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Comment 2018-09-20 14:41:33 @julieabbi2   Not too late at all! Pretty pink shadows! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-20 14:39:27 @noritza   I thought at first he was holding a mouse by the tail! So glad you explained that it was keys! Great shadow! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-20 14:37:24 @julieabbi2   So glad you got Abbi to participate! Tell her I love her hand shadows. ( and yours too of course)!
Comment 2018-09-20 14:15:27 @noritza   Fun shadow! Thanks for entering !
Comment 2018-09-20 12:56:27 @ackhoo   Progress can be painful! Keeping my fingers crossed that it will not take too long to get things set straight!
Comment 2018-09-20 12:51:54 @clicked   I hope you get some new followers and a bit of a boost! Will you be able to go back to the mountauns soon?
Comment 2018-09-20 12:45:12 @clicked   They are so smart and so fascinating to watch! I'd love to see a photo of your crows sometime.
Comment 2018-09-20 12:31:12 @vijayb   Thank you so much!
Comment 2018-09-20 12:30:09 @fadhlan86   I like catfish better after it is cooked!😛
Comment 2018-09-20 12:26:00 @tgkluwi   This vine gets a spiny fruit on it that is not edible.
Comment 2018-09-20 12:22:54 @muksalmacro   Flowers add so much beaury to our world! Thank you
Comment 2018-09-20 12:21:09 @muksalmacro   Thanks. I appreciate the resteem!
Comment 2018-09-20 12:19:33 @dswigle   Ive seen vinca growing like that by you. I'm glad mine is content to just grow in beds at the base of the trees!
Comment 2018-09-20 12:10:24 @tgkluwi   Beautiful photos! Such a lovely flower!
Comment 2018-09-20 12:05:06 @tgkluwi   That is so beautuful! I would love to live in that house!
Comment 2018-09-20 11:58:48 @eto-ka   Thank you! I find the slower I move the more little things I notice!
Comment 2018-09-20 11:54:39 @tali72   Looks like a lovey place for a morning walk!
Comment 2018-09-20 11:42:27 @shasta   That looks like a railroad spike to me, and I don't like vampires, so I'm sticking with golden! We are getting even more rain, so no sun here, either.
Comment 2018-09-20 11:34:51 @hangin   Sad indeed. And a hazard, too. Your photos are wonderful, but that looks like a good place to stay away from!
Comment 2018-09-20 11:29:39 @dswigle   These cucumber vines are annuals, so next year they may pop up somewhere totally different, causing me to think the tree is safe. I can see why vinca vines would take over... I hsve vinca as a ground cover but it has never grown as a vine. I wonder why.
Comment 2018-09-20 10:57:51 @hangin   OMG. That does not look like a safe place for a photo shoot! I hope you did not go there alone. Your photos are fabulous and it is so sad that people would let this decay happen rather that clean it up and put it to a respectful use. Thanks so much for venturing into this murky mess to take photos, but I highly recommend that you leave it for the dogs. Shudder*
Comment 2018-09-20 10:41:51 @esteemapp   @dunsky Thank you for all you have done to brighten up our world! What a difference you have made!
Comment 2018-09-20 03:20:15 @hopfarmnc   I love my CSA farm here in Wisconsin. Those guys work so hard and I appreciate them so much. I always have the worst time trying to get dtube videos to play. Maybe someday I'll get it fugured out!
Comment 2018-09-20 01:33:21 @doitvoluntarily   I would love that! I am no longer able to drive and do all my grocery shopping on line. It's not perfect, but better than trying to have someone do my shopping from a list! But when my order is ready I have to have someone go to the store and pick it up for me because they don't offer delivery.
Comment 2018-09-20 01:24:51 @anwars   Fantastic photos!
Comment 2018-09-20 01:17:18 @hangin   These are great! I can imagine you trying to do that on your own. The effects are wonderful I love editing photos and you did a fabulous job. Thanks for entering
Comment 2018-09-20 01:14:36 @redheadpei   What a cute bunny! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-20 01:12:30 @redheadpei   Your rabbit Shadow is really cute! But your take me to your leader Shadow made me laugh! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-20 01:02:57 @denissemata   Oh no! Can you go see a dentist to get it fixed?
Comment 2018-09-20 01:00:57 @tattoodjay   Forcing me not to be a slug? Yep!
Comment 2018-09-20 00:59:12 @mhm-philippines   I have one , but it is not my camera of choice these days. I have a Canon Powershot that has a 50x zoom and it is easy to carry along. It always seems like with the other camera I have the wrong lens on for the shot that I want. This one is much more versatile and easier for me to use.
Comment 2018-09-20 00:52:54 @denissemata   I really enjoy having them and always miss them in the winter.
Comment 2018-09-20 00:50:00 @janton   You do great posts... I think great photos or art can speak for itself. Adding a sentence or two is adequate for interesting or beautuful photos and I'm happy to view that sort of post, too.
Comment 2018-09-20 00:43:42 @denissemata   Did you buy a nozzle ?
Comment 2018-09-20 00:42:33 @janton   Maybe. I have not been very open minded. No one does things the way Jim did , you know?
Comment 2018-09-20 00:31:06 @steem-bounty   I like this much better!
Comment 2018-09-20 00:26:30 @rosargelisperez   Look at that cool shadow! I love it. The reward was based on Steem that I paid in to @Steembounty and you will get it again this week. It is based on the upvote you get on this comment it is simply a way for me to give a bigger upvote on your comment without using more of my voting power. I'm uncertain if I will continue doing it. It doesn't seem that many people even noticed it.
Comment 2018-09-20 00:16:51 @janton   It was raining here today in the temperature never got above 75. The river is not real far away. I think maybe 80 feet or so. There is a spring in my yard that forms a little pond and then a short fast flowing creek that flows under my bedroom windows and into the river. But the river banks are wooded , and when there are leaves on the trees I don't have a river view. It's only this time of year when the leaves begin to fall that I can see the river again, and rhen I get to enjoy it all winter. It doesn't ever freeze where my creek flows into the river and so that open water attracts eagles and lots of ducks and geese and I enjoy my river view then a lot! There is a steep bluff directly across the river, and just downsteam from that, a large park that is closed to traffic in the winter, so it is a lovely place to be! Is that more than you wanted ti know? Ha!
Comment 2018-09-20 00:01:15 @denissemata   We have a store here called The Dollar Store. Most of the stuff there is pretty junky, but you can buy gift wrap and greeting cards and holiday items. They have socks and kitchen items and a large candy selection. Lots of items that you can buy for a dollar.
Comment 2018-09-19 23:49:24 @denissemata   I love those colors! oh my goodness, does that cake look classy! Resteeming
Comment 2018-09-19 23:18:12 @denissemata   A tooth brush, a box of crayons, a cup of McDonalds coffee or a cheeseburger, a jar of cake decorating sprinkles, a few things at the grocery store, although prices go up more everyday it seems.
Comment 2018-09-19 23:11:03 @denissemata This article gives some ideas of what we can buy. Not as much these days as in the not too distant past!
Comment 2018-09-19 22:35:03 @iamjadeline   They look like very happy kiddos!
Comment 2018-09-19 22:15:45 @dreamsoftheocean   I am so sorry that happened to you. I've been there and know how awful it feels. Sending hugs.
Comment 2018-09-19 22:06:30 @teukuzikri   Fantastic macros!
Comment 2018-09-19 22:03:24 @bluemoon   I love all of these! They could all be winners! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-19 21:58:33 @jacey.boldart   It's certainly is a distinctive piece of art! You are lucky to have it.
Comment 2018-09-19 21:57:27 @dmcamera   We are getting more rain today. The river has been at flood stage for over a month with no wake warnings for boats.
Comment 2018-09-19 21:55:30 @mhm-philippines   Keep trying! I would love to see it!
