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Comment 2018-07-23 17:27:36 @bowentroyer   that's okay, I'll go back and maybe it will play today.
Comment 2018-07-23 17:26:51 @buckaroo   I can't skip over it buckaroo, I'm addicted to Africa and your story now!lol
Comment 2018-07-23 17:24:21 @sugarcreek   wow @sugarcreek! I have never heard of that before! I don't know why, is this a common practice?
Comment 2018-07-23 17:23:00 @sugarcreek   and He loves that and honors that as well, that is so wonderful to hear sugarcreek! from what I can tell about this platform, I'm shocked and pleased at the number of Believers on here, and almost none of them go to a formal church, I think they are all burned out from those. But there are some tremendously strong Christians on here! It's a blessing.
Comment 2018-07-23 17:19:42 @hopehuggs   howdy today @hopehuggs! I'm so happy to make you happy, yes Ma'am you had such a positive influence and recommendations for this platform, it helped me get a good start!
Comment 2018-07-23 17:17:03 @smithlabs   shoot I don't remember that! I suppose you have a photographic memory too?
Comment 2018-07-23 17:16:03 @smithlabs   is that the way you do it?
Comment 2018-07-23 17:15:09 @smithlabs   she tries. lol.
Comment 2018-07-23 17:14:39 @jaynie   oh ..the braai sounds wonderful. I worked for a year as a grill master at a BBQ joint out in the Texas country, we only used wood..Mesquite wood and it was tremendous. thank you Jaynie!
Comment 2018-07-23 17:12:06 @cicisaja   howdy today @cicisaja! you just want to stay green! lol. ok I like your plan and your new motto about quality over quantity! now if I can just learn that one!
Comment 2018-07-23 17:09:51 @sugarcreek   thank you @sugarcreek! ..well..I see a great future for you here because homesteading is so popular on Steemit. just look at papa-pepper! and, I have a feeling that you are just as stubborn as I am! so you'll do fine! what does your husband think about Steemit?
Comment 2018-07-23 17:06:21 @coinsandchains   wow you have alot of connections to Texas! ya know, we could use some more rednecks over here to help preserve our values.. six months to get paid? that's pretty outrageous but i guess you can't force them. my wife was very impressed with what she saw of Waco she said everything she saw for miles was brand new so I guess it's growing like the rest of Texas.
Comment 2018-07-23 17:02:27 @lynncoyle1   well ok. I should give you all the credit for my chattiness because I was just trying to keep up with Miss Motor Mouth!
Comment 2018-07-23 17:00:15 @lynncoyle1   howdy today my friend! well...with you taking two days off..that's a scary thought because if you hadn't you would be dangerously close..yikes! that thought sends shivers down my spine! lol. now don't take that the wrong way now..not shivers like from seeing The Creature from the Black Lagoon or anything! I'm stepping it back this week, already behind my schedule. internets been down out here off and on, it was off for hours yesterday!
Comment 2018-07-23 16:28:42 @angiemitchell   howdy @angiemitchell! somehow I missed this post yesterday, well it's because our internet was down for hours! anyway great post, let us know how this goes!
Comment 2018-07-23 16:25:03 @coinsandchains   haha! what an excellent Grampa you are! great photo, that looks like a fun time!
Comment 2018-07-23 16:22:39 @coinsandchains   howdy there @coinsandchains! great photos for an amateur! the deer are beautiful but how do you keep them from eating your fruit? hey ya'll have grapes and blueberries out there? I'd be scarfing those down and making pies!
Comment 2018-07-23 16:19:09 @mellofello   howdy @mellofello! my wife and I have a pool and have fought many battles with algae and the like. The first thing you have to do is take a water sample to a pool supply store so they can test it. That's the only way you'll know what you're dealing with but they can tell you exactly what you need in chemicals to clear the water, probably in one day, then you can see the bottom and clean it up without draining it. the only problem with that solution, and I don't think you have a choice, is that the chemicals at the supply store are expensive so brace yourself. my guess is that it will take $100 to $150 but you just have to see. but they can definitely clear that water up fast! hope this helps!
Comment 2018-07-23 16:13:00 @sparkesy43   hey guys, yeah I just saw the exact comment from hunter2 on another post so they are indeed simply copying and paste-ing. sorry, don't know how to spell that!
Comment 2018-07-23 16:07:24 @denmarkguy   howdy there @denmarkguy! we were in the real estate business for 12 years and I could tell you so many horror stories about these associations! Usually like what @cecicastor said is what happens, you end up with the most arrogant people who think they were appointed by God to rule over you and tell you what you can and cannot do and they WILL just to prove it. I hate those organisations and totally agree with @everittdmickey, avoid at all costs! lol. do they have those in Denmark?
Comment 2018-07-23 15:56:21 @milaoz   howdy from Texas @milaoz! whoa! now this right here is a little piece of heaven! and on top of that it looks like artwork. Edible favorite kind! lol! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-23 15:29:36 @goldendawne   howdy today @goldendawne! what a fun outing and gorgeous scenery, ohmygosh! love the photos. and when you had time you walked around seeing what type of plants you could find? lol,. that's our Herbalist!
Comment 2018-07-23 15:24:36 @squirrelbait   lol! great job @squirrelbait..."free range human" ain't that the truth? lol. that's not funny sorry.
Comment 2018-07-23 15:21:51 @woman-onthe-wing   howdy there @woman-onthe-wing! this is a great post because I've never seen anything like this, did you invent this snack? your boy is so cute! God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-23 15:15:15 @simms50   howdy today @simms50! yes sir, this is another great reminder that we must take that time and Jesus of course is our example and we see that He often took that time. I bet every person reading this needs to spend more time alone with God.
Comment 2018-07-23 15:12:03 @richq11   howdy @richq11...what do you mean "your time is drawing to a close"? on Steemit? thanks for the informative post sir, you are helping to make so many people aware of this situation.
Comment 2018-07-23 15:05:30 @sugarcreek   dang chores never want to do it themselves do they? wonderful that she is safe and sound and now you can relax. and get some work done! that little Keet was with you all night? lol. hey, so that makes me ask what was the narrow escape in Atlanta, what happened?
Comment 2018-07-23 14:59:30 @papa-pepper   howdy @papa-pepper! this is an amazing post. I had no idea this could be done from what I always considered to be a dang weed! so simple, easy and I also can't wait to see you make fishing line out of the stem material, great job sir!
Comment 2018-07-23 14:47:57 @violetmed   howdy @violetmed! these are so healthy looking, I haven't had Heirloom tomatoes I don't think but from what I understand we should probably all be growing these huh? come on BLT's!
Comment 2018-07-23 14:44:30 @themanwithnoname   howdy late Blondie! my internet went down twice again yesterday right when I was getting ready to come over here the 2nd time it went down! hey I want those rock stacking ones, I want to be a rock stacker. or Michelin Man stacker! lol. great story and beautiful coin!
Comment 2018-07-23 14:34:03 @crowbarmama   howdy from Texas @crowbarmama! sorry this is late, got to your blog last night, brought up the video and ..silence,,internet was offline again, waited till 2am and it still wasn't on so I gave up till this morning... so this morning I get the video playin expecting to see, I don't know, something fun and whimsical but nooooo! now I gotta get all emotional..and I don't do emotional! I'm a rough, tough Texan redneck don't ya know?! lol. gotta enjoy each moment because ya don't know which ones are gonna be the impactful, turning point, revelatory ones and IN a moment the kids are grown. love that know what you should do? you should be holding a great big honkin crowbar, you know, the kind they call a Wrecking Bar? and then have the kids holding smaller ones to fit their age and size..since you are training them up to be a conqueror in life like you are. that's 2bit opinion. lol. great post! God bless you all!
Comment 2018-07-23 06:43:51 @wolfhart   howdy there @wolfhart! wow are you serious? this really happened? most people would complain to the company owner. that's an amazing story.
Comment 2018-07-23 06:18:15 @glenalbrethsen   haha! Wolf gets kicked out of the truck and Glen wants to know what the towing capacity is!!lol. that just strikes me as funny. Glen you the best.
Comment 2018-07-23 06:09:09 @wolfhart   thank you sir Wolf and thanks for all your help! did you get all the funeral arrangements and everything done?
Comment 2018-07-23 06:07:06 @sugarcreek   eggs are so wonderful especially yours, homegrown. what is feed back?
Comment 2018-07-23 06:05:57 @smithlabs   smithlabs! how do you know what year I was hatched in? did I ever tell you that?
Comment 2018-07-23 06:04:36 @sugarcreek   what? you guys just got there and now you're moving? What do you mean you aren't comfortable with organized religion? we aren't comfortable with denominational churches and haven't been to one in ages, we only go to non-denominational ones. as long as you are Believers then, that's what counts. I got a dog story but don't have time at the moment. are you guys up in the mountains?
Comment 2018-07-23 05:59:48 @smithlabs   I don't think that would work either! she'd see right though it! hey what did you think of your placement, or do you care where you came in?
Comment 2018-07-23 05:58:21 @angiemitchell   thank you Ma'am but it's just talking with fine folk like yourself who makes it possible so really everyone should get a split! lol.
Comment 2018-07-23 05:56:39 @smithlabs   no sir, someone has to keep you in line!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:55:45 @mineopoly   thank you sir, I am trying and people like you are what makes it worth while because you help and teach others and are great supporters! I should also say great role models for the younger ones.
Comment 2018-07-23 05:53:48 @coinsandchains   howdy again sir coinsandchains..yes sir I do and it's a blast, too bad it doesn't pay like consulting work does! thank you sir for commenting, is it still hot there? hit 111 here today but my wife was in Waco and it was 113 down there!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:51:18 @lynncoyle1   you did awesome too Lynn, with all the things you work on and are involved with and do?? People should be asking when YOU sleep! well, sir noname said he was somewhat burned out by trying so hard last week and coming up short so he may not be in a position for third.
Comment 2018-07-23 05:46:15 @lovenfreedom   haha! hey @lovenfreedom... are you calling yourself and ol' timer? All I do is ask questions and be friendly because I care about people, I'm sure you're the same way but you don't have the time to spend commenting like I do, nor would you want to, I wouldn't think. lol. and I don't have the gift of writing like glenalbrethsen or themanwithnoname who can write huge comments of over a thousand words so I have to make it up in volume so that's what I do. thank you for the kind words! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:37:51 @smithlabs   smithlabs! lol yeah those rentals ain't cheap either! no, I'm not skipping Steemit next week, I'm just not spending as much time on it, this place looks like a jungle I gotta mow and other things around the property, I'll try to still place in the top 5. as far as how, all I've been doing is steemit and I have developed quite a few aquaintences on here who will engage in coversation, so much of the day and night is spent commenting and replying to each other. I actually did slack off some last week, I could push it harder if I wanted to. I generally write very short comments, usually questions because I'm not a big "talker" like glenalbrethsen or themanwithnoname so I have to make it up in volume and that's what I did.
Comment 2018-07-23 05:26:12 @smithlabs   are you saying the Echo Satellite was launched in 54?
Comment 2018-07-23 05:24:21 @smithlabs   hahaha! I'd like to have that as an excuse but I don't think Mrs. J would go along with that.
Comment 2018-07-23 05:22:36 @angiemitchell   yeah the country here is nice but not spectacular like ocean views, I never see ocean views. except your posts!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:21:09 @angiemitchell   haha! hey it's wise to save money!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:20:27 @ironshield   howdy @ironshield and thanks for your kind words, I'm so thankful that you are on here as well. those people will probably be back though won't they? hey when do we get another Ahikar type story series? lol
Comment 2018-07-23 05:18:09 @sugarcreek   haha! so cute, I'd carry it in my pocket too, thank you!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:17:24 @vdux   thank you @vdux..great minds think alike!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:15:03 @sugarcreek   hopefully those Guineas will pay for themselves, ours were so loud and obnoxious but if yours eat all the stuff they're supposed to they'll be well worth it. ours ate tons of grain though!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:13:00 @mineopoly   howdy @mineopoly! good to hear from you, I assume you are back slaving away, back from that beautiful island? thank you sir for your kind words, you are awesome!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:08:48 @ginnyannette   haha! that's such a good comeback that I don't have anything to say. rats!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:07:18 @sparkesy43   ha! yeah but it's a healthy addiction!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:06:24 @thefarmerswife   howdy back @thefarmerswife! thank you for the kind words, you and Farmer are the best role models on here! God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-23 05:04:42 @thekitchenfairy   oh thanks @thekitchfairy! I'll go watch it thank you! dtube has problems.
Comment 2018-07-23 05:03:27 @cicisaja   howdy @cicisaja! all you have to do is just place higher every week, pretty soon you're at the top! if you keep going I'll help you bump myself off! lol
Comment 2018-07-23 05:01:18 @violetmed   lol! that 98 is going to feel cool isn't it? crazy. my wife was in Waco today and it was 113 down there! but to your main point, yes Ma'am it is our duty, calling and responsibility to spread the love of Christ every chance we get, even if we don't feel like it. thanks so much for commenting and try to stay cool!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:57:03 @bowentroyer   well well well.look who finally showed up to make a comment! lol. howya doin sir? thank you, you guys are such good role models to follow!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:55:33 @cecicastor   howdy @cecicastor! yes Ma'am I know what you are saying. well, I started working 12 hour days when I was in the 5th grade and then it got alot harder than that and I've been working like that my whole life so it's a lifestyle. If this was work then I would take some time off but this is strictly play time and fun, so far I haven't seen anything about steemit that was work. maybe in a few months I'll feel differently but I doubt it. when we were in real estate we worked 7 days a week for 12-17 hours a day and didn't take a single day off for the first 10 years, and that was brutal, high stress, very serious work because we were working with people losing their homes to foreclosure. this is nothing. it's a blast!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:49:00 @cryptoandcoffee   lol! hey I'm stepping back this week but good luck catching Glen!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:48:00 @hananali   your first encounter with any pets? my god man where did you grow up at?? I've been surrounded by animals my whole life, some of them humans.
Comment 2018-07-23 04:46:15 @gillianpearce   oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. but I have faith that you will have a good week, you've done it before in trying circumstances. maybe you should take another trip to Devon.
Comment 2018-07-23 04:44:24 @hananali   haha! name them after famous viruses!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:43:48 @hananali   does that mean you have to take whatever you can find?
Comment 2018-07-23 04:43:03 @hananali   to see the volcano?
Comment 2018-07-23 04:41:12 @themanwithnoname   well sir, you did really good and should be proud of that accomplishment. Glen is very gifted and few are as gifted as that. I'm not, I'm just stubborn. plus, none of this is work to me, this is strictly play time and having a blast. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:36:33 @thereikiforest   howdy back @thereikiforest! did anyone ever tell you that you write long comments? lol. I love it don't stop really! that profile photo was back when I was young and handsome, now I look like a wrinkled old frog. so now I know what breaking a mad sweat is, thank you. do you also break a sweat when you get mad? how could those programs like dtube be used while still being anonymous? dtube sucks so bad bythe way as far as their performance, half the time I only get the audio but many people tell me that they can't even get it to load. that's high tech for ya. they suck rotten eggs. you live with your Mom & Dad? and what is a Reiki massage like, is that something strange that a Texas cowboy would avoid like church? how did I make out on the contest? you should look at the results on abh12345's blog. I smoked em. slaughtered em actually. set some records. but this week I'm doing alot of work outside so I'm stepping back, just hoping to get in the top 5. but yeah, I was so far ahead and broke so many records that they're thinking about naming the internet after me. good I am at that contest. talk later girl!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:17:33 @bashadow   absolutely sir, good point!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:16:45 @ginnyannette   I understand completely because I'm the same way but I figured if it would help me get ahead then I'd try it.
Comment 2018-07-23 04:15:18 @gillianpearce   howdy there @gillianpearce! congratulations to you also and you are probably doing the most amazing job of any of us. I mean look at your consistency and level of quality and number of posts and placing while working full time! who else could do that? no one knows how YOU do it! lol.
Comment 2018-07-23 04:11:54 @crowbarmama   howdy today @crowbarmama! thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words and for explaining about the work on your posts. I love big old vehicles too, with great engines, I could care less about the fancy new models. I wonder if steemit will still be here when your kids are grown, or at least grown enough to give you more time on here. What you have and are achieving here given your limited time is just astounding! God bless you guys, you're a blessing!
Comment 2018-07-23 04:01:15 @lynncoyle1   hahaha! thank you! uh,, that building, well.. I agree about the Mangrove areas but isn't that quite the eye sore there with the half finished building and all? I mean it looks worse than a bombed out building. can't you like ..go talk to the mayor or something?
Comment 2018-07-23 03:58:18 @sugarcreek   and would any of them do well in Texas, the heat and all, it was 111 today.
Comment 2018-07-23 03:56:24 @sugarcreek   holy cow what do you do with all those eggs?
Comment 2018-07-23 03:55:33 @deirdyweirdy   yes Ma'am I understand. I wouldn't want you to go against your natural character traits and become a worker. I'm not sure what a lurker does though, observe and watch others do the work? you did better than me, I was out of ideas by the third day!
Comment 2018-07-23 03:52:33 @smithlabs   what year was that, I forgot! lol
Comment 2018-07-23 03:51:42 @mepatriot   that sounds like a confusing mess! no wonder you walked!
Comment 2018-07-23 03:49:27 @sugarcreek   oh praise God so you are both Believers now, still? You said you were raised Baptist but didn't say that you ARE Baptists. Anyway, I will have to go to your intro post, I should have already done that but I've been behind for hours all day, that's why I'm only getting back to you now after 10 hours! I won a big contest last week and spent a couple of hours on the post about it plus the internet went down! but if I see that you have commented I will always get back to you I promise. 225 acres! oh my gosh thats amazing! with springs on it! double amazing, what a blessing from God!
Comment 2018-07-23 03:42:27 @sugarcreek   oh you guys are in Tennessee! It's always been one of my dream states, love the conservatism and the state is flourishing from an economic standpoint from what I understand. from everything I read the Guineas should take care of the ticks and scorpions, it s a great plan!
Comment 2018-07-23 03:39:51 @thereikiforest   howdy back to ya @thereikiforest! man that's hard to type for some reason, must be gettin tired and I just now am starting on my replies, this one here is 10 hours old! haha I'll be up till 2 am again, no problem. the joining date is cool but I didn't start posting or doing anything with Steemit until April 21st. so you aren't married and you don't know if you'll ever make that commitment. does he feel the same way? bytheway I did that post yesterday about husbands and wives but the same truth holds true for any committed couples. I know you know that, I just wanted you to know that "I" know that! I hope that makes sense. you say that you need "copious amounts of alone time to process & integrate everything "..that is very interesting and would complement the character traits of an introvert(which is hard to believe that you are one, I saw you flashing all those selfies!) lol. so how much time are we talking about here? hours, days, weeks? that contest, the Engagement League, thanks for the kind words, this week I'm backing off to work on our property so I will just try to place in the top 5. I may come back in strong in a week or two, I didn't hit it as hard as I could last week so I'd like to break my record, unless someone else breaks it, then I'd like to break theirs! lol. oh you asked about me, yes I married a poor girl. well, she wasn't poor but I feel sorry for her since she's married to me so yeah, poor thing! lol God bless you, keep in touch!
Comment 2018-07-23 03:13:30 @thekitchenfairy   howdy @thekitchenfairy! love apple pie, especially with melting vanilla ice cream on top, great job!
Comment 2018-07-23 03:11:03 @jaynie   ha! there you go again driving us crazy with scrumptious looking food..those golden fried chips looked devine and the entire day looked glorious! but what is a braai?
Comment 2018-07-23 03:04:24 @mepatriot   howdy @mepatriot! well sir, I'm so tired I can't think but I agree with you!
Comment 2018-07-23 02:59:48 @oldtimer   howdy there @oldtimer! wonderful photos. Yes you are right about the modern cars all looking similar because they do! It's not an age thing. I love the old vehicles that you shot, especially the big John Deer tractor.
Comment 2018-07-23 02:54:03 @byn   howdy there Grandma! what a fun time. enjoy them while you can. then pretty soon you'll have Great Grandkids! that house you built was pretty swell, any architecture in your background?
Comment 2018-07-23 02:48:03 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy again's to drinks Friday and the end of that place and the beginning of another one!
Comment 2018-07-23 02:44:03 @thefarmerswife   dog gonit I wanted to see that video, dtube sucks so bad most of the time! well guys, I wanted to show my support so I'm sure it was a fun video and we love Toby Mac! God bless you all!
Comment 2018-07-23 02:39:30 @bowentroyer   well well well...look who finally decided to show back up for work! hey the video wouldn't play dog gonit, I really wanted to see those baby calves. God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-23 02:27:21 @goldendawne   howdy this fine Sunday @goldendawne! this is amazing, you are becoming a Master Grower!
Comment 2018-07-23 02:22:09 @thedarkhorse   howdy there this fine Sunday @thedarkhorse! very exciting to see that you are closing in on 1000sp, that's a substantial goal to achieve. how much do you have to have to be considered a Dolphin? thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-23 02:13:18 @buckaroo   howdy @buckaroo..this is so powerful and moving, even getting to me emotionally which ain't easy to do. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your story, I had no idea. Africa is such an immense treasure of animals, culture, nature and resources but I don't know if men have the wisdom to preserve it. God bless you guys and God bless Africa!
Comment 2018-07-23 02:03:00 @smithlabs   smithlabs! so you're expecting us to believe that you have a friend? hahahahahaha! that's a good one. hey did you see your placement today? I gave you a good upsale in my main thank-you comment.(I lied!)
Comment 2018-07-23 01:59:24 @angiemitchell   ya'll gonna have to stop showing those breath-taking photos of Australia or you'r gonna have an invasion and ruin the area with overcrowding! lol. Howdy tonight @angiemitchell! wonderful shots as usual, those colors of deep blue and turquoise!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:57:12 @ginnyannette   dream on Floridian!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:54:15 @ironshield   howdy today this fine Sunday @ironshield! hey if you have a fireplace those sappy branches make great fire starters. those limbs are tough aren't they? that thing didn't want to come down. those kids are impossibly cute man! I know you know that, just sayin. God bless you all!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:46:30 @eveningart   hey @eveningart..wonderful poetry..I'm so sorry that you lost your mother. But you can see her again someday. Bless you!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:43:18 @thekitchenfairy   ha! howdy @thekitchenfairy! I have never even heard of a Smash Cake before today. How fun! and they had a great time. great job kitchenfairy!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:40:24 @angiemitchell   hahaha! Marley the Magnificent! she rules. so cute and funny. Aldi is a great store, it's become one of our favorites up here.
Comment 2018-07-23 01:30:42 @sugarcreek   hahaha! love the farm animals, I miss having all kinds of them around. You had that little Keet in your pocket today? lol. that thing will always be at your side, might be hard to get it to go hunt ticks! great photos, thanks for sharing a part of homesteading life!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:24:30 @hebrewhousewife   Howdy this fine Sunday @hebrewhousewife! This is such a great illustration of difference between spraying correctly and incorrectly and why. Beautiful teaching and illustrative photos! Is your land also totally flat like the photos? It looks table flat! Perfect for crop fields. great job!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:18:54 @deirdyweirdy   howdy @deirdyweirdy! how are you today? this was a wonderful start to an intriguing story, when do we get to see the rest of it? lol. that image is creepy. but perfect for this post! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:15:24 @lynncoyle1   howdy this fine Sunday @lynncoyle1! what a beautiful day for a walk, stunning scenery was well, love the mural and sculpture! dang I wish I could be there, in the wintertime, if there is a wintertime. wonderful post! So glad that Brian was able to get out and enjoy it! God bless you both!
Comment 2018-07-23 01:06:06 @byn   lol! howdy @byn! cats freaking rule. they are so cool so you got into your cat's mind perfectly! I love this line.."I shit you not, she made me a bed!" lol. great job as usual.
Comment 2018-07-22 23:44:42 @bengy   howdy from Texas @bengy! wonderful to take us on that trip by bike with you, I've never seen the countryside of The Neverlands so that was very interesting. My only question is why you took the two instrument cases with you? this is a great and fun post, thank you and God bless!
Comment 2018-07-22 22:04:30 @tryskele   thank you so much @tryskele! I enjoyed talking to you last week, hopefully more of that will come about!
Comment 2018-07-22 22:03:12 @curatorcat   howdy there @curatorcat! I want to echo that, @abh12345 is quite incredible! as far as me I'm quite stoppable I assure you but we'll see what happens, I'm stepping back this week to work outside and relax some so I'll watch the top 5 battle it out! thank you so much for your kind words!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:59:33 @davemccoy   thank you sir @davemccoy! much appreciated and love the nick-names. King Glen the Great truly IS great. I'm not great I'm just stubborn! I'm a very slow typist, not a writer or author or blogger, my internet keeps going in and out, I have to take time to look up words and how to spell words, I'm just a simple country redneck farm boy who is out of his league, but I'm stubborn! thank you sir and God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:54:33 @lynncoyle1   hahaha! thank you Lynn, I love that nick-name! kudos to you and @davemccoy for coming up with that, it would make a catchy username but I don't think we can change those can we? I am actually stepping back this week, already haven't done squat today on Steemit, but the internet was down. But I am going to work outside on our property this week, grudgenly. I'll sit back and watch you guys battle it out at the top!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:50:36 @buckaroo   lol! I'm not that unstoppable @buckaroo but it's easy for me compared to all the work and things you got going on, if I was in your shoes you'd never hear from me! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:48:42 @cryptoandcoffee   hey @cryptoandcoffee thanks for the kinds words, you are also very good and I'm enjoying getting to know you more as we go along.
Comment 2018-07-22 21:47:12 @eveningart   howdy @eveningart! it's been my pleasure getting to know you also. Normally I'm not too fond of Brits but in your case I'm forced to make an exception! just teasing, I love all people. I'm rooting for your continued success!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:44:54 @sparkesy43   howdy @sparkesy43! great job this week even if you didn't think you did! that means you're better than you thought you were!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:43:27 @hopehuggs   howdy from Texas @hopehuggs! you are the reason I'm here! I read about Steemit in one of your emails and I joined because of you, good to see you here!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:41:00 @themanwithnoname   haha! gotcha this week! well sir, I didn't take off to work on our property like I wanted to, mostly because of the 110 degree weather, today it's 111! But I gotta get to it this week so I am indeed stepping back so go for it! give Sir Glen a run for his money! actually I did slack off some this week, coulda pressed much harder. thanks so much for the kind word and this excellent comment shows why you are so far at the top! It;s been a blast talking to you this week, I just wish you could develop a sense of humor! thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:34:24 @bashadow   howdy @bashadow! thanks for the mention and I think I can be dethroned this week, as much as I'd like to keep pounding away I got alot of work to do outside so I'm stepping back some. good job to you for your placement! I see you quite a bit also and you great comments are much appreciated!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:30:00 @angelacs   thank you @angelacs for your kind words! I gotta catch up with you this week, that's my way of warning you!
Comment 2018-07-22 21:28:03 @cicisaja   lol! it's was a pleasure getting to know you last week @cicisaja! I'll keep pushing you as much as I can! lol.
Comment 2018-07-22 21:26:45 @abh12345   howdy from Texas Engagement League! First off Asher..I bout fell outta my chair today when I checked my wallet and saw my SP! I thought "how in the world did THAT happen!" So thank you sir, it is such a blessing and a powerful encouragement and I salute and thank @curie for the generous support for this league and for helping so many people. I'm sorry I'm late to the party today, our internet was down again, this time for hours, it's been plaguing me all week going in and out which really throws a wrench in my commenting strategy. I'm so glad that @glenalbrethsen is back in and being rewarded for all his hard work. I don't really want to compete against him, he's kinda scary because he's so good and a prolific writer, which I'm not. Thank God we've had a drought going on here otherwise you wouldn't be able to find our house! It's really slowed the growth of grass, weeds and trees but I gotta do more property maintenance this coming week so I'm stepping back a bit from Steemit, I'll still try to make it into the top 5 but it may be the top 10, who knows? I'm having a blast and so enjoying getting to know so many people from around the world, where else can you do that in such a fun way? I feel very blessed. The great @davemccoy referred to me as King Janton the Joyous and that pretty much describes the basis of my success although I don't know about the King part. The wonderful @lynncoyle1 called me Jibber Jabber Janton which is also a great nick-name and description of my personality on here, I love that one Lynn, thank you! I'm so impressed with everyone and those moving up or staying near the top like @themanwithnoname, Lynn, @gillianpearce, and @smithlabs! oh my gosh that guy is great, he is also full of Joy and so funny! if you don't know him guys you should..has a BIG heart! get ready to laugh alot though, he helps keep my joyous. Also @cicisaja! what fun getting to know her last week and asking her alot of questions so she was forced to keep writing back, lol congratulations on your constant upward movement. @rentmoney is tremendous and coming on strong, @hashcash same for you, @funbobby51 is so consistent and seems like always in the top 10. Congrats to everyone who worked hard to make it into the top 20, it's not easy! Again my special thanks to Asher for all the work in running this league and congrats to you also for placing so high with everything else you have going on!
Comment 2018-07-22 20:02:48 @mepatriot   I think it's Ohio. they suck.
Comment 2018-07-22 19:25:24 @mepatriot   are trying to set records here mepatriot? lol I can't keep up with them all!
Comment 2018-07-22 19:04:48 @mepatriot   that's exactly what I told my wife, it would take 2 days of research to get it right and not worth it. what happened to that gig with The Barnes Review? that sounds like pretty decent money.
Comment 2018-07-22 19:01:48 @coinsandchains   lol! oh man but those were all in NYC right? probably not fair to compare the rest of the country to that culture! ha! thank you sir! is it cooling down there? supposed to hit 111 here today.
Comment 2018-07-22 18:59:24 @mepatriot   thank you sir well I wasn't in a big city I was in a small one and in a suburban area. Maybe it's just Ohio I don't know.
Comment 2018-07-22 18:52:57 @sugarcreek   howdy today @sugarcreek! beautiful girls you got there! they look so healthy, how many eggs do you guys get each day and does it take a certain type of breed to produce the most? and the Heirloom seeds, you don't have to special order them or does everyone carry those? love the post, very encouraging and informative as well!
Comment 2018-07-22 17:30:27 @mepatriot   I don't think it works that way. lol. do you do any war history stuff?
Comment 2018-07-22 17:29:00 @sugarcreek   howdy @sugarcreek! lol. I love it that I now have more rednecks reading my posts that can relate to some of the jokes! alot of them I put on there could be about me. lol. but yeah that model wearing that THING...retarded! but to me it's hilarious. kinda impractical. our Road Runners are such a blessing but they like a more arrid climate than the Carolinas sorry. we're fortunate to have them this far North and east, we are at the outer edge of their range as they normally like more desert-like areas and into Mexico. I just think God gave us ours. for you though that's okay, those Guineas will take care of all the small critters and such, do you have scorpions there? they are bad here, in the house bad. hey I like your hat!
