see-it   They really are unusual. I have been buying this herbal for years, so I will be drying and grinding this too. I am excited to try the fruit, which is about the size of Kiwi fruit. I have no idea where this came from, but I am sure glad it did! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 20:58:03 @dakotashade   Interesting information! I use Omega 3s for joint lubrication, dry eyes, and venous support. I have found that Flax seed Omega 3s work a lot better for me, although they are a little higher. The slight increase in heart health (below 3% in this study) is likely from the venous support. Using Omega 3s help the tubing in the circulatory system, (with the flax seed oil seeming to work better long term) helps reduce the blood pressure by making the vessels more elastic. This lower BP, would reduce the load on the heart, and is the likely source of the slight improvement. This Meta Analysis of multiple studies is done very professionally, and I would trust the results! Very good information, Thank You! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 19:25:18 @mepatriot   The tour boat captain training apparently went over pyroclastic flows while everyone was out to lunch! Anyone hear how the injured are doing? :'(
Comment 2018-07-18 17:31:21 @janton   Undoubtedly, If I work alone, I don't have to play well, or share! LOL :)
Comment 2018-07-18 17:24:12 @janton   Better hurry, it does not last well here, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-18 17:20:42 @agaupt   This Passion Fruit has fruit on the vines already, so it should be fun. It is an Herbal remedy too, so I will dry and grind it.
Comment 2018-07-18 16:41:45 @makorirobinson   You did upvote me. Sometimes the upvote is not worth much (mine is low too. right now) and is worth less than $0.01. This is a blog post, so begin posting interesting stuff. I know you have things of interest there! Post on the school kids, or the stone carver. :)
Comment 2018-07-18 16:30:42 @makorirobinson   I am pleased to see you made it onto Steemit! It is different from Facebook. Once you get used to the differences, you will like them, I think.
Comment 2018-07-18 09:56:36 @hebrewhousewife   Get well, you need to chase kids soon anyway! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 09:51:12 @mepatriot   No risk, free money on the wing! ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-18 09:02:21 @evilhippie   Yes the ceramic coatings are the shell for the investment casting. They usually dip in find several timers, then in coarser material for added strength on the form. When you do precious metals, they recommend a centrifuge to avoid porosities, but I have not tried that, and it seems like a good flux would lift out problems well. I have been watching you pour, and you are ahead of me on videos! That I have NOT tried yet! Keep on pouring! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 08:22:57 @janton   @janton My good friend that has the school in Kenya is on Steemit now, He just started! @makorirobinson and this is now; Officially, a GOOD DAY! :D
Comment 2018-07-18 08:16:45 @makorirobinson   ROBINSON? You made it! Wonderful! This is a good day for sure. :) I am so very pleased you are on here, my Brother!
Comment 2018-07-18 08:11:12 @twistedrampage   If she is more important than everything else, including yourself; and you are more important to her than anything, your feet are on the path of love which IS life itself. May GOD bless you and yours, and draw you closer every day! :}
Comment 2018-07-18 08:06:09 @eggmeister   Do they allow a bow and arrow? What about a sling shot? No joke here, there are some Mean slingshots! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 07:57:18 @gardenofeden   I COULD EAT THOSE FOR SURE! I enjoy good home made munchies. These look good for sure! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 07:34:48 @eggmeister   Any day now, I am sure! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 07:32:33 @agaupt   Just wondering, they are pretty! The leaves are unusual too.♡♡♡ I found a passion flower the other day in my back yard.
Comment 2018-07-18 07:26:54 @eggmeister   I have a Gamo pellet rifle, that will go through 1.5 Inches of pine. We can shoot some Heavy stuff. I hunt with a 300 Win Mag, it is Fun to shoot! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 07:10:30 @eggmeister   Come on over here! We'll go to the gun club, and turn some money into Noise! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 07:06:48 @eggmeister   Rats, I thought they recognized your potato genus! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 07:04:36 @evilhippie   Excellent! I got some Delft Clay from Rio Grande, that acts like sand casting, but is Very fine for detail. I need to order the ceramic dip coating, but ready on everything else. Wax printing just looks fun! I can get hot enough for steel, but not stainless yet.
Comment 2018-07-18 06:59:36 @janton   You don't have to see the meat in a sandwich, LOL! IT is the most tender meat there is, and has more flavor than any other cut. No BS there, it really is that good. :D
Comment 2018-07-18 06:52:51 @janton   Must be true, he always works alone! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 06:49:12 @janton   IF there was any such thing as global warming, a satellite with a mylar screen could permanently shade a portion of the planet. In LEO it would move so fast no single place would be occluded for long. And they wouldn't be poisoning us all! >:(
Comment 2018-07-18 06:38:54 @janton   Airframe & Power plant (Airplane Mechanic).
Comment 2018-07-18 06:36:00 @janton   I am here for my health, I was told I could bask in the illumination of massive information exchange, I was misinformed, ROFLOL! Having to use my flashlight.... :) :O :D
Comment 2018-07-18 06:32:36 @janton   Not too expensive, you could pay for it with the steem dollar increases, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-18 06:30:18 @as-i-see-it   She is the air I breathe, and it is wonderful to have her home again! Our little girl Dachshund slept as close to her as she could get for the first day home! A few will learn! I used to design medical monitors, and I have changed my opinions on a lot of things myself.
Comment 2018-07-18 06:25:12 @janton   Funny, my boss at the time was an Ex British Merc, and the idea of someone showing up with a gun was funny to him. Kenny got two the first day, so he came back the second day, so he wouldn't use up all his tags the first weekend. He brought fresh venison, and I made Chili! That was good eats too. :)
Comment 2018-07-18 06:20:12 @janton   ALL of them! I have a weakness for gemstones, and a few thousand have followed me home, and I kept them. I have some Bixbite (red emerald) that is the rarest stone in the World. I even have a piece of volcanic glass from Mt St Helens that is faceted. I collect rocks too, have since I figured out that rocks fit in my pockets as a kid. My first rock collection vehicle was a tricycle! :O
Comment 2018-07-18 06:14:03 @janton   My Sister wants to come over and help me eat it, ROFLOL! Horseradish mustard and sourdough bread! That is good eats! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 06:11:21 @agaupt   These are beautiful flowers. What kind are they? The leaves are kind of lobed like Ginko. The color is wonderful!