Comment 2018-09-19 21:54:42 @denissemata   I hope it's another month before we get a killing frost, but I'm afraid that's just wishful thinking, probably a few more weeks. But the way the weather has been so weird, who knows, they might last till Christmas!
Comment 2018-09-19 21:52:15 @shasta   Definitely a fan!
Comment 2018-09-19 21:51:21 @tali72   Thanks! I have really enjoyed their color all summer. I am so tired of mosquitoes. My neighbor just said this morning that she can't even go out and walk her dog because they are so bad.
Comment 2018-09-19 21:49:48 @steven-patrick   With the advent of trash carts I seldom see as many crows in town these days as we used to when everyone set out their garbage in bags.
Comment 2018-09-19 21:46:24 @steven-patrick   I have never seen the woodpeckers that live in California. I would love to. There are three kinds that live here in the woods that come to my feeders. This one is called a red-bellied woodpecker, but I also have hairy woodpeckers and Downy woodpeckers, both of which are smaller and are black and white.
Comment 2018-09-19 20:42:27 @shasta   I love it! Its easy for me to imagine that it is a golden spike! Beautiful Shadows! thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-19 20:20:33 @clicked   Fabulous photos of this amazingly beautiful place. I love the creation story of the lakes. Your posts have all been so beautiful that I feel honored to share them rhis week!
Comment 2018-09-19 19:09:45 @dmcamera   Thanks! The flowers have had a good run this year with all of the rain that we have had. You can tell that they're getting toward the end though!
Comment 2018-09-19 19:04:09 @opeyemioguns   I think he may have been searching for grasshoppers!
Comment 2018-09-19 19:02:12 @melinda010100   Thanks! The flowers have had a good run this year with all of the rain that we have had. You can tell that they're getting toward the end though!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:56:39 @astrophoto.kevin   Fantastic find and really great photos! I'm low on voting power but this deserves a tip!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:52:06 @molometer   Thanks, luv! Actually, I took the photo before I realized that the woodpecker was even there! I love the photo that you got out of that nest hole . I've never seen that before.
Comment 2018-09-19 18:50:12 @radhapatil   Thanks! You can start your walk from wherever you are! Have fun on your travels!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:48:00 @teukumuksal   Thanks, my friend, and I appreciate that you share so many of my posts, but do not post your links here. It can be considered spam and get you in trouble.
Comment 2018-09-19 18:40:36 @mhm-philippines   Lovely photos and very wise words!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:36:45 @mhm-philippines   Thanks! I have three different kinds of woodpeckers that are frequent visitors at my feeders. I get such a nice selection of birds here in the woods.
Comment 2018-09-19 18:34:57 @tattoodjay   Your Walks encourage me to get dressed earlier so that I can go outside! I end up getting more done on Wednesdays! Bonus! Thanks for the tip
Comment 2018-09-19 18:12:42 @teukuzikri   Thanks! I'm glad you like it and I appreciate you resteeming it!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:11:24 @jacey.boldart   That is quite beautiful! A piece of art that I would love to have in my yard tip!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:06:42 @muliadimacro   They are so smart and so much fun to watch!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:06:12 @rezalhok   Thank you!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:05:45 @steven-patrick   The Joyful Noise of crows! They don't seem so noisy here in the woods, maybe the leaves and trees absorb some of the sound. I have heard them in town and thought 'oh my goodness are they loud'
Comment 2018-09-19 18:03:42 @melinda010100   I think he may have been hoping to grab a big grasshopper or two!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:02:45 @achimbornemann   You do the best job of capturing light! Tip!
Comment 2018-09-19 18:01:06 @achimbornemann   Thanks, Achim! It's a rainy day here, a good day to try to get caught around here!
Comment 2018-09-19 17:59:03 @txatxy   Thanks, luv! 😘
Comment 2018-09-19 17:58:24 @denissemata   Thanks! I do like playing with photo edits.
Comment 2018-09-19 17:57:42 @fadhlan86   Thanks! Crows are much bigger than starlings. You must have both of them there?
Comment 2018-09-19 17:55:27 @fatima92   This is lovely!
Comment 2018-09-19 17:53:54 @fatima92   Thank you! Glad you like it!
Comment 2018-09-19 17:51:12 @sopian12   Thank you!
Comment 2018-09-19 17:34:54 @janton   Good for you! I spent all lirnubg doing a couple of posts. They take lots of time away from commenting don't they? Tomorrow is the beginning of the next new Shadow contest and choosing the winners for this past week and that always takes up much of my day. But they are things that I love doing and you are so right, I love the social part of being here!
Comment 2018-09-19 17:28:45 @rudaatom   Not tame, just brave!
Comment 2018-09-19 17:27:42 @janton   I have not been anywhere in far too long. My last trip was with a friend and we went up to the Upper Peninsula Michigan. But my kids are busy with work and families and I really don't have any good traveling partner right now. I do miss Jim!
Comment 2018-09-19 16:29:06 @denissemata   Beautiful skies! A lovely walk!
Comment 2018-09-19 15:10:18 @shasta   Lovely dark hard working shadows! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-19 15:06:27 @axeman   Wonderful photo! Thanks for entering this in the Shadow contest!
Comment 2018-09-19 15:04:00 @axeman   Elegant, indeed! Its always good to see an entry from you!
Comment 2018-09-19 15:01:45 @trieuvan   This is marvelous! If you want your photo to show up in comments you need to also post the photo link along with the link for your post.
Comment 2018-09-19 14:59:39 @trieuvan   This is so beautiful! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-19 14:56:54 @mnallica   Wow Beautuful photo!
Comment 2018-09-19 14:54:57 @muksalmacro   Thank you. In English brother is a term for males, Sister is for females. I'm a woman . Just thought you would want to know. 😉☺️
Comment 2018-09-19 14:50:39 @muksalmacro   Good photos. I like Pixlr, too.
Comment 2018-09-19 14:48:33 @muksalmacro   Thank you! I like those little flowers, too.
Comment 2018-09-19 14:26:30 @sydesjokes   Wonderful quotes! Many I have never heard before!
Comment 2018-09-19 14:13:12 @nathanmars   So many people in the world have it far worse than me. It's not hard to stay positive.
Comment 2018-09-19 14:10:45 @simonjay   We have been waiting so long... I sincerely hope things recover very soon!
Comment 2018-09-19 14:09:27 @watersnake101   You certainly got some great photos! Being safe always comes first!
Comment 2018-09-19 13:46:42 @steven-patrick   The contrast between those beautiful golden hills and that glorious sky is so beautiful. And a lovely little green park, too!
Comment 2018-09-19 13:42:00 @steven-patrick   Lovely shots! Have they started construction yet? Looks like a good place for a walk.
Comment 2018-09-19 13:38:57 @steven-patrick   Thank you! 😘
Comment 2018-09-19 13:33:06 @kabil   It is a photo that I took and then edited digitally. I'm doung fine. How are things with you!?
Comment 2018-09-19 13:25:06 @janton   After having MS made it difficult for me to travel abroad I started doing travel here in the US where handicap accessibility is a bit easier. I've put a lot of miles on my mobility scooter! And I've been to most all of the states. Not much time in Texas though just across the Panhandle. I've never been to the Pacific Northwest either. But otherwise I've seen a lot, and taken a lot of pictures! I only post my own photos. The Black Hills have a lot to see and do. I like it best there in the fall after many of the tourists have gone home.
Comment 2018-09-19 13:17:27 @janton   I thought about you and how you were managing not being able to make comments! I pretty much binged watched Netflix all day! I haven't done that in a long time it was kind of fun, but I sure am glad to be back here.
Comment 2018-09-19 04:28:18 @erikah   The house number is up on the brick wall beside the door handle. 717 I suspect that 1905 is the year the house was built or a number that has some significance for the family
Comment 2018-09-19 04:18:48 @marlinahamid   Lovely photo, but you may want to consider putting more effort into your post. Tell us more about your photo. Are these your birds? What kind of birds are they? Are they shy or are they friendly? I would love to know more about them.