Comment 2018-07-22 17:18:51 @sugarcreek   lol! that's true, a great marketing strategy. thank you Ma'am!
Comment 2018-07-22 17:16:54 @thereikiforest   howdy again @thereikiforest! yes Ma'am it is hot again today, it's supposed to reach 111 degrees but actually it usually goes higher than that. our central air won't cool only up to about 87 degrees when it gets over 100 so we just get used to sweating it out. it's no big deal though. someday we'll upgrade to better air units. As far as everyone you mentioned I know them except shawnamawna and will have to look them up. I applaud you immensely for your growth but that type of growth is not for me at least at this point in my life. I don't do selfies for the sake of mankind(you don't have that problem, you look great) and I would love to stay fairly anonymous on here. With dtube and all these other things it may stunt my growth but that's just my nature. I've never done any writing, blogging, never been on a social media site before so I'm still trying to get used to being a little bit exposed, I guess you could say. "break a sweat mad easy" that's a great saying, for some reason it sound British to me. but what does this mean?.." I am a pluviophile for sure" they don't talk like that in Texas, what is that? lol. enjoy the rain, that is a true blessing. I'll continue to sweat but that's okay I'm still cool! lol.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:56:18 @squirrelbait   yeah that was a dumb question. lol.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:55:21 @thereikiforest   hahaha! well, I don't know if I'm very awesome, actually I've been called alot of things but never that! lol. the only awesomeness I see here is @eveningart and @thereikiforest! eveningart is sky-rocketing in rep and popularity and look at you. you're infectious! I would hang around you just for the outrageous positive energy and attitude! and I'm not alone, there is a reason you have reached a rep of 63 and I'm so thankful that you found me. Do you know any other steemians from Maine?
Comment 2018-07-22 16:48:33 @dipoabasch   howdy there @dipoabasch! oh I see, that is very entrepreneurial of you, good job!
Comment 2018-07-22 16:47:24 @mother2chicks   haha! ok.. I love your attitude, now the weather just has to cooperate so you can take care of the place!
Comment 2018-07-22 16:45:21 @sugarcreek   howdy this fine Sunday @sugarcreek! so good to hear back from you. I'm sorry your family member, friend and pet passed away but she had a great life I'm sure and lived to be a good old age and you were both enriched by the experience. My wife and I put off getting another dog for many years because the loss is so great when they pass but when we got our place in the country it was time so now we have Jack: .jpg) when are you moving and how many acres is the new place? are you guys Christians?
Comment 2018-07-22 16:38:45 @bobaphet   oh my gosh! wow bobaphet..what a rich and sordid history just like our killing off the Indians in this country. man oh man. you could do some electrifying but depressing posts on that! unoccupied..ha! disgusting.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:35:39 @ginnyannette   howdy this fine Sunday @ginnyannette! did ya'll go to church today or do they not believe in God in Florida? those flowers..are they a separate plant or are those the flowers of the Water Oaks? sorry I know that's minutia but I'm trying to get an image of your backyard. sorry I know you're wondering why I care what your backyard looks like. I don't know. but it IS a special place for you right? having grown up there and all. I'm not just making idle conversation although it might look like it to an amateur. hey let me ask you a question: why in the world aren't you in a good group like Steemitbloggers?
Comment 2018-07-22 16:29:39 @jaynie   yes Ma'am and you are becoming more wise by the day! if you keep increasing in wisdom at this rate, in a few years the president will be calling for advice! (and your ex will just flat out melt down into a pitiful puddle of "how could I have been such a fool" regret!)
Comment 2018-07-22 16:26:09 @rebeccabe   oh thank you @rebeccabe! BBL yes..I'm new to social media, typing, blogging, everything on here so I'm still learning about it all. thanks so much and thanks for the reference to Dr. Dispenza. God speed and be safe in your travels!
Comment 2018-07-22 16:22:57 @hananali   it's where everyone in the United States wants to go on vacation at. but right now they have a big volcano erupting.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:21:45 @cicisaja   howdy this fine Sunday @cicisaja! thanks so much you are very kind!
Comment 2018-07-22 16:20:09 @hananali   very good money and steady employment but very boring unless you love to work with numbers.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:19:12 @hananali   ha! that's true they could be some program names.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:18:18 @steemonkey   howdy this fine Sunday @steemonkey! I didn't think you could get more bizarre so I can't wait for this next toilet tale! lol.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:16:36 @crowbarmama   howdy this fine Sunday @crowbarmama! it is so good to hear from you! I'm glad you liked my post, I think it is the worst one I've posted so far on steemit! lol. so thank you, that is a good shock. After 13 years of marriage you are JUST NOW starting to get the hang of it? that must have been a rocky first few years! but I'm so thrilled at your coming in tune together now. Your husband sounds like a dream man and I salute him heartily. I haven't had a chance to read many of your posts, what is "this strange way of life?" ..homesteading? Farming? lol. thank you for the kind words, I don't consider myself to be any kind of writer, author or blogger and have never done anything on any social media before so I'm very flattered and humbled. God bless your whole family!
Comment 2018-07-22 16:07:03 @mepatriot   what the? if those people are so powerful you'd think they'd have people attacking any sites that had this kind of information.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:05:48 @mepatriot   ha! well for the cheat weekend then the good stuff is definitely the sugary stuff! hey you are a great writer, you should check out energyaddict22 at his post where he is asking for steemit writers who write about war history and other types of history, paying $50 per article. it's a very interesting story and post. if I recommend you and you do an article I get 1 sb but that's not really why I'm telling you about it.
Comment 2018-07-22 16:01:09 @willymac   howdy this fine Sunday @willymac! Well sir this is a depressing topic for Sunday but it sure is important to understand. So do you just keep a small amount in the bank to operate your household on? you are saying we shouldn't keep savings in the bank? oh, and the Fed can't make up money out of thin air and loan it to the banks if they get in trouble? sorry for all the questions but this is pretty alarming, I think you should do a series of posts on this.
Comment 2018-07-22 15:56:06 @energyaddict22   howdy this fine Sunday @energyaddict22! well sir, I have saved this information in another folder for future reference. I am limited in time at the moment and would want to do more indepth research for the type of articles that you seek. I went to your blog and read the post about this offer and the response is amazing! also, congratulations on your new post! an American in Russia putting out a magazine for mostly American readers, it's so interesting. Hey I worked as a BBQ smoke master for about a year here in Texas in a little BBQ joint out in the country, some of our customers were even on horseback. We specialized in Pork Ribs, Brisket and all the sausages, Brisket was the leader though, only used Mesquite wood in a rotisserie smoker. thank you sir for the offer, I will keep it in mind and also put this out to a couple of friends here on steemit.
Comment 2018-07-22 15:30:15 @hananali   howdy this fine Sunday @hananali! hey this is a great example of a wuick post that you can put up if you are short of time , I know you've seen many of these that people put up 5 or 6 times a day! it's fun, sweet, short but well written and of course you can never go wrong with cute animals, great job!
Comment 2018-07-22 15:11:18 @buckaroo   howdy this fine Sunday @buckaroo! yes Ma'am it is the foundation of a successful civilized society. thank you so much for your excellent comment!
Comment 2018-07-22 15:07:21 @gillianpearce   howdy this fine Sunday @gillianpearce! I thought on Steemit you had to prove everything with photos, how are we supposed to believe you without proof? lol. I believe you but isn't that the way steemit works? I'm teasing but also still learning!
Comment 2018-07-22 15:04:03 @denmarkguy   sir denmarkguy..yes it will be, I forgot about that feature that is supposed to be coming...someday!
Comment 2018-07-22 15:02:30 @eveningart   oh I understand, thanks so much for the explanation that makes perfect sense and you should be able to get published by the same publisher that your husband has? I love your choice of Fantasy!
Comment 2018-07-22 14:59:45 @smithlabs   haha..I bet we're close aren't we? were you in High School when we first landed on the moon?
Comment 2018-07-22 06:31:48 @sugarcreek   the pleasure is mine as well sugarcreek, have a good night!
Comment 2018-07-22 06:25:18 @sugarcreek   haha! now that Guinea will be following you around! that's cool though, they're great to have around. ya'll don't have coyotes or have dogs to protect the birds there?
Comment 2018-07-22 06:22:06 @smithlabs   oh oh ok, me savvy.. why? isn't it the year that's important sir smithlabs?
Comment 2018-07-22 06:17:06 @sugarcreek   wow sugarcreek I had no idea that you could power all those things with solar! that's amazing. and even solar shower bags. I don't know about those, I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to bathroom things! I've done a few posts on the Amish and lived close to their big community up in Ohio and your operation reminds me of them. Let me ask you something because I was surprised but grateful that you resteemed my post from today but did you see any of my others? because the one today was the worst one that I've done lol. I love the painting but it was put together too fast and it showed. I usually do Western history type posts,like the one before today's I busted 4 Old West myths and that one was pretty popular. So I was just curious. but telling me that you appreciate my questions is a dangerous thing because I love to find out about people and I ask alot of questions. Yesterday and today I was told that I ask too many questions! But I appreciate your answers because your situation is very interesting. God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-22 05:44:36 @sugarcreek   I didn't know that solar would be strong enough to run a pump but then I haven't been keeping up on the solar technology which I hope is increasing rapidly. You are moving! to a place with springs and creeks? oh my gosh, I thought there WERE no more springs bringing forth water anywhere, what a blessing! where is this new place and how much acreage? but if you're getting ready for bed or something just reply tomorrow, I'm a little nuts and stay on here till 2 am lots of times!
Comment 2018-07-22 05:39:39 @smithlabs   what? yeah it's July so? lol.
Comment 2018-07-22 05:38:30 @themanwithnoname   lol! you have quite the recruitment system goin long as it works.. hey are there any gals on your posts who collect? come to think of it I've only known guys to do it.
Comment 2018-07-22 05:35:57 @themanwithnoname   hahaha! that's quite the recruitment system you got goin there..but hey if it works... I haven't seen any gals on your posts commenting, are there gal collectors out there? come to think of it I've only known guys to do it.
Comment 2018-07-22 05:33:30 @hippie-witha-gun   haha!! professional cat herder lol this stuff is hilarious and should be a post! but I'm glad it's not me because those wild mammas are just gonna keep producing!
Comment 2018-07-22 05:31:15 @lynncoyle1   lol yeah last week! I thought you were gone to do other work. I was all relaxed and taking it easy and now you show up again.
Comment 2018-07-22 05:27:42 @denmarkguy   yes sir then they develop a victim mentality and at that point it's miserable to be around them!
Comment 2018-07-22 05:26:06 @glenalbrethsen   I thought they looked pretty good for their 60s. glad the girls had a fun night, that movie is such a chick flick of some kind.
Comment 2018-07-22 05:21:21 @eveningart   howdy today @eveningart! this is pretty great and I love the genre that you are going to write in! and will you be sharing these books with us as you write them? I don't understand what you said here though.."romcoms vie with fantasy in my affections." what does that mean? thanks eveningart for sharing this exciting news!
Comment 2018-07-22 04:48:45 @smithlabs   lol I know, I was just teasing, I know you can't be older than me.
Comment 2018-07-22 04:47:06 @hananali   oh I don't know, they need to have good Pakistani names but I don't know any.
Comment 2018-07-22 04:45:36 @hananali   oh that's a good job.
Comment 2018-07-22 04:45:03 @hananali   maybe you should look up Hawaii.
Comment 2018-07-22 04:44:21 @themanwithnoname   no I agree and there needs to be loads of unusual and great designs. like with pirate stuff and Western stuff.
Comment 2018-07-22 04:41:09 @glenalbrethsen   yeah I know what you mean about the Beatles, they got really weird. I looked up ABBA, they broke up in 1982 so that's 36 years ago and they are getting back together this year to produce 2 new songs, first ones in 35 years! lol. here's a photo of them:
Comment 2018-07-22 04:31:45 @hippie-witha-gun   wow Rainbow with three feral cats having kittens your place is a cat factory!
Comment 2018-07-22 04:29:24 @dipoabasch   oh howdy back @dipoabasch! thanks for getting back to me. well those are two very different income streams! what is this garage you speak of, a commercial garage or your own garage?
Comment 2018-07-22 04:27:18 @lynncoyle1   ok but first of all, that series I did on the Caddo Nation was a SERIES, not a post. but if you are ever curious enough I'll send you the links so you don't have to search. but as far as your mom, she is still somewhat prejudiced isn't she? and that's why she still thinks it's not something to talk about right? yes I know you judge all kinds of contests and all that, blah blah blah you're everywhere, everyone loves you and wants to be like you and all that. I know all that adoration stuff. but i just wanted to say that I'm glad you came back tonight and I'm SOME WHAT honored to have been able to talk to you. God bless you and have a good night if I don't talk to ya again.
Comment 2018-07-22 04:20:42 @lynncoyle1   next week you got a good chance unless you take some days off because as fun as this is, I'd take pictures of our yard and show you but it's too embarrassing!
Comment 2018-07-22 04:18:24 @smithlabs   smithlabs! you ran across it in the 40's? dang how old are you?
Comment 2018-07-22 04:17:27 @smithlabs   what? check your neck for bite marks? lol
Comment 2018-07-22 04:16:24 @themanwithnoname   yes sir I guess you're right. again! lol
Comment 2018-07-22 04:15:12 @themanwithnoname   ahahaha! that would suffice sir, thank you. lol. well so far I've liked everything you have, have you ever seen an ugly silver bar, or round or coin that was in the shop for sale?
Comment 2018-07-22 04:12:39 @glenalbrethsen   oh my gosh! from the 70's. yeah I thought you meant that they were still singing like some of these other old groups. haha! those outfits are classic 70s .
Comment 2018-07-22 04:07:30 @smithlabs   that sounds right but for some reason I thought that stuff was around in the 40s?
Comment 2018-07-22 04:05:54 @lynncoyle1   uh..because you've been off for 2 days? I mean you don't seriously think you could win do you???ahahahahahahahahahha!!! ahahaha
Comment 2018-07-22 04:04:06 @angiemitchell   oh, that was one of those chance or freak photos where everything just happened to be right to make a great photo. one that probably would be very hard to duplicate!
Comment 2018-07-22 04:01:36 @angiemitchell   oh I want to go to one of those shops and sit outside and talk about movies!
Comment 2018-07-22 04:00:18 @lynncoyle1   that was a whole series that I did on them, took me DAYS finding authentic photos of real Caddo Nation Indians, have you ever heard of them? yes, your mom was too secretive about that but you at least can understand why now. right?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:57:33 @lynncoyle1   I probably am doing it wrong. so you gave up on trying to place in the contest this week?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:56:18 @glenalbrethsen   what does that movie have to do with ABBA?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:54:06 @hananali   like marriage?? lol
Comment 2018-07-22 03:53:27 @hananali   what does your brother do?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:52:48 @hananali   twice a day is very difficult unless you just do very short, simple ones.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:51:45 @lynncoyle1   I think you're full of them you just need someone to pull them out of you!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:50:48 @smithlabs   yeah if you sleep during the day then that's pretty suspicious!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:49:18 @smithlabs   I didn't know that, has that been around a long time?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:47:51 @hananali   that sounds like Hawaii!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:46:54 @lynncoyle1   it's about time somebody did!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:46:03 @sugarcreek   oh sugarcreek this is amazing! I'm already inspired. I haven't had time today or I'd already been to your blog to see what i could learn about your homestead. I'm thrilled that you are thrilled and feel like you were born to do this, I'm sure you were! what all does the solar provide power for? how do you have hot water for showers and baths? And I assume you're raising your own livestock and I saw chickens and Guinea on your post, raising your own crops no doubt, this is incredible! thanks so much for answering my questions, you are going to do very well on here, homesteading is very popular with Steemit folk.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:39:39 @lynncoyle1   well I know there is a good cause behind it so I want to support it but there must be a better way!lol
Comment 2018-07-22 03:38:24 @hananali   oh you have another post? I'll go see.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:37:18 @hananali   where do you want it to leave you?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:34:12 @sugarcreek   howdy back you guys have your own well, or how does that work it you're off the grid? I can imagine that your daughter is super tough and strong mentally, spiritually and physically!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:30:24 @glenalbrethsen   hahaha! the Mamma Mia sequel yes indeed! hey that's a fun movie I'm sure, you might get into it! lol. what did you find when you branched out to other places?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:28:06 @smithlabs   hahaha! Vampire!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:27:15 @hananali   I bet you can't wait to get back home. Are your parents there?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:25:15 @hananali   twice a day is great but once a day is fine especially if you are working a full time job. I've only been doing one per day because of all the commenting I'm doing.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:23:33 @hananali   yes absolutely! lol.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:22:36 @hananali   ok, Pakistan is mountains and farm land?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:21:42 @smithlabs   of course sir!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:20:54 @hananali   yes, keep plugging away and it can happen.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:19:42 @hananali   it called you and you couldn't resist right?
Comment 2018-07-22 03:18:33 @hananali   I know I am. lol
Comment 2018-07-22 03:18:00 @lynncoyle1   I'm never doing a post like that, I've seen a few and oh man, endlessly talking about themselves and how they feel and all that and showing personal stuff, never in a million years! I'm a hermit and total introvert. there is no way. lol
Comment 2018-07-22 03:15:15 @smithlabs   I know, she is very unusual in that regard.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:14:15 @lynncoyle1   I know what happened but I was talking about the spirits haunting the place which are simply low level demons and easy to deal with.
Comment 2018-07-22 03:10:54 @hananali   if you are working on your own you will be working around the clock or most of it!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:09:51 @lynncoyle1   hhahaha..that's a good one!
Comment 2018-07-22 03:07:48 @papa-pepper   lol! hey papa-pepper! my favorite pastime...catching freakin scorpions! caught one a couple nights ago but in on the bathroom floor. It is simply amazing how those thing glow so brightly under that light! I remember when I first joined here you commented with a photo of one on your tongue and I'm like "who is this crazy guy?!" lol. they make very unique gifts for sure and that's an innovative way to encase them, great job sir!
Comment 2018-07-22 02:49:18 @smithlabs   yeah but you have to look in the mirror every morning too and that's a scary thought but for different reasons! lol.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:47:45 @mepatriot   of course! this is our every other week cheat weekend but I don't even have any of that in the house. I didn't get to be on the shopping trip this week or I would have that good stuff!
Comment 2018-07-22 02:45:48 @glenalbrethsen   ok, well it wasn't me, you told me that you would like to get 4 posts out today but that wouldn't happen but you didn't say you weren't going to post anything, well, you could have said it and I misunderstood that's true. I did misunderstand something someone said one time so that's not out of the realm of possibility. well since you weren't posting today what were you doing all day?
Comment 2018-07-22 02:42:36 @smithlabs   smithlabs! what is a Bismuth?
Comment 2018-07-22 02:41:42 @lynncoyle1   hahaha! I'd loved to have been there. strictly low level demonic activity. then why did you guys stay there, that doesn't sound like a good time unless you were there to kick some stupid demon butt! lol
Comment 2018-07-22 02:38:15 @mepatriot   well! call me uninformed then. kinda behind the times. it's such old news you don't want to talk about it? what evidence is there that Mrs. O is a tranny? lol. that sounds ludicrous on the face doesn't it? I'm not saying I don't believe it, I just never heard it before.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:35:18 @mepatriot   haha! I loved it, I thought it was great and right on and people need to be reminded of this stuff and how important it is. that reminds me I got cake and ice cream in the freezer to finish!
Comment 2018-07-22 02:32:24 @lynncoyle1   ok I understand completely but how many days ago was that? and I've been left here on my one to harrass, it's been boring. I'm talking about how many days ago was that in Steemit time? days. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions. first of all, did you read my comment on your post? do you want me to go back and change it to make it all sickeningly sweet and gushy like everyone else falling all over themselves telling you how fabulous your post was and know,, if they could just be in your presence for five minutes maybe some of your glory would fall on them and make them more like you and better Steemians..that kind of comment? the other question was about ulog, seems like everyone is using that ulog tag now, do you know about it and how does using that tag help?
Comment 2018-07-22 02:24:54 @rebeccabe   no Ma'am I haven't had time to join any discord groups except Steemitbloggers but I haven't had time to spend any time on there. what does "going out bbl" mean? sorry about all the questions, I'm naturally curious and get excited when I see a new member comment on my post.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:21:00 @byn   oh I see, well you can tell I'm not much of a cook and I couldn't visualize how you blended in the spinach since it's usually leafy and kinda dry. thanks, that makes perfect sense!
Comment 2018-07-22 02:19:15 @smithlabs   not all of them, Mrs. J keeps a tight hold on things!
Comment 2018-07-22 02:17:33 @smithlabs   ha! no you ain't you just naturally absorb information anywhere and everywhere!
Comment 2018-07-22 02:16:30 @hananali   try not to wait too long because people like to go and check out your posts, if they haven't seen a recent one they might think you are not serious.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:15:03 @hananali   hahaha! download his kids! that's pretty darn good Hananali.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:13:54 @smithlabs   oh of course, lawyers!
Comment 2018-07-22 02:12:51 @smithlabs   you mean that heavy kind that melts at low temperatures?
Comment 2018-07-22 02:12:00 @hananali   Pakistan is mostly desert?
Comment 2018-07-22 02:11:12 @hananali   haha! well we're all rising in reputation and I will help push the good ones as much as I can.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:09:36 @hananali   exactly.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:09:00 @hananali   still in love with who? I thought you were looking for a girlfriend? you're in love with Steemit?
Comment 2018-07-22 02:08:06 @hananali   yes. even if it's slow you are steadily building something.
Comment 2018-07-22 02:07:09 @hananali   no it's just not natural and is hard on your body but when you move back home you won't have to work all night will you?
Comment 2018-07-22 02:05:18 @deirdyweirdy   hahaha! you got a deal deirdyweirdy! hey you are so talented I think you should post everyday..maybe even twice a day! what do you think of that idea? I didn't say draw everyday just post everyday! lol
Comment 2018-07-22 02:01:09 @denmarkguy   howdy @denmarkguy! well sir, I generally hate self-disclosure because I'm an introvert but I do use it sparingly to illustrate a point or to laugh at myself. but pity-parties are terrible. They're boring and make the person look weak and pathetic. And I see quite a bit of that going on. Everyone needs to read this post and check themselves! lol. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-22 01:51:45 @ginnyannette   howdy @ginnyannette! howya doin? seems like it's been awhile, at least in Steemit time..but maybe only a few hours. Hey those flowers hanging down, are those real one from your backyard and from those Water Oaks? the house is older and wiser but are you?
Comment 2018-07-22 01:40:12 @mother2chicks   howdy today @mother2chicks! wow I like that place, it's gorgeous. You're gonna pattern your new house after this one when you get rich? I suppose the backyard is full of gardens and fountains and such.
Comment 2018-07-22 01:37:51 @angiemitchell   howdy @angiemitchell! Ali's is such a great place to get bargains but no quality that's for sure, good thing you got two of those!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:56:36 @angiemitchell   howdy again @angiemitchell! you already know all about the secret, you could teach them about it! lol. hey that photo, is that just taken of the sun without a filter? it's a wild look, almost doesn't look real!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:52:27 @deirdyweirdy   howdy @deirdyweirdy! yes Ma'am that drawing there should win some kind of reward! The scene of this story is so powerful, I think you should do a complete one in segments! It's just amazing what you can do in 50 words. and then add in the beautiful artwork and this is out of the park! lol!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:45:45 @mepatriot   howdy @mepatriot! yes sir, so true, great information and advice!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:41:00 @mepatriot   what the??? what's this about Michell Obama being a tranny fake wife? she's a tranny and what is fake about their marriage?
Comment 2018-07-22 00:35:36 @thereikiforest   howdy there @thereikiforest! nice blog you have here, see since I found you there's no escaping. hey I thought you said you were an introvert! no way could I do what you did here, these are great photos by the way, like the hairstyle, very practical for working on the homestead!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:31:06 @hananali   you'v been too busy to post right?
Comment 2018-07-22 00:30:03 @smithlabs   haha.. well, most women are far more trustworthy with money than men anyway.
Comment 2018-07-22 00:28:54 @smithlabs   hahah! that's their just reward.
Comment 2018-07-22 00:27:24 @mepatriot   good point! haha! that's funny.
Comment 2018-07-22 00:25:42 @byn   yeah Grandma Day should be a day for a treat! with the eggs and spinach though, you have to cut the spinach up real small for it to blend with the eggs right? and then you said you had totally green eggs which would be fun! especially for kids.
Comment 2018-07-22 00:22:54 @mepatriot   yes sir! well, when we got here and saw all our turtles and then the ponds froze over I looked it up and yeah they hibernate. some types can go for 4 or 5 months without breathing and some can actually breathe under water. very strange creatures but very interesting when you see them through the ice swimming along!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:06:39 @smithlabs   ha! not in your case sorry.
Comment 2018-07-22 00:05:45 @hananali   thank you I wondered what it was, thought it might be Middle East. now I know.
Comment 2018-07-22 00:04:21 @hananali   yes sir, she's one of the best!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:03:48 @hananali   yes sir, that's what you will be saying next year when you're happily married!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:02:18 @hananali   you just need to find out how to attract the rich ones!
Comment 2018-07-22 00:01:12 @oldtimer   howdy @oldtimer! wow Edmonton has some amazing buildings, beautiful, I like your favorite photo and that amazing artwork with the book! love these photos!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:57:15 @oldtimer   haha! you are right sir..God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:56:00 @mineopoly   ok sir
Comment 2018-07-21 23:55:27 @hananali   hey if you're on Steem you can forget the other ones unless you're pitching Steem to them!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:54:30 @smithlabs   smithlabs! yes sir..for a collector you are kinda rough around the edges!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:53:30 @hananali   hahaha! nice try kid. I would have to leave you in the dust I'm afraid. but you could try!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:52:12 @mineopoly   yes sir, that's why I included that authentic photo of the young cowboys from the 1860's. The cowboy hat was very popular but the golden cowboy era was over by the time it became the standard style. thank you so much mineopoly, you always have insightful and intelligent comments!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:49:15 @rebeccabe   howdy there @rebeccabe! so good to meet a fellow Texan! but it doesn't sound like you live here anymore, where are you now and why did you leave? not that leaving is a bad thing.. yes Ma'am Billy the Kid..not very good looking..that's putting it politely. Yes the Kid was an ugly cuss, both inside and out, a nasty piece of work, I think he killed a man in cold blood because he was looking at him. The man was probably staring at that goofy hat. Anyway, thanks so much for reading and commenting. What part of Kansas did you live in? and what is a Quantum Observer?
Comment 2018-07-21 23:37:48 @eveningart   ha! @eveningart I was wondering the same thing!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:33:24 @denmarkguy   howdy today's a real pleasure to hear from you again and to absorb some of your wisdom. Man, that sounds like a suck up line but it's not, I just like learning from others who are succeeding. Your point is well taken. I don't even look at what I'm earning, I'm assuming it will increase over time and building for the future. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:24:06 @bobaphet   thank you sir, I wonder if Australia has some interesting history of how it was settled, it has to. Is Australia your home country, I know you've lived around different parts of the world. ever been here?
Comment 2018-07-21 23:21:42 @squirrelbait   it's so true, Imean you could literally save someone's life with your teaching them to be aware! wow, that is powerful, do you think of it that way? you probably have.
Comment 2018-07-21 23:19:51 @hananali   haha..hey remember that movie that came out a couple years ago about the guy who fell in love with a computer? he wanted to marry it but I didn't see the movie so I don't know if he did.
Comment 2018-07-21 23:17:33 @themanwithnoname   hahha! "horse rides again! " I love that one. do horses ride?
Comment 2018-07-21 23:16:21 @smithlabs   true but I need to know someone rich who will share and invest!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:15:27 @themanwithnoname   I doubt that I;m kinda picky but I'll take a look at them anyway if I'm forced to.
Comment 2018-07-21 23:13:39 @smithlabs   well some of those patents need to start paying, what makes them do that, a big company has to buy them from you for millions?
Comment 2018-07-21 23:12:09 @hananali   yes sir @hebrewhousewife is very skillful and is a great example of a capable, strong, faith-filled American woman!
Comment 2018-07-21 23:10:00 @smithlabs   you're a great researcher sir, it's part of your DNA
Comment 2018-07-21 23:08:39 @hananali   howdy again Hananali..yes sir well Friends ran for 10 years so I'm sure it was the longest running comedy show. Gunsmoke was a drama and not a sitcom but ran for 20 years. cowboy hats are popular in your part of the world too? what is your part of the world called? not Asia, not Europe
Comment 2018-07-21 23:03:48 @angiemitchell   thank you @angiemitchell I so agree!
Comment 2018-07-21 22:14:18 @hananali   hahaha! hey think of all the girls that it would get the attention of!
Comment 2018-07-21 22:13:03 @mineopoly   hahaha! oh man, even your comments need to be entered into the comedyopenmic contests! thank you sir, that is very interesting about the rules of etiquette in Korea, I'd have to memorize those so I wouldn't offend anyone! thank you sir, too bad you can't stay there awhile longer on that island.
Comment 2018-07-21 22:07:03 @themanwithnoname   howdy @themanwithnoname! this is worth the extra money, it's money well spent sir. Very cool design .
Comment 2018-07-21 22:02:30 @themanwithnoname   Trendsetter. this is going to catch on like wildfire and they won't have anyone to name it after.
Comment 2018-07-21 21:56:21 @glenalbrethsen   hey where's your posts at today? went to your blog and nothing! is the sky falling in?
Comment 2018-07-21 21:52:48 @smithlabs   hahaha!! good one sir good one! thank you!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:51:57 @eveningart   haha! sorry I don't mean to embarrass you! hey when do you find out?
Comment 2018-07-21 21:50:21 @hananali   howdy there my long lost friend! hasn't it been awhile? anyway, yes it is a turning point to finally be able to add and help someone.
Comment 2018-07-21 21:47:54 @lovenfreedom   howdy back @lovenfreedom good to hear from you.. yes baking your own bread is so wonderful and you can experiment with gluten free kinds that way also...or not. lol. thanks for getting back and God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:44:06 @smithlabs   smithlabs! so why don't you beat them to it?
Comment 2018-07-21 21:43:03 @smithlabs   rats! I want to know rich people.
Comment 2018-07-21 21:42:15 @byn   oh I agree with @kimberlylane! especially for me on Keto and no sugar those are to live for! oh my gosh thanks Byn for torturing me. what is your eggs-adillas dish? like an omellette?