Comment 2018-07-18 06:08:33 @little-peppers   LOVE IT! Great looking kids, and a cute bunny! :) I wish my daughter would steemit, so I could get grandson pictures here and close my FB page entirely!
Comment 2018-07-18 06:05:03 @everittdmickey   Got to blank that stuff, someone might translate it; I hear there is a very good translator program on the DNCs servers! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 06:01:39 @janton   Yes, a Beef tongue! they are very expensive; and even harder to find! When they put them out, you have to BE THERE, or you won't get any. They put out ONE, I asked for more; and he said he wished he had a dozen! Growing up, we had tongue often, Because back then it was CHEAP. I was one of six, so we ate a lot of cheap food. Then people found out how nice it it is more than steak! If you can find it! :O
Comment 2018-07-18 05:53:03 @janton   Naugh, he is too expensive! But a little protection does seems reasonable!.... :'(
Comment 2018-07-18 05:48:09 @janton   Jury is still out on what they are doing, but I have seen the equipment inside the plane, in a trade magazine; so I am 100% sure they have the ability. Just do Not know what they built it to do, but the trade Magazine was trying to sell more tanks and pumps; for aircraft use! >:(
Comment 2018-07-18 05:42:54 @janton   That would be handy, my Son in Love (Law) is an A&P.; Wo Hoo, free maintenance! :D
Comment 2018-07-18 05:39:18 @janton   I do work so very hard to hide information, you caught me! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 05:37:06 @janton   Voice to type program, perfect for "clone" use, ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 05:32:24 @disarrangedjane   Oh NO! winders, you are at great risk! People actually claim that that is an operating System (but WE know better, LOL), who knew? Glad you have an expert there to back you UP! Hope you have her on retainer, you may need her again! :) Once more into the breach!
Comment 2018-07-18 04:32:12 @linuxmom   Woof, bark bark, arf! ROFLOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 04:21:00 @hebrewhousewife   I have been told there is little they can not eat. My BFF has chickens, and he keeps a sheet of plywood on the ground. Every couple of weeks, he turns the plywood over, and the chickens get all the bugs. When they see him move over to flip that plywood, they come RUNNING! They really get excited, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 04:08:06 @papa-pepper   Oopppppsss, 'Nuff said, let's see 'um figure that one out, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 04:02:54 @papa-pepper   Good to hear Sir, I follow the same restrictions, for the same reason! Good Job sir! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 03:59:21 @papa-pepper   Thanks for the tip, I plan on quail myself, and I will try this out then! :D
Comment 2018-07-18 03:40:39 @as-i-see-it   I had a surreal experience this weekend. My sweet Wife had a fever high enough I had to take her to the doctor. The doctor saw her, and sent her to the ER. The ER saw her, and sent her to the floor. Now for the amazing part, I treat her MS herbally, and they told me she would pass away in 2007. Her doctor is really paying attention to the herbals now! I fully intended to continue proper treatment in spite of where she was, and expected a real fight! BUT,Her Doctor had written an order that I was giving her herbals under HIS direction, and they were to offer me all assistance! The Hospital Pharmacist showed up, with a lot of RESPECTFUL Questions; which I was happy to answer. I was again surprised to note, that he was actually LISTENING! I wonder what that doctor actually wrote? The second fun thing was that before I knew how high her fever was, I gave her Colloidal Silver. Right after she got to the floor, the silver worked, and the infection died, and her fever broke! Now, HOW do you explain to Hospital staff, that their antibiotics (already hung on the IVAC) are at best second string medicine? THAT they never understood, except for possibly one RN, who asked a lot of good questions! :( After her fever broke, they had no reason to keep her, so she is home now! A VERY unusual trip to the Hospital for sure, and the first time I have ever given Herbals in a hospital, with written permission! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 02:40:00 @ironshield   ( I think he is a clone) :D
Comment 2018-07-18 02:38:12 @janton   I actually enjoy talking to both of you! I KNOW, I am a sick man; fit right in, LOL! You both have interesting posts and are not stingy with information. :)
Comment 2018-07-18 02:30:36 @hebrewhousewife   @janton Hey I'M the only human on most of those lists I guarantee you. NOT Entirely true, you see, you are blogging with the second shift clone. The third shift comes on at midnight! Or so I have heard, ROFLOL! He must run Dragon to get so much typed so fast! WOOSH, there goes another post! :)
Comment 2018-07-18 01:04:42 @disarrangedjane   Equipment happens, sorry about the screen! It probably was the Cat, LOL. Good luck on the new hardware and software. :)
Comment 2018-07-18 00:50:12 @mepatriot   Saves about $150 worth of bees. :)
Comment 2018-07-18 00:48:27 @mepatriot   No, that lemon pledge smell quiets them right down. I put a little lemon grass essential oils in empty hive bodies, as scout bait. It brings in swarms sometimes, and I get a free hive. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 23:44:12 @mepatriot   I have reached into a swarm the size of a soccer ball, and caught the queen t oput her in a hive. They just follow her in. Get her in the box, with a queen excluder on front so she can't leave, and wait for her to start laying. Once there is brood, they won't leave, and the queen excluder can go away. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 23:36:18 @mepatriot   Had to do a LOT of research to be this conclusive! :) :D :O
Comment 2018-07-17 23:33:24 @mepatriot   And if they want to eat well; or just get by....:(
Comment 2018-07-17 23:29:21 @boucaron   Nice toy! Maybe a little high for garage use, but very nice! Here is a filament that will work in Our printers, and allow the use of the lost wax process to cast what ever metal you want to match the printed part. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 20:28:27 @mepatriot   I figure the kids eat less, and I can get them to help get food harvested from; the garden, the greenhouse, and the wild. I have a soft spot for kids anyway! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 20:23:00 @mepatriot   Here is an Exhaustive list of what I like about the UN today: 1) Had to work very hard to get that exhaustive list all typed out! But I finally did get everything listed! LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 20:17:36 @mepatriot   They will walk over your hand, and just fly off; It tickles. The hive smells kind of like lemon pledge (queen smell) some times a little cinnamon Propolis smell (strong anti biotic) and always wax. I do love the smell of an open hive! :D
Comment 2018-07-17 20:11:06 @mepatriot   Things like that bother me; until I have prayed, and planned, THEN it is okay! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 20:09:09 @mepatriot   I want the UN kicked into the gutter too, but sadly there are more pressing swamp draining policies that need to happen YESTERDAY! But I would pull as much of their funding as I could reach, and use it for a border wall! He is following the authority he actually has, and it still took over a year to stop the inflow of terrorists! I am pleasantly surprised at what he has managed to get done thus far. He is not as conservative as I would like, but he understands who voted for him, and is taking more conservative steps than his own personal beliefs include. I can live with this, but since the UN feces is a treaty; their expulsion has to come from congress! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 18:52:51 @steemonkey   That is a lot of work for a few frogs, so I was glad to hear that they are helping you in return! Good that they have moved in and taken over, you might add a catfish to do pond cleaning. I liked the pictures! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 18:43:36 @mepatriot   Italian and Russian Bees are very easy to work. Slow moves and no fear; and you get no stings! hey are amazing creatures! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 18:39:51 @mepatriot   I have thought about that, a lot, and the kids would have a better chance if they stayed and the parents left. If they make it, they can come back and get the kids. I am setting it up to carry more than the two of us, as a bail out location for my kids too worst case. I can wildcraft enough out there to feed half a dozen more, we would NOT all eat well, but enough to get by safely. :(
Comment 2018-07-17 18:33:15 @mepatriot   THAT is another group we need to get rid of, the un! That or pay the same as everyone else, and send them to Brussels to sprout! >:( They also do not have their food tainted with GMO poisons!