Comment 2018-09-19 03:46:42 @nathanmars   I have health issues that keep me from doing much traveling these days, but I get to go all over the world with friend like you sharing their adventures with me.
Comment 2018-09-19 03:40:12 @nathanmars   This is going to be an interesting journey for you! I am looking forward to following along and see what you decide on!
Comment 2018-09-19 02:16:33 @bluemoon   No worries! All is well in eSteem world! I will be happy to have you back again!
Comment 2018-09-19 02:13:21 @jacey.boldart   They are pretty little flowers aren't they!
Comment 2018-09-19 02:11:48 @steven-patrick   It is! The goos thing is that it is an annual and has to start fresh each spring !
Comment 2018-09-19 02:06:51 @simonjay   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this might be the start of something good!
Comment 2018-09-19 01:52:30 @ackhoo   That must have been unsettling! But at least you had Discord so that you could find out what was going on. My day felt much more normal today though! I sure am glad it's back and all is right with the world!
Comment 2018-09-19 01:50:12 @steven-patrick   It is wild cucumber, a Wisconsin native. It can take over a tree or fence in a single bound and you see it along the highways covering everything in sight.
Comment 2018-09-19 00:29:39 @watersnake101   O oh! I am so sorry I missed this I would have loved to have resteemed it and now it's almost at 7 days. What a fantastic post and I'm so proud of you for being so brave. I grew up across the street from a cemetery so I guess I've never felt fear. This is the bad part about Auto voter I know that I'm voting on your posts and so I get lazy about coming by and actually reading them. I'll do better. Your photos are fantastic. Tip!
Comment 2018-09-18 23:42:00 @nolasco   I'll be waiting to see your photos! Can I use more rhan one?
Comment 2018-09-18 23:34:54 @bluemoon   Oh! Those olive groves! Beautiful trees. Wonderful photos!
Comment 2018-09-18 22:44:15 @erikah   Lots of new people entering this week.
Comment 2018-09-18 22:31:42 @shasta   Gorgeous photos! You did well capturing the movement of the wind through the grasses. And I love your circle photo!
Comment 2018-09-18 22:19:06 @steemauto   So happy you are back!
Comment 2018-09-18 22:07:36 @ackhoo   Yayy is right! It proved to me how addicted I am, though.
Comment 2018-09-18 21:58:39 @bluemoon   @steemitblog has the full explanation. Most of which is beyond my understanding, but it is still very reassuring!
Comment 2018-09-18 21:51:09 @clicked   What an amazing place! Your photographs are stunning. I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be there. I gave you a 100% upvote and resteemed your post, but you can only get an eSteem upvote once in 24 hours.
Comment 2018-09-18 21:40:03 @bluemoon   Yes. everything was down. It had to do wirh the hardfork. Our witnessess were true heros!
Comment 2018-09-18 21:37:27 @bluemoon   Its on. There is a link at the bottom of each of my current posts.
Comment 2018-09-18 21:36:06 @noritza   Hope you enter again this week! You only have until Thursday.
Comment 2018-09-18 21:19:15 @bluemoon   So, one of the days that you missed doesn't really count because none of us were here! Steem was down. Have a fabulous vacation and if you do get back on again, come by and register for my e-steem SBI giveaway that I did, like we talked about. These photos are fantastic... Take enough that you can keep me supplied with that marvelous Greek sunshine all winter long.
Comment 2018-09-18 19:25:42 @zikrisetiawan   An incredible macro! Nicely done. Those hairy spiders are rather creepy!
Comment 2018-09-18 19:19:48 @zikrisetiawan   Thanks! I appreciate the resteem!
Comment 2018-09-18 19:16:45 @karenb54   Oh no! I'm so sorry.
Comment 2018-09-18 19:15:18 @dmcamera   Oh good! And post your link or feel free to yell at me if I miss seeing it!
Comment 2018-09-18 19:13:27 @shadowmask   Cropping is my favorite tool! Beautiful scene... you would have no idea that all the clutter and busyness ever existed!
Comment 2018-09-18 18:40:15 @mrunalini   Thanks so much! I saw your post but you need to fix your link here for me!
Comment 2018-09-18 18:35:54 @good-karma   Do you guys ever sleep? You impress me over and over again! This will be so useful for everyone!
Comment 2018-09-18 18:29:15 @barbara-orenya   Pure loveliness and joy! 😘❤️
Comment 2018-09-18 17:42:09 @nathanmars   I love people who like themselves enough that they enjoy spending time alone. Good luck apartment hunting! I have never spent any time in Japan and will look forward to hearing about your adventures
Comment 2018-09-18 17:27:06 @steemitblog   Bravo team Steem! You guys are awesome!
Comment 2018-09-18 17:10:51 @mrunalini   Beautiful shadows and a great message! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-18 17:03:57 @steven-patrick   This was in September after Labor Day and it's always so much nicer to visit these touristy areas when there are not so many tourists.
Comment 2018-09-18 17:02:06 @rezalhok   It is pretty amazing how they blasted those faces out of the side of a mountain!
Comment 2018-09-18 17:00:39 @bashadow   And I would love to see the story you would come up with! Thsnk you!
Comment 2018-09-18 16:58:12 @tgkluwi   Thanks so much for sharing this!
Comment 2018-09-18 16:56:54 @denissemata   Thank you! ❤️
Comment 2018-09-18 16:55:18 @teukumuksal   Lovely macro photos!
Comment 2018-09-18 16:44:21 @teukumuksal   Thanks so much for sharing this, this one is an ongoing challenge, not a contest. You could use the#cemeteryphotos tag anytime and if you call it to my attention I will be happy to upvote, but there are no prizes.
Comment 2018-09-18 16:39:51 @beto14   That is so sweet! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-18 16:38:45 @beto14   Awwww! What a wonderful hand shadow! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-18 15:37:57 @teukumuladi   Thank you!
Comment 2018-09-18 15:35:48 @steven-patrick   Jim used to say... 'She is the driver, I just hold the steering wheel'. I loved navigating and usings maps. (and still use them to double check the GPS, especially in rural areas where GPS is not always at the top of it's game)
Comment 2018-09-18 15:28:00 @tgkluwi   The monuments have remained beautiful even after so much time. Thanks for sharing this! It is very interesting.
Comment 2018-09-18 15:15:18 @txatxy   Great hand shadow! And you know how much I love that cabinet of yours! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-18 15:11:48 @txatxy   Definitely on time! Two more days to go for hand shadiw entries. Love this shadow! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-18 14:58:21 @simonjay   I do, too. I think there are very good things ahead!
Comment 2018-09-18 14:08:30 @opeyemioguns   If you have the opportunity, remember to take photos. I would like to see it!
Comment 2018-09-18 14:05:51 @hangin   I will check them out!
Comment 2018-09-18 14:03:54 @erikah   Sorry, just saw it. Only beginning my day... Still need to get showered and dressed! Must go do that!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:53:33 @steven-patrick   😉 A good reason to pull off the road, stretch a bit, take a photo, and check the map... Like we used to have to do back in the day!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:48:21 @clicked   Thanks for creating such quality posts! It makes it easy to want to support you this week!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:45:27 @clicked   Keep an eye out, and you could include other traditions from your country. Not everyone does it lke this!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:41:51 @steven-patrick   Maybe that's why I've never liked them very much. Some of the new varieties I think can withstand the winters here, but it used to be if you planted canas the bulbs had to be dug every fall and then replanted in the spring. Too much work!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:36:48 @hananan   Beautiful! Thank you for showing the creation process. That is so interesting to see how you do it!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:30:39 @molometer   You would be a dedicated witness and would have my full support!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:28:03 @hananan   I'm sorry it makes you sad. For me it gives more of a feeling of honoring lives and remembering
Comment 2018-09-18 13:03:48 @pixelfan   Steem prices look better when they are going up! Haven't seen that in far too long. Enjoy your time with your wife!