Comment 2018-07-21 21:38:21 @steemonkey   hahaha! I can't wait actually, lol it's so bizarre but the incident in Casablanca can't possibly as terrible as the first one!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:36:48 @smithlabs   hahaha, what does he do and why is he so picky? what does he want you to do with them?
Comment 2018-07-21 21:35:57 @sugarcreek   howdy again @sugarcreek! hey your profile says "off grid"..does that mean completely like with no government electric or gas?
Comment 2018-07-21 21:33:57 @mineopoly   oh please do sir!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:33:24 @smithlabs   you're too busy, I think you need to let me take care of your metals. they'll be very safe and I'll send photos every month.
Comment 2018-07-21 21:31:54 @cryptoandcoffee   oh lol. I've never heard that term before. hey some things have to be explained in redneck terms!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:30:09 @eveningart   yes Ma'am..well, you have to know you're going to get in! What possible reason could there be for you not getting in? you have quality content, great content actually, you're unique, interesting, gaining popularity and reputation very would be stupid on their part not to have you part of their team because you will help them grow. that's my little pro-eveningart rant! lol
Comment 2018-07-21 21:24:30 @eveningart   hahaha! sounds more like whiskey than wine! that's very interesting though, thank you eveningart!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:22:39 @glenalbrethsen   howdy Glen thanks for commenting. oh yeah I hold the door open for everyone regardless of age or sex that's why this happening so many times told me that it wasn't just a person in a bad mood or something against men but a cultural thing... at least in Northern Ohio. Oh don't worry, I will always try to avoid Akron! lol. meth capital of the world. the city morgue has so many dead that they put the overflow in refrigerated semi trucks! That was even featured on 60 minutes. In a way it helped us in our real estate business because we were strictly working for the banks selling their foreclosed properties and a large percentage of those were because of drugs. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:07:21 @headchange   well I've already got my limit of witness votes in for steemgigs and I will look up the other avenues in the coming days. there are many groups helping desperate people so I am kind of sorting through them and building a list to go through after this week. I just want to break my record in the contest and then I gotta get some work done on our property. what's going on there today? it's 111 outside so it's a good day to be in the office!
Comment 2018-07-21 21:02:09 @dipoabasch   hey! that is perfectly fine my friend, Steemit always should take a back set to real life. What do you do for a living?
Comment 2018-07-21 20:58:45 @sugarcreek   hahaha! God bless you @sugarcreek! I so appreciate you coming by and commenting, what a blessing. I'm so thankful that we have strong women like yourself but what of the younger generation of women in your area? Are they demanding and spoiled or are they still, for the most part, being raised to be strong and self-reliant? like you were raised. I see that you are following papa-pepper so you have an excellent start here and your posts are very interesting. Also you write really well so you are going to grow fast on Steemit, you fit right in! Thanks again, it's a pleasure to meet you. Your husband is a lucky man! God bless you and yours!
Comment 2018-07-21 20:51:15 @cryptoandcoffee   hey @cryptoandcoffee..what is "central locking?
Comment 2018-07-21 20:50:03 @cecicastor   yes Ma'am @cecicator, that's how it should be.
Comment 2018-07-21 20:37:57 @sugarcreek   howdy there @sugarcreek! love this post, great job! Guineas are wonderful indeed, the coyotes got all of ours so we can't really have them here. so I will enjoy Guineas by watching yours I hope.
Comment 2018-07-21 20:30:42 @smithlabs   smithlabs! ..well what about a bag for junk coins? well, you probably don't want to bother with posting about coins anyway, you probably never run out of things to post about like the rest of us.
Comment 2018-07-21 20:28:42 @cicisaja   hhahaha! that sounds wonderful @cicisaja, thank you!
Comment 2018-07-21 20:27:24 @willymac   hahaha! I'm glad you're so cheery about it! where do we keep our money then, and does it matter what bank? ours is a locally owned bank, not a national one you think we will lose the Reserve Currency status that soon?
Comment 2018-07-21 20:23:45 @glenalbrethsen   an onion rings hog! hahaha. that is strange that it's the only type of deep fried food you like. I love those things too though.
Comment 2018-07-21 20:21:00 @mepatriot   yeah a couple of big guys, with the winter temperatures up there and the thick ice, how in the world do those guys survive, where do they go?
Comment 2018-07-21 20:19:33 @mepatriot   oh no trouble to take with you sometime. what would you do if that turned out to be an original one, send it to a big auction house?
Comment 2018-07-21 20:18:00 @mepatriot   well sir, it might be awhile before I travel overseas or anywhere else, don't even have a passport.
Comment 2018-07-21 20:16:45 @hippie-witha-gun   yeah why DO you have so many black cats, is that intentional?
Comment 2018-07-21 20:15:51 @squirrelbait   hhaha! well yeah it's long but very good, very easily could save someone's life if they start developing the habits you are recommending!
Comment 2018-07-21 20:14:09 @hippie-witha-gun   yeah that is amazing about your car windows or windshield not being knocked out! the destroyed windows and damage of your neighbors would be a good post but I'm sorry they had that happen.
Comment 2018-07-21 20:04:51 @thereikiforest   hahaha! I am sorry to assume that you were a male reikifemale! I will call you April and that's a beautiful name bytheway. yes I'm thankful to learn that because the "hugs" thing I wasn't too sure about, not many tough, Texas men are going to want to give hugs to another man! so people have tried to "break you" of your positive attitude? ha, how twisted is that? we desperately NEED positive thinking and attitudes now days. I'm glad they didn't succeed. So you said we, you are married? I did see that on the map that you have a large National Forest behind your town and that is very nice to have behind your property also, it should be very peaceful. are you sure you're an introvert? you don't sound like it in your writing. I am, many times I've been called a hermit! my Saturday is going great, just pounding out alot of comments, this is the last day of a contest on engagement, perhaps you know about it? I can't keep track of the people who I see on there. anyway if I win it then that will be 6 weeks in a row and several records broken so that's what I'm working on today. plus it's supposed to get to 111 degrees today so I'll spend most of it indoors!
Comment 2018-07-21 19:50:21 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir, I know nothing about it but that does sound reasonable.
Comment 2018-07-21 19:48:24 @squirrelbait   I agree but in some places it's not that way unfortunately.
Comment 2018-07-21 19:44:39 @thereikiforest   howdy back again @thereikiforest..hey, what is the reason for the animosity from the local Mainers? I've heard that anywhere you move to in New England you get the same treatment as outsiders even if you are from a state nextdoor. Are they fairly conservative in that part of Maine? If you like questions to help you come out of your shell you came to the right place because I am very interested in people, everyone has a story and I love to ask questions. In fact just yesterday someone told me that I ask too many questions. lol. I'm like well excuse me for being interested in your life! have you been to papa-pepper 's blog? he is the ultimate homesteader, teacher, gardener, wildlife person, tells you what to grow, how to prepare it, just everything to do with homesteading and he posts literally 4 to 6 times each day! and each one very educational. then there is also a homesteaders group ghscollective. Do you have a real world job? thanks so much for getting back to me reikiman! at a rep of 63 you must be doing something right!
Comment 2018-07-21 19:22:27 @smithlabs   and they pay you a fortune so you already ARE rich?
Comment 2018-07-21 19:21:30 @smithlabs   haha! they could knock you out first. hey, have you ever done any research into lasers? I mean, why don't you just invent a laser gun that doesn't need ammo? or would that be too logical? or maybe something finally out of your league or too technical or not the right equipment to develop it?
Comment 2018-07-21 19:17:33 @byn   ha! what a cute kid. Lyric huh? never heard that for a name before so your kids take after you in being 100% unique! lol. Never heard of a boy being fearful of getting messy either, that's a first. now, these cinnamon rolls are sugar free and gluten free right? haha!
Comment 2018-07-21 19:15:21 @eveningart   howdy today @eveningart! well, so that green-pea wine..I've never heard of that flavor, is that because it's not produced commercially? Like this is his own private flavor it sounds like? it's very cool and unique!
Comment 2018-07-21 19:13:09 @eveningart   ha! I keep seeing that The Alliance sign too and thinking man, that sure has a power and a exclusive sound to it, I wonder who those guys are? and now you'll be one of them! I still have no idea who they are or what they do but it sure sounds like a strong block. God bless you and your husband!
Comment 2018-07-21 19:09:30 @janton   smithlabs! amazing. what about patents?
Comment 2018-07-21 19:08:48 @smithlabs   smithlabs! you know what..I know you wouldn't want to do it but a major corporation like that would pay a fortune to have a trouble shooter like you to fix design flaws don't ya think? you could be rich man! I would volunteer to be your driver, a big stretch suburban limo!
Comment 2018-07-21 19:05:42 @coinsandchains   howdy today @coinsandchains and good weekend to you! hey this turned out to be a blessing in disguise like you said, were you able to start bringing in money from home in a few months? and then never looked back..except to maybe thank God that you are not working for the retarded hospital anymore? bytheway i hope the doctors ran their business better than the admins!
Comment 2018-07-21 19:02:51 @smithlabs   hahaha! yes sir that redneck is proud of that tat, wouldn't you be?
Comment 2018-07-21 19:01:27 @petesays   howdy today @petesays and good weekend! well sir..have you checked out coming to the U.S.?
Comment 2018-07-21 18:49:54 @thekitchenfairy   howdy today @thekitchenfairy! hey this looks like a really fun video, and very different but Dtube won't play for me but I wanted to show my support so thanks for what I assume is an interesting video!
Comment 2018-07-21 18:45:51 @steemonkey   howdy there @steemonkey! hahaha! I have never heard of anything so embarrassing in my life man! oh wonder you were sort of scarred for life when it comes to public restrooms! this was hilarious man, it has to win the contest. and there are more toilet tales??
Comment 2018-07-21 18:32:21 @hippie-witha-gun   hahaha! Rainbow Man! black cats matter, maybe that's the beginning of a national movement!
Comment 2018-07-21 18:30:39 @hippie-witha-gun   howdy today Rainbow Man! or should we call you Stormy? hey did you check the roof of the house? does insurance cover the vehicles?
Comment 2018-07-21 18:29:06 @coinsandchains   hahaha! very good @coinsandchains! too funny. I didn't know I would have to add Comedian to your long list of skills!
Comment 2018-07-21 18:24:09 @mepatriot   hahaha good one! yeah. never heard of Thomas Cook Airlines, what is that a local one? but that price is amazing.
Comment 2018-07-21 18:22:42 @mepatriot   my guess is a couple hundred to come out, set up and do that. but I'm probably way off!
Comment 2018-07-21 18:21:33 @mepatriot   how big is it? I mean you can't take it somewhere to a gallery and let them look at it for free?
Comment 2018-07-21 18:20:09 @mepatriot   I copied it to another page so Mrs. J could more easily read it.
Comment 2018-07-21 18:19:12 @mepatriot   yeah that's what I thought, ours may be a little older or a different type because it had big points sticking up on it's tail which gave it a dinosaur look!
Comment 2018-07-21 18:05:51 @mepatriot   excuse me? lol. yes sir because fear is a spirit as pointed out in the Bible and just like faith builds more faith, fear also builds more fear and is a dangerous fuel which feeds it. That is why we are commanded over and over not to fear.
Comment 2018-07-21 18:01:45 @thereikiforest   howdy again @thereikiforest! well, I certainly admire your going out and starting a homestead and I'm sure you are following the big homesteaders on Steemit to gain more knowledge? it's like being in school with these people being so skilled at what they do. So you have some acreage, any source of water? and I assume you moved from a city so it is a big adjustment? no adventures here, just pounding away at Steemit and trying to stay cool! God bless you reikiman!
Comment 2018-07-21 17:53:09 @thereikiforest   howdy there @thereikiforest and good weekend to you! I'm so new to your blog that I don't know how to address you, I assume you are a man? hey reikiman, have you ever been accused of being too positive? also, what is reiki or a reiki forest? forgive me ignorance I am genuinely interested though. Bless you!
Comment 2018-07-21 17:23:45 @headchange   howdy today @headchange! what... then you would answer questions? what does it matter and what is there to hide, "this is a blogging platform after all"
Comment 2018-07-21 17:19:57 @byn   howdy today @byn! ok, thank you Ma'am ..I'll keep working at it, thanks so much, talk later today I'm sure!
Comment 2018-07-21 17:18:45 @glenalbrethsen drive so smoothly it puts everyone to sleep. hey that's a good skill to have, you could be a chauffer!
Comment 2018-07-21 17:16:24 @cryptoandcoffee   yes sir, good advice I should do that and probably will.
Comment 2018-07-21 17:14:51 @glenalbrethsen   howdy Glen, this is very not that I mean FOR A CHANGE! everything you write is very interesting but ..anyway, oh, how long does it take for whoever to draw up a comic book? for $2,500.
Comment 2018-07-21 17:10:51 @cicisaja   howdy today @cicisaja! how are you today, are you doing a post? and are you typing your fingers off for Asher's Engagement League contest?
Comment 2018-07-21 17:09:33 @willymac   howdy today @willymac! yes sir, Texas has been working for a long time to be able to stand on it's own if things collapse such has having their own Fort Knox with actual gold in it and our electric grid stands on it's own in case the rest of the country goes down. yes I understand about the finances, and it seems like I read that with derivatives included in the debt it's something incomprehensible like 200 trillion or something like that! lol. and so it is your opinion that it could collapse at any time?
Comment 2018-07-21 17:04:48 @glenalbrethsen   howdy today @glenalbrethsen! wow I want this one.." virtually impossible to stop eating!" hahaha.they all sound marvelous except the menudo, forget that, you guys don't fix that at home do you? no way, you better not be eating that stuff. anyway let me know next time you're preparing a Mexican food feast and I'll stop over! I think it would be worth the trip.
Comment 2018-07-21 16:58:24 @smithlabs   smithlabs! that's not the way I've seen them, they are very casual, at lest the main one that I read, no intensity or big time research or anything, yeah I'd hate for you to have to use your brain, something might get sprained in there. what does this mean?" doesn't like me rolling silver coins much."
Comment 2018-07-21 16:55:12 @magic8ball   hahaha! you silly magic 8 ball thing! but you might actually be correct this time but I hope not.
Comment 2018-07-21 16:52:00 @steyn   howdy there @steyn! thank you I really love that as well and know it to be so true, thank you for commenting! what is your location?
Comment 2018-07-21 16:48:48 @hebrewhousewife   howdy today @hebrewhousewife! thanks so much for reading and commenting. I was in Akron, Ohio. love to hear that respect for women is still strong where you are! also love to hear that you carry, great job! God bless you guys up there!
Comment 2018-07-21 16:45:48 @crowbarmama   howdy today @crowbarmama! Well, that crowbar turns out to be a perfect symbol of your everyday work and fixins! As far as your posts I was blown away by the quality and told Farmer that "I'd be embarrassed if she saw my generic posts" so don't be too disappointed if you make it over there. He bragged about my networking skills(not my opinion really but I'm honored by his sentiments) not so much my non-professional posts but he does like some of the subject matter being a guy and I do Cowboy and Indian posts and such. but back to yours..I was like whoa! this is a professional production and I can barely throw some photos on there and think of something halfway intelligent to say! Did you teach yourself how to do all that or are you a producer or technical person with professional training or what's your story besides the main one of being a mother and homesteader? thanks so much for getting back to me and God bless you all!Sent with Fast-Reply
Comment 2018-07-21 16:35:18 @goldendawne   howdy today @goldendawne ..yes Ma'am he has a great deal of knowledge in that area like you do and really utilizes the power of the herbs for everyday uses. you both are awesome teachers!Sent with Fast-Reply
Comment 2018-07-21 15:30:51 @tryskele   howdy there today @tryskele and good weekend to you! Well sir, Boot Hill makes Deadwood look like a joke! lol, no I'm just teasing, never been there at least not yet. Both places are kinda out of the way for most people but I guess you're closer than most to Dodge since you're in Colorado. I gotta go see what you got going on over there on your blog, this is a good reminder. Thank you so much for stopping by and for commenting, God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-21 15:21:45 @mineopoly   hahaha! love that joke. and the top photo is amazing. how long are you there for? It sounds like a true blessing to be able to get away from the city and rejuvenate and the island sounds like a dream to visit! great job sir and God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-21 15:16:45 @squirrelbait   howdy today @squirrelbait! hahaha! barking at each in the store! lol, now THAT'S a first, never heard of that before. hey I know you can't let your guard down no matter where you're at but isn't your location now like Mayberry compared to Syracuse? great advice, people have to be aware and alert of their surroundings wherever they go. But now days, no one is aware of anything but their cellphone, how easy are they making it for criminals! cellphones have to be such a gift to thugs because everyone is looking down all the time. great job girl!
Comment 2018-07-21 14:43:18 @deveerei   howdy today @deveerei! this is a great idea and is a nice service for Steemians, very classy design, great job!
Comment 2018-07-21 14:39:15 @bobaphet   hhaha! congratulations @bobaphet! and you did reach this substantial milestone very quickly! I finally reached 100! lol! great job sir and so good of you to delegate!
Comment 2018-07-21 14:31:18 @smithlabs   smithlabs! an award for the number of comments with zero comments! hahaha! great job man. you're on a roll. actually this is a wonderful post I just think it was the hour that it was posted, there are so many coin nuts groups on here, all you have to do is join one of them and make one post a day about one item from your vast collection and you'd gain a great deal of traction just from that one group like the SSG guys. that's a great strategy coming from a redneck. love the metal, if you ever run out of storage space just let me know, I promise they'll be safe here!
Comment 2018-07-21 14:25:24 @glenalbrethsen   howdy @glenalbrethsen! sorry I missed this yesterday. actually that's your fault for keeping me busy answering your 50,000 questions yesterday! lol. no maybe that was backwards. anyways how in the world could you not get a bite of cobbler in your own house? how many people are living there anyways? I don't even know what huaraches, tinga and menudo are. but I'd sure try them!
Comment 2018-07-21 14:10:12 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy there @cryptoandcoffee! good weekend to you sir..well my voting power is always low, at 47% right now but how can I expect people to vote for me if I don't vote for them? I love this line "Whether you like it or not you are now married to Steemit in one way or another. " haha! that is so true, once you start you can't get away from it. hopefully it will become a profitable addiction. great post because every single person on here can relate!
Comment 2018-07-21 14:03:24 @dipoabasch   howdy from Texas @dipoabasch! Now I get to meet @cicisaja's other half! fine writing and photos, great post!
Comment 2018-07-21 06:50:18 @smithlabs   smithlabs! yeah but how do YOU know how to fix it if all their engineers, designers and mechanics couldn't?
Comment 2018-07-21 06:48:57 @eveningart   they'll love it. I was so impressed I fell out of my chair!
Comment 2018-07-21 06:48:00 @smithlabs   are these your own inventions, part of them anyway?
Comment 2018-07-21 06:46:57 @coinsandchains   holy moly man! wow. they sure knew how to burn through the money too! what was that guys insane problem? what is a CIO? amazing story, had to be a spiritual thing behind it, there's no other reason. thank you sir for explaining that, that there is flat out evil!
Comment 2018-07-21 06:30:12 @smithlabs   how do you know it's a design mistake, don't you think they wanted it where it's at?
Comment 2018-07-21 06:25:57 @smithlabs   well yours sure ain't!!
Comment 2018-07-21 06:21:48 @smithlabs   ok, I'll remember that for another time and place. what kind of car work were you doing?
Comment 2018-07-21 06:19:51 @wolfhart   well sir it could have been worse since you didn't spend any money. I thought you were talking about something else, not literally playing games, lol!
Comment 2018-07-21 06:06:24 @wolfhart   what games were you spending money on?
Comment 2018-07-21 06:05:39 @smithlabs   what the?? what do you mean an electrically fired pistol?
Comment 2018-07-21 06:04:24 @smithlabs   haha! hey we're on the same side, I'd hate it if was some liberal state above us. Speaking of politics, what in the world happened to Scott Pruitt? did he go off the rails or was he railroaded?
Comment 2018-07-21 06:02:00 @glenalbrethsen   hahaha. well I don't know the whys of the romance novels appeal, I just know it's there. I don't think it should be but it is. you like all the action hero and comic book heros, maybe you should go that route, or did you already say that you tried?
Comment 2018-07-21 05:58:42 @wolfhart   is that the main reason you are here Wolf, came for the money, stayed for the people?
Comment 2018-07-21 05:57:27 @glenalbrethsen   but it needs to be tomorrow man! lol. she falls asleep whenever she sits down for a little while so she has to keep moving ? does she fall asleep when you're doing the driving?
Comment 2018-07-21 05:54:36 @smithlabs   thank you sir smithlabs, don't tell me you used to be a Gunsmith too? that black powder that they used back then, why was it so corrosive?
Comment 2018-07-21 05:27:33 @glenalbrethsen   they stay in their own heads and don't like to come out much! lol, that is sure true, they like to lose themselves in romance novels. but it would be nice if you could START the wave.
Comment 2018-07-21 05:24:39 @smithlabs   man you've been hiding most of the day haven't you? I don't blame you for wanting to hide from Texans though!
Comment 2018-07-21 05:23:30 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir well those are sound words of advice and wisdom!
Comment 2018-07-21 05:21:45 @glenalbrethsen   rats! I really think you should consider your wife and take her to the coast tomorrow, she deserves it!
Comment 2018-07-21 05:19:42 @headchange   ok you first.
Comment 2018-07-21 05:18:42 @eveningart   howdy from Texas @eveningart! sounds like you are going to a wonderful family, congratulations and much continued success!
Comment 2018-07-21 05:12:45 @thereikiforest   howdy again @thereikiforest! thank you so much for the kind words, I like your attitude about going with the flow, it's better than fighting all the time. Did you have to move to Maine for work or a job?
Comment 2018-07-21 05:02:48 @ginnyannette   yeah I heard it's changed alot in the last 500 years!
Comment 2018-07-21 04:49:57 @headchange   so there has to be some other way to support this endeavor.
Comment 2018-07-21 04:48:42 @smithlabs   smithlabs you out there?
Comment 2018-07-21 04:45:42 @themanwithnoname   yes sir but don't ask me to explain it!
Comment 2018-07-21 04:44:24 @lynncoyle1   Lynn you still there?
Comment 2018-07-21 04:43:39 @themanwithnoname   no, no comprende
Comment 2018-07-21 04:42:42 @glenalbrethsen   well sir, I think you've done enough commenting for this week so I think you should just stop that altogether tomorrow, no need to overwork yourself besides you need to work on those posts so you don't feel bad Sunday. I only got one each day out this week. that's pretty lame.
Comment 2018-07-21 04:38:30 @themanwithnoname comprende
Comment 2018-07-21 04:37:12 @headchange   well I kept seeing posts saying ulog and they were like you said just people showing what they were doing for the day and I'm like..never in a million years for me. but I love the program and will love it more when I check it out, no time at the moment to study it.. until Sunday when I'm cutting back. I'm too private of a person to walk around with a video or camera and talk about myself, yuck, first of all who would want to know that tripe and second of all it would be super boring, thirdly I don't think I could do it I'm just too private. but you can do it!
Comment 2018-07-21 04:31:51 @glenalbrethsen   thank you sir for your honest opinion and kind words! it would be great to have a comedy writer on my team but I don't have a team although my wife did take those photos of the glass truck and giant mountain lion for me yesterday!
Comment 2018-07-21 04:27:51 @headchange   then it wouldn't be a ulog though. but thanks, that's another thing, that's what I wanted to ask you about yesterday, why doesn't it matter?
Comment 2018-07-21 04:22:00 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir that was it, Sam Spade and I think there are a series of Sam Spade novels maybe? well I think it's a great sign if no one else is doing it, or does that work in books?
Comment 2018-07-21 04:19:09 @hippie-witha-gun   that sounds like a great plan Rainbow Man! you could change it up to and do the Friday Rant on Tuesday and freak people out.
Comment 2018-07-21 04:17:48 @themanwithnoname   I was funny? yay, that's cool. I'm no noname that's for sure. lol
Comment 2018-07-21 04:16:21 @coinsandchains   that was a great short version @coinsandchains but why did they want you to leave? I don't get that part, because you wouldn't play politics?
Comment 2018-07-21 04:14:36 @headchange   k. thanks.
Comment 2018-07-21 04:12:00 @themanwithnoname   yeah but we both know the real reason but we know that you can't accept the truth about it because that piece is in your protection and wants to be in your collection so you are kinda blind to the truth. which is understandable.
Comment 2018-07-21 04:09:54 @headchange   I can't wait for you to start posting about your everyday day with videos and photos of every move you make and your place and your dogs and you know, just EVERYTHING.
Comment 2018-07-21 04:08:03 @angiemitchell   yes Ma'am they certainly were in fact I'm going to do a post on them because they were so smart and successful until they let their greed take over!
Comment 2018-07-21 04:06:18 @headchange   so you're going to do that right? with tons of photos?
Comment 2018-07-21 04:03:00 @headchange   is that all it is? but I gotta go research it to find out how that helps
Comment 2018-07-21 04:01:36 @headchange   ok..well if you can't tell me how do I find out more? there are so many people with great programs to help the less fortunate that it's inspiring.
Comment 2018-07-21 03:59:15 @themanwithnoname   howdy there Blondie! kinda generic with a blank back but the front with that owl is gorgeous so I think I'd probably have to keep it.
Comment 2018-07-21 03:55:36 @headchange   yes I remember him. tremendous.
Comment 2018-07-21 03:47:03 @ecoinstant   yes sir I agree, that sounds logical.
Comment 2018-07-21 03:43:24 @headchange   well that sound totally different than what I thought it was, I don't know who Terry is but that sounds profoundly noble and something I would support but how does it work? or do you have a link that I can go to?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:37:21 @headchange   and what is the movement? I think it's a girl thing
Comment 2018-07-21 03:35:12 @headchange   what are they?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:33:30 @headchange   if your post explained what it is, I forgot. what is it exactly? from what I can tell it's people endlessly talking about their feelings and stuff. and it's supposed to be a thing now for you to label your post as a ulog?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:30:48 @angiemitchell   thank God, now you're back on track!
Comment 2018-07-21 03:29:54 @angiemitchell   yay! I love that philosophy!
Comment 2018-07-21 03:28:42 @headchange   oh ok I'll go back and read it again. do you give your opinion on that or just explain it? how's your father in law?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:26:18 @glenalbrethsen   is there an advantage to posting twice a day or is that just what you want to do personally? I have no idea how that can be done if you have alot of commenting going on.
Comment 2018-07-21 03:22:42 @headchange   lol! I was trying to find out if you were busy tonight but you never answer me. you talk to alot of people and you know what's going on. do you know anything about this ulog thing? also, are you typing your fingers off for the contest or are you relaxing this week?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:20:21 @byn   oh thank you thank you! coming from you that means alot! the baseball cap thing.. have you seen these guys who always has one on and many times the bill is shaped in different ways? I guess it really IS a redneck thing, lol. to anyone around guys like that or more redneck type guys that is really funny because we all know those guys who do that. let me ask you a serious question about my post though, I've asked this to 4 people tonight and no one will answer me. lol. I wasn't trying to be real, lol funny on that post but was aiming for it to be humorous in spots so the history won't be so boring so in your professional opinion did I accomplish that? and I need an honest answer because if it sounded stupid then I won't try that anymore, at least not on purpose. thanks so much Byn you're the best!
Comment 2018-07-21 03:08:24 @mepatriot   ok what about Europe?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:07:42 @mepatriot   I figured as much, wonder what that costs?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:06:51 @mepatriot   have you got other free opinions on it?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:05:39 @mepatriot   well..ok I guess..
Comment 2018-07-21 03:03:39 @headchange   did the power go out?
Comment 2018-07-21 03:02:48 @byn   ok just let me know where to put those reviews. heck you should be able to get alot of people on here to do that. wow, where in the mountains, I mean what mountains and why?
Comment 2018-07-21 02:59:57 @squirrelbait   what?? you don't watch tv? then how do you keep up with the Kardashians?? lol yeah the cowboy hat was needed out in the plains after seeing some of those goofy hats, of course the Bowlers were for in town dressing up fancy like that one photo.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:56:30 @cryptoandcoffee   yes sir they always have to embellish even if the story is fine without it. interesting about the Laagers. thanks so much for commenting sir!
Comment 2018-07-21 02:53:21 @cryptoandcoffee   yes sir that is a great rule to live by.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:52:00 @coinsandchains   whoa!! that's amazing man. you are so versatile. so why aren't you working there anymore?
Comment 2018-07-21 02:49:36 @headchange   so you already got your excuses lined up I see. well do you have a basement in case a tornado comes along?
Comment 2018-07-21 02:48:30 @glenalbrethsen   haha! that's pretty amazing! I love that kind of talk from the 40s, that rough, inner big city scruffy private eye like a couple of characters on tv movies that I can't recall, well I know Humphrey Bogart played a couple. I think it's a great genre to get into because no one else is doing it as far as I know.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:44:21 @headchange   I love cashews, except their price and I love iced mocha, that means you're going to be up late?
Comment 2018-07-21 02:43:00 @glenalbrethsen   so Glen did any of them surprise you or you figured that Hollywood was full of it? lol and I wasn't going for a really lol type of funnyness but was trying to make it humorous in parts but I've asked 3 people now and they won't tell me so was it a total bomb on humor? If so then I need to get you or noname to write in some humorous stuff, I'm just trying to make the history not boring.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:38:12 @lynncoyle1   you're describing yourself?
Comment 2018-07-21 02:37:27 @hippie-witha-gun   ok, did you think about breaking it into 3 posts, a series or every Friday do a section? I'm not saying you should or saying it's too long, I was just curious because if you're like me you are trying to find things to post about, but that might not be a problem you have.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:34:51 @lynncoyle1   hey! you too? no one will answer me when I ask if any of it was humorous, that means it must have been as humorous as a bag of wet cement!
Comment 2018-07-21 02:33:15 @headchange   I promise they aren't personal. what is your schedule tonight? besides the wine tasting and caviar?
Comment 2018-07-21 02:31:48 @lynncoyle1   yes but in Hollywoods defense, they did basically tell the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid story fairly accurately, I KNOW you had to love that movie! as far as the haunted place, yeah those crack me up. but how do you know it was haunted? give me a good laugh.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:28:57 @headchange   ok you ready for a question or two or are you feverishly working to catch up since you been out playing around all day?
Comment 2018-07-21 02:27:21 @headchange   back from where? I know nothing! haha that's a bad confession to make.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:20:12 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy there @cryptoandcoffee! this is a very encouraging post to those who have let their dreams be put on the back burner forever. May be time to start moving forward. That is so great that it's working well!