Comment 2018-07-17 18:27:36 @mepatriot   Well...not exactly, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 18:26:00 @krishnakuya   A Kiss focuses all your senses on your partner, with laser sharpness; to the exclusion of all else, as is only right! You are on the most amazing journey; enjoy every second, and keep these pictures close. But keep her closer.... :D
Comment 2018-07-17 18:18:33 @krishnakuya   Thanks, Forty One years married to my one true love. Still trying to figure her out, LOL! She still takes my breathe away! Be Blessed my friend, and love until it is a burning pain! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 17:39:03 @mepatriot   I have opened the hive with no gear on, and was not stung! Honeybees are nice neighbors! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 17:34:09 @mepatriot   Bullet is cheaper, and you don't have to rely on the word of a thief.
Comment 2018-07-17 17:31:27 @mepatriot   The interesting thing would be to see, if they dump more on the red states than the blue.... :(
Comment 2018-07-17 17:28:48 @mepatriot   So that means we can beat them in the head and arrest them; for doing exactly the same thing, right? :)
Comment 2018-07-17 17:26:54 @astral   Or so I've heard, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 17:25:09 @steemonkey   We all do to some degree. The standard diet used to include a portion that was preserved by fermentation. We have moved to all pressure canned foodstuff, because it is shelf stable. Good for warehousing, but it robs the body of needed input. At best it slows down the digestion, and at the worst causes leaky gut. Most of us are somewhere within this range. Knowing that we are dietarily deficient, suggests that fixing this deficiency will make the system work better. Some of the food is much better when fermented (pickles and sauerkraut are good examples), while some like apple cider vinegar with mother, is hard to drink. I am noticing a decrease in healing time too; which I did NOT expect.
Comment 2018-07-17 17:07:30 @krishnakuya   When she is more important to you, than you are to yourself; and you are more important to her than she is to herself, you have arrived at love! Love means, that life is in black and white, when she is not with you; and bursts into color when she returns, and takes your breath away! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 16:33:39 @hebrewhousewife   Sorry about the ankle! Put comfrey on it if you have it, plantain if you don't. Alternate heat and cool, and use an elastic bandage. Like the gate, good job. Stop falling down, LOL! :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 16:23:42 @little-peppers   Cute little peppers! These are very nice dresses, he is a good friend to send them to you! :) These are the good old days! ♡♡♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-17 16:11:15 @janton   I cook most of the time. I am pretty good at it, Mom taught me well. Whiskey to the brim just spills booze. Drink it right out of the bottle, no waste, and you don't have to share, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 15:43:54 @janton   Thought about it, but I made a bad mistake...I taught Debbie how to shoot! She is not to fond of the idea of me flying. I have flown in light planes, and for the most part enjoyed it.
Comment 2018-07-17 15:38:27 @janton   Yes very large tanks distributed for balance, bolted down to the deck. :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 15:34:30 @janton   I'm still saying that a metal patio, covering the boat on top; would fix this problem!
Comment 2018-07-17 15:28:57 @janton   Have a tongue in the freezer right now! Better than prime rib, much better flavor! :) A large part of the state is still Indian Reservations....
Comment 2018-07-17 15:23:36 @mepatriot   Never, too much fun watching these entries for the Darwin awards! :D
Comment 2018-07-17 15:20:45 @mepatriot   I bet he shoots them all down.... :)
Comment 2018-07-17 15:17:48 @janton   No mind games, I added some description, just under my name. It wouldn't let me add the website because it said the url was not valid >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 15:12:57 @mepatriot   Actually, bee stings are being used to treat arthritis, quite well too. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 15:10:54 @mepatriot   They should not do anything they need to worry about. Gee don't they say the same thing when they illegally record us?
Comment 2018-07-17 15:07:42 @mepatriot   1776 reset time soon, I suspect. >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 15:04:54 @janton   I have a red neck friend and then co worker that told my boss he was taking two days off for the opening of deer season. My boss said no, critical part of the project scheule. My friend told him that he was going to shoot something with a high powered rifle that day, all they were discussing was where that would happen.... :O He got the time off, LOL!