Comment 2018-09-18 13:00:51 @ackhoo   Beautiful tree photos!
Comment 2018-09-18 12:58:09 @steven-patrick   They are such dramatic flowers. Great photos!
Comment 2018-09-18 12:55:03 @fadhlan86   Interesting blossoms! Great photos!
Comment 2018-09-18 12:53:03 @karenb54   Beautiful blossoms and I hope everything in your garden survives the weather. Be safe.
Comment 2018-09-18 12:49:18 @molometer   Beautiful photos! That woodpecker hole is a great find! And it is so exciting to see Steem prices going up this morning! Thanks to all our great witnesses!
Comment 2018-09-18 12:24:45 @rezalhok   A beautifu orangel skipper moth! Great photos.
Comment 2018-09-18 05:05:33 @cave-man   I I'm so glad that you are loving it! And thanks for letting me know that you read my footers! I always wonder if anyone does. You are entered.
Comment 2018-09-18 05:03:06 @chekohler   You will have to explain to me why all of your recent posts are done using busy, or you will not be entered in this contest.
Comment 2018-09-18 04:53:54 @denissemata   I questioned whether it was real when I was standing in front of it! I've gone to several of the big aquariums in the past 10 years or so. They're rather fascinating.
Comment 2018-09-18 04:52:21 @liznellacastillo   Thanks! It was fun to see them.
Comment 2018-09-18 04:48:54 @bil.prag   You would think we would have learned more by now.
Comment 2018-09-18 04:46:03 @hangin   Great street scenes! Chinatowns here in the big cities in the states always fascinate me. I can only imagine how incredible this one must be!
Comment 2018-09-18 04:42:09 @hangin   I did post some cemetery photos... Can't wait to see yours!
Comment 2018-09-18 04:39:15 @cave-man   Hello Wisconsin! I never watched the show, but maybe I should!
Comment 2018-09-18 04:32:27 @vijayb   A wonderfully staged shadow photo. Thanks for entering !
Comment 2018-09-18 04:30:27 @denissemata   I have tried all the different brands and they will not let me send any of them. Can you buy the one you need there?
Comment 2018-09-18 04:27:24 @vijayb   Thank you. It is an amazing monument.
Comment 2018-09-18 04:25:03 @vijayb   Very clever and elaborate shadows! Nicely done! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-18 04:22:15 @erikah   Thanks, luv, for everyrhing you fo for me!
Comment 2018-09-18 04:21:12 @denissemata   It is in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The whole area is pretty incredible.
Comment 2018-09-18 04:17:30 @steemusa   Here is my entry!
Comment 2018-09-18 04:04:06 @denissemata   What a fun cake for a first birthday! Nicely done!
Comment 2018-09-18 03:50:54 @edgargonzalez   I hope the fire did not damage the spring. It's good you were able to put it out quickly.
Comment 2018-09-18 02:27:03 @zikrisetiawan   I was amazed by that alligator, too. I am glad you like the photos. Thanks for sharing them!
Comment 2018-09-18 01:26:30 @clicked   What an incredible landscape! Your photos are gorgeous. This is a really great post! resteemed
Comment 2018-09-18 01:16:03 @hangin   You can use the tag anytime. Come yell at me if I miss seeing it! I try to put up a post every week, usually on Monday, so that you have somewhere to post the link, I had a cemetery post ready to go before we lost Steem today, so I'll get working on it as soon as I can!
Comment 2018-09-18 01:08:03 @rebeccabe   We don't have ravens here, so crows are my favorites, but I love ravens too! Surfer is up? Still waiting on eSteem App.....
Comment 2018-09-18 01:03:51 @janton   Yes. Surfer is for your PC. I use the phone app, because that's what I'm used to. But everyone who uses Surfer on their PC loves it.
Comment 2018-09-17 05:19:45 @immarojas   Stay safe. Violent and extreme weather is becoming so much more frequent all around the world. It's very scary!
Comment 2018-09-17 05:16:30 @rebeccabe   My favorite footer is the one @shasta made me for the shadow contest. New Orleans has a beautiful aquarium.
Comment 2018-09-17 05:12:24 @rodode   Good one! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-17 05:11:24 @rodode   Oh, I like that you involved your son! Great photo!
Comment 2018-09-17 05:09:00 @gregbit   Spectacular photos! I do love stained glass windows.
Comment 2018-09-17 05:07:24 @gregbit   I had never imagined such a creature. I guess they are very rare because they do not survive long in the wild
Comment 2018-09-17 05:05:18 @cosmiccrimes   The Great Lakes have seen plenty of shipwrecks. They can get pretty violent.
Comment 2018-09-17 05:01:27 @vict23   A very symbolic Shadow! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-17 04:59:57 @vict23   A great symbol! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-17 04:57:24 @janton   Oh yeah Janton I'm sure he was a very nice alligator! You could have probably went up and patted him on the head, right? Haha! I did not remember ever seeing seahorses before either and I've been into several large aquariums. I thought they were fascinating. The glass in their tanks was not very clean so it was hard to get photos.
Comment 2018-09-17 04:52:09 @teukumuladi   Great photos!
Comment 2018-09-17 04:48:39 @teukumuladi   I believe they are very rare. They do not survive long in the wild.
Comment 2018-09-17 04:35:18 @chekohler   Ha! A bottle! I'm too old to drink that much. It would kill me. 👵🤣
Comment 2018-09-17 04:32:12 @arthur47   I like the sentiment here! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-17 04:29:36 @arthur47   Nice hand shadows! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:52:18 @chekohler   I do like Gin and Taqueray is my favorite brand. Although a bottle of gin can last me until it becomes an antique because I'm not much of a drinker.
Comment 2018-09-16 23:46:18 @rezalhok   Beautiful photos!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:43:39 @rezalhok   Thank you!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:39:21 @steven-patrick   I'd be happy to live there simply for the food!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:37:48 @janton   It is a month prize, not weekly like the engagement league. And if you ever want to give eSteem a try I'd be happy to help. It has so many more helpful features compared to steemit. I think you would end up liking it.
Comment 2018-09-16 23:27:15 @nolasco   Such a delightful series of photos! You capture them and their smiles and their personalities perfectly.
Comment 2018-09-16 23:25:24 @nolasco   Creative art for their shop! I like it alot!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:23:24 @nolasco   Wonderful scene!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:22:03 @nolasco   Simply fabulius photos! They look wonderful in black and white. I never would have thought to even try those photos without color!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:12:30 @steven-patrick   One of the dsys of our visit was cold and rainy and the A aquarium was the perfect place to spend the day H How long did you live in New Orleans? That must have been interesting for a boy from the North country!
Comment 2018-09-16 23:09:33 @opeyemioguns   They are very similar crestures!.
Comment 2018-09-16 23:02:09 @immarojas   I am sorry for the damage , but so glad everyone is safe!
Comment 2018-09-16 22:27:57 @skullangs   I love nature photos!
Comment 2018-09-16 22:25:57 @genesisgaby   I agree! She is the best
Comment 2018-09-16 22:23:39 @opeyemioguns   How fun to see all these photos of you!
Comment 2018-09-16 22:18:03 @achimbornemann   A wonderful sky shot my friend! Hope all is well with you.
Comment 2018-09-16 22:08:21 @keithboone   Fabulous shots! I love how the prairie gives this series of photos minimalist feeling.
Comment 2018-09-16 22:05:12 @keithboone   Beautiful photos! It is a gorgeous garden and you always have such a good eye for what photos will work well in black and white.