Comment 2018-07-21 02:13:12 @byn   howdy @byn! short but so powerful and intriguing. I agree with @honeydue I want more of this story too. so cool to here you are working on the other story about the captive girl. yay I love reading about torture and that's not true but it IS highly entertaining since it's fiction.
Comment 2018-07-21 02:07:15 @mepatriot   howdy oh are so right, everyone should read this and see the side that we don't get on the news.
Comment 2018-07-21 01:54:36 @glenalbrethsen   haha! I LIKE this guy, this old gumshoe! I suppose you know all that terminology? and from what? I didn't know quiff, frail, pipe or mick. great story I sure hope that guy shows up again man, that was too cool. I could just sit there all day and read his thoughts, rough old PI. ha!
Comment 2018-07-21 01:36:30 @mepatriot   hahaha! very good sir, you're sounding much better than a dang Yankee! yeah we have a huge guy like that, he goes from one pond to the other. I think they live to be decades old I know the real big tortoises are like 100 years old. our guy is about 1 foot or more across the shell.
Comment 2018-07-21 01:27:03 @angiemitchell   howdy @angiemitchell! again! hey I sometimes do that myself and can't figure out what causes it but it doesn't happen often, then I'm surprised with how good I feel during the day, until evening then I'm exhausted. but a good sleep then resets everything.
Comment 2018-07-21 01:24:27 @jaynie   howdy @jaynie! this is such a great post. the ex acted like a fool and now has to live with his miserable foolish self. And you get to laugh at his self-induced misery! ha! classic. also, thanks so much for the resteem!
Comment 2018-07-21 01:13:15 @mepatriot   they wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole! probably be afraid to.
Comment 2018-07-21 01:08:51 @angiemitchell   howdy there @angiemitchell! uuuhhmm ice cream, cake and biscuits! now you're talkin! oh but only in moderation? rats. well it takes self control but it's the healthiest way to eat, great post!
Comment 2018-07-21 00:59:21 @lynncoyle1   howdy @lynncoyle1! I don't know... I mean..I've seen WORSE posts. I think I have anyway. It's been awhile. this one...not sure about. The photos are high quality and those irritating photo source tabs look pretty slick so it does have some good elements. Isn't seaweed supposed to be good for you? I mean can't ya'll just eat it or something? you know.. like clean it up for the tourists that way? the comment about the building project.. does that mean you're against capitalism?
Comment 2018-07-21 00:45:33 @hippie-witha-gun   too long man but I'll come back, wanted to show my support!
Comment 2018-07-21 00:41:00 @coinsandchains   thanks @coinsandchains but now I gotta ask what you did at the hospital?
Comment 2018-07-21 00:39:36 @headchange   headchange you there today? what's your excuse for not being around today? lol
Comment 2018-07-21 00:37:48 @goldendawne   howdy there @goldendawne! this is so interesting to do and the benefits are remarkable as @smithlabs has already demonstrated. Thank you, great post!
Comment 2018-07-21 00:35:15 @cecicastor   howdy @cecicastor..that is so wise and so cool for you to do that.
Comment 2018-07-21 00:32:42 @denmarkguy   howdy there @denmarkguy! well sir I think it depends like in your situation, on how and where people are raised and what stage of life they are in and probably their age. Personally I agree with @cecicastor as far as purchasing philosophy but I'm not a single mom pinching pennies! Very thought-provoking article sir!
Comment 2018-07-21 00:25:24 @oldtimer   howdy there @oldtimer! very sharp photos sir. looks like an interesting enough parade with alot of vintage vehicles and such, like that girl standing on her horse! looking forward to the rest of them.
Comment 2018-07-21 00:19:45 @themanwithnoname   yes we all have that problem! lol
Comment 2018-07-21 00:19:06 @mepatriot   what? why not? you can't just say something like that and not tell why? lol
Comment 2018-07-21 00:17:18 @lynncoyle1   I'm impressed that you remembered it, the skit looks pretty old. I suppose you got your post done, I did mine as well but it's not as good as I wanted it to be, but the photo thingys look better. do me a favor and see what you think, I'm just trying to make history not so boring by including a little bit of humor but I have no idea if it is a little humorous or sucky, I'm just going for humorous, not to win the comedyopenmic thing. I've already asked two people and they won't tell me so maybe it's pretty sad.
Comment 2018-07-21 00:13:51 @squirrelbait   well when we started looking we had a list of things that we wanted, one was a pool, too bad we can't drink that water, at least I don't think can we? and the others were privacy, acreage and a pond, this place had 2 ponds.
Comment 2018-07-21 00:11:45 @mepatriot   you guys are like world travelers, how do you afford it?
Comment 2018-07-21 00:10:57 @mepatriot   I don't think they have solid rock out here. I don't know what they do in Dallas but I heard they have skyscrapers moving around! how do they do a deep ground survey?
Comment 2018-07-21 00:09:21 @byn   ok then, great time to sell! then get a smaller cheaper place until you start selling books in Barnes and Noble and Amazon. No problem!
Comment 2018-07-21 00:07:48 @mepatriot   but just wait until you strike it rich and then you can come here in the wintertime which is usually heavenly! just find a painting that no one knows is actually a Rembrant or something and sell it for millions.
Comment 2018-07-21 00:05:48 @bobreedo   haha! howdy there @bobreedo! well sir, I have addressed most of these in my previous posts about saloon girls and Painted Ladies. As far as getting shot at the card table it depends on what saloon, what town and what year. For instance in Dodge City it was wide open for awhile, the Lawmen came in and there were no carrying guns but that was only in the part of town North of the railroad tracks, South of the tracks was wide open and the years before the Lawmen came everything was wide open. other towns had other rules. But I doubt if it was a regular occurrence no. thanks so much for commenting!
Comment 2018-07-20 23:54:42 @squirrelbait   hhahaha! that's too funny squirrelbait. well that would be Stetson. In the 1860s they designed the classic cowboy style hat but it took awhile to catch on in the West, it's funny because they were a hat maker in New Jersey but by the 40s and 50s they were the hat to have in the West and to this day. a top of the line Stetson costs around $400! they finally moved to Texas in the 80s I think.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:47:51 @coinsandchains   haha! no I didn't know anything about when he was shot but I'll do posts on some of these famous outlaws like Butch and Sundance. thank you sir. oh, did you know this stuff or was any of it a surprise?
Comment 2018-07-20 23:45:51 @cryptoandcoffee   thank you sir. Hollywood has to embellish everything even if it was exciting before on it's own. did any of them surprise you? like did you know that no one ever faced off in the street to shoot it out?
Comment 2018-07-20 23:43:48 @mepatriot   hahaha! thank you sir. Boot Hill is great and the motor home is cheap!
Comment 2018-07-20 23:42:36 @mepatriot   oh no our place on the lawns have much BIGGER cracks but not in the house or on the house, we just have one stair-step crack but that is decades old and I don't think the house is settling any more.,I hope.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:40:48 @mepatriot   hhaha! well sir, we keep my office cool for Jack so he doesn't get overheated. we have heat pumps and when it gets this hot the coolest they will get the room to is 88 degrees so while that isn't exactly cold it feels like it compared to the outside. was there any humor in that post? I was going for some humor, not real funny, just homorous in spots trying to make it not boring.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:37:57 @angiemitchell   thank you Ma'am...yes the real story is not quite as thrilling, even if it is, they always have to embellish it.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:36:30 @themanwithnoname   ah ha! did I finally find something Blondie? do you wear baseball caps and shape the bills? plus I forced you to learn something today, yay! was there any humor in it? because I can think it's humorous, not real funny but humorous was what I was shooting for, or should I hire you to fill in humorous parts?
Comment 2018-07-20 23:33:51 @hhayweaver   haha! yay, my kind of guy!
Comment 2018-07-20 23:33:09 @byn   it will be! I have a friend that I went to college with who is a farmer outside of town. Is it the whole area that is booming or just a certain suburb?
Comment 2018-07-20 23:31:51 @gillianpearce   haha! you are one efficient professional @gillianpearce! I'm impressed with my new British friend. God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-20 23:30:09 @mepatriot   me what? lol. yes my logical side says yeah but I like growing my account so I don't know. but wintertime here is the best time to get things done outside so that's the difference from Maine. but I don't think you can go a week without posting. do you think you can?
Comment 2018-07-20 23:27:48 @dollarsandsense   oh well shoot, then you don't even have morons to entertain you. or do you? lol.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:26:42 @themanwithnoname   well said Blondie. stated like a true silveraholic.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:24:39 @willymac   yes sir, when you look at all the insanity and the cliff that we are on financially and knowing that something could trigger a collapse of the whole house of cards it's not a stable feeling. I have no idea what's going to happen.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:19:36 @themanwithnoname   Blondie..I don't think you need inspiration, I think it just comes naturally.
Comment 2018-07-20 23:18:30 @coinsandchains   whoa!! @coinsandchains..that's a feeling of some weight there, some power and responsibility right? that's awesome. and that happens alot?
Comment 2018-07-20 23:16:36 @squirrelbait   I guess I would be too. I don't think we'll have to though but who knows? we also have fish in both ponds.
Comment 2018-07-20 20:24:18 @lynncoyle1   haha! no I have already used it and sometimes I go back to it but I was surprised that it didn't speed me up very much. but I did like the slider on there. maybe I'm using it wrong.
Comment 2018-07-20 20:21:54 @lynncoyle1   what's that word mean?
Comment 2018-07-20 20:20:42 @lynncoyle1   thanks so my Lynn, I'll read the post later, it usually takes me 2 or 3 hours to do a post so I gotta get started!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:55:57 @jaynie   haha! I know, I'm just teasing, that was supposed to be funny. bless you.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:54:27 @lynncoyle1   well because that little bit of native is dominant which is very cool. no wonder you're so sneaky. no, that doesn't make any sense, that's not the connotation I get about First Nations peoples which I've always had a love for, that's why I did that big series on our own local native Indians, the Caddo Nation. very interesting, thank you!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:50:45 @lynncoyle1   how did you come up with this thing? that is great. I didn't realize that I was basically spelling "hahmykahs" ha! what are you Jewish?
Comment 2018-07-20 19:46:06 @byn   same here, the property taxes are infuriating and a license to steal. no one owns their home, just try not paying a fortune in taxes and the next month you're in foreclosure! what city you guys in that is growing so fast? sounds like Texas.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:44:00 @buckaroo   how interesting..well there ya go, we need to post their stuff on Amazon and help them make a bunch of money, the prices could be big and the profit margins would be huge.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:42:03 @squirrelbait   haha! yes Ma'am on the edible spelling. we got huge turtles, I assume they are snapping turtles. some are like a foot across.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:40:15 @bowentroyer   ps- hey Farmer I went over to crowbarmama's blog and holy moly, her posts are like professional productions! my gosh she's so far ahead of most of us in quality and production techniques. I'd never want her to see any of my generic posts! lol
Comment 2018-07-20 19:37:33 @bowentroyer   that makes me question your sanity!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:36:24 @simms50   it is such a powerful reminder so thank you simms50!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:35:30 @gillianpearce   too selfish! ha! I don't believe that for a second. you'd give all Brits a bad name. what's a little clutter anyway? give stuff away to the grandkids.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:33:51 @dollarsandsense   well sir, I thought EMTs were well paid, are you all volunteers? it seems like that job there, the customer service rep job would provide alot of post material with the way people act and such, no?
Comment 2018-07-20 19:32:06 @ironshield   more better for Steemit, we need to advertise Dtube or something on youtube.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:30:45 @mepatriot   oh ok, it sure is good to see you here, I was going to email if you weren't back on here today.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:29:30 @themanwithnoname   lol! sorry. well that was my redneck interpretation. but what is the black area then?
Comment 2018-07-20 19:28:09 @themanwithnoname   what's wrong with animals?
Comment 2018-07-20 19:27:06 @byn   well ...not knowing what we're going to get from you is a sobering thought young lady! you've done it all, you really freaking have! but then you state that fact on every post, Byn there done that. that's so brilliant. at first I thought man that's so clever but were stating the facts. and you've done every hairstyle known to mankind too. so what you are saying is that when you write about S___ it is therapeutic and makes you feel good. ok then go for it I say!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:21:57 @jaynie   that's okay. I'm so used to being ignored by women that I didn't even notice!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:20:39 @lynncoyle1   ooohhh! so this is going to be a record setting week for the vaunted Lynncoyle11111 the third! very impressive. do you want to run it by me first because of the grammar thing? hey if the hammock can hold your feet I think I would fit! i want me one of those hahmykahs.
Comment 2018-07-20 19:16:06 @lynncoyle1   and what was the U.S. doing during that time or was it before we were officially a country? is your family from there and way back? because you look like you have some Indian blood!
Comment 2018-07-20 19:14:09 @lynncoyle1   oh geez! why to they have to make this so complicated? I'm glad you have a teacher's patience. source
Comment 2018-07-20 19:11:57 @lynncoyle1   oh I didn't know there was an age thing attached to Ma'am, I mean obviously you wouldn't say that to a kid, I wonder what the rules are?
Comment 2018-07-20 18:07:30 @jaynie   howdy @jaynie! ha! what a fun post with gorgeous photos, great way to start the weekend! God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-20 18:00:48 @byn   howdy @byn! what the??? what kind of post is THIS? haha..I didn't know you did food posts. I gotta say though, this is a marvelous dish! and it makes such a colossal difference in how we feel, even emotionally. for females anyway, I don't have emotions. love this, great job girl!
Comment 2018-07-20 17:53:45 @ironshield   howdy today @ironshield! well sir, I guess I don't use youtube much because I didn't know this was a feature now. But just being reminded of who owns youtube, Google, is enough to see where this is going just as you so aptly pointed out. thanks for the information and warning, great job!
Comment 2018-07-20 17:45:39 @buckaroo   howdy @buckaroo! you are so wise to keep a Gratitude Journal, I think everyone probably should. It's amazing to see the plants which are no longer watered and yet they live, it's inspirational! Here's to being thankful for what we have but hoping for a brighter future! God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-20 17:13:27 @squirrelbait   oh that's how you spell edible! lol I typed eatible or something. anyway well with our ponds we have tons of turtles and frogs and probably toads. thanks so much squirrelbait!
Comment 2018-07-20 17:11:12 @dollarsandsense   two jobs! you must be rolling in the money dude! lol. well sir...that job sounds dreadful. does it suck?
Comment 2018-07-20 17:09:12 @dollarsandsense   yes well..I wasn't laughing AT you though but it's funny the way you write, part of it, then it was funny because we can all relate!
Comment 2018-07-20 17:07:36 @lynncoyle1   oh. well i think most women come by that skill naturally but not you. good for you. in HS with all the infighting amongst the girls and all the "clicks" and didn't take part in all that drama and girly stuff?
Comment 2018-07-20 17:05:27 @eveningart   howdy back again @eveningart! oh my..that sounds devine! I've never hear of peapod wine, what is that? you should do a post on his wine-making operation.
Comment 2018-07-20 17:03:15 @cryptoandcoffee   yes sir I HOPE we keep improving, some of us have a steeper hill to clime than others on that challenge. not talking about you. lol.
Comment 2018-07-20 17:01:42 @bowentroyer   oh! love it! that is such a great way to do it! hey you could sell their house while you're there and pocket some commission fees! buy a new computer or truck or something!
Comment 2018-07-20 17:00:00 @headchange   oh I saw your other comment first, sorry I'm out of order. that sounds kinda creepy headchange.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:59:03 @lynncoyle1   well..I'm envious. I'm a very slow typer then I gotta go back and correct my mistakes and miss some of those. do you work for sp? when I get behind I'll just hire you to catch up on my commenting. but you gotta be mean and give everyone a hard time!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:56:06 @headchange   yay! headchange is back! no you didn't like that outfit! no way..kind of impractical wouldn't it be? but i guess if you want to attract attention then that would do it. try walking into a Texas bar with that on. or even just down the street in most places here. yeah the holds just a small amount of rain, maybe half an inch, then it floods like crazy. whats your plan headchange? where were you yesterday? are you trying to place higher this week or are you relaxing this week?
Comment 2018-07-20 16:51:30 @lynncoyle1   ha! well don't come to Texas if you don't like being called Ma'am! I need to write down that saying from that tee shirt so I don't forget it, and then I'll recognize it, I think one of the shops in our local town has them.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:48:27 @mepatriot   oh my gosh that guy makes millions each year..think how much SP I could buy with that! and for all my friends!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:47:06 @mepatriot   hahaha! good advice.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:46:30 @mepatriot   yay! mepatriots back! yes sir because the media is owned by socialists right? except internet media and some conservative networks.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:44:12 @lynncoyle1   oh that's much better, I wondered how people did that! like this
Comment 2018-07-20 16:40:57 @dollarsandsense   what?? I thought you were an EMT fulltime. what is your fulltime job then?
Comment 2018-07-20 16:39:09 @lynncoyle1   so England DIDN'T do squat to help! it was the Canadian army like our army here. right? I'm just shocked to realize that I've never heard of any Indian wars in Canada, I didn't think of Indians being in Canada.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:36:54 @squirrelbait   howdy again squirrelbait...oh I was thinking ot toads as being reptiles. toads and frogs the same thing? boy do I sound dumb, well at least I'm not afraid of asking. so does this mean all turtles? I don't know my turtles.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:34:21 @thekitchenfairy   thanks kitchenfairy but I have cheat days so it's okay on those, thank so much!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:33:12 @lynncoyle1   what did England do to contain it?
Comment 2018-07-20 16:32:09 @dollarsandsense   you are so welcome are very unique in your style of writing and you deserve any kind words, you've earned them because this isn't easy especially when you don't know what to write about. but I think you can write about anything that comes to mind or strikes yourself as being interesting because by the time you get into it and add your humor to turns out great! lol. in your real world job really never hear any "great job" or any type of encouragement or gratefulness for what you guys do? that surprises me, I thought firefighters and all first responders were held in pretty high regard.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:20:30 @coinsandchains   howdy again @coinsandchains! you are such a blessing! thanks so much for the nomination sir! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:13:48 @smithlabs   smithlabs! this sounds rather ominous.."It is almost fun to find a new use for an old friend I have used for years!" I thought there was something a little off about you man, going around using people! lol!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:11:03 @buckaroo   howdy today @buckaroo! this is amazing. I could spend hours there and also a fortune buying up the place, everything looks wonderful! I gotta get there someday! someone should get all these products online. great post, loved it!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:06:15 @smithlabs   someone needs to decoction that smithlabs guy!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:04:21 @bowentroyer   home sick? poor baby! hey I have one word for these magnificent photos. (besides magnificent). Glorious! Praise God!
Comment 2018-07-20 16:02:06 @hhayweaver   vacations are for wimps.
Comment 2018-07-20 16:01:36 @bowentroyer   hold it, I thought you were visiting your parents in Florida! what the?? ya'll have alot of parents up there.
Comment 2018-07-20 15:58:54 @wolfhart   friends are fine but show me the money! lol! howya doin @wolfhart! From what I've seen so far on Steemit they are quite a cut above the average Joe out in real life. In fact I've never met such smart, savvy, clever and honorable people including the great Wolf! thank you sir, great post!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:48:30 @squirrelbait   cook your hands thoroughly after you wash them? lol. howdy today @squirrelbait! that makes me shudder, thinking of having to eat reptiles.. are they all eatable?
Comment 2018-07-20 15:45:57 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy today @cryptoandcoffee! well sir, I'm sure glad that there are people like you out there who are figuring this stuff out and letting us know of better ways to improve the earning for all of us. I don't self vote anymore either but when I first started i did because it was the only way some posts survived. But after one gets going and earning beyond a few cents then I agree with no selfvoting, at least not in the first 15 minutes. thought-provoking and educational post, loved it, great job!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:40:24 @headchange   headchange you up?
Comment 2018-07-20 15:38:51 @thekitchenfairy   howdy again @thekitchenfairy! I have no idea what this kind of dessert is but since you made it I'd eat it! looks like it should be poured on top of something like sweet cornbread? maybe? very good quality video girl yay! God bless you and yours!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:32:30 @simms50   howdy today @simms50! man I don't ever pray this and didn't realize tht is was a command to. I am going to start today! thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:28:18 @crowbarmama   howdy from Texas @crowbarmama! first time here and love everything I see..expecting roughness but see excellence instead. but the pizza and cider made me cry!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:26:30 @thefarmerswife   lol. perfect!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:11:18 @squirrelbait   a time-consuming and expensive pain!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:08:54 @bobaphet   exactly sir bobaphet! and I don't know about there but over here it seems like every single politician is a dang lawyer and they all seem to be cut from the same cloth and attracts these arrogant, greedy, power-hungry SOBs. well not Trump I don't know what he's cut from!
Comment 2018-07-20 15:05:54 @coinsandchains   howdy today @coinsandchains! wow what a rich comment so full of interesting topics. From what I can tell the job of many of the Witnesses being Witnesses is a full time job so I don't know if you would want to get that involved in it would you? I mean, you have so many other things going on! If anyone can manage all this, then it's you but I don't know how without sacrificing on some of your other endeavors. And this statement.."I bought installed and managed between 1 to 2 million in servers, storage, and networking gear" are you saying that you actually spent 1 -2 million DOLLARS in those things? so you are independently wealthy? lol I hope so but that threw me for such a loop when you said that! not typical for a redneck! the politics of Steemit, I haven't heard anything about so who knows? I'm glad you're not a politician, I vote for coinsandchains then! thank you sir for the fantastic comment!
Comment 2018-07-20 14:55:18 @gillianpearce   howdy today @gillianpearce! yes Ma'am well I think you owe it to your audience to buy one yourself an demonstrate how you play with it! lol. God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-20 14:42:51 @petesays   howdy today @petesays! well sir, I am truly sorry for this disgusting situation! have you thought about moving?
Comment 2018-07-20 14:40:21 @bowentroyer   oh duh! my redneck dang spellin ability. thanks Farmer!
Comment 2018-07-20 14:39:21 @thefarmerswife   howdy today @thefarmerswife! what the??? well then you guys really are doing the extraordinary with that primitive set up! and you've checked out the new Hughesnet? they claim to be anywhere in the country now. my, my my...bunch of prehistoric rednecks living out in the middle of nowhere! lol. love it!
Comment 2018-07-20 14:36:00 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy today @cryptoandcoffee! well sir, that sounds like a wise investment and a much more difficult target for thieves. perhaps if you decide to move out of there you will have a nice profit to invest in another country.
Comment 2018-07-20 14:33:30 @eveningart   howdy today @eveningart! hey that is so interesting about your dad's wine. how does he make that, just in his house? what kind is it? does he charge you for it? lol.
Comment 2018-07-20 14:31:45 @mother2chicks   howdy again there @mother2chicks! so it sounds like Friday is rain day? what about your lawn and 18 inch tall grass? might have to rent a Bush hog by the time you get to it! well if you don't feel like working outside in the heat at least you have an excuse but that would get frustrating after awhile. Jack is thriving and totally healed up, we prayed over his cut and laid hands on him, some people don't know you can do that with pets but you can, same healing anointing and God loves our pets also.(especially dogs!) lol. no just teasing if any cat lover reads this. you may be one oops. thanks mother2chicks God bless you and yours!
Comment 2018-07-20 14:24:54 @dollarsandsense   I know you struggle with brevity...haha, that's a polite way of saying something but not sure what! anyway but in this specific case I don't think any rules apply! that's how unique this is. you must be very creative thinking as well as writing my friend! I hope you can find time to do more posts because every one of them is very unique and I think once more people see your posts you will grow quickly. you should do this again sometime but it would be so funny to have one of the talented artists on here do caricatures of the different!
Comment 2018-07-20 14:19:54 @dollarsandsense   howdy today @dollarsandsense! yes I thought the dyson's were expensive, wow. nothing compared to the Kirbys back then. but at least you got that salesman his vacation I'm sure. yeah I think I made a mistake..yes sir, my bad..I was thinking of Hoover. It was the Hoover plant that closed or moved overseas not Kirby. I suppose they still make Kirbys right where they always did, I haven't been vacuum shopping for years so I haven't seen one forever.
Comment 2018-07-20 14:09:45 @dollarsandsense   howdy today @dollarsandsense! lol. laughing at everything except the last story, that hurt to read that one. but many people have similar stories so don't beat yourself up to badly over it. great writing and great post!
Comment 2018-07-20 14:00:21 @lynncoyle1   howdy there @lynncoyle1! your funky photos finally loaded on my perfect pc so here I am. I would live on that balcony, it does indeed look like a little paradise! the photos are perfect and that Hisibiscuits flower or whatever that bright red thing is? oh man! extraordinary. great post lady...the grammar could use a little work though, too bad English is your second language but still it ain't bad for an amateur. just sayin. but there's always next month when you do your next post.
Comment 2018-07-20 13:51:48 @dipoabasch   lol! howdy there @dipoabash! yes sir the bar tender is a real man, you can go there and have a beer if you like, I've gone there myself. Most of us have a little redneck in them no matter they are in the world, at least that's my opinion. that you so much for stopping by and commenting!
Comment 2018-07-20 13:45:36 @simms50   ha! howdy there @simms50! good to hear from you. there is a huge business here with companies who repair foundation problems but it costs a fortune starting at $50,000 where they go in, drill holes angled out away from the foundation down 20 or 30 feet then fill them with concrete and attach them to the foundation. but what is interesting is that I heard they have a new method by where they build the house on a big bed of sand, then if movement occurs the entire house moves with it and doesn't break anything because the house isn't anchored to solid ground. So it's the one instance where building your house on shifting sand is a good thing! lol. My wife took those photos while driving 75 mph, she's very very good at what we used to call "drive-by shooting" from our real estate days where she had to get photos of occupied houses without the occupants knowing it! thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 13:38:30 @mother2chicks   lol! howdy @mother2chicks! wow that mower on top of the THAT'S a classic redneck move for sure! lol. no none of those photos were of our place, we only have one stair step crack but no more movement in years, house was built in 1980 so I think it's done all the settling its going to. thanks so much for commenting!
Comment 2018-07-20 07:17:33 @the-witty-waiter   oh no sir, I'm so sorry to hear about that, don't worry about being a downer, most of us would want to know so that we can pray for you and your family. this is a type of family also and people care a great deal. but of course take as much time away as you need. we ain't goin nowhere.
Comment 2018-07-20 06:57:09 @bowentroyer   ps- hey you mentioned crow bar momma, what is her username? I put in crowbarmomma and it didn't like that. thank you!
Comment 2018-07-20 06:47:21 @smithlabs   ha! now I know what to get you for Christmas!
Comment 2018-07-20 06:46:21 @bobaphet   no sir not yet but I plan to.
Comment 2018-07-20 06:45:36 @smithlabs   I was 6 years old in 1960.
Comment 2018-07-20 06:42:57 @smithlabs   smithlabs how do you know all that about how they operate?
Comment 2018-07-20 06:40:57 @the-witty-waiter   that's good to switch posts. sorry to hear about family stuff if that means problems. you work this weekend I assume?
Comment 2018-07-20 06:36:09 @themanwithnoname   haha! I can see why you did that story thing on your post today, that would be a great way to do each post!
Comment 2018-07-20 06:34:27 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir, can't agree more. I never listen to anyone naming dates. yeah if we are here to see some of the major prophecies be fulfilled concerning the End Times it will be shocking! sometime it's gonna happen, might as well be ours.
Comment 2018-07-20 06:30:30 @thedarkhorse   thank you sir, I will!
Comment 2018-07-20 06:29:21 @smithlabs   oh thats right, I think as long as someone is playing something, the drinks are free.
Comment 2018-07-20 06:27:48 @themanwithnoname   howdy there Blondie! who makes turtle coins? and what is that design? it looks like a dang turtle flying in space over the moon! I like the design though, it's very striking..especially the part that looks like outer space. very cool space turtle.
Comment 2018-07-20 06:19:51 @smithlabs   smithlabs! no sir I ain't never seen nothin like that before, that's awesome! that is super cool. I never heard of this balloon satelite, when was it doing that cruising over when you could see it?
Comment 2018-07-20 06:16:27 @glenalbrethsen   what post count do you like to be at?
Comment 2018-07-20 06:14:54 @smithlabs   I bet their job is easy, especially after a couple of drinks!
Comment 2018-07-20 06:13:51 @smithlabs   thank you sir smithlabs! but did you already know everything in the post? also do you have Yosemite Sam mud flaps?
Comment 2018-07-20 06:11:27 @thedarkhorse   @thedarkhorse! thank you sir that is so kind and helpful! I will do the same when I build my account up some. God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-20 06:05:57 @alok1   yeah don't he look like one?
Comment 2018-07-20 06:04:30 @papa-pepper   howdy there @papa-pepper! hey that 3rd one down sure ain't no thing of beauty, what is that thing? I suppose you think they're all beautiful but that third one down reminds me of a dang buzzard. super quality photos sir! 3rd from the bottom is my favorite.
Comment 2018-07-20 05:55:36 @gillianpearce   howdy there @gillianpearce! I want to go to Brighton, I love the sounds of that place! but I wonder how much those duckys cost?
Comment 2018-07-20 05:52:15 @gillianpearce   howdy from Texas @gillianpearce! so in 7 days you are going to take another photo of your desk and show us how you have kept it in perfect organization right?
Comment 2018-07-20 05:44:09 @thefarmerswife   howdy there @thefarmerswife! ok you seen the comments. we decided that ya'll are gettin another computer! thank us later when you are both on Steemit at the same time..what service do you have out there? The new HughesNet is super fast what's wrong with it? God bless you both!
Comment 2018-07-20 05:33:00 @glenalbrethsen   well sir, I don't think it needs to go faster. but spending 3 hours on something, and i think it was well spent, a good investment in time, but doesn't that put you way behind on the other steemit stuff?
Comment 2018-07-20 05:30:24 @mother2chicks   yes Ma'am but isn't it the humidity that wipes you out? it does me, makes me real slow. the dry heat I can handle. but any kind when it gets over 100 you gotta make sure you have enough electrolytes that's for sure. we use very little power even when it's super hot like it was today at 108, if it wasn't for Jack we probably wouldn't even use the air but we feel so bad for him that we take a part of the house and keep it 86 or 87 and thats good enough for him. your grass was 18 inches tall because you haven't been able to get to it because of the rain I assume? are you going to be able to get the rest or is it raining tomorrow?
Comment 2018-07-20 05:23:27 @the-witty-waiter   howdy there witty-waiter! good to see you here. glad you like the Road Runner photos, they don't exactly stand around and pose for me. That outfit the model is wearing is the goofiest thing I've ever seen and those accordion pants.. ha! they probably do play a tune when he walks lol. did you work tonight?
Comment 2018-07-20 05:18:12 @thedarkhorse   yes sir I couldn't agree more.. I've had some people tell me that it's impossible to reach 500 SP without investing from the outside though and this process feels painfully slow.