Comment 2018-07-17 14:55:48 @krnel   Absolutely! It changes quickly, and is worth a lot, the perfect storm for the addict! :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 14:52:00 @janton   I shoot prowlers, LOL! :) Sleeping right now, good to have her home! The dogs went nuts when she got home; Lilly layed up against her all day long. ♡♡♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-17 14:46:33 @steemonkey   Improves the digestion, similar to saurkraut or yogurt, but with a different cultures, is a good way to preserve too. It cures glutin and lacto intolerence problems. I am looking into fermented pickles also. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 14:39:15 @mepatriot   It is like a train wreak, you don't want to watch, but the eye just won't move! :D
Comment 2018-07-17 14:37:00 @mepatriot   That or bird droppings; I guess, LOL ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-17 14:34:57 @mepatriot   They would concentrste over the higher populated areas, so maybe so.... :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 14:32:48 @mepatriot   The arrogance of these evil people is stunning! They have no right to poison the air others breathe! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 14:29:45 @mepatriot   Planning on it, if they come to steal after SHTF. May begin with a crossbow...quiet, and nasty. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 14:25:54 @mepatriot   Helps pay their legal costs I suspect. Here, I see the Police helping a lot more than arresting or ticketing. :) No one should be arrested for recording anything on a public street!
Comment 2018-07-17 14:20:27 @mepatriot   We have just enough bears to have a season on them here. With a smoker and a suit, stings are no problem. ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-17 14:17:30 @wittyjov24   She is a living doll, and so happy! That is good to see. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 14:15:03 @wittyjov24   She is the air I breathe! ♡♡♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-17 14:12:39 @wittyjov24   She would scream. Hates high places! :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 14:10:48 @wittyjov24   A blindfold maybe. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 14:09:15 @canadianrenegade   Sadly true, but even small gains can push things back to safer territory. That could start a movement.... ☆☆☆☆☆
Comment 2018-07-17 14:05:30 @steemonkey   Kombucha is fermented tea to enhance the digestion enzymes. I just did a post on it. I am still learning on it, but have seen a lot of benefit already. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 14:01:27 @senorcoconut   I was shocked that the doctor did that. They were like a kicked bee hive over those orders! I will see about posting the info on the mini-split on steemit. I am about to install one in a tiny house build we are finishing for my Sister. I'll get some pictures. ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-17 13:53:42 @squirrelbait   The hilarious part is their friends are too busy laughing, to offer to help! :D
Comment 2018-07-17 13:50:57 @mepatriot   I didn't know you could get too drunk to fish! Such dedication should be rewarded with an online video, oh wait.... :)
Comment 2018-07-17 13:46:54 @mepatriot   Nope, I saw @americanhomestead raising these in Arkansas. Just getting my share I guess, LOL. ♡♡♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-17 13:42:45 @mepatriot   I saw that, they are sadly everywhere with those damn things! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 13:39:24 @mepatriot   I will look for the inside pictures of the airborne geneeators I saw. Maybe that will help! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 13:34:57 @mepatriot   Ironic that those same syphocants, being the most dependent, will starve first. Their one reward, for years of dedication to liberal slow death! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 13:28:30 @mepatriot   Yes, and I have watched a number of them arrested, illegally! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 13:26:48 @mepatriot   Aquaponics and gardens in the country; better than locusts, but honey is pretty good too. Hives already our there. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 13:20:54 @evilhippie   Valid printing time peoblems. Mine is slow too, but unattended time is free, and is there a practical problem with ten, or a hundred units running in parallel? There are beginning to call this additive manufacturing and there is no reason this need be done with plastic. I troubleshoot flame spray equipment in use now, that deposits metal powder, through a hydrogen flame, onto aircrraft landing gear, to raise up the surface. This old gear, is then ground back to original specifications and returned to service! The technology is in use now.... :)
Comment 2018-07-17 11:17:12 @mepatriot   That middle picture has a 'poof' where the Confederate Air Force got one I think.... They need to simply leave us alone! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 11:12:15 @mepatriot   Nothing make an impression on him, LOL but I will try.... :)
Comment 2018-07-17 11:10:30 @mepatriot   Disgusting syphocants, they will whine us all into hell on Earth! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 11:07:36 @mepatriot   There should be no need for the law, even though I knew there would be; as I had considered it too. SMH! :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 11:04:00 @mepatriot   Good question, we need to stay close enough to reach what we may need before; yet far enough away to be safe after. Interesting quandry. ☆☆☆
Comment 2018-07-17 09:33:45 @evilhippie   If you figure in the cost of the mold on the injection molding the printed numbers will be a lot higher. The main strength of injection molding is quantity production costs, but the mold is Thousands of dollars to produce and maintain. The change over to a different part for 3D printing is a lot easier too! You could print all the parts for an assembly, one at a time, and make four assemblies, when they are ordered, with zero inventory. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 09:26:57 @mariaalmeida   A big gap on how to use the energy stored in the ammonia. If they figure that out, this looks interesting. Might even work on a single dwelling sized unit. That would be interesting as a battery replacement. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 09:19:21 @dedijitu3   I hear that this fruit is hard to eat. I have never seen it in The USA, but would like to try it some day. The use for fever reduction is interesting! Do they use the Tannin from the roots to process leather? That sure is a spiky looking fruit. Thanks! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 09:13:54 @astral   Mightier than the Sword.... :D
Comment 2018-07-17 09:12:15 @twistedrampage   Family. Without it, life is meaningless; with family close, life becomes rich and full! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 08:23:30 @gric   I enjoyed the pictures; it was fun to see century old houses, with modern Mini-split air conditioning units on their back walls! Still has the old feel to it, but they use modern comforts too. :) NICE!
Comment 2018-07-17 08:15:48 @gric   I would love to visit there! Looks peaceful, and would be fun; to nose around some. Good quality pictures, thanks for the tour! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 07:44:21 @janton   I tried to add my website to the header, and it would not let me. Said the URL was invalid, but it works fine. >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 07:41:30 @coinsandchains   We would be better off without them too, LOL! Talk about draining the swamp.... :) Nice car, the back tires are a little narrow, but nice!
Comment 2018-07-17 07:36:42 @steemonkey   MY TV has been on all day a bouncing digital clock. It really makes an excellent clock, but that is about all. I do not remember the last time it was on, as a TV, but it was probably a DVD. You are spot on about that poison disguised as a sweetner! I use stevia and xylitol if I sweeten at all. Soda pop is not on my diet either. But I am finishing a nice batch of kombucha tea.
Comment 2018-07-17 07:25:39 @janton   I liked the ALL, but one especially: Complain about the cooking and you become the cook. We used to USE that one when camping, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 07:11:00 @janton   When jets are not yet up to full altitude, the contrails do not form. If you are close, to the airport; where they are not all the way up, you might never see any. The old piston engine bombers used to leave contrails too, so it originally was just exhaust.