Comment 2018-09-16 22:02:57 @keithboone   I am so happy you are safely home! That was truly a mammoth adventure! I am so happy that you're home and can sleep in your own bed and don't have to get back in a car, hopefully for days!
Comment 2018-09-16 22:01:27 @keithboone   I am so happy you are safely home! That
Comment 2018-09-16 21:48:00 @dabeckster   Fantastic photos. You have captured it so well, and it brings back good memories!
Comment 2018-09-16 21:37:48 @margaretwise   I love lupines and always enjoy being up in northern Wisconsin when they're in bloom and the road ditches are just full of them! Great photos! I love the colors.
Comment 2018-09-16 21:28:51 @maquemali   You did great again! Big congrats! I'm down four places from last week! But it is always fun to see the Sunday results, isn't it!?
Comment 2018-09-16 21:22:06 @khaimi   It is my understanding that Steemit is a front end site. just like eSteem and Busy, that can be used to enter the Steem blockchain. But I am certainly not into all the inner workings and am just repeating what I have read. I see why you are excited to have your language included!
Comment 2018-09-16 19:21:48 @teukumuksal   Tell me why you like eSteem so that you can be entered in the contest.
Comment 2018-09-16 19:18:09 @clicked   I agree with you 100%! And each one of the new features they add makes it better and better! You are entered.
Comment 2018-09-16 19:12:33 @mydivathings   Really glad to hear that you are loving eSteem, too! I am so excited to see all the new features that will be released soon! You are entered in the giveaway!
Comment 2018-09-16 19:08:51 @gabbynhice   @erikah is a really great eSteem mentor to have. She does such a great job of giving eSteemians a boost. You are entered!
Comment 2018-09-16 19:04:09 @chekohler   So glad to hear you love it, too! You are entered in rhe giveaway!
Comment 2018-09-16 18:32:30 @clicked   Wow! Such beautiful scenery! That whole bridge thing is pretty incredible. Resteeming
Comment 2018-09-16 18:04:15 @janton   I think you get over that quickly when you do it often enough! I would never let that keep me home. It's a big wide wonderful world and I wish I could see it all!
Comment 2018-09-16 18:01:03 @swedishdragon   Thanks, luv! I never think about using the blue hour photography tag!
Comment 2018-09-16 17:58:36 @khaimi   Glad to see that you appreciate eSteem so much! One thing I see so much confusuon over is the different front end sites. When you use eSteem you are accessing the blockchain. You are not accessing Steemit. Steemit is a completely different front end site that assesses the blockchain. Busy is another front end site that also accesses the blockchain. When you switch to using eSteem you are not using steemit any longer. I hope I explained that correctly. I am not sure what you are referring to about the languages. In settings I know you can change the app to over 50 different languages. But it sounds like you were talking about something different? Thanks for commenting! You are entered!
Comment 2018-09-16 16:57:36 @janton   No. esteem surfer (or eSteem app for your phone) is a really great front end site that you use to access the blockchain. You would use it instead of Steemit, or Busy. I am having an SBI giveaway right now for eSteem users and people are writing comments about what they like about eSteem. If you read through those you can get some idea. And at the bottom of all of my posts is an esteem link that guves a great intriduction. And I probably should not tell you - matter fact it's probably pretty stupid of me to tell you- but eSteem does a leader board every month and the top commenter using eSteem wins 15 Steem. I've won many months (so you probably don't want to use it, do you..? 😏😉
Comment 2018-09-16 15:25:39 @deerjay   It is a beautiful dragon! I love it!
Comment 2018-09-16 15:24:15 @deerjay   Thank you! It was a peaceful evening. But I've also seen that lake when it's pretty wild!
Comment 2018-09-16 15:22:24 @muliadimacro   Lake Michigan is a huge fresh water lake. It is a beautiful place to be!
Comment 2018-09-16 15:20:15 @jacey.boldart   Thanks, Jacey!
Comment 2018-09-16 15:17:51 @jacey.boldart   Love your mugs! I completely understand about having a. For me it is all about the shape of a handle. I like the way my fingers fit in through the handle and my thumb rests on top perfectly. I've used this one for years and can't imagine starting my morning without it.
Comment 2018-09-16 15:03:00 @fadhlan86   Thsnk you! I love being near the lakes!
Comment 2018-09-16 15:02:06 @rudaatom   Thanks! It really is a beautiful world!
Comment 2018-09-16 15:00:39 @denissemata   It was such a lovely evening, kind of cool, but lots of mosquitoes!
Comment 2018-09-16 14:59:15 @cosmiccrimes   Thanks! One of my favorite parts of living in Wisconsin is always being near water!
Comment 2018-09-16 14:48:03 @e-rich   You have made it look like he is running past the Moon! Nicely done! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-16 14:45:06 @e-rich   Its a wolf! Love the effects! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-16 14:39:27 @abh12345   Thanks for the Steem, Asher! It's quite nice to get a prize for talking too much! 😉 I'm just so glad that there are so many others here that like to talk, too! Congrats everyone!
Comment 2018-09-16 13:22:00 @tgkluwi   A sheep! Love it Thanks for entering
Comment 2018-09-16 13:19:39 @tgkluwi   A sheep! Great hand shadow! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-16 13:03:12 @rossfletcher   Hopefully there will come a day when they say why didn't we listen to Ross sooner?
Comment 2018-09-16 05:30:54 @tgkluwi   It's fixed. Thanks. Congrats on being in 2nd place on the leaderboard for posting often. You are entered.
Comment 2018-09-16 04:51:48 @tgkluwi   The rules are that you need to write a comment here. Not post photos or a link.
Comment 2018-09-16 04:45:03 @clicked   Im not at all worried about that! Your posts are great!
Comment 2018-09-16 03:41:00 @denissemata   Huge congratulations my dear friend! Tip!
Comment 2018-09-16 03:30:30 @clicked   I can't wait to see it! 🙂
Comment 2018-09-16 03:02:24 @ecoinstante   Hmmm. I can't get the video to play, bur love the initial shot that I can see! I had no idea that woodpeckers would be interested in plantains! The chipmunks that live in my woods here in Wisconsin go crazy when I throw overripe bananas out in the yard for them!
Comment 2018-09-16 02:53:45 @masrul   I do appreciate all of your resteems! I'm happy you like my posts!
Comment 2018-09-16 02:52:12 @muliadisteem   It is a good old bridge! I don't think I have never seen one quite like that.
Comment 2018-09-16 02:51:33 @janton   Yep I'm in Wisconsin! I have done a fair amount of traveling around the United States. This happened to be on one of our Presidential Library tours. It seemed like a good excuse to go traveling, but then I have never needed much of an excuse to pack a suitcase!
Comment 2018-09-16 02:46:09 @janton   Haha! Good luck getting organized. I've yet to get that part figured out. Although I do like the feature on eSteem where you can tag your favorites and that gives me a nice list to work though. Nothing would make me happier than to see comments from , my friend!
Comment 2018-09-16 02:41:06 @cosmiccrimes   They are built to be permanent, aren't they?
Comment 2018-09-16 02:38:03 @liznellacastillo   It was a wonderful night! We had spent the day sightseeing and were getting ready to have a meal at a very nice restaurant which was within walking distance of our hotel. A rather perfect day!
Comment 2018-09-16 02:34:27 @steven-patrick   We were there for a Vikings game, too! Of course, the Packers won. It was mid December and it was sweatshirt weather and I was counting my blessings! We had handicap seats which were right next to the 'best seats in the House' which are leather recliners in a special VIP section off the 50-yard line, I couldn't have asked for a better Lambeau Field experience!
Comment 2018-09-16 02:17:45 @e-rich   I do like sunflower seeds for a snack while I am watching TV, too!
Comment 2018-09-16 02:12:00 @bil.prag   Clever name! And great photos! Thanks for the background information. I can't imagine all those horrible things happening to anyone.