Comment 2018-07-20 05:13:24 @smithlabs   a mylar baloon that's a hundred big did you say that thing was?
Comment 2018-07-20 05:11:57 @smithlabs   oh ok got it.
Comment 2018-07-20 05:09:48 @glenalbrethsen   well sir, with most things in life if I heard that 25-35 year olds were going to be making the major decisions and driving the changes it would be terrifying but with Steemit I don't know. are the ones driving the changes that young? I'd have to know who they are before I could give a good answer but just in general no it sounds scary.
Comment 2018-07-20 05:04:30 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir I know, nothing is more confusing than listening to people who have studied the End Times debate things! and they all make sense when they present their point of view, so I give up on alot of that.
Comment 2018-07-20 05:02:06 @hananali   it's great to be able to make a difference isn't it Hanan? good job.
Comment 2018-07-20 05:01:06 @lynncoyle1   good thing you're the world's fastest typist and world's fastest thinker!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:59:00 @byn   loved it!!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:57:03 @glenalbrethsen   well sir, that's what I can say about you as far as the comment lengths, that's an amazing amount of typing. my high volume of comments is just because I have a hard time making long comments so I have to make it up in volume.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:53:30 @glenalbrethsen   howdy sir Glen, someone did talk about the mountain lion afterall, found this out right after I mentioned that to you: [-]coinsandchains (46) · 3 hours ago "Now you've got me curious, I've been trying to find the stinking cat in a glass truck for 10 minutes now. It has to have some purpose, it almost looks like a museum exhibit." see, it was driving coinsandchains crazy too! lol.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:49:42 @smithlabs   ok thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:49:18 @hebrewhousewife   yes Ma'am Texas, at least this area floods at the smallest rains, never seen anything like it! soil can't absorb the rain. we're out in the country on a higher level so it doesn't affect us though.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:46:18 @cecicastor   oh my! is the ocean breeze cool? seems like it would be hot also.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:43:09 @dollarsandsense   oh my gosh I didn't know any were ever that expensive. We lived a few miles from the main Kirby plant in Ohio. They went out of business and our church bought their factory! Now it's a big mega-church. and it doesn't suck ha! my pitiful attempt at humor. I'm no dollarsandsense.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:40:09 @ironshield   yeah if you eat that healthy you can have dessert!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:39:15 @ironshield   oh there you go again @ironshield wanting to torturous some more! Blueberry is just as good as cherry. oh man and with whipped cream or ice cream...too good.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:37:00 @squirrelbait   how do you battle them, constantly have Orkin come out and spray?
Comment 2018-07-20 04:36:00 @themanwithnoname   it IS dag gone funny!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:34:54 @themanwithnoname   well I wouldn't get too greedy there Blondie, there has to be a line somewhere. a limit somewhere.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:33:09 @themanwithnoname   yahahaha! I'll bring mine up and then maybe someone will do the splits on them!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:32:03 @thedarkhorse   yes sir included, I'm going to talk to my wife about putting a little more in Steem. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:30:06 @lynncoyle1   not just some of it. when we moved here Mrs. J was totally shocked at how all the men went out of their way to be polite, courteous, helpful in any way shape or form. She had lived all over but had been called Ma'am more in one week here than her whole life in other places. of course..the women are so tough here the men BETTER treat them right! ha! the other day in Walmart this Texas lady had on a tee shirt that said.."don't flatter yourself Cowboy, I was staring at your truck!" haha! and that pretty much sums up the way most of the females are around here.
Comment 2018-07-20 04:24:12 @themanwithnoname   haha! yeah that makes perfect sense and it Biblical Blondie thank you!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:23:12 @smithlabs   If I ignore your posts why am I hear? it's true that I can't get to all 50 each day but I get to what I can! where was this photo? another post?
Comment 2018-07-20 04:21:09 @smithlabs   hahaha, I can help too if you ever need it!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:20:12 @lynncoyle1   lol! yay, I showed the right emotion!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:19:21 @the-witty-waiter   good evening witty-waiter! did you just get off work?
Comment 2018-07-20 04:18:27 @lynncoyle1   howdy back again lynncoyle1...well were there Indian wars in Canada like we had here?
Comment 2018-07-20 04:16:24 @lynncoyle1   well that explains alot right there. I went on their discord group and asked a question but is there something more to do in order to get in with them or do they just pick random posts that get curated to them? and I've never heard of c-squared how does one get them to notice you?
Comment 2018-07-20 04:11:30 @angiemitchell   yes Ma'am well it sure lends itself to photography!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:10:24 @lynncoyle1   oh I thought women were women. you know, cold blooded schemers!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:09:00 @papa-pepper   yes sir I've read that small lizards are their favorite food!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:07:48 @mother2chicks   oh I believe you, it's just one of those curious things that happen. it's so cool. thanks mother2chicks!
Comment 2018-07-20 04:04:42 @glenalbrethsen   howdy again @glenalbrethsen! there you go again..taking something with no story and creating an amazing and detailed tale, I don't know how you do it but I'm glad you do! great job. this one had to take a long time to write.
Comment 2018-07-20 03:46:06 @bobaphet   howdy there @bobaphet! lol! you are one crazy character! loved the tutorial, it was hilarious!
Comment 2018-07-20 03:40:54 @dollarsandsense   howdy there @dollarsandsense! lol! this is a classic story that will live on in Steemit lore, I hope. I loved the way you worked so many of us into your tale, this was so funny and delightful. Brilliant job!
Comment 2018-07-20 03:25:27 @hhayweaver   lol! howdy there @hhayweaver! now that there is a perfect climbing tree and I like that path too. I'd be living at that lake this time of year! thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 03:22:06 @smithlabs   howdy there @smithlabs! now this one I understand. silver rounds. I like the design. very kind of you to let them jump into your pockets and give them a home!
Comment 2018-07-20 03:18:39 @smithlabs   howdy there @smithlabs! what the?? I don't get it, what watermelon? is this another one of your mind games?
Comment 2018-07-20 03:14:09 @bowentroyer   howdy there @bowentroyer!! lol.. man..if I knew I was gonna get that nice of a shout-out I wouldn't have put off coming over here so long! I saw your post photo and said ahh they're still on vacation what does he have to say today? who wants to watch them swimming and splashin around when it's 108 degrees today??! ha! thanks, you guys are both a great example of working those three ways to succeed here and I'm so thankful to have run into your blog. Thank you sir and God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:56:48 @ironshield   howdy again @ironshield! wow now that is torturous to see! lol. I love cupcakes, haven't had one in years but one of my favorite desserts is cherry pie heated up with a big pile of vanilla ice cream on top and melting. but I also like almost any kind of dessert! wonderful photos. God bless you all!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:52:06 @ironshield   howdy @ironshield! I gotta say that meal you guys did tonight was wonderful and so healthy! love it. great job. I can't remember what we had tonight but I think it was good! lol
Comment 2018-07-20 02:45:54 @byn   howdy I'm so sorry you guys are going through this rough time. The good news is that you are both very strong and will get through this, you've been through far worse from what I know. Julisavio's stuff sounds really good. Why are the house payments increasing so much? I'll be praying for you guys, God bless you both!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:32:48 @byn   haha! who knows maybe they will be included in my norm? I think you wrote something else today that I gotta go read, this is a good reminder, thanks Byn!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:31:00 @dollarsandsense   howdy there @dollarsandsense! 70's is indeed perfect summer weather, love the sound of that. Yeah it's too hot in southern Texas. hey, I went over to your post today but it was so long I had to leave and will come back to it because I wanted to take the time to completely read it, I did read the vacuum story so far, I thought that was great! very funny and insane! lol. I never even heard of one costing that much, what kind is it anyway? thanks so much for commenting sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:26:54 @themanwithnoname   yes sir..well, they have all kinds of repair companies out here to fix foundations if they start to have trouble but that is outrageously expensive, like they start at $50,000. They drill holes about 20 or 30 ft deep at an angle away from your foundation and then fill those with concrete and connect them to your foundation. however, I heard about a new design where they actually build the house on a bed of sand and that way if it shifts around the house moves with it and it doesn't crack and break up because it isn't secured to the ground.
Comment 2018-07-20 02:22:36 @cecicastor   that's too hot. you can't do much when it gets that hot. I'd be a wimp and never go outside if I had central air, do you guys have air?
Comment 2018-07-20 02:21:12 @oldtimer   you're welcome sir you earned it!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:20:12 @themanwithnoname   well sir, they say that the Volvo is the most sophisticated truck in the world so I can't wait to get one.
Comment 2018-07-20 02:18:48 @themanwithnoname   there you go Blondie, buy the joint and demand payment in SILVER!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:17:33 @themanwithnoname   yay I was funny for a change! lol. no I know what side tracked means, I just didn't see what the side track was so it flew over my head and confused that sounds pitiful don't it? oh well. been a long day. oh I gotta go see your posts!
Comment 2018-07-20 02:15:06 @squirrelbait   well maybe down South along the coast where it's so much more wet and humid but as far as I know, not too bad around here. those things suck! how bad was it in South Carolina?
Comment 2018-07-20 02:12:39 @leeart   howdy @leeart! yes sir I looked at a few of them, they are very well put together, I can see why she is ranked so high. quite a beautiful video. you could do that someday also, right?
Comment 2018-07-20 02:10:45 @coinsandchains   the top ten? are you in Asher's League? I'm way above 10 as far as humans. lol. hey you're a computer guy, what do you think of the bot controversy? you could probably build bots for yourself right?
Comment 2018-07-20 02:06:36 @coinsandchains   haha! sorry about making you so curious about that giant cat, I think it's a mountain lion. I just thought it was so strange to show it to everyone with no advertising to let anyone know who made it or any indication what it was for? But this IS Texas where everything is bigger! yes sir, about the rain, it would take quite a bit to fill those back in. thank you sir, let me know if you find anything out! lol
Comment 2018-07-20 02:02:15 @glenalbrethsen   hahahaha!! oh man this was such a funny comment. from the idiotic outfit that model had on..ironing all those creaseslol..sound like an accordian when he walks...ha! to the giant mountain lion for the little girl! lol oh man. that mountain lion..yeah why the plastic walls with no advertising anywhere, you'd think they'd want free advertising. I don't know, strange but you're the first person that mentioned the mountain lion, I thought it was very interesting and my wife did a great job driving that fast and still getting good photos. that comes from our real estate days when we had to do what we called "drive-by shootings" with the camera to not be seen by the home owners. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:51:24 @angiemitchell   oh I didn't even know that, thanks for all the great information!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:50:18 @angiemitchell   I always want to go to every eating place you go to, especially those little coffee joints!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:48:51 @angiemitchell   howdy again @angiemitchell..that is very did they work on the foundation?
Comment 2018-07-20 01:44:09 @cicisaja   haha! howdy there @cicisaja! well what I've found is that all over the world there are rednecks and almost everyone has a little bit of redneck in them so even if your vendor has a great cart there may be other things that make him a redneck! the newer Front Street is also made of wood yes. it didn't take very many trees to make it though. thanks so much for commenting!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:39:42 @cicisaja   what the?? who is your other half? half of what?
Comment 2018-07-20 01:36:51 @glenalbrethsen   haha! that's pathetic if someone is saying that, that's the first I've heard of it. Like I told Willymac you don't chase anyone nor need to chase anyone. yes, this week I am saying again that I gotta some work done outside next week! we'll see what happens. I'd love to break that 1,000 comment number.
Comment 2018-07-20 01:33:48 @willymac   haha! thanks for getting back to me willymac. that Texas citizenship thing was such a hoot and a great post! You mentioned that the next six months look bad for the economy, of Florida? why would that be? I thought it was booming over there? As far as the highly esteemed @glenalbrethsen goes..I don't think he chases anyone or needs to chase anyone. He's the real deal being an actual author and writer, I'm just a friendly guy who asks alot of questions and people are kind enough to talk to me. I just saw Glen's comment lol. yes sir, I am pitifully far behind on work that needs to be done on our property. Thank goodness it's been dry and hot because the grass stopped growing. I haven't had a day off, at least not a full one, in decades. thank you sir for the excellent comment!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:23:00 @lynncoyle1   I just went to your post awhile ago. you call THAT a post??? lol, just teasing. it wouldn't load the photos so I gotta go back later to more professionally judge the content and quality! hey do you know anything about Curie? because every one I know is getting upvoted by Curie, I went and asked a question on their discord but got no answer and I hear that you just have to wait and get noticed by them or her or whatever it is.
Comment 2018-07-20 01:19:12 @lynncoyle1   rats..I never thought of that!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:18:06 @lynncoyle1   howdy there @lynncoyle1! what???? you're saying that the Canadian government also paid hunters to wipe out buffalo up there so that the Indians up there had no food or hides? dang I didn't ever hear that? I don't even know what tribes Canadians had up there? had to be a little weird being the first Canadians though. huh, very interesting, thank you! I wanted to include that buffalo skulls photo because it is so incredible to see an illustration of the numbers of them that were killed. and many had never seen anything like it. thanks so much Lynn!
Comment 2018-07-20 01:10:09 @lynncoyle1   scared? noo. more like terrified!
Comment 2018-07-20 00:51:09 @bobaphet   haha! great comments sir bobaphet! well sir, in the first atrocity concerning wiping out the noble buffalo, it did take away the food supply of the Indians and help to force them onto the reservations. the second observance you made is so brilliant because there are so many in law enforcement who joined because they like to order people around and take advantage of people and are easily corrupted and those are usually the mean, nasty ones so great point! I assume there are those types in police forces all over the world even in Australia? brilliant sir, thank you!
Comment 2018-07-20 00:45:57 @hananali   most are on social media all the time?
Comment 2018-07-20 00:45:00 @hananali   hahaha! maybe but I have tons of experience working all night shifts, how much experience do you have in that?
Comment 2018-07-20 00:43:39 @hananali   on your forehead!
Comment 2018-07-20 00:42:09 @cryptoandcoffee   hahaha! what you didn't like that model either? I mean his outfit? that is the goofiest thing I ever saw. try walking down the street in that in your city! ha! thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-20 00:38:45 @angiemitchell   howdy @angeimitchell and yes you are very impressive to arrive first, great job! what do they do with those cracked brick walls down there, do you know? patch them in some way? I have no idea why anyone would buy something so impractical but it would certainly draw attention to themselves if that's what they wanted!
Comment 2018-07-20 00:35:06 @themanwithnoname   I don't get it, side tracks are the jokes? lol I'm laughing but I don't get it.
Comment 2018-07-20 00:33:30 @themanwithnoname   I'd rather arrive first then try to learn from it, plus I'd have more time for to learn different stuff.
Comment 2018-07-20 00:32:06 @themanwithnoname   hhaaaha..but Blondie whiskey is a big part of the Cowboy Code! if you cut that out it's not the same. you'd have to rewrite the Code. lol. apparently that was the thing to do back then and you had no choice if you were to be accepted. I'd have to pay the bartender to pour me those teas or colored water drinks like he did for the dance hall girls, then I could drink up a storm!
Comment 2018-07-20 00:27:57 @hananali   hahaha! don't tell me you like that motor home? that's so ugly it's supposed to be a joke! yes that was so nice of @hebrewhousewife, she is amazing. follow her if you're not yet. she wrote that beautiful username for the post photo. lol.
Comment 2018-07-20 00:25:00 @themanwithnoname   you're doing great. just don't ever change and don't ever lose that big heartedness.
Comment 2018-07-20 00:23:54 @cecicastor   howdy @cecicastor! wow is that normal for there to be that hot? are you in some kind of drought there or are cracks normal in the summer time?
Comment 2018-07-20 00:22:15 @squirrelbait   howdy @squirrelbait! what was asinine about that redneck moving the refrigerator is that they had nothing at all to at least try to hold the thing in place. I don't think termites are much of an issue out here, at least not that we have heard. hey what do you mean you are turning more red? Red Communist? no..sunburnt?..Red state red? more of a redneck? like we could take a hilarious photo after you finished duct taping the heck out of that refrigerator? lol.
Comment 2018-07-20 00:17:00 @themanwithnoname   well he's always been almost supernatural in his abilities but those trucks were backing up! and they were driven by professional truckers not guided by computers! that's astounding.
Comment 2018-07-20 00:15:00 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy again @cryptoandcoffee! ok so you are now in a gated community? are there any burgularies or thefts there?
Comment 2018-07-20 00:13:06 @hananali   hahaha! hey there @hananali! you really like that thing the model was wearing? that would be a little impractical wouldn't it? not to mention everyone in the world laughing at you, but hey, it would be a way to get attention from girls! no the guy with the refrigerator was insane, that photo was supposed to be funny, ridiculously risky and dangerous that was. Our place is fine, the cracks are out in our lawns not close to the house. thanks man!
Comment 2018-07-19 23:48:09 @byn   hahaha! that was a good one, I didn't see that coming, creepy and a great job!
Comment 2018-07-19 23:38:45 @byn   howdy @byn! yes Ma'am it was definitely meant to be, silly romance thing, silly me I really got involved with it. don't tell anyone.
Comment 2018-07-19 23:36:24 @themanwithnoname   hahaha! refrigerators are a big hassle to move especially if all you got is a little compact car! no our house is fine, we do have one of those stair-step cracks but the house has been sitting here since 1980 and there is no other movement which is extraordinary.. but the guy who built this house was a custom home builder and this was his house so he really knew what he was doing, we're thankful for that. the huge cracks in the ground are amazing but just a seasonal oddity. well, I mean you gotta watch where you're stepping or running in some areas of the lawns, we have four large lawns but where we work Jack out and play with him there are no cracks for some strange reason. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-19 23:30:09 @smithlabs   smithlabs! are you one who says that the foundation should be sprayed down with water everyday? what does that do? in laymen/redneck terms. thanks sir about the photos, I work hard to get those dang birds and they can see me coming a mile away even inside the house! no coyotes ever gonna get them suckers.
Comment 2018-07-19 23:25:03 @thedarkhorse   howdy there @thedarkhorse! this was a great post. Excellent example of using hockey and relating that to Steemit. And thank you for the generous offer of the SBI and all you are doing to help others! thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-19 23:13:24 @coinsandchains   howdy @coinsandchains! thanks so much, to me it is a big deal because these things really add up! I have to go with @smithlabs because the man is always available with comments or to talk to 24 hours a day and is one of the funniest people online and very helpful with advice on practically any situation that you could ever run into. thank you sir for doing this!
Comment 2018-07-19 23:00:27 @angiemitchell   howdy I feel so bad for the parents and siblings of those with disabilities and I also hope that Australia's services for these types of cases will increase their help for them. God bless you guys. ps- that beach photo is one of the best I've seen!
Comment 2018-07-19 22:54:12 @angiemitchell   howdy @angiemitchell! yawser what a way to have lunch huh? Did that ruin the rest of the meal because of the pain? I don't think there's much you can do to heal a burned mouth is there? I think you just have to give it a day or two to heal up on it's own. boy, that lunch looked quite wonderful though!
Comment 2018-07-19 20:35:06 @oldtimer   howdy there today @oldtimer! wonderful photos as usual. I had no idea you are now just using your cellphone, I figured you had some fancy camera!
Comment 2018-07-19 20:30:15 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy @cryptoandcoffee! wow this is just amazing. first of all the level of crime in even a decent area and secondly like you said, everyone needs to band together and protect the entire neighborhood and it would force the thieves to move to other areas. a simple and needed solution. very interesting post, glad you're in a better area now.
Comment 2018-07-19 20:23:39 @thekitchenfairy   howdy there @thekitchenfairy! hey I've heard of these but don't remember ever seeing one but I hope I will sometime and if I do I will be sure to get some thanks to your post!
Comment 2018-07-19 20:17:06 @papa-pepper   ha! so cute, that's what our Road Runners are eating!
Comment 2018-07-19 20:15:24 @bearbear613   hahaha! great pics, beautiful son! Blessings to you all!
Comment 2018-07-19 20:11:27 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir I believe that we will see it soon and don't worry you won't miss it, everyone in the world will know about it. I believe that inspite of our many sins as a nation that God will use America even more in a final, world-wide revival and it will be America's greatest time, her Golden Age for a period.. to be used to the maximum in order to fulfill her purpose and calling which is to be a light unto the nations and to spread the Gospel to all people everywhere. I know that's not what the globalists have in mind for us but they will be thwarted.. at least for a time.
Comment 2018-07-19 19:16:48 @glenalbrethsen   oh so that's what you did isn't it? that's not your real face. lol. it's a noname strategy but in disguise. lol. so this is a good thing right, to have the 25-35 year olds driving the changes? I think your observations are wise and are worth a LOT sir Glen.
Comment 2018-07-19 19:05:54 @buckaroo   oh ok I understand I thought it was like saying someone "was born with a silver spoon in their mouth" thanks for the clarification!
Comment 2018-07-19 19:03:57 @buckaroo   thanks @buckaroo and God bless them, someday I'd like to be able to support them by ordering products.
Comment 2018-07-19 19:02:42 @cicisaja   what other commentator is is? and are you sure you can trust them? lol just teasing!
Comment 2018-07-19 19:01:27 @squirrelbait   I couldn't agree more squirrelbait and Rainbow Man!
Comment 2018-07-19 19:00:03 @lynncoyle1   thank you so much @lynncoyle1! that one in Wyoming they just stole the design from us in Dodge! lol. Well the Cowboy Code is still in place here in the rural parts of Texas like where we are, the way. bastians of socialism and "equality" can't dare treat women as if they may need protected or assistance. you watched Gunsmoke? yay! I grew up on that show, I think it was one of the longest running in TV history. yeah, just looked it up. 20 years! from 1955 to 1975. I don't think any show on primetime of it's type has come close to that. hey did you ever see American Graffiti? that was so good and such a pretty accurate slice of Americana. and so many big actors got their start in it.
Comment 2018-07-19 18:49:48 @the-witty-waiter   haha! howdy there @the-witty-waiter! sorry I hope I didn't embarrass you but I was just stating the facts, you add alot on here and more people need to get to know you. I was getting ready to comment and see if you were up late last night and I got sidetracked but expect me late at night sometimes!
Comment 2018-07-19 18:46:12 @lynncoyle1   I don't know how you can catch up but I'm rooting for you!
Comment 2018-07-19 18:45:18 @steemonkey   howdy again @steemonkey! that is so cool that they have started coming every year to your house! I hope they thrive and increase.
Comment 2018-07-19 18:43:15 @themanwithnoname   no sir the wives will never be replaced in that category!
Comment 2018-07-19 18:42:00 @themanwithnoname   lol! I love that song. here it is again, have you seen this with the trucks backing up? unreal.
Comment 2018-07-19 18:34:03 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir...sir Glen..I think, and I know it seems like most people on this platform disagree, but I think we are a long way from the destruction of the country. so many people on here think we are and maybe they're right. I used to think so but after ..lets see I was in college in 1974 so for 44 years I've heard this talk of the destruction and utter Mad Max situation type talk and I just don't see it as being imminent. I agree that we should be some type or degree of preppers but I'm not convinced we'll need to be in our lifetimes. I think we'll have a major revival way before the collapse comes though, I think there is going to be another great period of prosperity and peace for this country ushered in by this coming revival. I really do. One reason is the tremendous growth of Spirit-filled churches with increased manifestations of works of the Spirit like healings and miracles of all kinds. but that also is one of the signs we have been expecting as part of the End Times scenario.
Comment 2018-07-19 18:17:42 @glenalbrethsen   hahaha~! yeah I can see how that would get old fast.
Comment 2018-07-19 18:16:30 @glenalbrethsen   howdy again Glen, yes sir we should be leading the charge and I think our generation is..well I'm older than you but close enough. there isn't data on demographics available anywhere about Steemit so we can see the age percentages? that would sure be interesting. I guess I have no clue then, I had thought that you told me that the majority were younger but now I see what you were saying.
Comment 2018-07-19 18:11:27 @cicisaja   ok take your time, that post sounds like an interesting one!
Comment 2018-07-19 18:10:24 @simms50   yes sir they do and I'm sure they have their reasons so I'm not going to condemn them without knowing for sure what those reasons are, I know it's a very tough "job".
Comment 2018-07-19 18:06:09 @eveningart   lol! howdy today @eveningart! wow what a day! at least you didn't shirk any commitments today! lol. I've never had pink wine but I'd like to try it! wonderful bee photo. have fun tonight!
Comment 2018-07-19 18:02:24 @exyle   howdy @exyle! hey that should make for a very interesting post tomorrow!
Comment 2018-07-19 17:55:42 @willymac   hahaha! Praise God another Texan! howdy today @willymac..I had no idea they had this program, I wonder how many ended up being Texans? This is classic Texas all the way, thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-19 17:48:24 @hippie-witha-gun   these freakin idiots are pathetic!
Comment 2018-07-19 17:47:57 @squirrelbait   haha! Rainbow Man is our "canary in the coal mine!"
Comment 2018-07-19 17:41:09 @happymoneyman   lol! words of wisdom sir and so true. Blessed to be a blessing to others. great photo lol. and nice hat of course.
Comment 2018-07-19 17:36:36 @buckaroo   howdy again @buckaroo! wow this is an amazing project to teach and help these women how to earn an income and the products looks so unique and high quality! God bless that company and whoever is running it!
Comment 2018-07-19 17:10:33 @buckaroo   hey @buckaroo, thanks for informing us of this situation and keep us informed of any progress in programs for these kids and adults with autism because this is truly shocking. My heart goes out to all of you.
Comment 2018-07-19 17:01:36 @buckaroo   oh my gosh! I want a view like that! amazing.. Howdy there @buckaroo, I missed this post yesterday, thanks for the gorgeous photos, I want to stay there, obviously this couple is very wealthy to be able to have a home on a cliff overlooking the beach and ocean. I've never heard this interesting phrase before.." land with their bum in the butter. " that means they were born wealthy? what does it mean, this "architectural project"? what do they do?
Comment 2018-07-19 16:54:57 @thekitchenfairy   howdy @thekitchenfairy! it's so true, I've been following you since the day I joined and you are awesome. God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-19 16:47:45 @headchange   kids need alot of sleep.
Comment 2018-07-19 16:47:09 @headchange   well the one I just saw curie upvote was long but didn't have a single photo that the author took himself so the mystery continues, they have voted Glen 3 times and his posts are rather long but he almost never has a personally taken photo unless it's his weekly Friday cookout post. we're just one time zone ahead unless you don't really live in Virginia. which is possible knowing you. we're Central. I think you have an obtuse attitude today.
Comment 2018-07-19 16:40:45 @mineopoly   howdy again @mineopoly! well sir, I didn't think this one was that funny and I didn't even think about entering into their contest. maybe something will strike me as funny again and I'll do that.
Comment 2018-07-19 16:38:12 @themanwithnoname   you are so compassionate Blondie!
Comment 2018-07-19 16:33:57 @t-mo   very common. easy to defeat.
Comment 2018-07-19 16:30:51 @themanwithnoname   ahh a control freak huh! lol!
Comment 2018-07-19 16:29:42 @themanwithnoname   It's so fun because I am learning everyday from people like you sir!
Comment 2018-07-19 16:25:27 @coinsandchains   howdy today @coinsandchains! well sir..I'm kinda speechless because this is rather extraordinary to me. less than 4 hours per night..and there are no ill side obviously you have more alone time than most which would be great study, work or learning time. wow, no wonder you can be into so many things! in fact, you could literally be living twice as much and accomplishing twice as much as most people! you can have two careers and I guess you already have several! very impressive sir! praise God!
Comment 2018-07-19 16:17:18 @themanwithnoname   manwithnoname..what are "the side tracks"?
Comment 2018-07-19 16:16:06 @themanwithnoname   nothing like a dependable female to remind you of the important stuff.
Comment 2018-07-19 16:14:54 @themanwithnoname   ahhahaha! yes sir! I like that crazy guy! never seen or heard nothin like it. it sounds like it could indeed by manwithnoname's theme song to get pumped up to go silver hunting!
Comment 2018-07-19 16:13:06 @hhayweaver   lol! "holy hand-grenades"! I'm gonna steal that expression, I love using expressions man. haha. uh..well sir, every summer this happens to our lawns and those cracks vary in length from a couple feet to 15 feet so I will get some of them in one of my posts yes because for me at least, it's quite a phenomenon, I had never seen anything like it until we got here. We have a black clay soil and that stuff shifts and moves around and cracks, then when it rains it doesn't absorb into the ground so it floods everywhere! it's very strange..many people have foundation problems because of the shifting clay soil. we're not officially in a drought yet but it does get hot and dry every summer like this..and today it's hitting 108, tomorrow it's supposed to be 110! that dries out the ground like crazy. ponds are going down fast too.
Comment 2018-07-19 16:06:45 @mineopoly   Now that right there is what we need all sides of the argument to be like instead of trying to convince the other side without trying to understand their view point. very admirable sir mineopoly.
Comment 2018-07-19 16:04:45 @hebrewhousewife   lol! well I'm sorry but that's true..I mean we are surrounded by such gifted and talented writers, authors and bloggers and I'm not any of those things so yes sometimes I don't even know what I'm doing here! lol. God bless you @hebrewhousewife you are a true blessing!
Comment 2018-07-19 15:59:51 @glenalbrethsen   well well well..Mr. Glass is Half full! lol. mr. optimism. howdy today Glen... well sir, I don't disagree with any thing you said and I SO hope that you are right about people looking for the truth. My idea is NOT that half the world are bad apples, I agree that they are a small percentage. I was just saying that half the world don't even believe in our God. My thinking is that humans are naturally selfish and act in their own interests. We who are truly born again struggle with this but those who aren't saved don't, for the most part, they just do whatever it takes to get themselves ahead in life. but I so hope that half the world is seeking the light and the truth. I believe there will be a great End Times Revival and I hope it starts in D.C.!
Comment 2018-07-19 14:54:03 @hananali   even the youth of today? I thought they were more idealistic than that, at least I was hoping.
Comment 2018-07-19 14:52:39 @hananali   for me it's just plain stubborness. almost everyone on here are gifted writers, authors, artists, all kinds of things and I'm not any of those but I AM stubborn and will work around the clock if that's what it takes so I've just out-worked everyone in the contest, probably have less talents than all of them! lol.
Comment 2018-07-19 14:50:00 @hananali scared of a little pain Hanan? I'm not if the end product is worth it. I bet in a few years there will be painless lazer tattoos, how much you want to bet?
Comment 2018-07-19 14:48:33 @hananali   we'd be gone. lol.
Comment 2018-07-19 14:47:42 @headchange   oh what did you miss? I didn't know there was good stuff happening. no you kids need your sleep, at least 10 hours!