Comment 2018-07-17 07:06:21 @janton   They do have planes equipped to spray something, to the capacity of the airframe. :(
Comment 2018-07-17 07:04:57 @mepatriot   Naugh, those Texans kept shooting them down with the Confederate air force! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 07:02:45 @iw-curator   A SEM ( scanning electron microscope) is less than $100 to run a sample through. :D
Comment 2018-07-17 06:59:30 @mepatriot   Geoengineering? Seriously? You think our benevolent Government would do anything to harm us? Alright enough of that crap, my fingers hurt from typing it, ROFLOL! Yes they hate us, and yes they are messing where ever they can. These are most likely spiders, as we have a lot of spiders! Sorry folks, I don't like them either, LOL! But there are a lot of them. I have seen similar silk spun by tent worms, and I know the hide in the ground when it gets cold, and come out in the spring. Possible.
Comment 2018-07-17 06:47:18 @janton   Vote, schmote, Mine is worthless again too, but I am having fun! This skipper was not very smart! :(
Comment 2018-07-17 06:44:36 @mepatriot   It would seem to be a basic precaution to have a METAL cover on one of these boats! BUT, I do NOT think they should stop these trips, it is free choice, and they will heal. We should just put on our big boy pants, and tell them we do NOT need a nanny! >:(
Comment 2018-07-17 06:36:36 @janton   But they made up for it with blankets covered in small pox! There was enough push back over some of this; they were disgusted about the treatment of the Indians, that they cut them some slack (NOT MUCH). So they did not wipe them out entirely, which was how this kind of stuff was normally done. That is where Oklahoma came from, LOL! I understand on the tongue, there is no better meat than the tongue! They are Hard to find, and Very expensive! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 06:23:06 @janton   It was closed at 3 in the afternoon, hunting season I suspect. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 06:21:42 @janton   Debbie always says I am full The reverse twist drill will be the hardest to find. I keep a few in my tool box by the mill. I used a gas mask the last time I used that converting primer, the fumes Will damage the lungs.
Comment 2018-07-17 06:09:45 @janton   You will need to drill the center of each bolt, and use an easy out. If you drill with a left hand drill bit, about half will come out before the extractor is used, with just the drill bit. Be sure to keep dust out of the open motor, be ready to re-close it ASAP! You can save cash by getting the parts from ahead of time. If you paint the bottom with rust converting primer (PROTECT YOUR LUNGS FROM THE FUMES!) you can spray on a good undercoat, after it dries. The converting primer stops the rust from causing further damage, and helps the undercoating stick.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:59:24 @janton   Nope, the closest gas is 2.5 miles away, on the main highway. It is also a convenience store, with a hunter check station, welcome to red neck country my friend! Prue has a Post Office 30x40 metal building, and a school; all other structures are private homes.... :) I am 5 miles further out into the country from there!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:53:21 @senorcoconut   Sorry I was not clear, my bad. I am using 18650 LiIon cells I salvage from old failed battery packs. Once tested, I will ask 10 watts from each cell, for 1 hour at about 4 volts. When I stack 6, I get 24 volts at 60 watts, for one hour. Most will do more than this (some claim 4 times that much), but if I only use that amount, and stop, these cells will last 40+ years. The entire system will parallel 350 to 400 of these battery sticks, which will provide 900 amps at 24 volts for a full hour; with zero battery risk. The mini-splits draw 900 watts only when they are running, with the insulation I am adding, and new windows, the building will be at least twice as efficient as originally designed. Both running at the same time, draw about 8 amps at 220 vac. This will draw 75amps (while running) from my 24 volt system. My panels will supply about 100 amps of charge; so even if both are running, I will still be charging the batteries with 25 amps. Since I will be drawing on an Earth battery for air to the outside unit, it will be getting 60 degree air, year round; and they should run a LOT less time that way. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 05:22:57 @senorcoconut   She is actually improving (driving the doctors nuts!) with herbals GOD provides! They told me she would be gone by 2007, so every day is a blessing! She has been my one and only since she was 13, and she is 60 now, so I am keeping her! Her doctor asked her last Monday when she was going to start walking again; she is getting stronger! I just got her home from the Hospital today (not MS related, she got a high fever) and I expected a fight over the Herbals she MUST take. BUT, when I went in, her Neurologist had written an order that I was allowed to treat her herbally, IN THE HOSPITAL! I must remember to thank him, the Pharmacy came up to ask questions, and told me they were warned NOT to interfere! He has been asking me a lot of questions in the Doctors offoce, I guess he listened...WOW! :) But I am upgrading the house to a hyper insulation level, and adding some ultra high efficiency heat pumps called a Mini-split system. Each unit will heat and cool 700 square foot of building using only 900 watts of power. I will have about 1100 square foot on hyper insulated building, and about 2500 watts of panels; feeding 21,000 watts of batteries. Even if the batteries failed me, I could run the heat pumps from the panels directly.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:01:36 @canadianrenegade   I bought a mosquito trap for the new place, but I am thinking about setting it up here first! We have a mosquito they call the tiger mosquito, because it is dark black with some random white camouflage . It is half the size of regular Mosquitoes, but bites more like Your No See Um bugs. They have time to get away, then it burns, followed by a severe itch that swells like a green pea. If you miss a spot with repellant.... :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 04:52:42 @canadianrenegade   Same here, before the lake (1960s) it was a river bottom, and this tree was already huge. We are on the north leg of Keystone lake on the salt fork branch of the Arkansas River. About 20 miles up lake from the dam, with another 30 miles NW of us; so it is a LOT of water! The south leg is about 40 miles long. We have two foot oaks all over but they were planted about lake time I suspect. This guy is the Grand Pappy! :D
Comment 2018-07-17 04:43:33 @canadianrenegade   We will be a half mile from the lake, when we move to the new land. Now all I need is some rod holders...and maybe a rack for the canoe. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 04:38:54 @canadianrenegade   No I took five pictures, and kept two. I was the tripod, LOL! But usually when I see the perfect picture, all I have is my cell phone.... :) I saw three wild turkeys today, but couldn't get a picture! Too much traffic. :(
Comment 2018-07-17 02:48:48 @everittdmickey   It would be impressive, but I will take the anti gravity! THAT is a toy I do NOT have, so obviously, I Need one, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 02:42:48 @mepatriot   I will, I figured if anyone showed up, it is a public street. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 02:39:06 @mepatriot   It IS Natural, if you follow Satan anyway. "Be ye separate" was always a good idea, but now it is becoming process critical! GOD is the best shot with fire and brimstone, but I don't want to smell the mess! :'(
Comment 2018-07-17 00:24:09 @janton   Pennyaire, LOL! But free money is good money. :D
Comment 2018-07-17 00:21:00 @janton   I have the furnace for the investment casting, but still need to buy the ceramic coating material. I made molds for the wax for investment casting when I was in college (I worked at a machine shop) I do everything with cars. My Land rover is being repaired because the alternator bearings locked up. I had new bearings put in, and I am putting it back in the car right now. I just replaced a U joint, and the drive shaft has to go back in. I am moving the temperature sending unit in my Saturn Ion, to correct a design flaw. And I have a Mercedes 280i in the driveway that has injector problems. :(
Comment 2018-07-17 00:10:39 @mepatriot   We are warned to flee to the country in the Bible. Orders received! :)
Comment 2018-07-17 00:08:45 @everittdmickey   Yes, it will be a whole new world! I expect they will make Buckey Balls (Nano carbon spheres) of carbon lattice for the prefect lubricant. The sky is the limit, with only a small pun intended. :)
Comment 2018-07-17 00:02:33 @mepatriot   Thanks, people were probably wondering what that crazy man was doing getting out of his car! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 23:58:09 @janton   Prue Oklahoma is the closest town. With town being a relative name, LOL! The old joke, about looking for a town, and driving through it...I DID that looking for Prue. Flat smooth missed it, had to turn around and drive back! :) Thriving metropolis of 400 people, with no local store or gas station!