Comment 2018-09-16 02:04:27 @bil.prag   There are beautifully dark skies there! It would be a great place to watch stars if it wasn't a 5 hour drive to get there! And if there were not so many mosquitos!
Comment 2018-09-16 01:58:27 @steven-patrick   I can't wait until tomorrow! Although the Vikings look really really good, so we'll see what happens! Jim and I went to Lambeau Field to see game 1 time. The tickets were a gift and we had a fabulous seats, but we both agreed that we much preferred watching the game at home in the comfort of our own living room. I am so glad I got to have the Lambeau experience though! wow! All that tradition.
Comment 2018-09-16 01:53:12 @nathanmars   So happy to have you as a friend Nathan! When I read this post of yours I realized we had a similar outlook on the world. I hesitated about leaving that comment on Asher's post because it's probably not the popular way to view things around here. But I've got to be me... I'm too old to be anything else! :-)
Comment 2018-09-16 00:48:27 @nathanmars   Sharing simply makes sense. It's my favorite thing to do! Love the photo!
Comment 2018-09-16 00:39:45 @izaid   I have never used the schedule. I haven't needed it, I guess, but I should leaen how, just in case I do need to. Thanks for all you do to promote the Shadow Contest. You are entered.
Comment 2018-09-16 00:30:27 @abh12345   I don't use bid bots or self vote. My curating is done manually and I, often upvote small accounts that I try to encourage with comments. I have not delegated tovSteem-Ua. But then I guess I never have been here to make money. I joined Qurator early on because it was started by friends and I wanted to support them. For me it is all about making new friends and being social and bid bots are not very friendly! So to answer your question , if bid bots disappeared ? It would make absolutely no difference to the way I do things here.
Comment 2018-09-15 23:50:00 @erikah   They are such a pretty color and they are beautiful even as they are beginning to fade.
Comment 2018-09-15 23:47:03 @steven-patrick   The only pomegranates that I know are in the bin at the grocery store! I don't think I've ever seen them growing before.
Comment 2018-09-15 23:45:15 @steven-patrick   When my grandson was little and learning that bacon comes from pigs and all those early on lessons he spotted these and was pretty sure that that's where corn dogs came from and he was quite excited about his discovery.
Comment 2018-09-15 23:42:15 @steven-patrick   Beautiful clouds and amazing sky shots! That sunrise photo is gorgeous.
Comment 2018-09-15 23:39:45 @steven-patrick   Those are beauties and perfect for the challenge! Great photos
Comment 2018-09-15 23:36:54 @muksalmacro   Pretty flower photos! Nice post.
Comment 2018-09-15 23:32:18 @masrul   Pretty Oxalis flowers. Lovely photos and nice effort on your post!
Comment 2018-09-15 23:25:57 @masrul   Safety on the roads is important, indeed!
Comment 2018-09-15 23:24:39 @manuel78   You are so bad! Ha! 🤣
Comment 2018-09-15 23:23:27 @clicked   Greece is a beautiful country! I fell in love with the color of the water.
Comment 2018-09-15 23:22:30 @tattoodjay   I like the distinct differences that each of these have. They are fascinating
Comment 2018-09-15 23:21:06 @fatima92   Thank you so much!
Comment 2018-09-15 23:20:09 @denissemata   There are so many different cultures to experience when you travel!
Comment 2018-09-15 22:25:51 @nikhil12   A very precious baby boy! I am happy to see posts from you where you take time to write words that explain something about the photo.
Comment 2018-09-15 22:10:54 @rossfletcher   Hahaha! But it is hard not to talk about Steem, isn't it? Glad they were willing to help you out! It's a great photo. ❤️
Comment 2018-09-15 22:05:21 @roxy-cat   Perfect comment, @roxy-cat! Thank you! You are entered!
Comment 2018-09-15 18:53:18 @papilloncharity   I am so glad you are in a safer place. I am certainly enjoying how beautuful it is there! Fabulous puctures, dear Stephen!
Comment 2018-09-15 18:41:57 @pixresteemer   Whoops, sorry Pix! I had an old draft up to grab a photo from it and somehow ended up posting it. Ugh. Embarrassed.
Comment 2018-09-15 17:01:00 @livinguktaiwan   I'm not good on bus tours for the same reason. Being spontaneous is what traveling is all about for me!
Comment 2018-09-15 16:13:48 @swedishdragon   Wow! That is stunning!
Comment 2018-09-15 16:11:21 @livinguktaiwan   I have never been on a cruise and I'm pretty sure I never will, partly for the reason you mentioned. if I come to a place that I would like to spend more time exploring. I like to set my own agenda. I'm guessing that wouldn't work out well on a cruise if I said oh sorry I'm not ready to go yet! Those are lovely pictures of you!
Comment 2018-09-15 15:49:45 @zikrisetiawan   Amazing photos of that incredible insect! Your post is nicely done!
Comment 2018-09-15 15:44:42 @zikrisetiawan   Thanks! Greece is certaibly historical!
Comment 2018-09-15 15:43:18 @clicked   Imagining is Ok when that is all you can do! 🙂
Comment 2018-09-15 15:40:45 @ylike7   Crisp and distinct! Great shadow photo! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-15 15:39:00 @ylike7   Great dark shadow shot! Is there a story here? It makes the photo so much more interesting to me if you tell something about it! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-15 15:21:51 @clicked   You have no idea how much I would love that! My health keeps me from doing much traveling these days, but keep posting great pictures so that I can imagine being there!
Comment 2018-09-15 15:15:42 @clicked   Oh my! Those roads do look treacherous! Great post and wonderful photos! Resteemed!
Comment 2018-09-15 13:10:21 @muliadimacro   You are welcome to enter any of my cintests! 🙂
Comment 2018-09-15 13:08:27 @muliadimacro   Nicely done! 🙂❤️
Comment 2018-09-15 13:03:30 @molometer   Me either. It all goes back in! I have faith!
Comment 2018-09-15 13:02:21 @janton   Sounds like a great list to be on! Come visit anytime! 😘
Comment 2018-09-15 12:58:09 @mariannewest   There is so much need it's hard to know where to begin.
Comment 2018-09-15 12:53:27 @bigsambucca   Thanks for making sure that I saw this! Resteeming
Comment 2018-09-15 12:51:27 @bigsambucca   Oh my! Creepy indeed! Great photos though. I could see these being used as a cover photo for some scary book!
Comment 2018-09-15 12:34:48 @hangin   A bright snd colorful post! Great flower photos!
Comment 2018-09-15 12:28:18 @hangin   My pleasure! Loved your creativity on this one!
Comment 2018-09-15 12:26:51 @rossfletcher   So, did you say "may I borrow your hands please?" Great hand shadows! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-15 12:19:27 @rossfletcher   Great shadow shot! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-15 12:13:06 @erikah   We see the roadside crosses and artifical flowers here, too. I've told my family that I would never want that. If I die in an automibile accident you can bet that spot beside the highway was not a favorite place of mine. If they feel the need to build a shrine, do it somewhere lovely. Not in a road ditch! But that's just me....
Comment 2018-09-15 05:12:45 @mariannewest   I recently sent to $70 orders and the shipping was about $70 on each of them. I don't know if weight makes a difference or how they calculate shipping . Amazon makes it very easy though. You can put together your whole entire order and then they tell you which things are not allowed to be shipped. You can go all the way up to the final invoice and still go back and change things if you want to. Andyou can see how much shipping will be before you actually place the order.
Comment 2018-09-15 02:09:06 @denissemata   My pleasure. I hate it that I can not send others!
Comment 2018-09-15 01:56:03 @denissemata   Great photo! Positively golden!
Comment 2018-09-15 01:44:42 @steven-patrick   😀😀👍
Comment 2018-09-15 01:32:48 @steven-patrick   You have posted enough shadow photos that I am going to be expecting one of hand Shadows for in the contest this week. Mushroom Shadows. Sign Shadows. Yes. Hand Shadows should come next. Love all these photos.