Comment 2018-07-19 14:46:15 @eveningart   lol! the growl makes you sound dangerous! you've probably seen photos of our German Shepard Jack because I keep including him in my posts? anyway he's the most gentle thing but if you start growling he doesn't like that and starts a low, gutteral, really mean sounding growl like he's getting ready to fight, he thinks he's being challenged and he doesn't like that, he's the Alpha dog around here. do you guys have a cat or dog or any pets? I don't know how common that is in England.
Comment 2018-07-19 14:42:09 @headchange   holy cow what time do you get up and start working girl? 4 am? no I was running low on people to talk to and I was getting a little sleepy so I needed fresh blood. you know, for stimulation of the brain cells. and you have that effect on me so I thought I'd take advantage of you for my own selfish mind-power needs. But alas to no avail. I don't know how to get picked up by her. everyone I know except you,has been. even a guy who only posts one or twice a week if that. no one knows how. I went to her discord group and asked a question but nobody answered so I don't know if I'm in her system or not. others have done that and gotten upvoted by her the next day. lol. did you find out anything about the mysterious Curie? how's your father-in-law doing? how are you doing? hows your husband doing? hows those dogs doing? I suppose it's not hot there?
Comment 2018-07-19 14:34:57 @steemonkey   howdy today @steemonkey! well that is so interesting, especially the way the males attract the females! hey were do you find a bee expert? I mean, who do bee experts work for, a University? sounds like an interesting profession. and these bees obviously like your house but the main attraction are the flowers that you have nearby right?
Comment 2018-07-19 14:21:39 @smithlabs   ooohh Linux Ubuntu yes sir finally I've heard of something of which you speak. I used to get my computer repaired by a guy who used that system, I was always very impressed by it but at the time everything we used in our real estate business required IE so I never took the time to switch over and haven't thought about it since. I'm glad it's still out there and doing well, yes, no viruses can penetrate it, everyone should be using it actually huh? but what are "the toy OS machines"?
Comment 2018-07-19 14:16:54 @smithlabs she is home but hasn't gotten her appetite back yet? that's just the result of being weak from fighting the infection?
Comment 2018-07-19 14:15:03 @cicisaja   howdy today @cicicaja!, what IS that thing?? it looks like some kind of baked dish with cheese on it, it looks good but what does it taste like and "orange fungi" doesn't sound like something a person would eat! lol. I think you should try some and then report back to us if you're still alive! so his business is amazing. I'd never have to leave the house with these cart guys running around for me! this is great fun and educational cicisaja thank you!
Comment 2018-07-19 14:10:00 @smithlabs   I kinda like that one, it sounds intelligent! lol
Comment 2018-07-19 14:08:18 @smithlabs   ok smithlabs the answer man! thanks
Comment 2018-07-19 14:04:15 @petesays   oh my gosh @petesays..I have heard about the taking of white farmer's land in area's of South Africa but are you saying that now it's not only the farmer's? That is horrible enough but what if they start taking anyone's house that they want? And there's no changing the government any time soon because the one's in charge wouldn't leave, I'm sure. What is the "asif media"? I thought if the internet was available then news could get out through it? your country needs alot of prayer! so sorry to hear that but thanks for letting me know sir.
Comment 2018-07-19 07:03:51 @hebrewhousewife   lol. well I'm not sure how they were impressed, probably varied from gal to gal. But if he was clean shaven then you knew he had a least a little money. The buildings built like that is rather odd because usually they were built like that to save space. But with a wide open prairie that couldn't have been the reason. Next time I'm at Boot Hill I'll ask them! thanks so much hebrewhousewife!
Comment 2018-07-19 06:38:48 @cicisaja   that would be wonderful! Tell that a crazy Texan wants to see his cart and what he has in it!
Comment 2018-07-19 06:37:15 @petesays   thank you sir for getting back to me, I'm sorry to hear that. I know there is alot of corruption and strife going on there, it's sad to see. Maybe eventually you guys can vote in better people.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:34:12 @smithlabs   what do you run if not windows?
Comment 2018-07-19 06:33:18 @hananali   yes He does and is so patient with us.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:32:24 @cicisaja   it is 1:30 AM. Green bread?? I never heard of that before. does it taste like grain bread, you know, wheat bread? that's wild. that's as wild as talking horses! hey I saw that guy with one of those carts on your post!
Comment 2018-07-19 06:29:57 @smithlabs   lol!
Comment 2018-07-19 06:29:24 @hananali   yes, something that is painless. I still don't need one but you can get some.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:28:33 @hananali   I don't need luck. I use skill! lol
Comment 2018-07-19 06:27:18 @hananali   well I think change can happen but all the youth will have to make it happen. you should be able to because you got the numbers.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:25:33 @smithlabs   smithlabs, you gonna be able to sleep tonight? how's Debbie?
Comment 2018-07-19 06:24:09 @hananali   thank you Hanan but I didn't make it up, it is actually a Bible verse that I quote, but it is Truth and one of God's principles.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:21:57 @smithlabs   kinda like us.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:21:06 @cicisaja   howdy back @cicisaja! you are very talented if you can write in 3 languages! Yes the kitchenfairy is wonderful and all of those images which she puts on her posts are great and the food is amazing. thank you so much!
Comment 2018-07-19 06:17:45 @cicisaja   howdy @cicisaja! finally a post in English lol! ya'll write in some strange language around here. hey what are those green cubes in that soup?
Comment 2018-07-19 06:11:30 @themanwithnoname   you're right man, you had no choice. those coins can be tough!
Comment 2018-07-19 06:09:27 @themanwithnoname   haha! you and Gina are back together again..ha love a happy ending.
Comment 2018-07-19 06:07:48 @glenalbrethsen   haha! I like that crazy frog and song, kinda woke me up! thanks Glen!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:59:42 @hananali   yes sir, you would think that by now someone would have invented very high-tech methods by which tattoos could be applied.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:57:33 @hananali   hey there @hananali! if you are doing sports to stay healthy and fit for long that is anti-aging. we all age but aging in good health is the goal.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:55:24 @smithlabs   smithlabs where is Lava? so your Bixbite is worth thousands?
Comment 2018-07-19 05:53:36 @squirrelbait   yes Ma'am we do need them but they are, haven't priced them for a couple of years but the last i saw they cost a fortune!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:51:33 @leeart   leeart! thanks for commenting it's good to see you here. I agree the killing of all the buffalo herds was shameful but how are we repeating history? the different wars going on?
Comment 2018-07-19 05:49:27 @smithlabs   smithlabs, what do you mean "we built what we needed in the 50's" what did we build?
Comment 2018-07-19 05:47:15 @squirrelbait   well ..I thought these days that there was coverage everywhere, that's what those maps look like from Verizon. yes I saw that post and the joke, that was classic redneck cleverness! I didn't comment or vote because my vote is down to 48% so I'm recharging. we have a fireplace is all. everything here at our place is electric.yikes.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:41:21 @smithlabs   thanks smithlabs I'll think about it.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:40:09 @smithlabs   lol! stop that! ha!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:39:12 @smithlabs   haha that creates quite an image my friend!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:38:24 @angiemitchell   yeah I reckon I'll have to settle for those. lol
Comment 2018-07-19 05:37:33 @smithlabs   I thought you always did more than one thing at once, like drive and read a book!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:36:30 @smithlabs   it IS a unique beauty isn't it?
Comment 2018-07-19 05:35:03 @headchange   headchange you still up? got something important again.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:34:15 @angiemitchell   you mean Stubborn? lol
Comment 2018-07-19 05:33:06 @smithlabs   haha! Sir types alot..that's so stupid that it's hilarious.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:31:51 @smithlabs   smithlabs there you go again, what's a dark field attachment?
Comment 2018-07-19 05:30:33 @glenalbrethsen   hahaha! yes the prison one is definitely safer, good choice. wise choice. hey I think you told me that most of the users on Steemit are real young like in their twenties, you told me that right? Because noname thought it was mostly older people and that's what I thought until you told me that. somehow me and noname just found the old guys!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:27:18 @themanwithnoname   but you could have both! the more whiskey the more silver you'd buy because you wouldn't have any control!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:24:00 @oldtimer   yes sir..I love cats. they're cool and always in charge!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:20:45 @mineopoly   thank you sir, you're the best. I was going to comment on your topic but it is so controversial I abstained this time. but I salute you for bringing it up and you did a great job of answering comments about it.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:18:42 @themanwithnoname   lol! very good sir..well the questions just come naturally I don't have to try and think of any..if I can't think of any that's rare. but that's the only reason I have alot of replies, it sure ain't because I got fascinating knowledge and people want my opinion, it's because they are giving me THEIR opinion. hey did you see that shout out post that the hebrewhousewife sent out yesterday? freaked me out!!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:14:57 @themanwithnoname   well sir, I or you need to ask Glen about that, to make sure but i think that's what he said and you know he's such a researcher and a numbers guy.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:12:15 @cicisaja   howdy @cicisaja! oh yes, now I understand why some families marry off their young girls..because they can't afford to provide for them. I think you do most of your posts in another language? hey do you know thekitchenfairy? she writes all of hers in English and Indonesian. take care, talk later!
Comment 2018-07-19 05:07:09 @themanwithnoname   yeah..yes sir I missed that one from earlier today, sorry. plus I was going to your site and got side tracked, shoot! plus i am down to 45% on my voting power so I am trying to recharge.
Comment 2018-07-19 05:04:48 @squirrelbait   hahaha! don't know if you're joking..well lets call it a diamond in the rough! your do you contact him? you said offgrid but that means he doesn't keep his cellphone with him?
Comment 2018-07-19 05:01:33 @armadilloman   yes sir I know Lawrence. what brought you through Dodge, going to Colorado?
Comment 2018-07-19 05:00:09 @coinsandchains   what??? man, what is more multi-talented than multi-talented? that's what you are. well I think the best preachers are teachers. and I thought you were really good. come to think of it, I don't know how you have time for all that you do.
Comment 2018-07-19 04:57:12 @ginnyannette   thank you Ma'am but I'll try not to make it too appealing. we have a strict immigration policy from other states and don't accept just anyone.(specially from the East)
Comment 2018-07-19 04:54:48 @coinsandchains   ok thanks!
Comment 2018-07-19 04:53:45 @ginnyannette   you're not very exciting? good maybe you'll live longer. I'm so boring that people call me a Hermit. that's what's so perplexing about Steemit and what in the world am I doing here? I could send you photos of Texas that you would think were Hawaii but then I don't want you to get jealous. Florida rednecks have something special going for them? what would that be? besides the view of the ocean so they don't have to look at their ugly ass land!
Comment 2018-07-19 04:49:18 @wolfhart   yes sir, I agree.
Comment 2018-07-19 04:48:21 @glenalbrethsen   howdy again Glen.. yes sir, the buffalo slaughter was shameful and the meat just fed the buzzards and coyotes. I've seen photos of hundreds of carcasses lying in the sun rotting. That meat could have all been hung up and dried like the Indians processed it. Boot Hill..yeah well unless it was an accident most people died of some kind of sickness just like today and it was alarming how many were being killed by others. almost all shot. yes sir, The Golden Rule still applies for Believers but the problem is of course that half the world ain't Believers. the Mormons been slackin. lol, just teasing of course. everybodies been slackin.
Comment 2018-07-19 04:35:24 @smithlabs   lol. you must've started collecting early. a few thousand is an exaggeration right? and how much is Bixbite worth, it's more valuable than diamonds?
Comment 2018-07-19 04:33:06 @smithlabs   haha! great story man, great story.
Comment 2018-07-19 04:31:33 @smithlabs   I hope I don't have to wait long.
Comment 2018-07-19 04:29:51 @smithlabs   and a microscope to find it! ha!
Comment 2018-07-19 04:28:30 @smithlabs   oh ok thank you sir smithlabs
Comment 2018-07-19 04:27:36 @smithlabs   what do you mean by in LEO?
Comment 2018-07-19 04:25:27 @eveningart   haha! that author listed the posts which are the most popular ones and then tells you not to write about them! I think they wanted them for themselves. I love this line.."I stamped my foot quite hard and bumbled around my bedroom growling a little bit " that's so funny! you're great. God bless you and yours!
Comment 2018-07-19 04:19:30 @eveningart   what a coppout! no self discipline? bad bad bad..but every single one of us can relate because we want to do the exact same thing! lol. Howdy from Texas again @eveningart! I really think that breakfast was worth it and you did deserve it since you didn't taste the first one. lol. too funny. great post!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:57:36 @themanwithnoname   haha! I commented about the tire thing on another comment. oh boy. the Code should be followed to the letter today. especially all the whiskey stuff.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:55:42 @themanwithnoname   ok thanks sir!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:54:51 @themanwithnoname   howdy sir noname, I think it was Glen, yeah it was, who said that most of the people on Steemit are very young, like in their 20s. the majority. which surprised me because I've run into mostly older people somehow.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:51:48 @cicisaja   howdy @cicisaja! wow this is so interesting and thanks for sharing. how would you like to marry a 9 year old? That doesn't make sense to me, what would be the reason, to join two families in a business deal or something? I've never heard of gang rapes in India, what is going on there? thanks so much cicisaja!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:45:48 @smithlabs   oh jeez. well I'll bring my own.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:45:00 @smithlabs   ha! yeah you can be as mean as you like to yourself!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:42:54 @hananali   this is something that is individual but I appreciate the offer!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:41:27 @hananali   but I mean the youth appear to be less set in their ways and more open minded. the older ones many times don't like change even if it's needed.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:39:39 @hananali   me too because there is much need in the world and people to help but in order to help alot of people you need an overflow after you take of your own family. We say we are blessed to be a blessing to others.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:37:24 @hananali   thank you @hananali!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:35:12 @ironshield   yes sir, hey sir ironshield I sent that link to my wife and she said when she clicked on it she got a message saying that the invitation has expired. are there other invitations?
Comment 2018-07-19 03:32:54 @angiemitchell   oh well if it's fun that means you'll meet your goal in a few months instead of two years..I betcha!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:31:45 @hebrewhousewife   howdy @hebrewhousewife! good to see you here. It's interesting to me that they built all the buildings together with no gaps between them, no wonder it all burned down! I think originally there was just the long row of buildings and nothing across from it except things like livery stables for the horses and stacks of supplies for stuff there in town and things being shipped out on the railroad, some areas were still pasture land. you like full beards huh? The Big Man has a beard I assume? Ya know back then, if you had money, THE place to be and the thing to do was to go to the Barber Shop and get a good, clean, close, straight blade razor shave from the barber. They did that almost everyday if they had money. And in Dodge City, prices were so high because of all the demand and boom going on that shaves were a huge .25 apiece! lol. thanks so much for reading and commenting!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:22:42 @squirrelbait   howdy again @squirrelbait! well Dodge is so far away from anything that most people only go there if they are traveling through to Colorado or Texas because there isn't any major attractions there. But if you like Old West history then it's a very interesting stop. we always made fun of Dodge's ..what do you call it, the phrase under the name, in Dodge's case it's "The Cowboy Capital of the World" and you go there and can't find a single cowboy! lol. Actually there are lots of them but you have to go out to the cattle auctions to find them.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:16:33 @armadilloman   howdy @armadilloman! thanks for commenting. where abouts did you live in Kansas? they got some great steak places in Dodge and some of the best beef in the world right there.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:13:18 @headchange   yes Ma'am the paint is shocking, first one I've ever seen painted. and believe me, I've seen alot of Old West bars. never been in one personally you understand, well except the Longbranch for some sasparilla! lol. I'm so corny.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:10:12 @angiemitchell   yes Ma'am it's a great tourist trap!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:09:03 @glenalbrethsen   no sir I haven't? is it similar?
Comment 2018-07-19 03:07:15 @ginnyannette   you're very good. in fact you're probably overqualified to be here. have you ever seen any of my posts? haha!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:04:27 @themanwithnoname   ha! somehow I figured I would be foiled again. what about the one with the wide rear tires from a couple days ago? that had to be at least close.
Comment 2018-07-19 03:02:33 @smithlabs   zero work..ha! you wouldn't last a day if there wasn't anything to do!
Comment 2018-07-19 03:01:15 @headchange   you're the only one who can do that. ya know, that was pretty observant of you, studying that bar. either you're a fan of old bars, an artist, a craftsman, or antiquer. or maybe just love quality.
Comment 2018-07-19 02:54:39 @thefarmerswife   howdy back @thefarmerswife! I see ya'll finally got outta the POOL! well I guess you could be on the floater thing using a tablet or laptop. anyway, yes Ma'am that's pretty much how it is in this part of Texas, if you're in public and you insult a female you're in big trouble. but what's amazing is that back then, even in a lawless situation there was still a moral code, the Cowboy Code, that they didn't break, in regards to women. I think pretty much everything else was fair game!
Comment 2018-07-19 02:49:00 @weetreebonsai   say what??? no way. well when you said some could be expensive I figured you know, a few hundred. millions? a thousand years? are these special trees, I mean not like big trees are? I'm amazed. thank you weetreebonsai!
Comment 2018-07-19 02:46:06 @weetreebonsai   you're welcome, if that was cheese on top I could eat half of it in one sitting! that's how good it looked to me.
Comment 2018-07-19 02:44:42 @smithlabs   hahaha! I love that expression smithlabs! I bet it does. but you could fix it!
Comment 2018-07-19 02:43:36 @headchange   I was trying to help but figured you were way ahead of me. like normal. dang kids are fast these day!
Comment 2018-07-19 02:41:12 @squirrelbait   yes Ma'am there are few places like this in that respect. keeps people around.
Comment 2018-07-19 02:40:06 @hippie-witha-gun   yes sir we're all taking a calculated risk that this will turn into something but because it's a risk I can see why people choose to leave.
Comment 2018-07-19 02:31:54 @mother2chicks   what the??? are you sure you don't have one of those apps to run your photos through? lol! howdy there @mother2chicks! that is one super cool photo. it might take a second to realize what it is if I hadn't known but that makes it even cooler. my vote is shot, 45% so I'm recharging sorry but I wanted to show my support.
Comment 2018-07-19 02:25:51 @ginnyannette   hahaha! look at that dog! man I love that guy. hey when the kids finally get to bed it's party time remember? or at least time to bake something in the peacefulness like you did on that one post. you can't waste that precious alone time! beautiful photos. I know they're Texas shots. Florida looks good if you're looking at the ocean.
Comment 2018-07-19 02:18:09 @mineopoly   howdy there @mineopoly! hey my vote is down to 45% so I'm recharging but wanted to show my support. God bless!
Comment 2018-07-19 02:13:51 @glenalbrethsen   ha! the Man! I love number cruncher guys! I will probably put this in my post, is it okay if I give you credit for finding this out? that was a fortune back then, my gosh! well at $3 per head and .25 per tongue, that adds up. the carasses were left to rot but for years afterwards the farmers would go and collect the bones and sell them for something like 6 or 7 dollars a ton and factories back East would buy them to make China and fertilizer. I'm guessing those were two different types of factories. The place was totally lawless and wild but there was still the Cowboy Code man! there was a morality instilled in people back then that even the lawless followed. at least concerning females. there were so many people getting killed in fights that they named the cemetery Boot Hill because they died with their boots on. shoot I forgot to put that in the post, I am too rushed on these things, like I told you about before. I didn't even read it because I figured i was so rushed I wouldn't like it. well after years of fighting the feminists have made sure there ain't none of that in the general population.
Comment 2018-07-19 02:01:45 @bowentroyer   holy moly! too bad you didn't inherit any of those skills! lol, just teasing Farmer, you're awesome. you can even lasso!
Comment 2018-07-19 02:00:18 @headchange   this was embarrassing but so nice of her at the same time.
Comment 2018-07-19 01:57:45 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy tonight @cryptoandcoffee! thanks so much, I'm enjoying your posts also!
Comment 2018-07-19 01:56:36 @glenalbrethsen   I don't have everything YET but I will! lol. man that was so surreal. I opened my feed last night and saw my username and thought what in the world, why is my username as someone's post photo? I was confused for a second and didn't know what I was seeing! lol. so that was so nice. I didn't know what to do so I asked Lynn, I was going to ask you also but she answered right away and told me to resteemit because it would be thanking her for it and also give her a little exposure so that's what I did although it was a little bit embarrassing. ha! thank you sir, you're the best!
Comment 2018-07-19 01:51:03 @coinsandchains   haha! that's an amazing phenomenon when no one shows up for the guest pastor, that always gets me irritated because it's not supporting the replacement nor the church. but anyway, I think this was pretty darn good man! you seemed so relaxed and natural, I don't have time right now to listen to it but I will, I listened to the first 7 or 8 minutes. but that's a wonderful surprise to know this about you! you're quite multi-talented. well what I wanted to say about dogs because you said that you guys had lost a family dog that I have heard so many testimonies of people dying and going to heaven only to be sent back because it wasn't there time, right? I'm sure you've heard those like I have for years and they are always amazing. But in the last few years I've heard several that have had that happen to them but when they were in heaven they also saw their pet dogs that had died! and the last man, I remember him asking the Angel that was with him about that, saying I thought dogs couldn't go to heaven because they don't have spirits. And the Angel said no, they DO have spirits, they just have a different type of spirit. and I thought that was so cool, it's controversial to some because it's not spelled out in the Bible but I believe it and think it's just one more way that God shows how much He loves us. So I thought this might give some comfort to the family to know this. I have heard enough of these very credible testimonies now that I truly believe it.
Comment 2018-07-19 01:32:39 @steemonkey   howdy again @steemonkey! well, it looks like it's more than a visit if they are an invasive species. I just hope they are a good species to have live there, they must be right? and they picked your house!
Comment 2018-07-19 01:29:03 @headchange   hahaha! no that was the 2nd one, the first one was hours earlier but wasn't important. last night I wanted your opinion on that crazy post that hebrewhousewife did about me, and what to do with it. luckily lynncoyle responded and told me to resteem it because that's thanking someone and gives them a little more exposure so even though it was embarrassing..that's what i did. did you see that? shocked me.
Comment 2018-07-19 01:18:51 @headchange   hahaha! very funny @headchange, caught me off guard and made me laugh out loud. The replacement bar is amazing, it was built close to the original, it was built in 1881 out of Cherry wood. The original was also ornate and hand carved but the replacement is even better. thanks for commenting!
Comment 2018-07-19 01:03:00 @cecicastor   hahaha! most neighbors would call the cops within a couple of minutes!
Comment 2018-07-19 01:01:48 @bowentroyer   oh he's retired..from what may I ask? I won't tell anyone.heheheh could be the Grandkids and the Kid.
Comment 2018-07-19 01:00:24 @thefarmerswife   a lanai! never heard of it. some fancy city slicker gear I reckon. well I guess somebody's gotta live that way. luxury for me is on the farm! lol. just teasing ya'll are quite...well you're ok, I don't like slobberin.
Comment 2018-07-19 00:57:09 @happymoneyman   thanks happymoneyman for the quick reply and I so appreciate this endeavor which you are undertaking. You said the "80 top witnesses" gosh how many are there? I've never heard anyone say. and as Steemit grows I assume there will be even more needed. are we able to vote for you as witness yet?
Comment 2018-07-19 00:52:30 @wolfhart   howdy sir sorry you and your family is going through this time. they say time heals all wounds but I'm not so sure. anyway this is a fine post especially considering the interruptions and everything that's going on. thank you sir. no vote today, my vote power is at 45% and trying to rebuild to at least 50 or 60.
Comment 2018-07-19 00:25:57 @bowentroyer   yeah yeah yeah heard it all on your wife's video already. bully for you guys. don't know anything about them, never had one. lol! howdy @bowentroyer! why would those guys want to move to KY?
Comment 2018-07-19 00:20:09 @bearbear613   poor sirbearbear. I'm praying for a smooth, perfect delivery!
Comment 2018-07-19 00:17:30 @thefarmerswife   what the??? there ain't no days off to go swimmin for farmers in the summertime!! that just ain't right. lol! howdy from blistering hot Texas @thefarmerswife! hey that looks like a wonderful set up there, I couldn't figure out what that was around the pool, is that a glass enclosure for the entire pool or just like glass walls?
Comment 2018-07-19 00:09:12 @reddragonfly   howdy there @reddragonfly! I'm sorry that it's so slow there but on the other hand now we get to see some cool artwork that you created! I still think you could make some rough, rustic looking photos with that app, like take a rough looking Cowboy image and see what that does. just curious. thanks reddragonfly, carry on with the creative artwork!
Comment 2018-07-19 00:04:24 @happymoneyman   howdy there @happymoneyman! this sounds really good and noble sir. The Witnesses aren't a volunteer position are they, with all that work? how do they get paid and who pays them? is there a corporate office somewhere?
Comment 2018-07-19 00:00:45 @hananali   hey, no tattoos yet?? that means you are getting them? I don't mind them I'm curious. some of them are really cool artwork. just not the one in my post please!
Comment 2018-07-18 23:58:33 @hananali   ok!
Comment 2018-07-18 23:51:12 @hananali   howdy there again @hananali! hold you're saying that you intentionally thought about doing sports to keep you young? as an anti-aging thing? no way.
Comment 2018-07-18 23:48:33 @byn   howdy back @byn! well...ok. I AM silly when it comes to romance stories, I have no clue, my wife always has to tell me what's going on and explain why the woman did this and that. lol! I thought he got taken there by some other force, not of his own doing. but what do I know? lol. thanks Byn. bytheway...ya'll have enough hair styles up there? that video had you in what? 50 different styles? lol
Comment 2018-07-18 23:43:42 @steemonkey   howdy there @steemonkey! well, you probably know that we are in the Great Plains of North Texas in a rural area so there are tons of wildflowers around but I don't know if they are the type that bees use. However, one of our former President's wives, Laura Bush, has a big program where they are planting the flowers which helps the bees..they are planting them all over the state so things are improving for the bees, which I know is vital. I just hope our modern advances like the 5g waves don't hurt them. what are tree bees? obviously they are different than regular bees?
Comment 2018-07-18 23:38:21 @goldendawne   howdy today @goldendawne! thank you Ma'am, you are so kind!
Comment 2018-07-18 23:37:24 @hippie-witha-gun   thanks Rainbow Man! you're a hoot and a half so it's been hilarious getting to know you too! you're a perfect fit here man, seriously, where else ya gonna go?
Comment 2018-07-18 23:35:33 @jaynie   lol! 👍
Comment 2018-07-18 23:33:51 @hhayweaver   howdy back @hhayweaver! yes sir I would live at the lake as much as I could before the long winter starts. Yes sir.. about the temperatures here, we're in some kind of heat wave. It gets warm gradually so you get used to it but when it gets over 102 it's very hot even in the shade so you just gotta be slower! lol. and keep hydrated with enough electrolytes is all. the bad thing is that it's so parched because of lack of rain so cracks are forming in the lawns that are 6 inches across and feet deep!
Comment 2018-07-18 23:29:18 @hhayweaver   howdy @hhayweaver! hey look at all those birds! and you sound like an experienced Guinea breeder. We raised a group of them but the coyotes ate them all. talk about noise! they called the coyotes to dinner! what is your location like, semi-rural?
Comment 2018-07-18 23:25:09 @headchange   everything I write is important.
Comment 2018-07-18 23:24:00 @weetreebonsai   howdy back again @weetreebonsai! what does can be expensive mean? I mean ballpark..hundreds? I'm thinking it's more like an investment though because they last as long as full size trees right?
Comment 2018-07-18 23:21:54 @weetreebonsai   anything that I don't have to cook! howdy from Texas @weetreebonsai! it's a beautiful dish of Tetrazzini ya got there, great job!
Comment 2018-07-18 23:16:33 @angiemitchell   howdy again @angiemitchell! wow.. what can one say except thanks for the amazing beach views all the time and making everyone jealous! lol! God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-18 23:13:12 @thekitchenfairy   howdy there @thekitchenfairy! now these look like perfection to me, alot of things look great but something about these are beautiful, great job for torturing me some more! lol
Comment 2018-07-18 23:10:45 @papa-pepper   howdy there @papa-pepper! international man! Canada shirt, hat from somewhere else, looks foreign anyway. love that counter space to do all that cutting and the efficiency tips are first class!
Comment 2018-07-18 23:05:48 @builderofcastles   howdy @builderofcastles! oh man, this is a brilliant analysis of our modern fractional banking system and the perfect explanation thereof. this line is classic.."The system eats the slowest runners." great job!
Comment 2018-07-18 22:14:24 @leeart   howdy today @leeart! I also thought the camera did a pretty good job of taking night photos! interesting views of your city too!
Comment 2018-07-18 22:08:54 @smithlabs   yeah you probably want to be the mayor. lol. I gotta come back and watch this it sounds interesting.
Comment 2018-07-18 22:06:12 @glenalbrethsen   hahaha! a cow! who'd a thunk that? well I guess we know how this story ends..this was a great story man. How long did you work on it? The details and descriptions were really good. I loved it.
Comment 2018-07-18 21:50:24 @angiemitchell   howdy @angiemitchell! hey that lady is doing a great job and in two years, probably much sooner than that, you'll be able to demonstrate those moves or stances or whatever you call them. but you have to be super consistent I bet!
Comment 2018-07-18 21:46:15 @hippie-witha-gun   howdy there Rainbow Man! when you gonna tell us how you REALLY feel? lol. we can all relate. this thing takes more patience than anything else, that's why so many drop out. It's easy to see why but I love what squirrelbait says and couldn't agree more so give it a little time.
Comment 2018-07-18 21:43:36 @squirrelbait   lol great word @squirrelbait!
Comment 2018-07-18 19:50:42 @oldtimer   howdy @oldtimer! look at those cats! lol. I think they steal the show but the other photos are all wonderful, thank you for giving a glimpse of the have a good eye for interesting sites sir!
Comment 2018-07-18 19:07:06 @byn   thank you Ma'am about steemitbloggers. You may not write about them but your life IS a fairy tale. you live it everyday with your wonderful husband am I right? lol. and the length of the post..I can see why it would take longer but it was so rich and took us on such a fantasy that it was worth it! was the guy knocked out and dreaming or do you know? it takes me a minimum of 2 hrs to do a dang post, mostly searching for authentic, good photos.
Comment 2018-07-18 19:03:00 @headchange   headchange you must have missed a couple of comments that I wrote to you yesterday, were you offline?
Comment 2018-07-18 19:01:33 @jaynie   lol! no rules unless they're yours! what about around the house, who makes the rules there or should I ask? lol.
Comment 2018-07-18 18:57:33 @simms50   howdy there @simms50! well seems like I don't hear that teaching taught very often. I wonder why that is? lol. yes this is so important to realize that we are called to stand and be faithful in the face of suffering, it IS part of our calling and we honor God by it. great word again sir!
Comment 2018-07-18 18:51:57 @cryptoandcoffee   thank you sir @cryptoandcoffe..this is a great advice and educational as well, great job!