Comment 2018-07-16 23:14:45 @jackdub   Good for you! This house is already hooked up to the grid, but as soon as I get the solar system setup, I will fire the power company! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 22:21:27 @mepatriot   THAT is why I am moving to the escape! :D
Comment 2018-07-16 18:15:39 @swedishdragon   Yes, they are closer than a Brother! One is the Hill-Billy I started feeding the homeless with years ago. We were selected family way before that!
Comment 2018-07-16 18:12:48 @janton   I appreciate it my friend! Free money is always good, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-16 18:11:15 @mepatriot   I have put up with enough of their institutionalized SIN, to last the rest of my Life! GOD will judge us too, or he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah! These fools have no idea what they are facing by tempting GOD! >:(
Comment 2018-07-16 18:05:45 @janton   No artist here, but Debbie (Wife), and Jennifer (Daughter) are. you basically carve what you want from wax, then dip the wax in a ceramic coating, Melt out the wax, and pour the bronze.
Comment 2018-07-16 18:02:24 @everittdmickey   Pretty good right now, BUT, if they grew it in Orbit, the crystal lattice would be perfect, and harder I bet. Too many fun things to discuss, LOL! But I LOVE gemstones! Got most any here already. But no grown Diamonds. :(
Comment 2018-07-16 17:17:33 @swedishdragon   This is so very true! I have a number of family by my choice, family members. They are a great treasure. :)
Comment 2018-07-16 15:20:42 @remlaps   It is hard, but I still think there should be a balance. If you downvote but never upvote, it should push your value down. You are right, steem does hand you a functional package. They are just using that gift on the dark side. Small people, but there should be some kind of censure, for this poor use.
Comment 2018-07-16 15:13:48 @eggmeister   Fire those fools! Or load up and come over here, we always need same people, LOL! To offset the liberals.... :D
Comment 2018-07-16 15:11:21 @everittdmickey   Artificially grown Diamonds are actually harder than diamonds, so the Mho scale is suffering. They are calling them a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. They will use them to polish mined diamonds. :D
Comment 2018-07-16 15:05:24 @janton   Well, I do intend to grow my own medicine. I will reserve Paradise for Heaven, LOL! :) I have been calling it PIP...Pig In Prue! So it is not much right now, but we will see.
Comment 2018-07-16 14:27:21 @goldendawne   Feverfew is excellent for migraines! I am buying it now, but I have seeds for the new land by the lake. These flowers are really quite beautiful
Comment 2018-07-16 14:19:24 @mepatriot   This must lead to blood in the streets! What GOD has called Abomination will remain Abomination; and the judgement of liberals will NEVER trump the judgement of GOD! This is sin-filled perversion and no article can change that Fact!
Comment 2018-07-16 14:11:15 @everittdmickey   All this would do is destroy diamond prices. They would become useful only for abrasives and bearings. The diamond in Momma's ring would be worth about the same as rock salt.... :'(
Comment 2018-07-16 14:04:57 @wittyjov24   She is a princess for sure! I know she will grow up fine, with all of you watching out for her. Your prayers for her will be answered, and in the blink of an eye, she will be grown up. Thanks for the photographs. ♡♡♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-16 13:57:54 @eggstatic   My daily carry is slightly different. I addition to my phone and blue tooth headset; I carry this: A flashlight on my belt, a 9mm pistol in one pocket, and two extra magazines in the other. Sometimes I carry a 380 in addition, with the same spare magazines. I have never needed it, and only came close once, in a decade. I like your knife, nice to have tools handy.
Comment 2018-07-16 13:36:24 @janton   It was $1.50 steem, but I enjoy doing the blogs anyway, so this is free steem, LOL! ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-16 13:28:12 @eggmeister   It was a circle of spit to begin with, LOL. But we had a lot of fun anyway. ♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-16 13:24:39 @hebrewhousewife   Venus is one if the brightest objects in the sky. She was bright enough to show through when none of the actual stars could cut through dusk. If I had time, it would gave been fun, to see who came through next. There is an app for your phone, that lets you point the camera at a star, or other object, and it will tell you what it is. It uses GPS, angle if the phone, and magnetic direction, combined with the camera image center (as it was explained to me) to identify the star. Happy skywatching! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 13:12:06 @eggmeister   We were rewarded by a dozen more watermellons! We had another feast, LOL, and spit the seeds down the hill. :)
Comment 2018-07-16 13:08:24 @wittyjov24   We have been married for over 40 years, so she is not as worried about me. She knows I will be okay! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 13:05:33 @wittyjov24   But, she would let me go up on it.