Comment 2018-09-15 01:17:48 @mariannewest   I love all the info that you always put in your posts. I always learn something. I wanted to let you know that the package that I sent to Venezuela from Amazon on August 14th just arrived today. it was delayed for quite some time in customs but it finally made it through!
Comment 2018-09-15 01:02:57 @cefralelo   Your words and photo touch my heart! Tip!
Comment 2018-09-15 00:48:30 @denissemata   Its good to know they support their students in that way.
Comment 2018-09-15 00:45:57 @cinefilo   Great shadow photo, but then I expect nothing less from you! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-15 00:42:15 @cinefilo   That's kind of crazy! I had to look twice or maybe three or four times! Thanks for entering
Comment 2018-09-15 00:23:33 @simonjay   Happy Steem Birthday to you! Its going to be a great year ahead!
Comment 2018-09-15 00:16:45 @simonjay   Me, too! They are the people who make the world a better place!
Comment 2018-09-15 00:13:42 @denissemata   It is just the beginning! Does the school provide their students with information about job possibilities?
Comment 2018-09-14 23:42:03 @denissemata   Always follow your heart!
Comment 2018-09-14 23:35:33 @clicked   I am really enjoying your photos and your posts. I would like to give you a boost next week by upvoting and resteeming one of your posts every day. Glad to see you are an eSteem user, too!
Comment 2018-09-14 23:26:51 @clicked   I probably won't be there anytime soon! Did you do the driving?
Comment 2018-09-14 23:24:00 @thebigsweed   That's pretty incredible. I assumed it was something they had cobbled together to attract attention at their shows! That Festival was in Central New York? I love that area
Comment 2018-09-14 23:14:57 @cosmiccrimes   Thanks. There were so many variations of them
Comment 2018-09-14 23:13:51 @jacey.boldart   Thanks! I didn't take nearly enough photos of all the various ones I saw.
Comment 2018-09-14 23:11:45 @steven-patrick   Thanks. Some of them are outside of rural churches along the road. In this day and age they've had to lock many of their churches to prevent vandalism and theft so they build these outside by the road so the people can still come by and light candles and say a prayer.
Comment 2018-09-14 23:07:21 @curatorcat   I love coming across traditions like this that are common there and totally unkown to me. It is all our differences that make it sych a great world!
Comment 2018-09-14 23:03:39 @steven-patrick   Google photos says I have 56,843. Holy Moly! I do wish I had them better organized.
Comment 2018-09-14 22:46:24 @redheadpei   I think the same thing, but I'm still not certain enough to try!
Comment 2018-09-14 22:44:54 @erikah   Great hand shadows and wonderful color and texture! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-14 22:41:09 @bluemoon   Great calculating! Oh and good guessing, too! Congrats!
Comment 2018-09-14 22:38:18 @c0ff33a   Congrats to the good guessers! 😀
Comment 2018-09-14 22:35:42 @c0ff33a   , We all had a great time with the bubbles! That first one I posted was the first picture of the day that I took. They were trying to get the formula right to make the giant bubbles and they had made some of those smaller ones and it was terribly windy and the bubbles were floating up toward the sky at a fast pace. That was just a quick snap. I did some cropping, but very little enhancement otherwise. I could have spent the entire day out there taking pictures but the teenagers got bored quickly and I must say that when one of those giant bubbles pops on you it's like you've just taken a soapy shower! Thanks for the great comment, upvote and for the resteem! Your support is very much appreciated!
Comment 2018-09-14 22:18:21 @edy90   Thanks so much!
Comment 2018-09-14 22:17:18 @edy90   Great advice! I love seeing posts where I can clearly see that an effort was made to create good content. I like how you changed fonts throughout your post. It makes it more appealing to read.
Comment 2018-09-14 22:08:54 @erikah   Really great hand shadows! Thanks for entering! I'm resteeming this.
Comment 2018-09-14 22:04:12 @steven-patrick   I'll bet that you do see them more frequently out there than I do here! I loved visiting San Francisco's Chinatown.
Comment 2018-09-14 21:56:51 @erikah   My daughter was on her way over and I wanted to get this posted before she arrived! Sorry for posting with the wrong tags. Are you still making jelly ?
Comment 2018-09-14 21:25:12 @janton   Great info! What fascinating stories and legends grew up around these men!
Comment 2018-09-14 21:04:09 @rezalhok   Thank you! And thanks for the resteem!
Comment 2018-09-14 21:00:57 @rezalhok   So very beautiful! A suggestion though, is to write at least 50 words about your phitos. Were these taken recently? Is this near your home? Do you go to this place often to watch the sunset? Make it look like you put some effort into your posts.
Comment 2018-09-14 18:27:21 @muliadimacro   Do you know that good- karma and esteem are not the same as steemit? They are two different front doors to reach the blockchain.
Comment 2018-09-14 16:36:51 @ohmygoodness   Thanks! They look like they would work well at keeping evil out!
Comment 2018-09-14 16:35:24 @sopian12   Thank you!
Comment 2018-09-14 16:34:33 @muksalmacro   Beautiful flowers and very nice photos. Remember that asking for votes/visits/ or posting links can cause you to be blocked by esteem.
Comment 2018-09-14 16:04:57 @erikah   Csn you tell which draft I used to create this post? That's what I get for trying to hurry!
Comment 2018-09-14 15:59:27 @muksalmacro   Thanks for resteeming the post! Hopefully because everyone gets an upvote, everyone feels like they have won when they have entered the shadow contest
Comment 2018-09-14 15:55:27 @clicked   You must have made a big impression! 😉
Comment 2018-09-14 15:53:45 @cicisaja   There is so much we can learn from each other!
Comment 2018-09-14 15:33:39 @cicisaja   I hope you do get to travel someday. I have traveled quite a bit I've been to Taiwan, many countries in Europe including quite a few trips to France, I've been to Central America, Russia andCanada and all over the United States. I've been in most States. I feel like when I'm reading some of the posts like the ones you do here on esteem, I know what it must feel like to be there. Since I can no longer travel, seeing all the photos and learning about new places makes me happy!
Comment 2018-09-14 15:01:09 @karenb54   I think your bee bar is so clever! No such thing as a free lunch in your garden! Get to work, bees!
Comment 2018-09-14 14:22:42 @redheadpei   Great photos and good advice. I wish I knew more about mushrooms.
Comment 2018-09-14 14:17:06 @hananan   That is beautiful! Wishing you all the best!
Comment 2018-09-14 13:31:36 @clicked   Glad you we're not charged for the glass! The food looks delicious.
Comment 2018-09-14 13:27:21 @clicked   Wow! That is amazing to see! It is so beautiful!
Comment 2018-09-14 13:12:57 @eto-ka   Thanks for explaining how you took the shadow photo! Nicely done! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-14 13:10:57 @eto-ka   Wow! I truly thought that was a silhouette and not a shadow! Thanks for explaining how you took the photo it is quite incredible.
Comment 2018-09-14 13:07:03 @molometer   Good for you! I only wish I had some investment money sitting around, I'd be doing the same thing!
Comment 2018-09-14 13:04:12 @erikah   Yay! I think there are going to be lots of hand shadows this week.
Comment 2018-09-14 12:59:27 @cicisaja   That would be so much fun! I have never been to Indonesia and traveling has become much too difficult for me to be able to do that as I get older. But I can always imagine how much fun it would be!
Comment 2018-09-14 12:57:03 @bluemoon   Everyone should have an easy time participating this week! Thanks for your kind words, my friend!
Comment 2018-09-14 12:53:45 @fadhlan86   That looks really delicious!
Comment 2018-09-14 12:50:33 @fadhlan86   Everyone created some fantastic shadow photos!