Comment 2018-07-18 18:50:48 @empress-eremmy   lol me to @empress-eremmy, i struggle to keep mine at 50% even though everyone is telling that I shouldn't allow it to get below 80%.
Comment 2018-07-18 18:46:21 @bearbear613   howdy sirbearbear...I don't know what this is about but I rejoice in your victory against evil. May they scum never return.
Comment 2018-07-18 18:40:42 @headchange   howdy today @headchange! this is a great post. You are such a good example of sharing and caring and helping. The post is so well written and the layout is beautiful. Thanks and honor to all those you mentioned. I love @the-witty-waiter! I talk to him often after he gets home from work late at night and he's such a blessing. Anyone reading this ya'll need to follow this guy, he's great! I'm not familiar with surpassinggoogle but I gotta go check him out. Thank you headchange for another great post! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-18 18:28:15 @jaynie   howdy from Texas @jaynie! lol, ya'll know how to make us all hungry up here, it seems like most posts have scrumptious dishes in them! what is the low-carb thing, are you going Keto on us? I am and it's been life-changing. wonderful restaurants ya'll have down there! God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-18 18:19:21 @byn   howdy today @byn! we got transported into a fairy tale today! and you're telling me that all this just poured right out in one sitting? It would take me weeks to do something like this, and then it wouldn't be something like this! lol. but we don't know if he was knocked out and dreaming or if he really got transported? do you know? hey I made it into steemitbloggers thank you!
Comment 2018-07-18 18:01:57 @goldendawne   howdy there @goldendawne! you are such a great example of how this community should work together so thank you for your gracious heart! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-18 17:58:54 @steemonkey   howdy today @steemonkey! this was very interesting to learn and keep in mind, I had no clue and thought feeders would be a great idea. do you have flowers that attract bees? thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-18 17:22:36 @dollarsandsense   oh..well I guess that takes care of that option! but for someone who spends little time here you have accomplished two things that I haven't been able to. well finally yesterday I got into steemitbloggers but that took months and you were already in, then I've been trying to get Curied and you got curied in one of your few posts so that's amazing! but you can't do this without an agreement or agreeable terms with your wife so I understand. I have no idea what to write about either most days until I start it but it helps to have general themes or topics to find subtopics in like I am doing a series on the Old West and Cowboys so there are many niches that I can pick from there even though I don't have a grand plan or layout like so many prolific authors on here do.
Comment 2018-07-18 17:16:18 @mepatriot   ha! @mepatriot this is another brilliant idea that you came up with! give that man a raise..I appoint you to put this initiative together! lol. I think it's time for something like this I mean really the money spent on players and teams is obscene and it's comes down to who can spend the most. great points and idea!
Comment 2018-07-18 17:06:27 @mepatriot   howdy again @mepatriot! yes sir, I read years ago about the experimenting at the underground facilities where they are doing alot of demonic research trying among other things to develop super soldiers. it's this area here that makes one wonder how long God will allow it to go on, us playing God?
Comment 2018-07-18 17:00:09 @cicisaja   howdy back again @cicisaja! whoa! killing someone for a pack of cigarettes? now THAT'S a serious addiction! sounds like something that would happen in the Zombie Apocalypse.. the subject's of kidnapping the bride to be or early age marriages sound fascinating. who kidnaps the brides to be and how young are early marriages..what age? these are things we know nothing about in the West but are very interesting! thanks cicisaja!
Comment 2018-07-18 16:55:18 @weetreebonsai   to sell or just as a hobby? I don't know anything about them, are they expensive?
Comment 2018-07-18 16:54:00 @lynncoyle1   thanks so much. what do you do today? are you going to post something this week?
Comment 2018-07-18 16:40:12 @mepatriot   we all do what? back track on our statements about Russia? I don't. lol. Howdy @mepatriot.. I have no idea if anything was accomplished at that meeting but I'm sure it isn't worse than before, our relationship, media is furious that Trump seemed to suck up to Putin so that's a little disheartening if true.
Comment 2018-07-18 16:32:06 @dollarsandsense   howdy there @dollarsandsense! sorry for the late reply, I forgot about this one, but it's funny and entertaining and the subject material is close to my heart! lol. great job.
Comment 2018-07-18 16:21:36 @dollarsandsense   howdy there @dollarsandsense! great job as attested to by all the comments and votes! man....uh..did you ever think about maybe posting more often? thanks for the nomination, I don't think I have anything funny in me although i do get laughed at occasionally but mepatriot can be hilarious with his razor-sharp wit so that's a good one. I would never guess this about Dr. Seuss. great job sir!
Comment 2018-07-18 16:08:00 @lynncoyle1   thanks Lynn for all this information and help. I upvoted a couple of steemitbloggers yesterday, at least, do I only put in ones that I do today? how often do you put these in, just one a day? thank you!
Comment 2018-07-18 15:49:18 @denmarkguy   howdy today @denmarkguy! I'm so thankful that I found you because you have so much knowledge of this type of business or side hustle or whatever we call it. I guess true writers and authors like you call it your Passion and the world is blessed because of it, too bad the income hasn't been there but there is some room for hope. As for Steemit it all comes down to the value of Steem and the growth in numbers for Steemit, all we have to do is wait for Steem to reach $2000! lol. thank you so much sir, yes you answered my question so masterfully.
Comment 2018-07-18 15:21:27 @smithlabs   there must be a good reason for that! haha!
Comment 2018-07-18 15:20:36 @cicisaja   howdy today @cicisaja! wow..this is an amazing tradition that you all have other there! I've never heard of such a thing, but this is rare correct? I mean it doesn't happen often? It is a waste of life, so sad. To fight to the death because someone has a different opinion about something as silly as politics or whatever the topic is, the World Cup for instance? Shocking, I hope this stops. thanks so much for explaining this to me. Hey this would make a great post! People have no idea that this type of thing goes on, even if it's not common. thanks so much cicisaja for the great commenting! see I helped you build your comment lengths! lol.
Comment 2018-07-18 15:11:09 @angiemitchell   that sounds wonderful angiemitchell, how long are those usually? becauseit sounds like you would have to do some walking, do they have walking tracks or jogging tracks?
Comment 2018-07-18 15:03:33 @hananali   ok but if you are interested in sports, I think it's a great way to clear the mind and get frustrations and pent up things like that out plus the circulatory and other health benefits. I think it's important to get involved with something very physical now, at your age and then as you get into your 30s40s and heaven forbid your 60s like me, it will serve you well and you will reap the benefits. like my wife and I have been lifting weights for many years and it's a great anti-aging protocol. just some more wisdom for you to consider, no rush at your age!lol
Comment 2018-07-18 14:57:27 @eveningart   now THAT would be something to look forward to on a dreary Monday! great idea, see that would be a blessing to the world. you're not bad for a Brit!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:55:39 @eveningart   howdy today @eveningart! I wonder who these Curie Curators are so i can get in good with them!? haha! no I'll get noticed by them sometime, it's a cool program, however it works and it's kind of exciting that they just pop out of nowhere now and then to bless people! you are a blessing to. God bless you guys over there and God save the Queen!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:52:21 @hananali   I do but don't want you to think I'm out of my mind just yet!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:50:51 @lynncoyle1   hahaha! who would want a tattoo like that? that's why it was a redneck joke, only a redneck would get one like that! haha! Hideous describes it very well, good job, it's so interesting to read everyone's opinion about it, I think 2 people liked it and everyone else is totally repulsed! No apologies necessary, this wasn't a crisis or anything, I just needed an experienced opinion from someone who is knowledgeable and wise. I'll keep looking. hahaha! got ya! yeah everyone talks about s___ posts. that was my attempt at doing a post that doesn't take 2 or 3 hours to put together, was brain dead and short on time. but I think it worked. Jack is great, totally healed, we prayed and took authority over his cut and yesterday he was running around with no limp.
Comment 2018-07-18 14:44:03 @hananali   hahaha! that tattoo is something to see isn't it? it freaks everyone out, that would be a great idea to make a picture or framed poster out of, good idea!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:42:33 @hananali   Hananali- well sir I have about 40 comments that I have to answer so I don't have time to get into that question you asked about my changes, that would take awhile. Maybe after this week I can write more, at the moment I am trying to break my own record in a contest that I've won 5 weeks in a row. thanks for understanding.
Comment 2018-07-18 14:39:12 @hananali   we COULD be but CAN we be? maybe your optimism is because of your youth which is not a bad thing the world needs the young generation to work together and come together, not a small challenge for ya'll!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:33:54 @hananali   Hananali what do you think makes a complete person? or I should say, what is your definition of a complete person?
Comment 2018-07-18 14:32:00 @hananali   ok I try. how's that? haha!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:31:09 @coinsandchains   howdy today @coinsandchains! so sorry to hear about your family dog and family member, Golden retrievers are the best. When I did a post on hero dogs I kept running into the same scenario of it almost always being a Golden Retriever! you're a Christian aren't you? sorry I wanted to be sure, I rechecked your profile and it doesn't say, not that is needs to say anything about that but sometimes people put that out there, maybe to warn others! lol. anyway I wanted to say something but needed to check on that point first. hope everything is set to grow in your consulting business! like ready for a rocket ride take off!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:25:09 @lynncoyle1   Miss Lightweight..did you go to bed before you even got my reply? I think you said yes I'm hear how can I help you and then you went to bed immediately! hahaha.. you're the best I'm so thankful that you checked your replies, ok, I will resteem it. hey, do you know of any research that shows what's the best time to post or resteem for maximum exposure, it's hard to figure since so many are in other countries. Also, Jaynie invited me to join steemitbloggers but do you know where i find those banners to put at the bottom of the post? and also, what section in the discord group do I put proof that I upvoted and commented on a member's post?
Comment 2018-07-18 14:19:27 @smithlabs   ok sir smithlabs, when I make it up for a visit I'm going to demand a tongue sandwich!
Comment 2018-07-18 14:18:03 @ginnyannette   howdy there @ginnymitchell! sorry this is late, sat staring at it at 1:30 this morning, ready to read it but then almost fell out of my chair because I drifted off to sleep trying to figure out the title! not that the title was boring, no, it gets the reward for the most intriguing title. In fact I should hire you to come up with my post titles.but you don't have time, you gotta figure out some torturous summer routine to remember! lol! very fun post! God bless you all over there in the humidity.
Comment 2018-07-18 06:15:12 @smithlabs   everything sounds good except the tongue!
Comment 2018-07-18 06:08:21 @smithlabs   smithlabs! well I had no idea, this was a great lesson on tongue!
Comment 2018-07-18 06:05:27 @oldtimer   howdy back @oldtimer! well sir you have a good point about the firplace, that sounds wonderful! Plus nothing smells better than wood in a fireplace when it's cold outside.
Comment 2018-07-18 06:01:21 @smithlabs   too expensive but worth it! no, I heard that guy was a real pain to work with!
Comment 2018-07-18 05:59:39 @smithlabs   oh very interesting. Well the only thing I know is that I saw a video a few years ago showing a guy explaining that they were spraying tiny particles of aluminum I think it was, maybe something else with it, into the atmosphere to reflect the suns' rays and lessen global warming.
Comment 2018-07-18 05:56:00 @smithlabs   ok smithlabs what is an A&P;?
Comment 2018-07-18 05:54:33 @smithlabs   smithlabs! yes it's a real mystery as to why you're here!
Comment 2018-07-18 05:53:12 @smithlabs   hahaha! that would be awful nice.
Comment 2018-07-18 05:27:24 @coinsandchains   howdy @coinsandchains! man, your temperatures are sounding pretty darn good about now! I dream of 60 degree weather. But up there in the mountains doesn't it get awful cold in the winter and do you ever get snowed in?
Comment 2018-07-18 05:23:06 @coinsandchains   howdy @coinsandchains..a cat that wears a bow tie! hahaha. that cat rules.
Comment 2018-07-18 05:19:06 @themanwithnoname   who is we? uh..your audience I guess. I wonder what the average age of people on steemit is, I think Glen said it was mostly younger generations.
Comment 2018-07-18 05:13:48 @angiemitchell   yes Ma'am those homes were ugly but strong and the government policies which destroyed the Indian tribes made the federal government responsible for that whole shameful mess. they have apologized since then but haven't done much to help the nations.
Comment 2018-07-18 05:10:00 @angiemitchell   no but I would love to, I've heard the food was fabulous. You all have probably taken many cruises?
Comment 2018-07-18 05:08:24 @themanwithnoname   so are saying that even the price of collectible coins is sold by weight? not by rarity?
Comment 2018-07-18 05:06:09 @weetreebonsai   oh ok, me too. say, I can't figure out what your username means, that you grow Bonsai trees?
Comment 2018-07-18 05:03:39 @cicisaja   howdy again @cicisaja! well well, this is indeed a pleasure to be able to talk with you so much in one day. that knife dueling sounds very fascinating! are there any youtube videos about that? and were the people throwing the knives? that sounds amazing, I want to find our more about it. yes, the Texas rangers series will be coming but they are not posted yet. you seem to know alot about the Old West, is it from Hollywood movies? and are most people that way in Indonesia? or is this just your interest? thanks so much for getting back to me!
Comment 2018-07-18 04:55:51 @lynncoyle1   the day off? I thought Steemit was a 7 day a week thing? I didn't know we were allowed to take a day off! lol. I'm glad you're here, thank you. you're the most experienced person I know on Steemit so I wanted your opinion about something. hebrewhousewife put out a post about me this afternoon, really was wonderful of her and it really shocked me of course. here is the link: I thought about resteeming it but my question to you is..would that be seen as arrogant or too self-promoting? because the thing is all about me which is crazy. but of course my earnings are next to nothing and I AM trying to grow and this would give me more exposure. so could you look at that post and let me know what you think?
Comment 2018-07-18 04:48:45 @weetreebonsai   oh howdy there @weetreebonsai! thanks for stopping by and commenting, I don't know anything about them as far as quality but this one was freaky, that's all I know. thanks again!
Comment 2018-07-18 04:41:48 @glenalbrethsen   howdy back sir Glen.." We find new and improved ways to kill animals and people." that sounds like we are one sick group! hey many of the Indians did consider the land theirs, like the great Caddo Nation which I did a long series on, they had been here, right here in my neighborhood, for a thousand years with permanent large mounds built all over as legacies, honors to their ancestors. But some of the tribes refused to go peacefully, they went to war everytime the stupid feds broke the treaty. The Caddo were one of the few who adapted ways of the whites and didn't fight back and they are probably the most successful nation today because they don't live in any kind of poverty unlike 95% of the other nations. but the other's pretty hard to deal with them in a peaceful way when they are out there murdering and attacking any white men they see and acted in ways that was incomprehensible to us. but ultimately I blame the feds for never making a single treaty which they did not break, not one. I believe it was Gods plan that we could mesh and co-exist. What a shame.
Comment 2018-07-18 04:27:48 @angiemitchell   howdy back @angiemitchell! ...oh. well that's not nearly as cool but it would still be cool to see those big ships get fairly close. thank you Ma'am!
Comment 2018-07-18 04:25:36 @themanwithnoname   ok..well prices of metals are going down, how much does that effect the price of bars or coins? hey that's amazing about papa-pepper! so if he does that with us then you know he's doing it for others.
Comment 2018-07-18 04:22:03 @angiemitchell   howdy there @angiemitchell! you gotta use both like you said. Wisdom and experience from the head and passion and intuition from the heart..should be able to achieve a balance and thus..great decisions.
Comment 2018-07-18 04:14:18 @lynncoyle1   Lynn you out there tonight? I need your advice.
Comment 2018-07-18 04:11:42 @thekitchenfairy   howdy there @thekitchenfairy! hey what the Samhill kind of music was THAT? lol! just teasing, you have good taste in music too. ya'll be good up there!
Comment 2018-07-18 04:03:36 @themanwithnoname   uh old do you think we are anyway? this is a really cool token, I like the holes in it. At first when I read the first line I thought it was going to something totally stupid, lame and retarded since it wasn't a coin but this is pretty darn cool. and I like it's rarity rating!
Comment 2018-07-18 03:57:48 @glenalbrethsen   yes sir Glen I like the idea that the Code evolved from people who were actually living it and who apparently had a strong moral code to begin with. I don't think they were too serious except when someone stole horses or cattle and hopefully that's the only time they strung someone up and hopefully only when they caught them red handed.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:53:15 @smithlabs   haha! hold it, is that funny or scary?
Comment 2018-07-18 03:52:00 @smithlabs   smithlabs! ok I understand. what kind of gemstones?
Comment 2018-07-18 03:49:51 @smithlabs   no you don't! you don't really have a dang tongue in your freezer! what kind? people don't eat tongues, not civilized ones. lol yes sir smithlabs I know most of the Indians are in Oklahoma.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:47:42 @smithlabs   that should have armored tourist boats, they can afford to upgrade them, they could even hire smithlabs!
Comment 2018-07-18 03:46:18 @smithlabs   smithlabs! are you talking about fuel tanks or are you one of these believers in Chemtrails?
Comment 2018-07-18 03:44:09 @smithlabs   yeah we need you here on the ground but back when you were flying everywhere it would have been nice to have your own plane is all.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:42:18 @hananali   well it's never too late if you want to take up a sport for the fun of it.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:39:33 @mepatriot   it's hard to believe that our own country did that against our own countrymen, and women. that part of the Civil War is shameful.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:37:30 @empress-eremmy   howdy @empress-eremmy! thank you Ma'am I've been trying to get around, I've seen you all over as well so I'm not the only one who's active! you know what though? almost everyday I see a new poster and go look and they'll have like 30 commenters and i won't recognize a single one so that's how big the platform is with whole other "worlds" out there that we don't know about. sorry this is so late, I was about to reply early in the afternoon and got sidetracked. thank you Ma'am! bytheway you have the most noble looking profile image on Steemit! it's pure class.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:31:42 @headchange   headchange you out there tonight?
Comment 2018-07-18 03:29:36 @smithlabs   thank you sir I wish we could say the same about you! lol.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:28:00 @oldtimer   howdy again @oldtimer! well sir, let's see 31 C is 87 degrees Fahrenheit so that is indeed getting a little warm. 108 F is 42 C! that's what our high is supposed to be for a couple of days but it could go higher, usually does. tonight at 10 pm it was still 95 F or 35C outside and humid. But we don't know how you handle the Cold temperatures up there! how cold does it get up there anyways?
Comment 2018-07-18 03:21:21 @mirrors   yes Ma'am you're very welcome!
Comment 2018-07-18 03:19:09 @mepatriot   oh boy. this sounds about right. such evil and corruption is a curse to this nation, a curse ON this nation.
Comment 2018-07-18 03:17:39 @mepatriot   lots of them actually.. I don't know if you'd call them Protestants, what is your definition of protestant? we aren't any religion nor do we follow the doctrines of men which denominations go by because they don't believe the Bible. Jesus himself would be thrown out of 90% of modern churches today because they reject the Bible. that's why we only go to non-denominational churches... spirit-filled, led by the Holy Ghost not by doctrines of men which only restricts and limits and shuts OUT the Holy Ghost. yes we've seen tons of them in services and also seen who knows how many on tv services but these are by Spirit-filled Pastors normally but not always. but the problem with delivering someone from demonic oppression or possession is that you never what type of entity it's going to be. It could be a little low-level demon that some Believers with strong faith can handle. But, it might also be a Principality or Stronghold, those are major forces in the demonic kingdom and someone really has to know their authority and know how to allow the Holy Ghost to operate through them, because it's not their power, but He has to have a vessel to work through. But yes it's very common place in the "world" of the crazy, Spirit-filled, Charismatic! lol. Sometimes the demons will leave, run like crazy just by seeing a very strong Spirit-filled Believer come into the room especially if that Believer is experienced in spiritual warfare because that demon knows and is scared out of it's wits. But like I said, sometimes it's one heck of a challenge if the entity is a leader and high ranking. well this comment could freak some people out if they aren't familiar with such things.
Comment 2018-07-18 02:55:33 @mepatriot   ahaha..well the heat doesn't bother us, we've had steadily increasing temperatures so it's easy to get used to. like that frog in the water that gets slowly heated! you don't like that tattoo? man what's your problem dude? haha! it's almost like an optical illusion it's so weird isn't it? it's freaky.
Comment 2018-07-18 02:51:36 @mepatriot   yeah I guess so, kinda a dangerous game but they don't seem to value life that much.
Comment 2018-07-18 02:50:00 @squirrelbait   haha! well small tree roots would be even stronger wouldn't they?
Comment 2018-07-18 02:48:06 @byn   yes Ma'am well he probably wants to work on that project today so for his birthday he should be able to do what he wants. I have a feeling ya'll are gonna have a big bash next week celebrating both birthdays together. but please don't make a sickeningly sweet, mushy girly post about it. lol!
Comment 2018-07-18 02:44:24 @glenalbrethsen   well sir, I guess the slaughter of the buffalo was the most impactful part of the post and it certainly was a shameful thing. and many people didn't know about it and those photos of the hides and skulls were shocking, at least the skulls. at least to me. what are you saying took place 17 years ago? It is easy to look back and judge, it's hard to understand how some of these events happened because something like the killing of the buffalo would never happen today because of our modern communications network. thank you sir for your great comments.
Comment 2018-07-18 02:36:54 @smithlabs   hahaha! hey smithlabs you would laugh if you could see me type because I'm a very slow typer, or typist. what is Dragon anyway? sounds like something I need!
Comment 2018-07-18 02:35:12 @hebrewhousewife   well Ma'am you mean a great deal to alot of folk on here I can tell that even in my short stint of knowing you and you are a true blessing. It's an honor to know you. God bless you, the Big Man and your entire farmstead!
Comment 2018-07-18 02:31:30 @glenalbrethsen   yeah someone had to be pumping and selling like you said I think, but it doesn't make too much sense. but the price rising is a good sign. only a couple more grand to go and we'll be set for life! lol
Comment 2018-07-18 02:28:36 @themanwithnoname   hahaha you dirty dog Blondie! always foiling me. hey I started following papa-pepper the day I joined and he has helped me tremendously. He bought me an Armadilloman product and every once in a while he goes over to my blog, which usually looks pretty pitiful and goes down the line upvoting 4 or 5 and getting them over a dollar! just because he can. Oh man that silver, that Stagecoach silver! my mouth was drooling when I saw that iconic Western design..almost broke out in a sweat! lol. I gotta go see if you have a post on your blog.
Comment 2018-07-18 02:22:03 @thereikiforest   howdy there @thereikiforest! thanks so much for reading and commenting and for your heartfelt desire for much needed change. I love this Code also and I think for the most part(except the whiskey!) it is a Texas code at least in the rural areas such as where I am. I know that Northern Maine is the same way but I hear that the rest of Maine is not so much. But change can indeed start with one person and that spark can light a fire which can change the world so I salute you! I'm sorry this is so late, I started to reply early this afternoon and got distracted. thanks again and God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-18 01:30:51 @lynncoyle1   Lynn I need to ask you a question, are you around tonight?
Comment 2018-07-18 00:45:12 @glenalbrethsen   howdy again @glenalbrethsen! so what does all this mean? or does it mean anything? I'm not a trader, tech or crypto guy. but i like the post and information.
Comment 2018-07-18 00:40:57 @angiemitchell   howdy @ angiemitchell! so that must be a major port to be able to hanlde cruise ships farther down the beach. that's another reason to hang out at the beach, to see the ships come in. remarkable and very serene.
Comment 2018-07-18 00:34:42 @ironshield   howdy there @ironshield! this is another great post sir. I love it when you bring possible winners to us for free or dirt cheap! I love free and what's to risk? great job. have a dust vote.
Comment 2018-07-18 00:29:27 @wolfhart   so sorry to hear that @wolfhart..I pray that everyone makes it through the coming weeks ok. God bless you all.
Comment 2018-07-18 00:25:27 @ironshield   thank you @ironshield but it's wonderful people such as yourself who make it fun for all of us, you actually care about others and take the time to have conversations and answer questions no matter how dumb the questions are! (I'm thinking about mine) God bless you sir!
Comment 2018-07-18 00:20:54 @bowentroyer   howdy there Farmer! I tell everyone the same thing about you!
Comment 2018-07-18 00:20:00 @hebrewhousewife   howdy there @hebrewhousewife! Whoa!!! I pulled up my feed and saw this post and about fell out of my chair! That is the greatest looking post photo that I've seen for a long while lol. Hey I'M the only human on most of those lists I guarantee you. No I have no idea but most people aren't as crazy as I am so I'm just assuming. Thanks so much for the kind words hebrewhousewife, it is very humbling and flattering. It's been a joy to get to know you a little and I thank you for having a good sense of humor and putting up with me! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-18 00:00:03 @bowentroyer   hahaha! howdy @bowentroyer! that was a great video sir. good job, even the little ones are very strong. it's interesting to see all the older cattle come up close to see what you're doing to the little one. God bless you guys!
Comment 2018-07-17 23:21:15 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy @cryptoandcoffee! haha! and I was thinking that all that service time you poor guys were on the base like prisoners! Good for you though, it's fun looking back.
Comment 2018-07-17 23:03:36 @cryptoandcoffee   haha! thanks @cryptoandcoffee! most people think it is freaky including me. I think it's extremely well done but it freaks me out! thanks for commenting sir!
Comment 2018-07-17 23:01:48 @mepatriot   okay well then if they are such a flimsy, almost no-threat thing then why would the Palestinians try to use them? so they can look like the victim when Israel retaliates?
Comment 2018-07-17 22:58:48 @cicisaja   oh howdy back @cicisaja! yes there were bounty hunters and wanted posters. there were also gunslingers and gunfights and they just didn't go out into the middle of the street and see who was the quickest draw. the Texas Rangers! oh man, based right here in Texas, wait until I do posts about them! I don't know about Kelly in Australia, who is that? tell me so you can build your comments length! haha!
Comment 2018-07-17 22:48:54 @denmarkguy   howdy today @denmarkguy! well sir, I agree with everything you said with the only question being: can this become a good money maker if the price goes up to $100 or even $1000? Then you could make some money right? thank you sir for your thoughts and wisdom.
Comment 2018-07-17 22:43:30 @hhayweaver   howdy there @hhayweaver! good to see you! that's so funny about the coyote..these things really are so fast that I can see why Wiley never could catch them! the tattoo freaks me out as well, I'm pretty sure it's real. where abouts are you in PA? We used to live in Akron, Ohio.
Comment 2018-07-17 22:40:06 @hhayweaver   howdy from Texas @hhayweaver! that is one gorgeous lake! looks so good when it's this hot. I'd have to make that a regular visit!
Comment 2018-07-17 22:35:42 @squirrelbait   I can see it that way for certain. people need to be able to move fast and get out if they're going to try and leave, they need it set up in advance.
Comment 2018-07-17 22:34:09 @oldtimer   hahaha! you didn't like that tatoo? I think it's creepy and insane! I just looked at our thermometer, it's in the shade and it says 99 degrees, but it's supposed to get down to 81 tonight so that's not too bad. We are so blessed to have our Road Runners, they're rare around here, they usually like the desert so thank God for ours, I just feel bad because I can't seem to get a good photo of them, when they're up around the house I grab the camera and by that time they're 100 ft away. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-17 22:28:36 @squirrelbait   and some of them are good to eat right? I have no idea which ones though, are any of them poisonous?
Comment 2018-07-17 22:27:03 @squirrelbait   hahaha! well Road runners are kinda rare and we feel really blessed to have them here and it's my mission to inform the world that they really do exist and are real! I'll have to take photos of the huge cracks in the lawn, they get as big as 6 or 8 inches across and go for 6 to 10 feet. did you like that tatoo and is that something you would consider?
Comment 2018-07-17 21:53:30 @themanwithnoname   hahaha! hey Blondie I just saw pap-peppers video man! I didn't realize that you guys knew each other even. That was dino-might! lol. great job. hey you know you were quoting Biblical principles there about planting and harvest. It's one of the major principles that God operates in: Seed time and Harvest. It's why tithing and offerings are so powerful. you know he gave your home state though. I got another piece of information. lots of rednecks up there man. lol
Comment 2018-07-17 21:33:57 @mepatriot   howdy there @mepatriot! well theoretically or I guess I should say theologically any born again Believer has the authority to cast them out and we see it happen quite often, I've seen it happen dozens of times over the years but I've never seen one cast out by a priest though so I don't know their qualifications or process. Whoever is doing the casting better be not just Spirit-filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues but know who they are in Christ because they can say the right words and the demon might just laugh at them, we've heard about that happening many times too.
Comment 2018-07-17 21:22:24 @papa-pepper   love it! so great. and congratulations on 2 years papa-pepper!
Comment 2018-07-17 21:12:06 @mepatriot   howdy @mepatriot! interesting times that's for sure! hey I know about most of the Clinton crimes but what about missing Haitian children?
Comment 2018-07-17 21:01:06 @simms50   howdy there @simms50! another great word and important teaching sir! My dad used to say that if you don't have anything good to say about someone then don't say anything. I think I kinda tried to live that way. Most of the time.
Comment 2018-07-17 20:55:48 @goldendawne   howdy there @goldendawne! wow this is so educational, this is a whole new world to me I don't think I knew any of this information. great post!
Comment 2018-07-17 20:49:18 @cecicastor   howdy, God protect and bless you and yours, praying of course.
Comment 2018-07-17 20:46:18 @hebrewhousewife   howdy there @hebrewhousewife! for not knowing what you were doing I thought the end product turned out really well, great job! Now Big Man might start giving you other things to build!
Comment 2018-07-17 20:38:18 @byn   what ya'll doin to celebrate? it better be good. sounds like he deserves something big! sorry this is so short. the video left me speechless. God bless you both!
Comment 2018-07-17 20:16:57 @oldtimer   howdy there @oldtimer! well sir @rodneysreviews said it best about that top photo. I'd love to have a poster size of that one and frame it!
Comment 2018-07-17 20:08:36 @papa-pepper   howdy there @papa-pepper! "a one man preservation party." you really know how to paint the town red papa-pepper. Dodge City had nothing on you!
Comment 2018-07-17 20:04:15 @cicisaja   howdy back @cicisaja! yes Ma'am well some of the things portrayed in the Western movies are real but some are made up. For instance, two men going out into the street to face off and whoever is the fastest on the draw with his gun wins right? but there are no records of that exact scenario ever happening. If it did happen, it would have been all over the newspapers. thanks for reading and commenting!
Comment 2018-07-17 19:59:39 @mepatriot   howdy today @mepatriot! yeah it seems like the "collateral" damage in these skirmishes is terrible. Do those kites have anything attached to them or what's the deal with those?