Comment 2018-07-16 13:04:30 @wittyjov24   No, she would refuse, I would have to carry her. She is very afraid of high places.
Comment 2018-07-16 10:08:45 @headspace21   I know that is right! I have wreaked their model, by paying cash for my last seven real estate buys. I just wait, and rat hole cash; then buy when I find the right one. They really hate me! But if we can do this, it would break up the world bank!
Comment 2018-07-16 10:00:36 @mazzle   Come on down! I love blogging with bright people! :) Homesteading is just a small but important part, I enjoy a lot of other areas on steemit too. Alternate energies draw me, herbals, machining, fishing, and gemstones. One of the things about steemit that is fun, is whatever I am interested in; someone in here does it. I learn every day, makes steemit a lot of fun.
Comment 2018-07-16 09:50:12 @raysmells   I didn't think they were good for anything, LOL! So at least that is some gain I guess, bug it was surprising, for sure! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 07:52:45 @raysmells   First I have ever heard of number 3, LOL! Video faners all over must be celebrating this one! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 07:15:57 @janton   Yes, and I would want it to match, because the hammer will outlive me too, and passing it down would be fun! The one I have is a little light for heavy anvil work, but I do have other hammers to use there. I have tried to limit the anvil work here in Suburbia, but will add a part of the new building for welding, forging, and casting. Hope to get into bronze art casting heavily, once there. :)
Comment 2018-07-16 07:07:51 @mazzle   You are spot on on the commenting on good posts, and picking up followers. I decided to find new, good quality posts, and just talk to them, I have run into a LOT of very nice people! I agree about avoiding the trending part of the posts, too antiseptic, LOL! I just ignore he numbers, and learn; and teach, where I can. I have been having a blast meeting people with active minds, all over the World! I have picked up a lot of homesteading information for the new land we bought, that will help me avoid problems I might have had. I have been able to help others electronically (I am an Electrical Engineer) and maybe help them to avoid some problems too! You are also right that you will get out, what you put in, and If I am unwilling to stop and take the time, to help someone else; why should anyone invest time to help me?
Comment 2018-07-16 06:47:27 @whatsup   I try to help people. Especially in areas where I have a little more information than average. I also use steem to learn from others. It is an enjoyable balance, and I never have considered cashing out. I have thought about buying, just to run the account up some (I am not patient when I should be sometimes.), but have not done that either, seems like cheating somehow, LOL! BUT, I am having fun on steemit! :D
Comment 2018-07-16 06:39:24 @whatsup   Not bothered, actually kind of disgusted; sad to see how small people actually are. :'(
Comment 2018-07-16 05:51:15 @canadianrenegade   Your video crashed just after 3 min, likely my connection. But you had made a good point, that increased taxes are a hidden load on everything, including home buying! The glacial move to socialism, is the root cause for the tax mountain we are all seeing. The government is a parasite feeding off of the citizens, and their income steam. Offload the government by reversing some of the socialists policies, and reducing it's size. Everything will come down, including taxes. I will try watching the rest tomorrow, maybe my internet will work better! :(
Comment 2018-07-16 05:22:12 @everittdmickey   They are still in business? This is good advice! Ignore these people and look up what really happened, THEY are worse than useless! >:(
Comment 2018-07-16 05:10:00 @janton   Forged it, and heat treated it! it is some tough material! I may have it tested for metal type, and make the next size larger. A set might be nice! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 04:31:09 @krnel   They lost 1500 kids, so I am wondering if they have ANY reason to exist anymore! More kids were LOST than were helped! NO; STOP stealing kids!
Comment 2018-07-16 03:33:12 @whatsup   I have looked at several pages/that are flagging. They have no posts, and they are (25) just starting out; so it looks to me like someone started these pages, in an effort to attack someone else, from a hidden position.
Comment 2018-07-16 03:16:54 @hebrewhousewife   I have a machine shop (currently in my garage) that sees a lot on custom work. I keep that hammer close to the anvil and the casting. Some times, beating on things can be therapeutic too, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 03:11:06 @janton   He built it is shop class in HS. It is a tough little hammer, and he showed me with that hammer how to run a rivet down tight. I learned that a hammer, in the right hands, is a Precision tool!
Comment 2018-07-16 01:16:03 @mountainjewel   I look forward to it! Kittens are great fun! :D
Comment 2018-07-16 01:14:36 @whatsup   I have found that if people are hurt by what people write, there is usually some truth to the comment. Normal flagging is okay, but this Turbo Flagging on Steroids concerns me. That is way past what flagging should be! :(
Comment 2018-07-16 01:09:42 @berniesanders   Okay, I thought you had to post, to be on Steemit. That way you can't flag them either, that is unfair! >:(
Comment 2018-07-16 01:06:57 @tecnosgirl   You are ahead of ME, I haven't done a single video. Keep feeding those kids, they are all treasures! I send money to Kenya for tuition and food for Orphans, but I don't cook that directly The monthly feeding downtown has been going for about 3 years now. We started with about 50, and have been building since then. We have 8 kitchens helping make food now, and feed about 350 because some come back for seconds. We run 5 generators to get enough power to keep the roasters hot. It always starts small with a good idea! I think you have that good idea! Keep posting, and Hang on, while we watch it grow! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 00:58:03 @janton   Well her liver checked out fine, she has a lot of Indian blood, and apparently ended up with a poor liver function. She can't drink, knocks her down. But they kept her today to watch her for strength recovery.
Comment 2018-07-16 00:54:51 @janton   I do NOT see how you could blog three times as much as I did! WOW How? But it is fun BSing with you anyway, LOL! :) Gotta go back to the hospital, she didn't get out today.
Comment 2018-07-16 00:50:12 @tecnosgirl   That would be nice! Your poor garden needs dog protection, LOL. a lot of fencing might help! Glad you are not feeding them! They need to remain wild, safer for them. I bet they are fun to watch! :)
Comment 2018-07-16 00:46:24 @janton   No, I mean the ones the doctors refer to when they have non healing wounds. I studied with them for about ten years, still have friends there. They get the gaping down to the bone wounds....