Comment 2018-09-14 12:48:48 @rossfletcher   That is a really great guitar and you are a great photographer! Thanks for supporting the contest!
Comment 2018-09-14 12:46:45 @trudeehunter   In the end I'll probably give in and bring in 15! They all look so lovely and have done so well with all the rain we have had this summer. I'll be the healthiest person you know!
Comment 2018-09-14 12:41:33 @trudeehunter   Actually, he is staring at the fish that are in the little table top aquarium next to the chair. He does really like the fish. I am enjoying having him here.
Comment 2018-09-14 12:39:24 @thebigsweed   What a fascinating creation! Thanks so much for sharing that.
Comment 2018-09-14 04:54:42 @cicisaja   Wouldn't that be fun? I would love to come see your shop and have tea with you!
Comment 2018-09-14 04:53:39 @denissemata   Maybe the reason the package was delayed was so that it could arrive and be your graduation present! I am really curious to see if the package is intact and everything that I paid for is there.
Comment 2018-09-14 04:50:45 @rjoshicool   Thank you! I did read that but I guess I needed to see how it worked when I used it right here on my own post.
Comment 2018-09-14 02:41:24 @denissemata   No, this is all yours! You are the one with all the talent and who put in all the hard work!
Comment 2018-09-14 02:39:15 @romeliagarcia   Now that sends a message! Hope you find the other half. Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-14 02:31:54 @denissemata   What an accomplishment! Wish I could be there to watch yiur graduation and celebrate with you.
Comment 2018-09-14 02:26:51 @moderndayhippie   Stay safe!
Comment 2018-09-14 02:22:15 @ilovesmoke   Good b&w; photos! I'm always rather afraid of geese!
Comment 2018-09-14 02:18:06 @arie78   Beautuful flower photos, but you do need to write some description.
Comment 2018-09-14 02:15:09 @denissemata   I am so proud of you!
Comment 2018-09-14 02:09:54 @cicisaja   A fascinating shopping trip! Such different merchandise offered than what is available here. I love those tea sets!
Comment 2018-09-14 01:41:15 @cinefilo   I've missed you and always appreciate your support!
Comment 2018-09-14 01:36:12 @oscarps   What a beauty! 😘
Comment 2018-09-14 01:32:48 @rachelcreative   Wonderful loving hands! And a great heart! Thsnks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-14 01:30:51 @rachelcreative   A perfect heart! Thank you for entering!
Comment 2018-09-14 01:29:06 @stanestyle   I love this! And I love the meaning! Thanks for entering!
Comment 2018-09-14 01:26:36 @stanestyle   Oh! I like that very much! Thanks for explaining what it means!
Comment 2018-09-14 01:24:30 @manuel78   Waves🖐️
Comment 2018-09-14 01:19:48 @kalemandra   These are beautiful! Safe travels!
Comment 2018-09-14 01:15:06 @steemchiller   I can no longer imagine being here without Steemworld. Thank you for all you do.
Comment 2018-09-14 01:04:12 @steven-patrick   That's what I was thinkig. This might not be for me.
Comment 2018-09-14 01:02:45 @rosargelisperez   Your photos are always wonderfully creative! I appreciate you supporting the contest.
Comment 2018-09-13 23:47:45 @steven-patrick   There were a few comments and self upvotes from people who were chasing the bounty and I'm not liking that aspect of it. Unless someone explains how that benefits us, this will be my last time using it.
Comment 2018-09-13 23:41:03 @julieabbi2   My pleasure! Thanks for entering such a fun photo.
Comment 2018-09-13 23:38:45 @margaretwise   Thanks, luv! I love seeing what everyone comes up with each week! All the entries are delightful, and it makes it really difficult to pick the winners.
Comment 2018-09-13 22:59:36 @steven-patrick   Awww, thanks! Just giving back for all that you guys give to me, day after day!
Comment 2018-09-13 22:21:45 @txatxy   Can't wait to see your entry! Thanks for resteeming this
Comment 2018-09-13 22:19:54 @steven-patrick   I'm figuring out that it is rather like tipu, in that it is a way to expand upon your voting power and pay for additional upvotes to the people that get upvoted on the post. I think I need to be encouraging everyone to upvote their favorite entries, because then the entry will get a bigger share of the Bounty. Does that sound right to you? I'll get it figured out yet!
Comment 2018-09-13 22:12:09 @pixresteemer   Thanks for all your support, Pix!
Comment 2018-09-13 22:08:51 @love-peace   @nolasco always has the best photos!
Comment 2018-09-13 22:07:48 @anwars   Hope to see an entry from you! Thanks for the support and the resteem!
Comment 2018-09-13 22:04:12 @sfcq240788   I'm glad you like it and appreciate the support and the resteem!
Comment 2018-09-13 22:00:48 @molometer   So maybe you need to save up your Steem and replace the wobbly boards? 😉🤣 Although that really is a great photo and a wonderful mystery.
Comment 2018-09-13 21:40:36 @shasta   My pleasure! That is a really great drum. I'll bet it sounds wonderful.❤️
Comment 2018-09-13 18:26:03 @denissemata   Each one that you make is more beautiful than the last!
Comment 2018-09-13 18:23:00 @denissemata   I can't wait to see what you decide to plant! I just got a notice that package number one is on the island and ready for pickup! It always seems that I get those notices one day before you are notified. So hopefully you can have that package tomorrow. It has been a long delay.
Comment 2018-09-13 18:03:57 @txatxy   Perfect words to go with your wonderful art!
Comment 2018-09-13 17:59:00 @itzzzsumon   Great mushroom photos! Are these all edible? So many mushrooms aee toxic
Comment 2018-09-13 17:51:54 @nolasco   It appears to be a good way to add to my voting power and reward people for entering the contest. Rather like giving a tip.
Comment 2018-09-13 17:28:42 @teungkumerdu   Yes it is! This photo is one that @nolasco took. If you do not already folliw her, you should! She is a fabulius photographer!
Comment 2018-09-13 17:24:36 @molometer   You mean you didn't know what it was either?
Comment 2018-09-13 17:21:48 @deerjay   It is scary and down right dusgusting!
Comment 2018-09-13 17:20:00 @gillianpearce   Oh good! I'm glad you don't like them either. The guy looks like he is painting fractals and we have much better fractal artists here on Steem. And the woman's are looks like it should be on Facebook as memes. I am not impressed
Comment 2018-09-13 17:16:00 @nolasco   It seems that the bounties payout after the post pays out, so the Bounty you received would have been from last week's contest.
Comment 2018-09-13 17:11:42 @bigotemaifriend   Great photo I hope his day was successful!
Comment 2018-09-13 16:40:12 @vijayb   Thank you so much!
Comment 2018-09-13 16:39:36 @bigotemaifriend   It has taken 4 days, but he is finally warming up to me!
Comment 2018-09-13 16:38:03 @anandafaris   Thsnk you!
Comment 2018-09-13 16:37:33 @marillaanne   I must be doing something right. He has been here four days and last night he finally slept in bed with me!
Comment 2018-09-13 16:35:09 @rebeccabe   You are welcome anytime!
Comment 2018-09-13 16:33:54 @bluemoon   I do not enjoy it either, it is simply a means to an end!
Comment 2018-09-13 16:32:09 @deerjay   Thanks! It is starting to fade.
Comment 2018-09-13 16:02:54 @deerjay   , Never ever have I heard a lot people stealing parts of a house! That is absolutely crazy. I mean how much can those windows be worth hundreds? not thousands, right? And who buys the stolen merchandise? That is just bizarre!
Comment 2018-09-13 15:57:24 @gillianpearce   I have not heard of either one. I did Google them. And I'm not sure how I feel about either one. What are your thoughts?
Comment 2018-09-13 15:43:27 @tgkluwi   You are welcome! I try to upvote all entries.