Comment 2018-07-17 19:46:42 @hananali   so true, our collective arrogance has made us DEvolve instead of evolve.
Comment 2018-07-17 19:45:18 @hananali   you've had to make some big changes yourself yes?
Comment 2018-07-17 19:43:54 @deveerei   thank you so much deveerei for all the helpful information! I will look at this thing.
Comment 2018-07-17 19:41:06 @hananali   yes so are you but I don't know what that says about the human race! that could mean that the human race is really messed up! lol
Comment 2018-07-17 19:39:39 @hananali   hahaha! in four more years you'll just take it in stride like it was nothing. Just think how much farther along you'll be in four years. Married with kids!
Comment 2018-07-17 19:37:09 @headchange   yes Ma'am such wisdom but such a killjoy! lol. I think if I had some it might give me a long-lasting sugar buzz if I kept eating it every hour. that would be a plan. if I had some.
Comment 2018-07-17 19:34:48 @hananali   thank you sir hananali..well like I said, occasionally I get something right! lol
Comment 2018-07-17 19:33:42 @simms50   yes sir, very interesting. those posts that I do on the historical subjects take hours because of the amount of time it takes to find good authentic photos. but some of my short ones make the same. I put up a short one today because I'm exhausted and because also someone told me that it doesn't matter what I post, people will still vote and it can still stimulate a conversation so it's a good day to see if that's true. like you said, have to keep trusting God! thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-17 19:28:24 @squirrelbait   howdy again squirrelbait! you know, I never thought about small roots. well, I don't even know if I thought about plant fibers but maybe if I saw any around. but the roots are also very dang tough aren't they? another freaking great survival tip!
Comment 2018-07-17 19:25:51 @mepatriot   oh yeah, I know this was war and all but that was over the top cruelty!
Comment 2018-07-17 19:24:03 @buckaroo   you're making me want to go down there and sit outside at night with a shotgun! I don't even know anything about these things but they're pissing me off! lol
Comment 2018-07-17 19:20:39 @squirrelbait   howdy there @squirrelbait! alrighty then... just something else to try to remember in the middle of panic and crisis. well but the people in the know will be long gone before this kind of thing happens, theoretically, right? very important point though!
Comment 2018-07-17 19:16:33 @sweetpea   howdy from Texas @sweetpea! Kudos to that teacher, what a simple yet effective way to provide to the less fortunate and thank you for promoting it! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-17 17:26:12 @squirrelbait   yes Ma'am I heard that several hundred a day are signing up so it's stil growing pretty well. ha! I don't put out fluff but I'm going to today because I'm so tired, not much sleep last night and it's hard to think very much. thanks squirrelbait!
Comment 2018-07-17 17:23:09 @themanwithnoname   hahaha! hey Blondie have you heard from the comedyopenmic people? you should hands down win that contest!
Comment 2018-07-17 17:21:30 @buckaroo   howdy today @buckaroo! thanks so much. oh yeah your media doesn't want the bad news getting out and good reporting would probably get the reporter killed.
Comment 2018-07-17 17:19:54 @deveerei   oh I didn't know that, I need all the steem power I can get! thanks deveerei!
Comment 2018-07-17 17:18:09 @headchange   ah Jack is healed, we prayed over the wound. no problem but I appreciate the the blessing and he will take it! so you have dogs! I bit of information you let escape.. how many and what kind? dogs freak out with thunder and lightning don't they? same with Jack. I run in highfalutin circles? I didn't know that. I wasn't aware of that. maybe I deserve something for that. I'm thinking chocolate cake buried in vanilla ice cream with fudge poured all over it! So you are very welcome about my words but what ones were you flattered by..being called "young lady'? lol if you're in a daze then we'll get along good today.
Comment 2018-07-17 17:08:00 @woman-onthe-wing   howdy back again @woman-onthe-wing! yeah I never pay attention to any calories and never weigh, we don't even own a scale. but how do you not overeat when you're in the presence of those delicious scones? I wouldn't have any will power! The only thing i keep track of is carbs because of the Keto eating but I'm not that attentive or restrictive. I love your philosophy and all that you're doing!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:57:33 @woman-onthe-wing   howdy today @woman-onthe-wing! I'm so thankful that you aren't a liberal. and I'm so thrilled that you are a fellow Believer, praise God! wow. makes my day. how were you raised though, had to be in some form of organized church?
Comment 2018-07-17 16:53:51 @squirrelbait   howdy today @squirrelbait! yes I saw that big upvote from Dtube! yeah, the people who do those videos seem to get on dtubes radar and after awhile every video is upvoted like that! that's how people are making the money on here..well except the giants. so I think you will be rising fast once they start voting you consistently. thanks for the encouragement, I'll keep plugging away.
Comment 2018-07-17 16:48:33 @hananali   thanks @hananali! well I get one right occasionally.
Comment 2018-07-17 16:47:45 @thefarmerswife   lol! yes Ma'am simple is usually the best anyway.
Comment 2018-07-17 16:46:48 @hananali   yes but it is still the evil entities influencing mens' greed and desires for money and power, the men themselves are being used but don't realize it.
Comment 2018-07-17 16:45:00 @hananali   yes like the famous athletes of the world who make millions just by having their picture taken with a product? but they did get there because of their passion for their sport first like you said. do you do any sports?
Comment 2018-07-17 16:42:45 @hananali   lol! 30+...well it sneaks up on you fast!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:41:42 @mepatriot   ok well that's depressing. no wonder a lot of Southerners still don't like yankees.
Comment 2018-07-17 16:40:30 @hananali   I didn't think I could get much better but I'll try.
Comment 2018-07-17 16:39:18 @mepatriot   I have no idea so I give up on trying to figure them out. lol
Comment 2018-07-17 16:38:18 @willymac   yes sir, it's going to be a blessing for both of you!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:37:03 @eveningart   howdy back again @eveningart! do you know what the book is going to be about, is it already in your head?
Comment 2018-07-17 16:35:27 @eveningart   howdy again @eveningart! thanks so much for getting back to me, I think that was fast, don't worry about delays because I expect them with the time differences. The price of 180 sounds right and I'm sure is a bargain for the quality!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:32:09 @cicisaja   howdy back again @cicisaja! yes Ma'am the Wyatt Earp is the same one in many Westerns actually but the most recent movie is called Tombstone starring Kurt Russell. thank you so much cicisaja, it's good to hear from you!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:29:18 @eveningart   howdy today @eveningart! hey I saw you over at Byns post yesterday, isn't she a gifted writer? And now I got another one in you that I can follow also. hey this curie thing, great job on that! I keep seeing everyone get curied, how do you get in with curie? thanks so much for getting back with me!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:25:06 @eveningart   howdy there @eveningart! this is an amazing piece of writing, are you telling me that you just sat down and knocked this off? It was so involving from the first moment, great job!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:17:27 @tryskele   howdy back @tryskele! lol. hey I don't see myself as the senior I think you got that backwards, you joined in Dec of 2017 and I joined Feb of this year but didn't start looking at steemit in earnest until April 21st. You've probably forgotten more about this platform than I've learned so far! do you work outside in a real job and do this part time or are you retired? thanks so much for commenting and getting back to me, God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-17 16:06:30 @petesays   howdy @petesays! hahaha! I love that last line, that's great. sir petesays I've seen you around quite a bit writing very good comments but for some reason I don't think I've ever connected with you have we? and you are another South African! there are quite of few of you from down there here on Steemit, that's excellent. What part are you in and how is the stability there? Well thank you for your thoughtful comments, I agree with everything you said, I look back on things that have happened and think that this should never have happened and I do believe that most of the hideous conflicts could have been avoided. and the last part about not hanging a man for something that another man did 200 years ago is so true, we have groups demanding repayment from my generation and we had nothing to do with what their previous generations went through, kind of akin to what is happening now in your country? thanks again for your comment sir!
Comment 2018-07-17 15:49:45 @hananali   howdy today @hananali! yeah that one is a great principle to live by because people change. well many times you hear that people do NOT change but I've seen such changes in someone's life that you would hardly recognize them from before!
Comment 2018-07-17 15:48:03 @smithlabs   smithlabs! hahaha..were you the cook? I like this one: "Always fill your whiskey glass to the brim." lol.
Comment 2018-07-17 15:45:48 @cicisaja   howdy today @cicisaja! what a wonderful country you have with so many beautiful sites and places to go and see. I'd love to be able to experience that one day. I love coffee so the idea or plan of going to the coffee plantation sounds amazing, I would stay there all day among the coffee trees! So not only do you have a vegetable vender come by with a cart, you also have a fish vendor who comes by with his cart also? How do you know when they are coming, do they have a set time for your neighborhood or area or do they have a bell or something on the cart which makes a sound to warn you of their approach? I love that idea because it would save me the hassle of going to the store very often. we just get our fish frozen in the market store, very seldom have fresh fish unfortunately. We can get any type or variety in the market which is fresh but it's usually very expensive so we just get the frozen style. Are you trying to spend alot more time typing and engaging this week so you can move up in the contest placings? You really proved yourself to be a contender last week! top 3 this week? oh, what are these cicisaja? " pumpkin and cassava leaves to cook" is that to make a salad with and do you use some type of liquid on top of them? thanks so much for getting back to me, this is a great conversation!
Comment 2018-07-17 15:16:21 @smithlabs   smithlabs..well sir we aren't close to any airports and we do see contrails but they don't stick around, they dissipate pretty fast.
Comment 2018-07-17 15:14:03 @smithlabs   smithlabs! what does "to the capacity of the airframe." mean? you mean how much they can haul, in chemicals?
Comment 2018-07-17 15:12:30 @mepatriot   yeah that's what I was trying to say, well said mepatriot!
Comment 2018-07-17 15:11:57 @smithlabs   maybe it took them all by surprise like an extra big explosion out of nowhere, I'm sure he was trying to get as close to it as possible to give them their money's worth!
Comment 2018-07-17 15:09:33 @smithlabs   eeewww you eat the tongue? I just don't like the sounds of that, call me a wimp. what do you mean "That is where Oklahoma came from" ? you mean because they set so much of the state up as Indian Territory?
Comment 2018-07-17 15:06:54 @jaynie   yes Ma'am absolutely and I had no idea how bad it was there until reading so many things about it on Steemit, otherwise I wouldn't have known. The news media here never says a word about it so I'm thankful for this platform in that regard, among others of course.
Comment 2018-07-17 15:03:09 @deveerei   howdy again sir I have been sent several invitations to do that but I haven't had time to look at it, but thanks for asking.
Comment 2018-07-17 15:01:54 @deveerei   howdy today @deveereir! lol, these things are awesome, they would be such a rush to drive, have you ever driven one?
Comment 2018-07-17 14:59:06 @smithlabs   smithlabs, I know nothing about any header updates but I'll go look now. ok smithlabs I went and looked but I don't see anything different. did you change the background photo? and I don't see a website..what's that about? are you playing mind games with me because i didn't get much sleep last night so I'm gullible today!
Comment 2018-07-17 14:54:54 @smithlabs   no way! the post office closes early during hunting season? nah! but if it did..only in Oklahoma!
Comment 2018-07-17 14:50:06 @headchange   I understand but you ARE going to stay in contact right? not go off into the woods or something? hey, what you just said there is another great subject for a post! you're full of them today! I elect you to investigate how to get in with Curie, I keep seeing people who gets huge upvotes from her or he or it and it significantly bumps up their rep. Glen says it's happened to him 3 times so far and he has never done any chatting on Curie's discord and doesn't know how it happened but each time it did his rep number went up 1.5 points. do you know anything? you and I need some bumps! you better not be a stranger to me this week girl.
Comment 2018-07-17 14:42:57 @smithlabs   smithlabs! howdy today...well if I can't find one I'll just have to come up and borrow yours. Debbie is very wise. how is she doing?
Comment 2018-07-17 14:37:33 @headchange   howdy today @headchange! well actually that should be howdy AGAIN today @headchange! hey I remember exactly what I've asked you and what you haven't answered..young lady. some people maybe not so much after a few days but you are different. Okay you are supposed to be new here but seem more knowledgeable, intelligent and wise as to how things work on this platform than most of the old timers! you have a gift of analysis..what do you or did you do in the real world? oh that's one of my unanswered questions to you, among dozens. I can give you a list. lol. anyway, this is GREAT post material and will stimulate TONS of responses so please do one on this, it looks like it flows naturally for you! you are gifted, don't sell yourself short. about the only thing I do is ask questions and tease people but you have real depth and analytical prowess. you make rednecks everywhere look good! man I'm tired. was running late last night, didn't take Jack out till 1:30am then I lost track of him, he finally showed back up but had a piece of rusty wire stuck up under one of his paws. got him in, couldn't get it out, had to get Mrs. J up so she could take care of it, she gets him to do things that I never can, he just starts growing at me. He's very proud and stubborn and likes to challenge me. anyways, she was finally able to get him to lay down and got that wire out and eventually get the area packed with silver solution. but by that time it was 3am. no problem but then I woke up at 7 and couldn't go back to sleep so I just got up anyway. so a little punchy today so not that you could tell but if I seem off today thats why.
Comment 2018-07-17 14:15:45 @headchange   @headchange ! hahaha! very cute and your humor, your sarcasm, your wit. gotta be some type of redneck I love that too. why do I care so much? did you ever read my profile and the word that isn't really a word but one that I made up and no one has caught? oh undersell yourself by a long way. you just won that contest and proved that you are a legitimate contender in Asher's League also. Are you sure you're an introvert? I'M the introvert around here, I know that sounds weird but did anyone ever call you a hermit? that's just my nature and I was perfectly suited to be the farmer that I was raised to be.Sent with Fast-Reply
Comment 2018-07-17 14:04:09 @headchange   I got lucky a couple of times.
Comment 2018-07-17 13:47:06 @angiemitchell   lol! well people like you make it easy for me because of your excellent spirit and heart!
Comment 2018-07-17 13:38:15 @glenalbrethsen   howdy today Glen! wow so you kept super busy all this time, and I know it can be even more stressful trying to find work as opposed to working full time. the toughest job is working fulltime to FIND a full time job. I had forgotten about your college thing with LDS. what's Patreon?
Comment 2018-07-17 06:46:27 @cicisaja   howdy there @cicisaja! ya'll have HORSES over there on the streets? what happens with all those people around and the horse has to go to the bathroom? who cleans that up? Do any of those horses talk? hey, I like the way you do your vegetables, in fact I LOVE the way you do your vegetables! all you do is sit on the curb drinking your gourmet coffee and along comes a nice horse pulling a vegetable cart full of fresh vegetables right? do you have to walk out to the cart or do they just throw them to you? and do you ever talk to the horse or pet the horse and if you do, does he ever talk back to you? lol. And what is this about coffee? You actually have a coffee plantation there? do they have horses there also to pull carts and stuff around? and do those horses also talk? well Ma'am your country sounds very modern except the horses. But it sounds a little crowded to me, too many people. But if I came all the way over there I'd need something to drink besides coffee, do you have any wine there? thanks so much for getting back to me cicisaja! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-17 06:20:42 @jaynie   oh yes Ma'am that is so encouraging to hear! sooner or later it just needs to happen.
Comment 2018-07-17 06:19:30 @mineopoly   wow that is an amazing story right there! thank you.
Comment 2018-07-17 06:18:06 @mineopoly   hahaha! thanks @mineopoly! yes sir, the bounty on buffalo was big money.
Comment 2018-07-17 06:16:03 @smithlabs   hey at least i has a post office.
Comment 2018-07-17 06:14:42 @smithlabs   thank you sir, this is great information!
Comment 2018-07-17 06:12:42 @angiemitchell   yes Ma'am the lawn is gorgeous and it sure is nice to have some voting pwer that can make a little difference.
Comment 2018-07-17 06:10:27 @buckaroo   ha! that's a great illustration but I guess it doesn't scare the baboons when she barks?
Comment 2018-07-17 06:09:06 @mineopoly   howdy @mineopoly! well I've heard about the duel before but forgot the details..did Jackson survive even though he got shot in the chest?
Comment 2018-07-17 06:05:00 @coinsandchains   howdy there again @coinsandchains! so you have an 8 hour meeting? that sounds very serious man. very encouraging I'd say. with these companies, if you go to work for them, would you still be able to work out of your home? that waterfall is amazing because of it's shape, most falls you don't get to see the top hardly but this one with the slope going up allowing you to see the water come down like that is awesome. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:59:06 @themanwithnoname   hahaha! yes is indeed a very mysterious condition. lol.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:57:33 @ginnyannette   lucky for kids I don't have kids. got Grandkids getting close to 20 years old though so it won't be long before I have Great grandkids! hard to believe.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:55:24 @glenalbrethsen   ok well sir..I'm sure they will eventually get everything set up, the updates and changes and such. how do you know what they're working on and when this stuff is supposed to happen?
Comment 2018-07-17 05:52:42 @mirrors   I believe you and you will see the fruits of your labor!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:50:36 @lynncoyle1   a what? there's too many women on these comments I gotta get outa here!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:45:00 @deveerei   oh my gosh that is too fun! does he use those big Toyota's like in the video?
Comment 2018-07-17 05:43:51 @byn   yes that would be a refreshing change! lol
Comment 2018-07-17 05:42:54 @thefarmerswife   howdy today @thefarmerswife! hey I never thought of it that way, the feds still hate self sufficient people! brilliant observation!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:40:45 @squirrelbait   hahaha! well at least other people might think you are!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:39:45 @squirrelbait   howdy again @squirrelbait! well, you are so welcome..since you are so relaxed on camera I didn't think you had any uncomfortable zones! I like that strategy though, that will work. you're moving up in rep steadily aren't you?
Comment 2018-07-17 05:34:54 @smithlabs   hahaha! that is not funny but man you are funny because is there anything that you don't know or do? haha. well sir, the reason I asked is because we have a Jeep Compass and used it like crazy while we were in Ohio for all the snow in the winters. But with all the salt on the roads up there, the bottom of the vehicle is all rusted, very rough. There is a leak in the oil pan and it slowly drips out oil but the shop guys told us that since the bolts that hold the pan on have rusted off heads, they can't replace the oil pan. do you know of any way to get those bolts out? I'm assuming they'd have to be drilled out?
Comment 2018-07-17 05:28:42 @oldtimer   howdy there @oldtimer! thank you sir for the kind words!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:27:42 @lynncoyle1   haha! keep reminding me. thanks.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:26:48 @tryskele   howdy @tryskele! I keep seeing your comments everywhere and they are dang good but for some reason we didn't ever really connect did we? yes I did see that feature and was so grateful to buckaroo! I need to go to some of the Chuck wagon cookoff's they have around here. You're the second person who went to a dinner and said it was great so I gotta check it out. Plus I'll do a post on the modern chuck wagon cooks who travel around. thank you so much for the kind words! God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:19:30 @smithlabs   oh man, you at least gotta have a gas station to be a town!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:18:24 @lynncoyle1   howdy there young filly! a little cowpoke talk there. the emphasis being on "young" not "filly" lol. well I got sidetracked on that point but I figured there may be people who have no idea what happened to the huge buffalo herds and why so I thought it was important to bring that truth out. I don't think they teach that in school. neither action was moral or acceptable, it was shameful and didn't have to happen that way. had you seen that photo of the giant pile of buffalo skulls before? that is mind-blowing. yes the Lawmen. those guys were tough now. they shot first and asked questions later! that one's for you.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:12:39 @lynncoyle1   well...I didn't want you to get bored.. and I didn't want you to get a big head neither so I had to do my duty to keep you on track. And look at you! I succeeded! lol.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:10:18 @adarshh   howdy there @adarshh! yes it is very interesting to learn the real truth as opposed to Hollywood's version which is sometimes opposite the truth! lol Louis Lamour has some great books! thank you sir for your comment!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:07:51 @mepatriot   howdy there @mepatriot! well sir, were the Confederate Generals also savages? or just the Union? It seems like there are so many shameful things that they did.
Comment 2018-07-17 05:05:57 @lynncoyle1   yeah I've heard that before, like my whole life and then I never see them again! lol. so glad that you had a good afternoon!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:04:24 @cecicastor   howdy today @cecicastor! yes Ma'am it was..both the Indians and the buffalo barely survived! thanks so much for commenting!
Comment 2018-07-17 05:02:15 @angiemitchell   howdy again @angiemitchell! yes Ma'am the slaughter of the huge buffalo herds were disgusting, they are a magnificent animal and of course the horrible treatment of the Indians was shameful, the government made hundreds of treaties with them over the years and every single one of them were broken by the government. both issues were handled horribly and never should have happened the way they did. As far as the sod house, out on the prairie many settlers built their homes partially underground and used mud for bricks and put a layer of sod, or grass on the roof. here is a photo of one: thank you so much for commenting!
Comment 2018-07-17 04:52:54 @willymac   howdy there @willymac! yes sir I know. I pounded the government hard when I did my series on the Caddo Nation which lived right in my neighborhood for a THOUSAND years until the feds forced them off their ancestral lands. and that's why I wanted to let everyone know in this post what happened to the Indians food supply and what the feds did to the buffalo, because alot of people don't know and it's not in the history books. slaughtering the herds and leaving them to rot was disgusting. bytheway the bones were also used to make China as well as fertilizer. thank you sir for your kind words and I couldn't agree more about the way the feds made huge blunders over and over again. I'll take you up on that beer though if you're ever in the area!
Comment 2018-07-17 04:42:36 @byn   are those things literally you writing for five minutes?
Comment 2018-07-17 04:41:33 @byn   lol! your "worst" posts get the biggest upvotes! yes, that IS confusing. hey I like that curie upvote! I went to their discord group but I don't know what to do there. lol. yeah history textbooks are super boring.
Comment 2018-07-17 04:38:42 @leeart   hahaha! I love that concept!
Comment 2018-07-17 04:33:45 @leeart   in this part of Texas we do and this is a great place to live.
Comment 2018-07-17 04:30:57 @headchange   howdy again @headchange! yes Ma'am everyone loves dogs and you'd get tons of responses and emotional comments. but the post about why it doesn't matter what we post about would be a great one too, if you don't answer my questions one on one at least I would get the answer in your post. At least I don't think you answered that, I still have a comment from you that I haven't read yet though. either one is a winner in my opinion.
Comment 2018-07-17 04:23:45 @themanwithnoname   oh that thing ain't worth a plug nickel! pretty interesting though, it looks like copper but that is the tarnish you mentioned? it's kinda ugly since it doesn't have the sun rays on it so if you don't like it that's understandable and I'd be willing to take it off your hands so you don't sour your otherwise beautiful collection. it could have a contamination effect on the other coins ya see.
Comment 2018-07-17 04:15:36 @ginnyannette   what? you didn't share them with your husband? howdy @ginnyannette! happy birthday to you, you punk kid you! lol. and many more decades of birthdays to come! I love that photo of the dog, hahaha, he looks so good, I bet he's a good boy. my vote is at 50% so I gotta recharge it so I can give a penny.
Comment 2018-07-17 04:05:33 @glenalbrethsen   howdy again @glenalbrethsen! wow that had to be a hard blow to absorb. Did you stay in touch with any of the newspaper co-workers and know where they went to work next? This was a situation where you did everything right and everything you could do and it still didn't work out so don't beat yourself up about it, I'm sure you aren't. don't we have some missing years here? newspaper closed in 2012 so what did you do from then until Steemit?
Comment 2018-07-17 03:39:36 @oldtimer   howdy there @oldtimer! man, I loved all these photos for different reasons..the stagecoach is amazing, that horse being washed is so powerful, the sculpture of the settlers is beautiful, the sculptures of the river crossing is so unique, the bull is funny, that truck with the tracks on it wow!the bright yellow flowers against that brown building creates such a wonderful contrast. another great post sir!
Comment 2018-07-17 03:32:54 @hippie-witha-gun   howdy there Rainbow Man! I like the look. I think you should leave the walls open. well maybe not the bathroom. come on man I thought you were radical! recharging vote, down to 50%
Comment 2018-07-17 03:27:39 @woman-onthe-wing   howdy from Texas @woman-onthe-wing! this is a great post Ma'am. I don't know how you did it but I agree, this is a wonderful breakthrough for vegans. These have to be low-carb also correct?
Comment 2018-07-17 03:20:45 @mepatriot   howdy @mepatriot! wow wouldn't that be a bummer, you're on vacation and your tour boat gets bombed by balls of hot lava! they just won't get as close as they are used to. lucky it didn't get hit with a big one that sunk it. recharging my vote, it's at 50%.
Comment 2018-07-17 03:15:33 @angiemitchell   howdy @angiemitchell! your lawn is dang-near perfect! when I first started readin this post I was like, what in the world is "bird seed" grass? lol. I didn't know that they scatter the birdseed and then it grows in your lawn. I agree, the birds are more important and they know where their food comes from! voting power is at 50% so I'm recharging.
Comment 2018-07-17 03:09:18 @buckaroo   howdy we never hear anything about Africa on the news, this sounds like a precarious situation, please keep us uptodate. My vote power is at 50% so I'm recharging.
Comment 2018-07-17 03:03:36 @mepatriot   howdy there @mepatriot! have you ever seen such arrogance? Putin probably played him like a fiddle!
Comment 2018-07-17 02:58:54 @angiemitchell   howdy today @angiemitchell! if I was in that area I'd spend all day at the beach! or most of it, especially at sunset. so serene there, I even like the seagulls.
Comment 2018-07-17 02:54:54 @leeart   howdy @leeart! amazing photos and scenery my friend, great job! I watched that video by @sweetsssj and that was one gorgeous place!
Comment 2018-07-17 02:43:27 @thekitchenfairy   howdy there @thekitchenfairy! hey great job on the video, the music has a good beat. this is Jewish? is there any nationality that you DON'T bake? you're pretty versatile.
Comment 2018-07-17 02:36:18 @coinsandchains   howdy there @coinsandchains! well sir..that is one fine looking that a Georgia mountain flower of some kind? Are you super busy with the your other real world projects? did you ever meet with those medical company people and is there still good or hopeful news on that front? bytheway, your username says coins, are you just referring to cryptos or precious metal coins, or both?
Comment 2018-07-17 02:31:30 @cryptoandcoffee   howdy there @cryptoandcoffee! I like it when "numbers guys" break stats down and it helps prove to me that I'm not crazy to do this stuff and is encouraging. I think you're doing remarkably well for a second job! I'd say growing faster than average but then I don't know what the average growth is. thank you sir!
Comment 2018-07-17 02:23:18 @thefarmerswife   howdy there the angelic @thefarmerswife! complete with her own halo! lol. yeah I don't know why Georgia peaches are the best but they sure seem to be and I love the freezing method because like @cecicastor said you don't add sugar so it's far superior. dang simple method, even I could do that! great job!
Comment 2018-07-17 02:13:57 @bowentroyer   howdy today @bowentroyer! lol! what a blessing those little ones are! and so cute. I can't get over how tall your grass and stuff is there, that looked like mostly weeds but there was grass mixed in? continued growth on the farm, love it!
Comment 2018-07-17 00:57:03 @byn   howdy again @byn! lol...what can I say? too much mush and feelly stuff and yet I was still pulled in and wanted to see what happens, brilliant ending! great job!
Comment 2018-07-17 00:49:36 @byn   howdy there @byn! well well..yet another happy ending, I hope. lol. I so agree with @eveningart in that we feel as if we are literally there living the part of the little girl! And I don't do girl stuff yet there I was.. it's such an obvious gift and we are all thankful! great job and God bless you!
Comment 2018-07-17 00:36:00 @squirrelbait   uh...I don't have any survival skills. I have a Swiss Army knife does that count? lol! howdy there @squirrelbait! this is a great post packed with so much useful information. I never thought about the benefits of training kids too, that is very important I think now that I read this post. this would jar some people once they realize it .."creative problem solving, self-reliance, emotional control, mental focus, and patience just to name a few." man, this survival stuff is work! great information, great teaching, great post!
Comment 2018-07-17 00:24:15 @squirrelbait   thank you @squirrelbait! yeah I guess the government wouldn't want that advertised, they massacred(well almost) a great and noble species to extinction in order to starve and subjugate many Indian nations. it's one of the few government programs that actually worked as planned. thank you for your kind words, I had to rush to get it out so I wasn't exactly thrilled with it but it's ok.
Comment 2018-07-17 00:18:42 @glenalbrethsen   great. so developers are developers no matter where they are probably and you've been hearing about changes coming and watching, but has there been any at all? A single one? But they ARE coming! lol.
Comment 2018-07-17 00:08:48 @cryptoandcoffee   thank you sir! I know most of the material, just not the exact dates and some of the names. with Dodge it's easy because that's my hometown.
Comment 2018-07-17 00:07:27 @mineopoly   lol! dinner does that to a person! well I'm glad you got distracted because that was a very entertaining post!
Comment 2018-07-17 00:06:12 @buckaroo   oh my gosh that's 132 pounds! wow that's healthy. not an ounce of fat either. she's strong. does she bark to warn of those stupid baboons?
Comment 2018-07-17 00:03:51 @buckaroo   howdy again @buckaroo! ...not to eat? what the??? can you put up electric fences? I'd shock their butts off!
Comment 2018-07-17 00:01:48 @dianadora   howdy back @dianadora!'s my pleasure Ma'am. I gotta go see some more of your recipes so I can froth at the mouth and drool some more!
Comment 2018-07-16 23:59:42 @lynncoyle1   hahaha! I will. I promise.
Comment 2018-07-16 23:58:36 @bearbear613   really? I had no idea. well, you order alot of things online then? thank you sirbearbear!
Comment 2018-07-16 23:56:57 @woman-onthe-wing   howdy again @woman-onthe-wing! thanks so much for this excellent reply because I have so much more of an understanding of your situation and your goals. your brother is in California, how interesting..well I love this country but I wouldn't move to LA either even for a million Steem! They talk about ditching the rest of the country and declaring their own country and we say good riddance! I'm sure you know the most vile and perverted stuff comes out of California and unfortunately thousands of Californians are moving out of there and coming to Texas and we don't want them! It's turning our conservative Christian state into a more liberal one with no moral code or values. Well, it hasn't yet but Texas is in decline because of them. so you guys are going to rent first, when you move and you want a country with "more fertile land and more emphasis on social care and justice " but what country would that be? I don't know much about European countries except that they are much more liberal than most of the U.S. Oh heavens, if you are a more liberal person then please don't be offended by what I said earlier. It works some places but Texas is built differently. We are rugged individualists and don't like much government intrusion, we'd rather have more liberty and freedom. I'm sorry I don't mean to talk about politics and I've bitten my tongue quite a few times and didn't say a word when I heard things that were so false politically so I'm a big believer in not talking about it and the posts who are all about it are so angry and shouting all the time. I accept and love all people and if I don't agree with them I still love and accept them. I thi