Comment 2018-07-16 00:43:51 @remlaps   For every bot that helps, I see 50 that are disgusting. Has steemit thought about banning bots entirely? Is there Money in flagging? I am new enough I am still learning. It seems like flagging should cost a little money, to reduce those flags to only the most important ones. Maybe the first couple are free, then they begin to cost more. After ten flags, it should get expensive!
Comment 2018-07-16 00:38:12 @berniesanders   Will mute on their account help? I am not worth flagging, but if everyone mute selected their account, would that help?
Comment 2018-07-15 23:45:24 @cooking4charity   We eat something similar at Church, except they put beans on it instead of meat (we have a lot of vegetarians) and they call it haystacks, because it is piled high, LOL! It is quite good, and everyone seems to love it. Good luck with your charity, I help feed 300+ homeless hot food once a month, in downtown Tulsa. It is good to see the smiles when we load those plates up! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 23:39:21 @linuxmom   Which is why you should Never listen to a teacher! :D
Comment 2018-07-15 23:37:15 @mountainjewel   You have a box full of trouble for sure, LOL! Cute little beasties, you will have to post as they grow! I see war on yarn balls and feathers on a string for you! It should be a LOT of fun. :)
Comment 2018-07-15 23:06:12 @hebrewhousewife   I have a ball peen hammer I use in my shop that my Dad built in High school. He told me he wanted me to have it, but he wanted me to USE it! He said no good hammer should sit on a shelf. So I still use it daily, just like he wanted.
Comment 2018-07-15 23:00:51 @tecnosgirl   I am surprised, foxes usually avoid areas where dogs are. A fence (I would go electric) is your best option for sure. Tell those dogs to run 'em off, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 22:54:48 @wittyjov24   I would Never get My Wife on this bridge! She doesn't like high places. Stay Safe! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 22:28:36 @jackdub   The other reason for the 24 Vdc, is that I intend to add a 24 volt wiring buss to the house, and I can get more power delivered at 24 volts. I will run the 24 volt in the old central heat and air ducts. 24volts is the highest voltage that is code to run outside of conduit. 48 volts would be too expensive to wire, because of the need for conduit, and the 48 volt inverters are a lot more money.
Comment 2018-07-15 22:15:21 @janton   our goal was to be sure they would always be Okay, with or without us around. They are self sufficient now, so I guess we made that goal. Philip has begun refurbishment on his little sail boat, mostly repainting, and some fiberglass repair. They have both been worried about Momma,But Jennifer is two hours away, so I told them to keep doing what they need to, Momma is not at risk.
Comment 2018-07-15 22:06:39 @janton   Can, but the amount of pure design would take several years to get this fast. I have built several oscilloscopes for my use, but never anything this fast. Whole different can of worms, and one of the reasons this one is still worth a lot of pookie. :) Well, got knocked down a little by the trips to the hospital, but I stopped self voting, and it still shows 3! >:( So what does sixth place mean?
Comment 2018-07-15 21:53:33 @mepatriot   There is That too, LOL! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 19:43:12 @mepatriot   I don't feel so bad then, since nobody knows, LOL! :D
Comment 2018-07-15 18:50:27 @everittdmickey   Probably about the same as Washington and Jefferson would feel about us.
Comment 2018-07-15 18:43:24 @mepatriot   Saw the same thing, don't know why either. But they don't seem to match here. Maybe someone knows, i will watch to see!:)
Comment 2018-07-15 18:31:51 @everittdmickey   So very true! They are all a waste of oxygen. :)
Comment 2018-07-15 17:48:00 @everittdmickey   Well in Europe the fascists won after all, all it takes is enough stupid, greedy people; with their hands out! >:(
Comment 2018-07-15 17:11:42 @everittdmickey   They are soulmates for certain. I really think Churchhill (and Thatcher) would approve of President Trump, and I love to write that! President Trump! Nice ring to that! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 17:06:27 @ironshield   I could tell they are good kids! They are expensive pets to raise, but it is well worth the effort, LOL. Our kids are our greatest asset, at least until grandchildren come along! ♡♡♡♡
Comment 2018-07-15 13:42:42 @jackdub   Were most people have trouble with a wind generator, is that they expect the rated output all the time, but never look at what it will actually produce at their location. So they, in this case, plan on the unit to make 1700 watts all the time. When it makes 450 watts, they feel like it is not working. The added benefit is that when the sun goes down, the wind still blows.At 450 watts over 24 hours, it will add over 10,000 watts a day to the batteries. I have the parts for a 2000 watt dump load for this system, to avoid overcharge. A good controller is critical on any wind generator system, and that is a good choice! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 13:08:18 @jackdub   The inverters were harder to find, but about the same cost. Since I am building the battery sticks that part was was for me, by 12 volt is direct with lead acid batteries. I like your system, looks solid. Wind is a little more reliable here, especially next to the lake. I will be buying a 1700 watt wind generator, but at my average wind. Velocity, it will make 400 to 500 watts. The value is, that when the solar panels drop off, the wind generator picks up. This will give me more consistant power input.
Comment 2018-07-15 12:57:30 @professorbromide   Wife is sick right now, but when I get it running right, I will try that! I have a lot of gemstone samples, recorded as to location, and I want to see if this little beast can tell me where the gem comes from too. I am sure it will identify the type, but where it is from is very hard to do.
Comment 2018-07-15 12:50:12 @janton   No sweatt, I just wish the hospitals would catch up with the wound care professionals. They have been using this, heavily, for a decade!
Comment 2018-07-15 12:45:09 @janton   They came out well, I am unreasonably proud of both! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 12:42:21 @janton   Just did, thanks! Not as foggy this morning. :)
Comment 2018-07-15 12:40:21 @janton   My bad, different kind of scope. This is an oscilliscope, kind of like a super meter. It lets me see the electricity, to troubleshoot problems. This one lets me see signals a million times faster than normal oscilliscopes. Very hard to build one like this! :)
Comment 2018-07-15 12:31:18 @ironshield   Your kids will remember these kind of visits for the rest of their lives. The treasure of the memories this will become; is the very fabric of life itself, and is priceless! Thank you for sharing this a happy moment; they are lovely girls. Good job Dad! ♡♡♡